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The World Belongs To Me . . . ROLEPLAY

By Mushrooms--
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WIP lmao [center Created February 22, 2022] Please just request access if you think this will be interesting- and I can make a copy for ya- [center [size30 The World Belongs To Me]] [center A roleplay] [center [pic]] [center [size20 . . . About the roleplay . . .]] [center "The World Belongs To Me" is a roleplay about ...] [center [size20 . . . Rules . . .] [center Your character has to be at least 15-17. No sexual content is allowed otherwise, you are done. Character has to at least have a good description for the bio. You have to be able to type up to 1,100 characters while replying. Character has to be a human. (No furries, gacha, etc.) You must be detailed/precise when replying. Character CAN NOT be a game character. You can only join if you actually have decent characters posted. No using shorter abbreviations for words.] [center [size30 . . . How you must reply . . .]] [center There is a certain why I would like you to roleplay...] [center [size19 EXAMPLE]] [center Doing your action here. "what you are saying here." doing more action here if you want to add extra.] [center [size20 . . . Plot . . .]] [center not filled in] [center working on this lol] [center [ [size20 Earth-Chan]]] [center Click the character name and bio is on that.] [center [pic] I can add more but for this roleplay... we will have to start out with the part where (my oc) and (you/oc) find out. qwq You will have to continue from where I started.
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