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This is going to be a privatized roleplay opened only to those who have asked permission to join. Maybe you are wondering what this random roleplay thread is going to be about. Not going to lie, I have no idea. I plan on having anyone that joins help select a roleplay plot that I can agree with. Here is the criteria for anyone who plans on joining in: -You have to be literate, and I mean around two to three paragraphs at a time. You have no idea how much one lining annoys me. -Your character must not be needlessly powerful. Godmoding really gets on my nerves, especially those who randomly thinks of abilities that their character has never used before to get an advantage in certain scenarios in roleplay. -This roleplay must be SFW. It is against the website's regulations to have a NSFW/ERP in any of the threads it provides. Please, if a scene gets too intimate, timeskip. -You have to be at least 13 +. Not going to lie, you can easily break this rule and get away with it. I am not really checking. Honestly that is about it. I am open to these different roleplay genres: Fantasy Horror Sci-Fi Adventure Romance
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