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fifteen years ago around the portland area, a string of murders appeared, where the murderer always leaves behind a carving in the victim's chest, sometimes a number, sometimes a letter, the police started to think of it as a code, but not even the best code breakers or cryptanalysts could crack it, they've used everything possible, but now, now it's just thought to be a lost cause because they suddenly stopped

one day, they reemerged, starting from where they ended, continuing the line of numbers and letters, except for one difference... a card, a card with one of two characters on it and a character that was always left behind, a King, a Queen, and the last character, also known as the mandatory Joker, the Joker was always there, it started to drive the detectives mad, until they started spreading, from portland to Vancouver, always with the Joker card, and the king or queen, they referred to the killer as Kritanta meaning 'god of death'

later the detectives working on the case gave up, and let a new department handle it, they would end up partially cracking the code, the code that they couldn't crack over fifteen years ago, with the same technology, but by using the code that the spies used back in the revolutionary war, as simple as that, but they started having a harder time with the newer last few along with the newer ones, due to their randomized order

Weapons: (slice of life RP, so please be a tad normal)
Training specialization:
Rank: (1-5 five means highest level, practically captain)
Family Background:

Name: Charlotte Caddel
Nickname(s): Char, Lottie
Age: 23
Height: 5'7”
Personality: she tends to hide her feelings. She can be the sweetest person and the meanest person depending on how you act towards her. She will hold her end in a fight and most times will end up scaring the person, hurting them, or they will break and be nice to her.
Specialties: She can shoot long-distance EXTREMELY well. She is also particularly good at case solving.
Weapons: Berreta M9
Training specialization: Criminology, Criminal justice, and sociology.
Rank: 4
Family Background: Her parents were abusive and she grew up constantly going to school with bruises and cuts. She tends to sympathize with the kids who have to deal with that themselves. She volunteers at a pet shelter. She loves taking care of others seeing as she never had that love when she was little. She will never tell you if she needs something because she doesn't want to be a burden.
Bio: She will do whatever she can to help others. She did grow up alone so she knows how people feel when they feel alone. She Loves animals and if she was rich, she would own a ton of them.
Other: She has a couple of Great Danes. She doesn't typically give into people who hit on her.

Name: Qrow Reaper
Nickname: Reaper, Black-Bird, Big-man, Boss
Age: 25
Height: 7'5"
Gender: Male
Personality: nice, calm, quiet, funny, dark, loyal, closed in/hard to read, etc...
Specialties: to be revealed
Weapons: Qrow carries a colt revolver (this is only what carries, he knows more)
Weapon Image:
Training specialization: criminal justice, psychology, criminology, sociology, etc...
Rank: 4 (because of his skills and record he quickly climbed up the ranks before being transferred from his last PD)
Family Background: he was an orphan but he did some research and found his mother was in a bad relationship, her name was Liza Eli-liba, when she had Qrow she was an A+ college student, going on a businesswoman, training in accounting, economics, market research, human resources, marketing, finances, forecasting, expansion, business law and much more, she sadly died on June 15th, 2019 of a stab wound caused by her boyfriend at the time, Qrow was able to make it to the funeral even though he didn't know her. his father is still alive, more accurately known as 'King-Pin' (seriously, it even says it on his criminal record) he has not committed any serious crimes (at least hasn't been caught), since 2003 when he was charged for the murder of a man named Jamison Gords, he was 43 and had two daughters, Qrows father got out of prison on June 10th, 2019 and since then has taken his role as a wealthy businessman
Bio: to be revealed
Other: he has military/field training, etc, he can go a bit past the limits of his body, he was basically invisible until he became a part of the detectives unit he was a part of before this unit

*follow site rules
*No suicide, sexism, racism, self-harm, etc. (attempted suicide is allowed)
*No killing off characters unless both parties agree
*follow the posting order
*no godmoding
*make sure to use correct RPing format/writing, correct grammar, and punctuation
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FROSTBITE4395Qrow Maheegan   25d ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 π•‹π•™π•’π•Ÿ ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 π•’π•Ÿπ•• π•Žπ• π•£π•€π•– π•‹π•™π•’π•Ÿ 𝔻𝕖𝕒π•₯𝕙

Qrow walked into the Police Department, he was a twenty-five year old giant who had fairly tan skin and a size seventy shoe, though he was only to be greeted by the police chief, and she seemed to be angry, [#FF007F "Get. In. Here. Now."] She said in a horrifying tone.

[#FF0000 "Yes, Ma'am."] A deep and vibrant voiceΒ replied it came from a literal giant, as he waswalking into the office of the chief he noticed a girl and looked at the chief with confusion, he had gone months without retrieving a new partner for this case, other than the general people who were also assigned to the case.

[#FF007F "Qrow, this is Charlotte Caddel, she is your new-"] The chief stopped due to the remembrance of what happened with Qrow and his old partner, [#FF007F [I "This will take a mericle to work."]] The chief thought, [#FF007F "-partner, I expect you to make this one work."] The chief finished with a smile.

[#FF0000 "My... Partner?"] Qrow asked looking at the girl, [#FF0000 "Chief, I thought we agreed I was gonna work alone from now on."] Qrow said

[#FF007F "Not now you aren't, this case is far too out of range for you alone, all officers must have a partner when on the field, you know that, even you need to learn how to work with people."] The chief said, she was dead serious too, this killer was far to dangerous.

[#4DFF00 "Chief! Chief!"] A young hespanic boy yelled running into the chief's office, he looked nineteen maybe twenty, he was panting so he had some big news.

[#FF007F "What is it Alejandro."] The Chief said with a sigh.

[#4DFF00 "There was another murder, and it had the message '219, 76, 122,' and the word 'Killer' what does that mean!?"] Alejandro yelled,Β  anybody could tell that this murder spree scared him more than anybody else, he was just a kid, who could blame him?

[#FF0000 "What the hell are you doing here!? Get that information to the decoding lab, [b Now]!"] Qrow said, following Alejandro, his face was red, this killer had a way of directing at least two phrases per message at him.
ASHes_we_die_nowCharlotte   24d ago
Might not be on much anymore..

Charlotte was waiting in the Chief's office. Shyly, she stood there quietly and waited until the chief returned with her new partner. She wasn't used to working with a partner as she typically wasn't very social. When her partner was brought in, her eyes widened. She looked up at the tall guy and reminded herself to stay on task. She smiled slightly as to give a friendly approach. Secretly she was generally freaking out inside. She stood there as the Chief explained to him why he needed a partner. When he arugued against the Chief, she honestly was in awe of how a voice could be so rough, mean, and kind at the same time. She smiled when the chief ended her explanation. She saw the younger male run in with some evidence and then when her new partner ran out with the young boy. She looked to the chief and smiled. [b "i can see why you thought he would be a good fit but he doesn't seem to like the idea"] she says softly. She knew about his last partner and she was still willing to take a risk. [i "why not?"] she thought and then smiled at the chief. She walked out to her desk and sat there and worked on a small case for the side when she wasn't fully on the case of the killer.


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