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Two Girls.
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Beep. Beep. Beep. 

The purple haired female heard as she was already awake. She had a hard time sleeping. Not after what she has been through within the summer. She stared up at the ceiling, as she heard a knock on her door. It was her father. The one parent that is she not extremely mad at. It was her mother. It was her mother's idea to send her away. She looked at him. "Good morning, Kinley. Just making sure you are okay." He watched his daughter carefully. Kinley rolled her eyes. [b "Well, it's not like I went to sleep or anything."] 

She went by him with her clothes, and went to the bathroom to take a shower. She sighed intently. And then closed the door behind her as she slid down the door. She hated to be so cold towards her father. But it's not like he fought for her to not go. Her mother was very homophobic. And when her mother found out that she might homosexual that is when her mother took matters into her own hands. 

Kinley shook her head from her thoughts, and then took in a deep breath, and then turned on the water. She didn't even want to think about what she went through this summer. Her friends were glad she was back. She told her best friend everything that happened. Her best friend parents are trying to get in where they can take her in. But Kinley wasn't holding her breath. 

She got in the shower, and closed her eyes as the hot water fell down her body. She wanted to get rid of all thought of that other school. She knew she needed to hurry up and get out and get ready so she can head to school. She didn't want to talk to her mother. 

Kinley got done and got ready. Once she was ready, she grabbed her bag and headed down the stairs. She kissed her father's cheek. [b "I'm going to school."] Her mother watched her carefully. "Remember-" Kinley turned around and cut her mother off. [b "Fuck off."] With that being said, she walked out of the door. 

Kinley headed to school, and wrapped her arms around her, as she hasn't been to a regular school for a good 6 months, because her mother ended up pulling her out of school sooner. Kinley inhaled deeply. And saw all the new students and students that have been here. But there was student that everyone seemed to be looking at. 

Kinley eyes followed what everyone was looking at. She saw who it was. It was a new student. But it was a female. A very hot female. But Kinley knew she couldn't go down that road. She bit on her lip, as everyone just focused on the new girl. Except Kinley. She sighed, and then walked into the school, and headed to her first class. Math. Her favorite subject. This class should help get everything off her mind.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla groaned as she moved around in her bed. The moments right before having to get up were truly the hardest. She was in a brand new place at a brand new school. While she didn't mind that fact, she did hate the fact that she had to talk to new people all over again and get used to being in a new place. She brought the covers over her head for a moment before hearing her alarm go off. "No." she whined, letting out a deep, exaggerated sigh. 
[i "Layla!"] she could hear her father call from downstairs. [i "Time to get up. Breakfast is ready!"] he called, waiting on the girl to finally get her butt out of bed and join him for their daily breakfast. 

Layla finally got up, putting her messy brunette hair into a top bun to keep it from her face until she could brush it out. She walked down the steps of her place and gave her dad a pouty face. "Do I really have to go to school today?" she mumbled, crossing her arms over her chest. Her father laughed a little, nodding his head. 
[i "Yes, darling.. you do."] he spoke, setting down a plate for her so she could eat before she had to get ready. 

The breakfast was good, but quiet as it usually was. Her father sitting on his phone reading up on some news or looking at the weather. She finished her breakfast and made her way upstairs, showering and getting herself ready to make first impressions at school. She typically had a hard demeanor while at school. A lot of the time she had been bullied because of her sexuality and eventually she developed a wall to keep people out. She was sweet at home but at school she had to keep herself on her toes. It happened all the time but she was very open about who she was. She wasn't going to hide from anyone at all so she just became hard. 

Once Layla was at school, she looked around, feeling the eyes of everyone on her. She was the new girl.. and there was no denying she was pretty. She watched everyone's eyes on her like it was some insane thing to have a brand new person at the school. She sneered a bit and moved through the hall, crossing her arms over her chest. She had to keep the hard face on, watching everyone look in her direction. Some girls giving her dirty looks, some guys watching her body as she moved and non of them knowing what she really went after. 

Layla found her way to the office, going in to grab her schedule and list of books she'd need plus a little map of the school so she didn't get lost. She let out a huff of air and walked out of the office after she had everything she needed, taking a look around to see where she needed to go and where she needed to be. This was going to be fun to get used to. She was basically already lost. Great.

Kinley was making her way to close when she looked up and saw the new girl a little bit more up close. she can now understand why everyone was staring at her. She was beautiful. That is for sure. Kinley saw that she had a bunch of papers in her hand. Kinley remember when she was a new student. She had to find everything on her own. 

Kinley walked up to her, hiding all the urges she was having right now. [b "Hi there! My name is Kinley. You look a bit lost. Do you need help finding your class?"] Kinley smiled at her. Kinley knew that her desires weren't allowed. And she hated the fact that it wasn't. 

Kinley kind of gulped, as she looked at her, and bit on her lip lightly. She saw that people were looking at her, talking to her. Kinley wasn't afraid of talking to people. Just didn't expect Kinley to feel all the things she was expecting.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla looked around with a groan before placing her hand to her forehead. Now what would she do? This place was a lot bigger than her last school. Seeing how she was in the city and not a secluded town, she knew this would happen. It's like her dad purposely picked the biggest school in the entire city just to confuse her. The brunette moved around a little bit, trying to track where she was and where she was going on the small map of the school, holding her jumbled papers in her hands. 

She turned her head as she heard a voice behind her, turning her body around and gripped her stuff to her chest, staring down at the girl in front of her. She studied her slowly and slightly tilted her head to the side. "I am lost.." she muttered and rolled her hazel eyes before they landed back on the girl in front of her. This girl was stunning herself.. but Layla never acted on anything until she knew the status of the other person. "This school is so damn big. I think my dad is fucking with me." she muttered but let out a soft sigh. "I'm Layla.. I didn't think this would be so hard." she said, a slight laugh escaping her before she took another look around. 

"Yeah.. if you.. could possibly help me find my way around. I know class starts soon but maybe a quick run down of the school and where I need to be." she spoke, looking back at the pretty girl in front of her.

Kinley could see the female looking her up and down. Which that was obviously okay with Kinley. She wasn't going to tell her not too. [b "Of course. What class do you have? After the first class I can give you a tour around the school."] Kinley smiled at her, as she saw people still looking at them. She didn't care but at the same time she did.

Kinley chewed on her lip lightly, and then chuckled very lightly. [b "Yeah, this school is really big. It's one of the biggest schools that we have in town. This town is pretty big. I mean we do have two high schools."] She sighed intently. 

Kinley remembered when she was new. Trying to get used to this school on her own, was super hard and crazy. Nobody ever showed her around the school. And nothing drove her more crazy. But then again, she learned. But she didn't want to do that to this poor woman.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla nodded. She switched some papers around and let out a small sigh before rolling her eyes. "Math..." she spoke with a disappointed voice. She hated math. She didn't suck at it but damn she hated math. Layla was a more athletic type. She loved gym. That was her favorite. She liked getting exercise and playing sports. She was not a nerdy type. "Math sucks." she muttered, sticking her tongue out a bit before looking at the girl. She was sure she had all her books at this point seeing as the library was the easiest thing to find. She shoved some of the papers into her backpack and slung it over her shoulder and looked down at the slightly shorter girl. She watched her face as the girl looked around. She seemed worried about something, but Layla wouldn't pry. The two just met. 

Layla brought her hair over her shoulder, twisting it a bit before looking back at the map as Kinley spoke about this school being the biggest. "Yeah, I don't know why he enrolled me in the biggest one. Maybe he figured more opportunities but I'm going to kick his ass when I get home." she joked a bit. She could never hurt her dad but it was his damn fault she was in a massive school and lost. Thankfully Kinley was nice enough to step up and help her. "So is Math that way?" she asked, pointing a manicured, slender finger down one of the halls.

Kinley got slightly excited when said Math. Of course, it was Kinley favorite subject. Kinley nodded her head at her, and then frowned slightly at when the other female said Math is basically for nerds. But that didn't bother Kinley as much as she thought. She knows Math ain't for everyone. 

[b "Yeah, its right down this hall. I have that class right now as well. It's my favorite subject.."] She mumbled the last part, and then started to walk towards the class. Kinley already had her books for class. She was an odd ball, and she always carried the books with her until the end of class, because she hated going to her locker. She felt like that she was always going to be late if she went to her locker. 

Kinley led the way until they were in the classroom. [b "Well here we are. I can give a tour after class."] She smiled at her slightly, and then she sat in her normal desk. Which was kind of in the middle. She didn't like to sit in the front row, but she also didn't like to be in the back row either. She waited as others pile into the class.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla looked down towards the  girl as she mentioned Math was her favorite subject. She looked her over again and shook her head. "Really? Someone who looks like you likes Math?" she asked, tilting her head towards the  girl with a questioning look. "You're a surprise.." she grinned. As she followed the girl towards the class, she scanned the room full of new faces and looked over at Kinley. "Alright, that sounds like a good plan. I'm going to need someone to help me out." she spoke. She looked for an empty desk, finding one next to Kinley, thank god. She was happy she had someone there with her that she could rely on. "You might need to help me out if you're such a math nerd." Layla giggled. "I'm not bad at math but my lack of love for it makes me not care enough to actually do it most of the time. You'll have to motivate me." she girl smiled, looking over at Kinley before grabbing her books and setting them onto the desk ,watching other people file into the room.

Kinley watched as Layla sat right next to her. She smiled at her, and Kinley knew right away what is happening. All the thoughts Kinley was thinking. And she knew damn well that she couldn't think like that. She nodded her head. [b "Gladly."]

Kinley realized that there were doing harmless flirting, and she was just now realizing while the teacher was teaching at the front. Kinley had no problem helping her out. But she knew how this was going to go. But at the same time, she kind of didn't care. But she knew this was wrong of her. Or she thought it was wrong... She wasn't really sure 

Kinley chewed on her lip lightly. She wished life could be so much easier. Kinley listened to her talk about how a female like her enjoyed math. It didn't used to be like that. It used to be where she did love sports. But her mother drilled her head that she needed to focus on her academics, not sports. Deep down, Kinley was a person that her mother wanted her to be. Not who she wanted to be. But how could she ever go against her mother? Kinley gulped at the thought of that. Her mother would straight disown her. But part of her didn't care. The only one she cared about was her father. She only wanted her to father to accept her. 

Kinley pursed her lips, and then took in a deep breath, hoping that maybe she could talk to her dad tonight. She knew damn well, that she is going to end up getting closer to Layla. Kinley wanted to be like Layla. Not give a care in the world. Kinley can tell when someone is a homosexual a mile away.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla's eyes focused on the board in front of her, waiting for everyone to settle in and for class to start. He looked over at Kinley and looked her over quickly before looking away from her. This was going to be interesting and fun. Kinley was so in her own mind and so bottled up. She wanted to know the girls story. She was happy it was Kinley who stepped up. Now all she had to do was unwrap her and figure out what layers were hiding under this enclosed casing of hers. 

Layla tapped her fingers on her desk softly, her fingernails clicking on the wood as she looked ahead. "So you're going to keep me company for whatever classes we have together?" Layla grinned. She was open with her sexuality. Even if this girl wasn't homosexual, Layla never had a problem with some light flirting. Even if Kinley didn't respond, why not have fun talking to the girl. She was gorgeous and Layla was definitely attracted to her. "It's nice to have some company since I have no idea what to do in this city. Maybe you can show me to your favorite spots too." She giggled a little, playing with her chocolate brown hair a little, twisting it delicately in her fingers.

Kinley could feel the other girl looking at her. And the feeling that Kinley got from it, made her feel good inside. But then again, who would even want to look ay someone that is all damaged inside, and is basically hiding away because of her mother. 

[b "I'll help you with whatever you need."] Kinley smiled at her, realizing that she wasn't even focusing on the lesson at all. Her mind was on the female that was sitting right next to her. Kinley was chewing on her lip. [b "I remember what it was like to being the new student."] Kinley chewed on her slip lightly and then looked back at the board. Kinley needs to be really careful.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla watched the other girl intently. As she agreed to touring her around a bit, Layla smiled, looking back at the board and leaned back in her chair. She was lucky to have found someone on her first day there. Kinley was far too nice for her own good. 

As Kinley mentioned she remembered her first day, Layla's eyes moved back onto the girl again. "Was it tough?" She asked, keeping her voice down to a whisper so they wouldn't get in trouble. Typical Layla fashion to disregard Math class. Even though Kinley loved math, she still sat there and talked to her. Layla figured she was smart enough that she'd be able to catch up easily anyway.

Kinley was writing stuff down in her notebook, when she heard Layla speaking once more. She didn't want to get in trouble. But the teacher obviously didn't mean too much. As long as the girls weren't interrupting the class too much. 

Kinley nodded slowly towards Layla's question. [b "Oh yeah. I had to find everything on my own. Nobody tour me around. It was a rough first month, because I was constantly late because I couldn't find my classes."] Kinley gave a slight smile, and then started to focus once more. 

Kinley looked at the clock and saw that it was almost time for class to be over. Kinley was kind of excited to take her on this tour. That means that they would be alone. Because Kinley doesn't have a class the next couple of periods. She wasn't for sure on Layla's schedule. 

Once the bell rang, Kinley started to pack up her things. She looked over at Layla while she was doing the same thing. She smiled at her. [b "Ready?"]
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla listened to her speak and nodded her head. "Hm, I can imagine. That sucks." she muttered softly, making a bit of a sad face at Kinley before she finally settled in and focused on the lesson in front of them. She hated math but she still wanted to pay attention to at least some of it as it was her first day. 

Finally, when the bell rang for them to leave Math, she stood up, packing her books up and stuffing them into her book bag. She looked up at Kinley and smiled at her. "Yes I'm ready let's go." she spoke, moving with the flow of the other students out of the door. "That stuff really interests you?" Layla asked, moving through the hall. "I was so bored I had to fight to stay awake." she said, giving a bit of a laugh as she did. Having math as a first period wasn't going to be too fun.

Kinley blushed when she asked that question. [b "Yeah, it's not for everyone."] Kinley said pretty quickly. Kinley didn't want to get into why she liked it so much, because that mean she would have to talk about her mother. And she really didn't want to talk about her mother. Or anything that has happened to her in the last 6 months, but she felt like eventually it was going to come out. 

Kinley showed her all of the classrooms. The cafeteria. The gym. Kinley knew that Layla already knew where the office was. That was kind of it. There wasn't much to show. 

Kinley led her outside for a second. [b "I'm not sure if you have another class.."] Kinley chewed on her lip and looked at Layla. [b "This is where I like to come when I need to not think about the world.. So if you can't find me... 9/10 I'm out here."] Kinley was pretty surprised that she even showed her that spot, because nobody else knew that spot. But Kinley didn't want Layla to think that she was leaving her stranded like that. Just sometimes Kinley needs to get away. Away from her thoughts. School. Just everything.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla followed the girl through the school, letting her show her around the school and where she needed to be. She felt like a lost puppy but at least she had Kinley. Once the two were outside, Layla squinted from the sun, taking a look around the grounds of the school where Kinley said she usually hung out. "Oh, okay cool that's good to know." she smiled, looking over at the slightly shorter girl again.

Layla pulled the schedule out of her backpack and looked it over. "Looks like I" she muttered and rolled her eyes. "Of course.. they just decide to group up all of the shitty subjects right in the morning. Getting everyone bored enough to go back to sleep." she giggled before shoving the schedule into her backpack. "Hm.. well I could just say I couldn't find the classroom or something. One subject missed can't hurt too bad." She shrugged. Her dad would be mad but she truly didn't want to do science on her first day. It was bad enough she had to sit through Math. 

Layla looked around and took in a deep breath of fresh air. "I was never one to enjoy school.. I'm sure a lot of people don't." she grinned. A reason contributing Layla's transfer. "Me and school don't get along too good. Maybe it's because I skip class on the first day?" She joked.

Kinley was listening to her and giggled. [b "Yeah not many people enjoy school."] Except Kinley anyways. The right school anyways. She obviously didn't enjoy what her parents put her through. Kinley gulped as she saw her brother. He came up to her, and hugged her. [b "Hey bro. It's great to see you."] Her brother nodded, and then looked at the female. "Your friend?" Kinley blushed and looked down, because that was a phrase we called it. [b "Please don't tell.. Please.."] Kinley totally spaced that Layla was right next to her. Kinley felt so overwhelmed. "You know I will never tell. I love you for you sis. I gotta get going. Remember that thing I gave you? Try it out. It's the only way I can deal with our parents." Kinley nodded slowly, and then she watched her brother walk off, but then he stopped and spinned around, and looked at Kinley. "Give dad a chance. He didn't want this for you." 

Kinley gulped as she looked at Layla, looking down. [b "I'm sure your wondering what that was about."] Kinley chewed on her lip slightly, as she looked up towards the sky, and inhaled deeply. [b "Thank god for 2 free periods." Kinley smiled slightly at her, and then looked down at her hands, as she saw herself fidgeting pretty bad. She wasn't sure how she was going to explain what her brother was talking about.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla smiled a little before the boy came over to Kinley, watching their interaction. So this was the girls brother. She watched as he referred to her as a friend. In Layla's terms, they were starting to be friends. She hoped anyway.. but it felt like the vibe was off.. like friend didn't mean the same thing to these two. She continued studying the interaction. Kinley seemed off about something but Layla couldn't quite pin it down. 

She looked over at the girl as her brother left, tilting her head to the side. "I am really curious." she admitted, looking down at the girl as she fidgeted. "What's going on?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at the now very nervous girl in front of her. "If you don't tell me I'll just have to find a way to get it out of you." Layla grinned again, pushing her hair over her shoulder and stared down at the girl intently. "So you might as well tell me. I'm pretty persuasive."

Kinley knew that she was going to be curious. So many thoughts were running through her head. How was she even supposed to answer this question? Kinley was trying to think of the right words to say. But no matter how many times she went over the words in her mind, it just made no sense. 

Kinley sighed, and then she looked around realizing it was just them. Kinley gulped, as she felt tears swell up in her eyes. Kinley was going to tell her. But she didn't feel like this was the way to tell her. 

[b "Okay. So I'm homosexual. My mother found out about it. She is very homophobic.. She sent to me a school to wash away the gay. She thinks it worked. But it didn't. She told me that if she ever found out that I was homosexual again, she will disown me and I will have no place to go."] 

Kinley looked away immediately. [b "My dad seems like he didn't want me to go there. I think he does accept me. But being married to my mom... Its tough."] Kinley sighed, shaking her head. She hated her life so much. And with how she was feeling towards Layla. She knew it was only going to make matters worse. Well at her house anyways.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla listened to Kinley's explanation, her smile fading quickly before her mouth opened in a look of disgust. "Are you serious?" she mumbled, staring the girl down in disbelief. She was so happy her home life wasn't like that. It was just her and her dad and her dad accepted her for who she was and even if he didn't she was so open as to her sexuality, she'd make him like it. 

"I'm sorry to hear that.. your mom sounds like a bitch." she muttered and let out a small breath. She hated that Kinley had to hide who she was because someone couldn't handle it. It was Kinley's life.. her mother had no part in who she loved. "Wash the gay away... ugh." she grunted, rolling her eyes at the thought of it. "That's just stupid." she mumbled. She was pissed now. Not only was Kinley not allowed to be who she was, her mother threatened to disown her and kick her out. "If I could kick your mother's ass I would." she spoke, staring down at the girl.

Kinley bit on her lip, awaiting her response. Kinley was a bit nervous, because obviously only her family knew about where she has been at. Kinley was very surprised at how mad Layla was. So surprised that Kinley just listened to some of the stuff she said. 

Kinley realized she picking at the fabric on her jacket. [b "Yeah.. Your telling me.."] Kinley sighed. But she kind of felt relieved. But then she just admitted to being homosexual to Layla. Kinley chewed on her lip as she looked back at Layla. What does this mean now? Kinley was surprised at how Layla wanted to kick her mom's ass. Kinley definitely wasn't against it. 

[b "we all wish we could. Okay well. Me and my brother. My brother hates her. He's gay, and he knows better to not say anything. I've been in this reform school or whatever you call it for over 6 months. Today has been my first day with freedom again."] 

Kinley chewed on her lip, and just sat there and just enjoyed the sun on her skin. Not like she ever got any sun when she was in the other school. Nor did she make friends either. Because everyone thought there were wrong. Kinley sighed intently, and then looked back at Layla. [b "I'm sorry.. I wasn't trying to make you mad..."]
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla let out a deep sigh, nodding her head as she listened to Kinley speak. "You poor thing.." she muttered. She truly felt bad for the girl. Her own family suppressed hers and her brothers natural feelings because it didn't fit the normal lifestyle. However, one good thing came from it. Kinley was homosexual and now Layla knew it. 

Layla watched Kinley tentatively and shook her head. "I'm fine. I'm naturally hotheaded." she giggled a little and played with her hair. She liked the fact that she could openly flirt with Kinley now. She was interested in the pretty girl. "So now what..what are you going to do? Hide?" she asked. She hoped she said no to that but if you were sent off specifically to attempt to get the gay out of you, which was.. literally impossible and a waste of money on her mom's part she was sure, she hoped Kinley would soon embrace it and throw it into her mother's face.

Kinley looked at her and and nodded her head slowly. [b "I don't like to make people mad."] Kinley bit on her lip lightly. Kinley realized that she was just staring at her. She couldn't help herself. This woman was beautiful as heck. 

Kinley shrugged. [b "I don't want too.. But I don't want to get send back either, though."] Kinley hated the fact of that. Because what happened if her and Layla became something? She didn't want to hide her. She was too beautiful to hide. Kinley gulped lightly and bit on her lip lightly.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   350d ago

Layla tilted her head at the girl with a small laugh. "You didn't make me mad, Kinley. Your mother did." she said before shaking her head. "I don't like that you and your brother have to hide who you are.. you're human beings. You can't help who you fall in love with. Man or woman, you should be able to like you you like." Layla spoke, crossing her arms over her chest with a huff. 

As she mentioned not wanting to be sent back, Layla's face dropped in sadness. It was unfair for someone to have to go through something like that. "At least your dad's cool about it.. I mean if we do hang out.. would your mom instantly think we're dating? Does she not want you to have female friends?" she asked. She was curious how a homophobic mother thought. Her father was so open but even she got to have female friends. She didn't instantly have a crush on any female, she just had a mutual friendship with some of them so she wondered if her mom thought Kinley just instantly wanted to be with other girls or if she was allowed to have female friends.

Kinley was just listening to her. Kinley knew that if Layla ever saw her mother that would end super badly. Kinley gulped as she felt every little emotion eat her up. She sighed, and then she heard the last question. Kinley didn't really think much about that. 

[b "I don't usually hang out with females.."] That answer probably wasn't going to make Layla very happy. The whole situation was so weird, because her brother acts straight. Kinley can't do that. Males make her sick to her stomach. But she had no problem being friends with males. 

Kinley pursued her lips and was watching her reaction. Because she felt like this was not going to go well. And the fact that her mother usually picks her up after school.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla frowned a little when she mentioned she didn't really hang out with females. She nodded and shrugged. She could understand..especially with her mother being the way she was. "Well I'll make a mental note that if we do hang out.. we go to my house." she giggled a little and watched the girl intently. "So you couldn't just tell your mom we were friends? She'd probably think we were together?" she asked before letting out a sigh. What a life she had to live because of her homophobic mother. 

"That's actually horrible you have to deal with that." She mumbled a little, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm so open with it, my dad has no choice but to deal with it." she spoke, feeling extremely lucky that her father was so accepting of her lifestyle and she didn't have to hide in the shadows like a lot of homosexual people. It sucked. "Your home life must be...quiet.."

Kinley frowned at Layla's comment. [b "I mean I could try, but I'm sure she would automatically assume that I'm fucking you."] Kinley language was pretty foul. But she was being honest too. But she didn't want to hide her friendship either. Or whatever it may turn into. [b "I want out of my house bad."] 

Kinley licked her lips lightly, and then nodded. [b "Quiet isn't the word. Because the moment I get into her car is the moment she is questioning me about everything. To make sure I didn't turn gay again. But her little method didn't work."] Kinley shrugged lightly. 

One thing Kinley was super surprised about how she is so open with Layla. But being able to talk about it with someone else besides her brother was super nice.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla listened to her, the curse word that came out of her mouth made her jaw drop before she laughed a bit. "Oh my god." she giggled, putting her hand to her mouth. Layla was a foul mouth herself but she had kept it on the down low until she figured out who Kinley was. Layla tapped her foot and leaned against one leg, watching the girl intently. "I could just say I'm straight." she shrugged. "You can't fuck a straight girl.." Layla smiled. "I mean you could but it's probably non-consensual... and that's not cool." she laughed before shaking her head. 

"I get it. I wouldn't want to be in that house either. If I could, I'd move out the second I had a chance.. but it's hard at this age." Layla sighed a bit, moving her fingers through her hair. "I'm sure I could play a pretty good straight girl though. Talk about boys." she spoke, cringing a bit. Men disgusted her.. other than her father. She hated men. They were annoying and all they did was making nasty remarks about women. She couldn't stand them. Thankfully she was gay so she didn't have to deal with them. "I was a theater nerd so I've got some pretty good acting skills." she giggled, twisting her hair around her finger.

Kinley couldn't even believe her ears right now. This female, who she knew now was homosexual, would be willing to a play as a straight person. Kinley would never ask someone to do that. And just the fact that someone offered to do that. Kinley felt her cheeks get a bit red, because she liked the idea of being around Layla more and more. But Kinley knew she wouldn't be able to help herself one of these times. 

Kinley chewed on her lip, as she locked eyes with Layla. [b "You would do that?"] Kinley felt like she was going to melt away. Kinley always thought ahead of time though. [b "But what happens if something happens between us? I can't pretend then."] 

Kinley gulped once more as she realized her eyes were still on Layla. For some reason she couldn't removed her eyes off of her.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla watched the girls reaction to her offer. "Of course." she smiled. She wanted any time she could get with Kinley. "If I can hang out with you at your place I'll act like I screw guys all the time." she smirked and shook her head. 

When Kinley mentioned if in the future the two had something between them, Layla felt her cheeks go red a bit. She bit her lower lip and took in a deep breath. "I'm sure we can find ways to hide out." she spoke, keeping her eyes focused on Kinley as the other girl did the same. "Your mom would never catch us, Angel." Layla smirked. She was going to have so much fun with this. 

The two stared at each other for what seemed like forever. "So we have a deal? Because I'd like to hang out more and if I can't hang out with the only person who actually came up and showed me around, I'm throwing a fit." she giggled.

Kinley couldn't even believe this was happening right now. Like many people knew about her sexuality, but that's why she never had friends, because they knew how her mother was. Now she did get support by a bunch of other people. But nothing compares to the support she is getting right now from Layla. [b "Well.. If you're sure.."] 

Kinley blinked when she called her angel. It was weird to her, but she also really liked it a lot. Kinley bit her lip lightly and thought about what she was saying. [b "But you deserve better than us hiding, though..."] Kinley was already talking like they are dating. And she didn't realize it until she just said something. 

Kinley laughed as she saw Layla make a joke. [b "Well of course. I'd love to hang out with you."] Kinley laughed once more, still realizing that her eyes were locked on Layla's. Every once in a while her eyes would look down her body, but then she would back into her eyes.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla watched Kinley fiddle around a bit as she spoke. "I'm more than sure, Kinley. I want to spend time with you and if that's the way.. then that's what's going to happen. Trust me. Behind closed doors... if anything were to happen I'm great at hiding and pretending like nothing happened." she giggled. She had always been that way. Closeted people were her forte. Kinley wasn't closeted to herself but she was being forced back into one by her mother.. so this was perfect for Laya. 

Layla looked up at her as she mentioned her deserving better than hiding and wrapped her hair around her finger slowly, watching as Kinley's eyes moved down her body and back up to her eyes. "Are you checking me out, Kinley?" she giggled, looking down at her body, looking over the bright white shirt with black skinny jeans she wore. "Me and my dad work out like 5 times a week." she smiled. She loved all eyes on her. "You can look at me. I like it." she smiled.

Kinley didn't like the idea of them hiding, but if this was the way it had to be. Then she had to accept that. Kinley bit on her lip lightly, and then she realized she was caught staring at her. Her eyes got wide for a minute. 

[b "I can't help but stare.. Your so beautiful."] Kinley blushed lightly, and then when she admitted to liking her staring at Layla. She started to stare at her once more. What she really want to do was her kiss though. That was another thing she kept staring at. Her lips. She couldn't help herself.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla stopped for a moment when she complimented her, a giggle emerging from her. "Stop, you're so cute." she spoke, lifting her shoulders and swaying her upper body. She had to admit the girl was stunning herself and Layla was attracted to her. Layla watched her eyes, knowing where the girl was staring and bit her lower lip lightly. 

Layla looked down for a second and pushed her hair behind her ear, looking back up at Kinley shyly. "What now?" she asked, smiling softly at the other girl. She loved this attention she was getting from her.

Kinley licked her lips and then realized she was caught off guard again. [b "What do we do now?"] Kinley wasn't for sure what was going to happen now. Kinley looked back up at her. 

Kinley then noticed that she complimented her. Kinley liked it. First time being called cute by a female. Kinley knew they had class. But she didn't exactly want to finish the high school day. She wanted to spend time with Layla. Get to know her. She also wanted to smoke this thing that her brother gave her.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla tilted her head slowly to the side. "You tell me. I've been following you around." she giggled, watching for Kinley's next move. "I'll go wherever you go." she smiled at her. She wanted to spend the day with Kinley. She wanted to be around her all the time. This was insane. They just met. 

She put her hands behind her back, waiting for Kinley's instructions on what to do next. "I'll do whatever" she added on, biting at her lower lip and watching the other girl.

Kinley was not the one to ever skip, but at this exact moment, she wanted to skip. She knew that neither of them could go to one another house. Because there parents would probably murder them. And she didn't exactly want to deal with her mother at this exact moment. 

Kinley thought for a minute and then she looked back at her. [b "Are you trying to get out of here? Like.. not go to class?"] 

Kinley couldn't believe she was even offering that. The reason she says that is because she is never one to skip. She would always go to class. Go home. Do homework and just hide away from her mother. Because things always ended up in a fight. One way or another. Kinley gulped thinking that she might not be for it. But at the same time, she thought she would. Because she didn't like some of her morning classes. Only time could tell at this exact moment.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla waited for her to suggest something, watching her eyes closely as she seemed to be thinking. "You know me so well already, Kinsley." she giggled. "I do not want to go back to class, are you kidding? How boring." she smiled. "I'd rather do literally anything other than that." she exhaled deeply, putting her fingers to the bridge of her nose. School was so boring and he wanted to be with Kinley. She knew her classes wouldn't line up all the time with the girl, but she at least wanted to get to know the other girl more. If the school called her house, she could give her dad some excuse as to why she wasn't there. She was pretty convincing. She hated lying to her dad but going to school one day wasn't the end of the world.. plus she was new. She wondered if she could get away with just pretending like they didn't see her or something. 

"Well? Any ideas on what to do now that we've both agreed we are skipping?" Layla smirked, giggling at the other girl. "I mean.. that IS the plan, right?"

Kinley smiled as Layla agreed to skipping. Kinley didn't want to be here anymore. She had another secret spot. It was where her brother went all the time when he skipped school. She looked at Layla and smiled big. [b "Duh. And I have an idea. Let me make a call real quick."] 

Kinley took out her phone, and called her brother. She wanted to see if her Layla could come there. 

"Hey bro! I have a question?"
"Yeah! Whats up?"
"Do you care if me and Layla came and chill?"
"That's your friend right?" 
"Getting to more to a friend, I hope." 

Kinley heard her brother pause for a minute, because she knew deep down that he was smiling. 

"We are trying to skip. And I trust you." 
"Yeah, come on by sis. Your secret is safe with me. I have a friend too."
"Okay, see you soon!" 

she hung up the phone and then she looked back towards Layla. [b "My brother has a spot that we could go. Nobody could see us. Except my brother. But he has his own friend there. All my attention would be on you."] Kinley smiled at her. This spot was her brother's house. There parents just didn't know he had his own house. And she wanted to keep it that way.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla watched her make the phone call, her eyes following the girls movements closely. She figured a friend to them meant something closer than a friend. She giggled at the little code words she had with her brother. 

As the girl wrapped up her conversation, she looked at her and clapped her hands together. "Perfect!" she said excitedly and looked around. "Okay, lead the way!" she smiled. She was so happy that Kinley decided to skip with her. She slung her bookbag over her shoulder again and waited for the girl to lead the way. Layla was more than happy to follow her lead.

Kinley smiled once she put her phone back in her pocket. [b "Alright, let's go. Its only a few blocks away. It's my brothers house. But that's our little secret."] Kinley smiled and started to walk towards her brothers house, while she put her backpack strap on her shoulder. 

It wasn't long before they were at her brothers house. She knocked on the door, as she smiled at Layla. He brother and his "Friend" opened the door. [b "Hey bro! Hey Gus! This is my friend Layla."] Kinley hugged her brother tightly, and then Gus winked at the two. "Friends, huh?" 

Kinley laughed and shook her head. [b "She knows I'm homosexual. And she knows about our parents. She also knows that eventually I want to be more. So yes, Gus. Only friends!"] She loved that she could joke around with her brothers boyfriend. She stuck her tongue out, and she took her shoes off, and put her bag down. [b "You care if I stay tonight bro?"] Her brother shook his head and grinned. "Of course not, and your future girlfriend can stay if she'd like too." Kinley blushed and looked at Layla. [b "You get to see the real me."]
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla smiled brightly at Kinley, following her the short trek to her brother's secret place. She hated but also loved that they had a secret place. She hated that they had to keep it a secret, but she loved that they could do this for themselves without anybody bugging them or tormenting them about their sexuality. She followed the girl up to the house, watching the interactions before planting a big smile on her face. 

She followed Kinley's lead, taking her shoes off and placing her book bag off to the side as well, looking over at Kinley as she spoke to her. "Finally." she smiled. Layla was excited to see what Kinley was actually about. "This is so much better than being stuck at school." she giggled, looking around the house to take it all in.

Kinley smiled at her brother and his boyfriend. [b "You two have fun."] She smiled and then watched as they went into a bedroom, locking the door behind them. Kinley giggled, and then she focused her attention on Layla again. 

[b "Well in reality. I live here with my brother too. Just hard when we are so young. So if my mom did kick me out, I have a place to go. I just didn't know you very well, and I didn't know how you were going to respond to my story."] Kinley smiled softly at her. Then she grabbed her hand, and pulled her into the kitchen. [b "I know I'm hungry. You can eat anything you want. There is plenty."] She smiled at her sweetly, as Kinley leaned against the fridge, watching her closely. 

Kinley had to admit. She enjoyed looking at her. And now that people weren't watching every move of Kinley's, she could be herself finally. Kinley took a drink of her pop, and then took in a deep breath. She smiled at her, wondering what she was going to say or do.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla looked up at the two as they moved on to a bedroom, a laugh escaping her as she watched them before looking back down at Kinley. She tilted her head as she spoke and shrugged. "Fair.. I'm kind of a stranger.." she smiled a little, twirling a piece of her hair again. She gripped Kinley's hand as she was dragged to the kitchen and looked around. "This house is cute." she giggled. She had to admit she was a bit nervous being here alone with Kinley but she was also excited to see where the night was going to lead her. She watched Kinley lean against the fridge and watched her movements, her eyes moving up and down on the girls body before resting on her face again. 

Layla bit her lower lip before moving over to Kinley, placing a hand on the fridge by her head and leaned a bit on her arm, staring down at the girl, giving her a bit of a challenging look.

Kinley wasn't sure what was going to happen in this exact moment. But she didn't care because she was alone with her. Was she nervous? Yes. She has only kissed one other girl, and it was not great at all. So of course, Kinley was nervous. 

She watched as Layla was walking up to her. They were extremely close to one another. Kinley smiled as she saw Layla look into her eyes. She has seen that look before. Kinley has it when she looks at Layla sometimes. 

[b "I accept."] That was all she needed to say.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla looked down at Kinley as she spoke, a smile resting on her face. That was all she needed to hear. She looked down at the girls lips before looking back up at her, leaning forward slowly and put a hand on the girls cheek. Slowly leaning in and placing her lips on top of Kinley's slowly and softly. 

The two had just met that day and now she had the girl pinned to a fridge while she kissed her. She couldn't believe how the events of the day played out.

Kinsley smiles at the two girls were just staring at one another, until she felt Layla's lips on hers. And Kinley didn't hesitate at all. She felt her arms immediately wrap around her, and she kissed her back. Softly and slowly. She felt like wanted this kiss to last forever. She didn't feel nervous at all. She wasn't so nervous at all, that she brought Layla closer to her. 

Kinley couldn't believe this was happening right now. The one thing she has been wanting to do all day, she actually is getting to do. Kinley knew her brother would be proud of her. Kinley felt like she could kiss Layla forever. The feeling she was feeling right now. She could feel her heart beating against her chest pretty fast. She wouldn't be surprised if anyone could her heart beating fast. She wanted this moment to last forever.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla felt Kinley bring her in closer, a smile crossing her lips as she leaned into the kiss more. She slowly wrapped her arms around Kinely's lower half and held onto her, letting her lips move against the girls. She breathed in deeply through her nose, her heart beating so fast she felt like she'd stop breathing at any moment. 

Layla pulled back slowly, a breath escaping her as she looked down at Kinley. "This is happening so fast." she spoke, not minding it at all but her thoughts were moving a million miles a minute and she felt like they wouldn't slow down. "I'm really happy I followed you here." she spoke softly, leaning her forehead against Kinley's.

Kinley agreed. Everything was moving so fast. Kinley didn't even have the capacity to even to think right now. Once she pulled away, Kinley couldn't help but touch her own lips. her lips were super tingly. Kinley smiled softly, and then locked eyes once more with Layla again, as she started to talk to her. 

[b "I'm sorry.. Just that kiss.. was amazing."] Kinley smiled as she stroked her cheek slowly. [b "I'm glad I offer to show you around.."] She smiles once more as her eyes locked with hers once more.
K1NG0FH3LLLayla Marie Joseph   349d ago

Layla smiled as she watched Kinley basically mesmerized by Layla's actions. She looked down at the girl and let her eyes follow the girls lips as she spoke before grinning. "you.. haven't kissed a lot of women.. have you?" she asked before smiling. She figured not with her mother acting like she did but she wasn't sure if the girl had another secret hide out she didn't know about. 

Layla was kind of happy she hadn't kissed a lot of girls before. She could at least teach her a bit if she needed to, but Layla wanted Kinley all to herself. As Kinley touched her face, Layla leaned into it a bit, letting out a soft sigh, leaning her slender body against the others.


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