Sub, Dom Au non rp thread.

By Amethyst_Sanders

This is a universe where everyone is put into one of three groups Sub, Dom, or Switch.

Doms: They are the ones with the most power. They have the higher ranking jobs like CEO's or manger. They mostly have subs but can be with switches. they are treated with the most respect.

Switches: They have the middle ground. They are mostly regular workers. They can have subs but only if they also have a Dom. They can be with other switches. Subs treat them with respect but Doms does not have to.

Subs: They are the lowest rank. They are not allowed to work or own property. Mostly everyone treats Subs badly. Once they become 16 they have to go to a place where they learn how to be perfect subs.

Amethyst was in the place she called prison. It was called Sub school. She was moved to a Sub shop to be sold. She knew no one would want her. She was disobedient. it even said on her card hanging outside the glass.

Name: Amethyst
Age: 18
Training: Trained
Info: She is very bratty and does not listen. She will attack if you lower your guard.

y/c is a Dom looking for a Sub.

this really sucks.

1. please try and write at least a paragraph. just no one-liners.
2. I would prefer if you are 17 or older as there most likely will be gore, blood, and other stuff.
2. Do not request access. a new thread will be made. I will not rp with you if you request access. that is finale
3. I start working next week and won't be on as much. wait 24 hours before you check on me.
4. if you get bored of the rp just tell me so I can delete it.
5. pm me with your OC's information. please add a description even if there is a photo. i might not be able to see it. Also, title the pm Dom
6. Put your favorite color in the pm so I know you read everything.
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