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This does not necessarily mean downtime, it means a blank slate.
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Light_Moon53James   350d ago

(( Hello ))
akuma4long     350d ago

(hello,is it gonna be bxb?
Light_Moon53     350d ago

akuma4long     350d ago

(well i labeled this rp wrong then :/)
Light_Moon53     350d ago

It's okay))
akuma4long     350d ago

Light_Moon53     349d ago

(( Can you start though ))
akuma4long     348d ago

Light_Moon53     348d ago

Oksy tyy)
akuma4longkit pint   348d ago

how much do you want to start off with?)
Light_Moon53Akio   347d ago

A couple of sentences or something, I don't really mind ^^ )


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