Your Yandere Girlfriend . . . ROLEPLAY

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Created February 12, 2022

Your Yandere Girlfriend

A roleplay

. . . About the roleplay . . .

"Your Yandere Girlfriend" is a roleplay about a guy/girl who gets themself a yandere girlfriend. She isn't that hard to handle but will everything go well? Will (you/oc) get sick of her? What will she do?... I can add more when my brain decides to actually work.

. . . Rules . . .

Your character has to be at least 14-16.
No sexual content is allowed otherwise, you are done.
Character has to at least have a good description for the bio.
You have to be able to type up to 1,100 characters while replying.
Character has to be a human. (No furries, magic, gacha, potions, etc.)
You must be detailed/precise when replying.
Character CAN NOT be a game character.
You can only join if you actually have decent characters posted.
No using shorter abbreviations for words.
Make sure you sorta chunk your replies as I did.

. . . How you must reply . . .

There is a certain why I would like you to roleplay...


Doing your action here. "what you are saying here." doing more action here if you want to add extra.

That means where (you/oc) is talking you need to bold it from [- "text"]


. . . Plot . . .

not filled in

(you/oc) was walking in the hallway and (you/oc) has had this one weird girl who sometimes follows you or watches you do everything- kinda weird, I know. This girl had finally walked up to (you/oc) in the hallway and confessed her love to (you/oc).. We will continue from there!~

Click the character name and bio is on that.

Click the character name and bio is on that.

You will have to continue from where I started.
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Mushrooms--Yuno Gasai   22d ago

[center [size20 Trying out a new roleplay format]]
[center [size20 What I am looking for]]
[center [+coral I am looking for someone who does the same format as I did above this message, also someone who can type over or about 1,100 characters for one reply. I do not want someone who is a basic roleplayer, sorry. I do not really care how old you are in real life, I am not looking for a friend, I am just looking for someone to simply roleplay with.]]
[center [size20 If I don't reply]]
[center [+coral If I do not reply, don't get mad- I am a really busy person now. I still go to school, I can't just ditch school because 'I always wanna be on this site'... I wish but no-. I can't just take time off from what is really important outside of my online life. Also, if I am online but I do not reply, that will be because I am (a. Busy), (b. Creating a reply), (c. Something else) I have no idea. I wouldn't ignore anyone in my literate roleplays.]]
[center [size20 Something not to do]]
[center [+coral Do not ditch the roleplay. If you don't like it, don't just not answer and not let me know. :/ LET ME KNOW!! Please. Because someone else could have the chance for this roleplay and they might actually enjoy it.]]
Mushrooms--Yuno Gasai   22d ago

[center [size20 In the afternoon at school]]
[center [+coral Yuno was walking through the hallways as usual; skipping behind (you/oc) like normal as well- She had decided to follow (you/oc) to art class.]]
[center [size20 In art class]]
[center [+coral While (you/oc) was in art class, Yuno had been in the corner of the room with a giant canvas and was drawing a big detailed picture of (you/oc). She was using paints, crayons, colored pencils, pens, some pencils, and even oil pastels. There was a huge mess all over herself but a very nice piece of artwork on the canvas.]]
[center [size20 Almost an hour later]]
[center [+coral Yuno was still working on the art on the canvas as everyone else including (you/oc) was listening to directions the art teacher was teaching. Since this class wasn't even Yuno's original class, she didn't have to listen.]]
[center [size20 End of art class]]
[center [+coral After Yuno had finally finished the art on her canvas and every other student packed up, she ran over to (you/oc) and held out the painting with a huge smile on her face. "I made this for you!!" she handed it to (you/oc) waiting for a response.]]
[center (Reply in the kind of chunks I did, and also reply with your words in blue. If you know how TwT")]
UsernotFoundShi Lee   21d ago

[+blue] It was a long day for Shi, she had overworked herself again with her stupid math class. It was currently the end of the day and she can feel the sun shine down on her face as she heard a voice " hm? Oh hey Yuno! Whoa is this for me??" she smiled brightly and gently takes the painting in her hands like she was afraid to break it " its so cool!! Thank you thank you thank you!!" Before anyone could talk, Shi's arms were around Yuno, hugging her tightly as a thank you. Shi was the type of person to be really touchy with people, Always hugging them, holding their hand, or even kissing their cheek. this was nice...
Aᴛ Hᴏᴍᴇ

Shi sighed as she gently placed the painting down and changed for bed. She smiled at herself as she looked in the mirror. she had no idea her friend was watching and waiting for the perfect time to tell her something. Shi was labeled the weird kid in school since she hung out with her little overprotective friend. So what if Yuno is a little ' Overprotective sometimes? So what she wants to fight anyone who looks at Shi? To shi, she thought it was kina charming, having her own little ' Bodyguard'.

(( Hope this is good! Sorry if it didnt work))
Mushrooms--Yuno Gasai   21d ago

[center [size20 CLASS]]
[center [+coral Yuno gave a great big smile to Shi when she heard she liked the painting that took forever. She was actually pretty shocked that Shi hugged her, but, she hugged her back tightly but not too tight.]]
[center [size20 GOING BACK HOME]]
[center [+coral Yuno was very happy about what happened today, even if it was just a little hug, but since she liked Shi, it meant much more to her than anything really had. She was really just waiting until tomorrow then to actually tell Shi how she liked her, but she was a bit nervous if she didn't feel the same way.]]
[center [size20 AFTER THINKING]]
[center [+coral Yuno had shaken her head, trying to get rid of all the negative thoughts about what could happen or go wrong. A bit of them had gone away but she was still nervous even though she had to wait until tomorrow anyway. She let out a sigh and sat down on her bed; picking up her pillow and holding it close, just imagining it was Shi... Yuno was deeply in love with her but didn't really care if people made fun of her (Yuno) for being the way she is. No one should care if she was overprotective. ]]
UsernotFoundShi Lee   21d ago

Aᴛ Sᴄʜᴏᴏʟ

Shi had gotten a text to meet Yuno by the water fountan that was some ways away from her home. When she showed up their, nobody was there so she sighed and slowly sat, That is when she saw something red laying on the floor " Hm??" Her intrest got the better of her and she walked over, gasping softly as she picked up a beatuiful rose, the throns were gently picked off and a letter was attached to it " Yuno??" she read the letter before sitting once again. Shi's heart skipped a beat as she read the note " Awwe" she smiled and felt her face heat up. Her almost white hair blew in the wind as she waits, she looked so pretty right then and there..

After a few minutes, soft running can be heard behind her, shi turned around to face a winded Yuno " Yuno!!" She smiled and stands, walking over to her. A small blush appered on her face as she held the rose close to her chest and gently opened her arm for a hug from Yuno. Soft raindrops start to patter on the ground as Shi looked up at Yuno " Shall we go get out of the rain?" she asked as she starts to drop her arms when Yuno just stood their, watching.
Mushrooms--Yuno Gasai   21d ago

[center [size20 AT SCHOOL]]
[center [+coral Yuno had been watching from afar where Shi was by the water fountain. She watched her pick up the rose and read the letter but she couldn't quite see the reaction Shi had given about it. She felt kinda stupid for doing it that way.]]
[center [size20 BY THE WATER FOUNTAIN]]
[center [+coral Yuno had stood there and looked at Shi; holding the letter and the rose close to her own chest. She didn't say anything or move for a bit because she zoned out for a while. She then shook her head to snap out of it as she also felt raindrops on her skin. She looked up at Shi and apologized for not answering. "Sorry! For some odd reason, I just zoned out. But yes, we can get out of the rain.." she said softly but still loud enough so she could be heard. Yuno didn't really know what else to say and she didn't want to push forward with anything about the note and the flower. She was waiting for a response herself.]]
[center [size20 WALKING OUT OF THE RAIN]]
[center [+coral Yuno and Shi had walked away to somewhere where it wasn't raining. She had brought Shi to a small house-like shelter that was a hideout that no one else knew about. She looked at Shi.]]
UsernotFoundShi Lee   21d ago

Shi felt Yuno looking at her as she blushed and looked back " S-so... why did you ask me to meet you at the waterfountain??" she smiled and gently pulled Yuno down to sit by her. Shi gently smiled as she leans her head on her shoulder " I like cuddling with you.. your so warm!" she giggled softly and looked up at her with those blue eyes, oh those blue eyes. They could melt anyones heart, they were so soft and welcoming in a way. A lot of people did like Shi but nobody knew that, well... She likes Yuno. She really liked her. Everything about her, to her pretty pink hair to her eyes, even how protective she is. Shi can feel her face heat up " S-sorry i was staring, i didnt mean to" she blushed and giggled some more. The cold rain outside was now pouring down as they stay warm inside. Shi's smell ( always the same, Vanilla and roses) Lingered in the air, and since she was so close, it was stronger in a way. Shi shivered and cuddled closer to her and rubbed her own arms " s-sorry if i am making you uncomfortable, i kinda forgot my jacket" Shi said as she closed her eyes, her hand slithering into Yuno's.
Mushrooms--Yuno Gasai   21d ago

[center [size20 IN THE SHED]]
[center [+coral Yuno sat down by her and looked at her; quiet for a second, then gave a reply. "I wanted to meet up at the water fountain for ... reasons-." she had then been fine with Shi laying her head on her shoulder. She felt warm and fuzzy inside but tried to hide it. A small blush formed across her face but she tried to make it go away but it just stayed.. She still looked at her and gave a smile. "It's fine if you stare." she stayed smiling.]]
[center [size20 SHIVER]]
[center [+coral Yuno could feel Shi just shivering so she decided to set Shi up quickly and she took off her jacket as she set it on/around Shi's shoulders; hoping that it would help a bit. There was also a heater in the shed that she had completely forgotten about. "Hold on.." she got up quickly and pulled out the heater and plugged it in, she also then turned it on. It started to get warmer, but not to the point where it was too hot. It was about the temperature of a nice warm sunny day with a very slight breeze. Yuno then came back and sat down by Shi again. She turned to her and looked down. "W-what do you h-have to say about t-the letter?..." she really wanted to know.]]
[center (( I completely forgot about the part where they were about to hold hands D: ))]
UsernotFoundShi Lee   18d ago

Shi blushed as she felt the hoodie put around her. Her smile grew a bit as she pulled out the letter and looked down at it " Well.. about the letter" she giggled out as she looked up at her " In this letter you confessed to me. You said that you were in love with me and said that around me you feel diffrent." Shi felt her face heat up " you wondered if you would hate me or i would leave. " She giggled and leaned closer " But i dont hate you, and i wont leave Yuno gasai . Because i, Shi Lee. I...i feel the same" she smiled and leaned closer " a lot, since you saved me from those bullies. i feel like myself around you, a-and i.. i love you too" Those words, ' I love you too' . Shi had never said that to anyone but Yuno before. She ment it. Her words were sweet and soft but also warm like a cup of hot coco. But what sealed the deal was when Shi leaned close and pecked her lips softly with her face as red as a tomato. After a moment or two, she pulled away and smiled " Yuno.. will you.. go out with me??" She smiled brightly and held her hand softly " I would love it if you did!!" she smiled more and leaned close to her
Mushrooms--Yuno Gasai   18d ago

[center [size20 LETTER]]
[center [+coral Yuno sat there in silence as she let Shi respond to the question she asked about the letter. She listened well; after all, it was her own letter she gave so she would love to hear the response Shi gave.]]
[center [size20 CONFESSION]]
[center [+coral Yuno's face turned red after she heard the confession Shi had just made to her about the letter. She was a bit surprised Shi liked her back because most people, don't even like Yuno. As said before, people thought she was weird and overprotective; she is, but, that doesn't matter. Honestly, she felt like she was in a dream with the reply she had heard from Shi. She knew it was real, but it didn't really feel like it.]]
[center [size20 REPLY]]
[center [+coral Yuno had barely said anything after that. She sat and stared at Shi a bit and then gave a reply with a blush over her face. "I-I... I would love to go out with you!!" she had a big smile on her face of joy. She also didn't mind how close Shi got close to her. She was happy and set a hand on top of Shi's hand; a slight smile across her face and they could hear the rain had finally stopped.]]
UsernotFoundShi Lee   18d ago

Shi heard the rain stop as she smiled " Hey the rain stopped!!" She giggled and held her hand as she walked out, gasping as she saw a rainbow. this felt like a dream. she giggled and hugged Yuno " Thank you, Yuno" She said and held her hand out " Come on, lets go to class" She said as she intertwined her fingers with yuno and walked to the school. today was going to be a great day!! 

Lunch Time

Shi soon found out that, Yuno was REALLY overprotective. Whenever Shi hugged one of her friends, she could of sworn she can hear Yuno growl and clench her fists. When Shi was eating, Yuno would watch her like a guard dog. Shi thought it was flattering that Yuno was kinda ' Guarding her'

Shi giggled and gently held her hand " Hey Yuno. Here i made this" She held a rice ball to Yuno's mouth, to distract her from people, in fear she might get in trouble over her.. Shi moved her hair out of her face " Honey, please calm down, okay? You're overworking yourself, i don't want nothing to happen to you. okay??" She smiled at the pet name she used, knowing Yuno would blush away and be embarrassed by her saying that


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