The Fall of Evermore Kingdom

By SolemnYuki
Seated in the center of its kingdom, the castle of Evermore overlooked its territories of vast diversities while standing guard over the village that resided around it. Just like any kingdom thriving in the light, forces that reside in the dark focused their assets and power to overthrow Evermore and claim it for themselves. Her majesty, her court, and all those who served her managed to stave them off for the time being, but it was made clear that they couldn't fight them for much longer. Resources were beginning to run out and manpower was becoming limited.

How they would survive this nightmare was still a uncertain...if they could even survive at all.

The Rules

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+Please post at least bi-weekly.
+Send me a PM with your character's skelly (please use the format that I've used for my character below) and title it with the role you've chosen. If you don't follow this rule, I may not respond.
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The Princess
Name: Zaira
Age: 14
Preferred weapon: Weather Magic-
Personality: Zaira Is a quiet child, never talk much. She loves eevryone around her tho but her emotions always gets the best of her. She tries to do her best to live up to her family's expectations.
Short Bio: Growing up Everyone thought Zaira was a mute due to the fact she never acutally spoke. But than she spoke once, infront of everyone it was only about 5 words and she didnt wanna speak again after them. Zaira was born to control the weather based on her emotions or if she knows how to self-control her emotions she could just simpley control the weather herself. Zaira wants to live up to be the best princess she can be and make everyone proud of her, even if she doesnt want to speak.

The Handler
Name: William Reaver
Age: 36
Preferred weapon: Hand sword
Personality: Cold but considerate. Perceptive to the needs of the kingdom before morality. He can be bold and he'll speak his mind as Head Captain to the royal family.
Short Bio: William came from a poor family. To help his parents and younger sister financially, he joined the Evermore military at age 14. He gained favor of his superiors through countless battles, hunting and skillful tact eventually earning his title when he saved the life of the Queen.

The Advisor
Name: Cassian DeBlanc
Age: 24
Preferred weapon: Recurve Bow
Personality: Cassian is very kind-hearted, despite his cold appearance. He is also clever--excellent at solving problems and making decisions, along with evading manipulation. Despite his cleverness, he comes off as shy at first.
Short Bio: When he was young, he grew up poor. He was seen as odd, as he was so smart. Cassian grew up with few friends and family. As he grew, his intelligence furthered. One day, he was appointed the advisor.

The Mage
Name: Seth Xian
Age: 11
Preferred Weapon: Magic
Personality: Seth is a very shy individual at first, but warms up greatly once one gets to know him. He is always putting others needs ahead of his own and very intuitive about others feelings. He is quiet about speaking his mind but is always willing to help. Seth is a fun-loving child and tends to be insecure around older officials about his young age. He carries around a worn, stuffed dog with him wherever he goes, a security measure from his early days in the kingdom that he never got rid of.
Short Bio: Granted an unusual talent to peek briefly into the past and the future, Seth found himself entering the kingdom of Evermore at the early age of 6. He began to study magic and gain a better handle on his gifts and quickly became the youngest person to hold such a position in the history of the kingdom. He tries hard to keep the castle and village peaceful, going out of his way to keep the kingdom harmonious and fair. Seth comes from a small village in the far east of Evermore, the tribe that inhabits it once thought to be protectors of the castle and its courts in ancient times. This is why most believe he has such a strong control over advanced magic.

Skelly outlines

Please fill this out when applying for a role:

Preferred weapon:
Short Bio:
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can i be the advisor?
SolemnYukiSeth Xian   103d ago

You have to send me a pm with your skelly, I’ll make some decisions when I get enough people interested
SolemnYukiSeth Xian   97d ago

The light from the afternoon sun shone in through the windows, catching a few crystals that hung over the glass and casting small rainbows across the room. It was normally a soothing thing, something that brought peace and tranquility to the boy who resided within the room, but they didn't seem to have their desired effect today. Bright eyes of amethyst followed one of the rainbow smears to eventually stop on a spray of red, one that contrasted greatly with the white of his walls. It had long since dried, being only a few hours old, but brought vivid memories back to the boy with hair the color of blood. Dark and terrible things were in store for the future of Evermore but he wasn't quite sure what to do about it.

The young mage carefully rose to his feet from sitting against the wall and reached out a small hand to pick up his staff. The skillfully crafted object jingled softly as it moved, the metal rings looped inside of the main ornament on the top. He could hear the bustle of people, mainly soldiers, out in the hallway nearby, their strong and gruff voices carrying all over the castle. From his position he couldn't make out full sentences but he doubted it was important to his line of work. It hardly ever was, mostly about their postings and training.

Silently the boy left his room and moved down the hallway, his other hand clutching the paw of a stuffed toy dog. The toy rarely left his side, a rather important piece to the young mage. Not many understood his connection to it but he didn't expect them to. He mostly kept to himself since his arrival a few years ago as he felt rather insecure around the rest of the castle court. They were so much older and wiser than he was, how could he ever measure up? Seth's ability to glimpse into future events was the only thing to gain him his position at such a young age. Her Majesty saw it as a useful tool, something to help them stay one step ahead of anything that may have been thrown at them. Even though the Princess believed in him and thought him to have great value, he still felt the rest of the castle court didn't trust him or accept his abilities. He was a rather negative boy when it involved his relationships with others and prevented himself from getting too close to anyone. He was just too scared of what they would think.
Cassidy_AUZaria   96d ago

The sunlight beamed into zaria's room, as it hit her face she slowly began to wake. A maid was in her room and smiled, Zaria smiled back with Joy and stood up "My, May you pick me a new dress to wear? I want to go see the knights train and than take a walk around the castle." She spoke calmly then yawned. The maiden nodded and picked out an elegant dress for her. 

Zaria stared out the window for a while before putting on her dress, she than put on some heels so that she wouldn't be so short. When she did so, she brushed her hair and put  purple flower crown in it, then left her room and walked down the hall to the corridor, where she smiled at the other servants and walked out of the castle. She was smelling some roses and decided she wanted some in her room later, so she would pick some. "My are these such beauty's" she said as her smile faded "Such sadness that they never live long" as she walked a path and asked a maiden to escourt her to the trainig room, she loved watching them train as she wished she could as well. No one would have to know, that's why she did so every night, she trained her self and practices the moves she saw the nights doing, and study's them. She smiled as she watched those who were already there training
cant_thinkCassian   84d ago
life is temporary—swag is eternal

The advisor lay in his messy bed, half asleep. Normally, he'd have the curtains drawn to avoid getting sunlight in his room--as he was no morning person--but today they were open. He had forgotten to shut them last night, due to his stressful day before. He had lots of things that needed to be done, but could barely get one or two done in time.

Cassian held his arm over his eyes, not wanting to even get up to simply close the curtains. He grumbled something incoherently, eventually sitting up. 

"Ugh..." He yawned, rubbing his eyes, before swinging his feet over the side of his bed. "Another day to face, I suppose," he mumbled as he stood. He swayed for a second before regaining his balance. 𝘔𝘶𝘴𝘵'𝘷𝘦 𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘵𝘰𝘰 𝘧𝘢𝘴𝘵... he thought to himself.

The young advisor adjusted his curtains so they were opened properly. He then moved over to his closet where he kept his clothes. He stared for a minute, unsure of what to wear. It wasn't like today was a special day, he just liked looking decent. Cassian eventually chose a simple shirt and trousers, along with his usual satchel he carried around. In it was a few basic potions, his journal, and pencils.

He walked out the door to wander the castle. He typically went straight to work, but today he figured he could use a nice walk around.
SolemnYukiSeth Xian   84d ago

[h3 +]

Small, quiet footsteps brought the child to his destination: the infirmary. Immediately the smell of alcohol hit his nose and caused it to wrinkle a bit; the near sterile environment always smelled this way. Sunlight filtered in through the large windows and brightened up the white room even more, Seth easily able to see nurses moving through the large room as they completed their daily duties and cared for patients. Carefully he rested his staff against the wall near the door so he could easily grab it later and made his way to the back of the room, nurses giving him gentle smiles as he passed them. The boy was a regular in this place, he was here on a near weekly basis which was far more than many of the others employed through the castle. It wasn’t because he was accident prone or a slave to self-injury but because of his gift; seeing things that others could not came with a hefty and bloody price tag. Visions of upcoming events caused blood to drip from his right eye and, seeing as it occurred several times of week, required to keep a small army of gauze pads and tape handy. The infirmary staff were aware of the small boy’s needs and kept a shelf fully stocked for him to come and replenish his supplies whenever he needed to which allowed them to continue their daily duties and Seth to not feel as if he were bothering them. Small hands gathered the needed supplies and gave the nurses another small smile before silently exiting the room, leaving his staff to collect at a later time.

Once his findings were dropped off into his room he found himself back in the spacious hallways again. Seth had his own work to do and books to study that were stacked neatly on his desk top but he didn’t have the motivation to work on them. Not now. Not after such a vivid forewarning of future events for Evermore. The small mage always found it difficult to concentrate after such an occurrence and would usually choose to wander aimlessly as he sorted his thoughts out and came up with a plan of action. Many times one could be reached with a few hours of thought but this one was different…This one had happened rather early that morning and he still had no answers. He couldn’t present it to the princess, not like this, but something would have to be figured out soon. He didn’t want to ruin her day until he absolutely had to.

Seth’s mind continued to work itself in circles as he continued on his path, not seeing the advisor until it was far too late. The small mage collided into him and fell on his butt, the stuffed dog tumbling out of his robe and to the floor. He quickly rose to his feet, keeping his eyes down and began to straighten out his clothes as he spoke quietly. [+purple “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you. Are you okay?”]
cant_thinkCassian   82d ago
life is temporary—swag is eternal

The advisor roamed the halls curiously. He never really got a detailed look of the place. The ornate designs on the walls, the precious decorations dotted here and there, or even the curtains--embroidered with floral-like patterns and designs. It wasn't like Cassian was new to the castle--he'd lived here for two years or so now--but he was always busy. There was something in the back of his mind, constantly nagging him on about how he needed to finish making lists or help some townsfolk with minor feuds, among other things. Other things that could easily wait.

That was what the young man was doing now--having a break. There was still a meager little voice in his subconscious bickering, "Hey! Remember that thing you said you'd do today?" or "Cassian LeBlanc! You ought to get that done right now. Go turn back to your room and get to work, you lazy little-" he shook the thoughts out of his mind roughly. Cassian was not in the mood for negativity today.

He huffed, turning a corner. Just as he turned, the first thing he saw was a young boy. Who soon collided with him, nearly falling on his rear like the boy did. He hadn't noticed the small stuffed bear fall until he regained his balance. He swiftly picked it up after the boy stood with an apology. "No, I'm sorry. Here," he said with a soft smile, handing him the bear. He cleared his throat, trying to remain... Professional wasn't quite the word... Cas didn't like to seem too vulnerable around people he didn't know. He righted himself, thinking, ``Oh, it's fine. Might as well repay the kid somehow for knocking him off his feet.`` He soon spoke. "I'm fine, sorry. Are you okay? You're the one who seemed to take a tumble, so to speak."
Cassidy_AUZaria   81d ago

Zaria watched the trainers train, and she smiled as she studied their moves. She was a quick learner and she was able to learn the moves; quicker than most of them. Of course she couldn't let anyone know but it was her small secert, as well as her weather powers. She had to maintain a calm personality; if she didn't stay calm her powers could cause distruction. Ofc  other's weren't allowed knowing of her magical emotions; She was very smart as well but sometimes considered dumb when nervous.

She never really spoke much to others; as she just used sounds to communicate. As she didn't wanna sound dumb or say something unrelated. She walked away from the training ground and walked into the hall, looking at the ground as she walked. [I kind of a quiet day..] she thought and than A maid came up and told her she needed to try on a dress. She didn't like dresses as much as it seemed but she put on a bright smile and nodded anyways; "OK. Lead the way to the dressing room." She said and followed her expression faded from joy to dead- 

Zaria had been not the best, as she wanted to explore or be like the others. But her duty was to be a royal and maintain the castle, so that is what she will do.

((So sorry if this isn't good- school is in the way- and I just got a new phone-)
SolemnYukiSeth Xian   79d ago

[h3 +]

This was a face Seth had seen before but barely interacted with. He remembered sitting across from the thinner male in court meetings, giving wise input but doing so selectively. He didn’t speak to many people on his own, seeming to just float outside of the inner circles instead of joining them. The boy had no room to judge as he had a similar manner but he imagined they had very different reasons for behaving the way that they did. He always remembered Cas being like this since his arrival, even though many found it strange they seemed to dismiss it due to the male’s intelligence and position in the court.

A small hand reached out and took the fallen toy as it was offered, holding the brown dog against his chest while violet eyes gazed up at the man that towered over him. Seth was quite small for his age so nearly everyone in the building was taller than he was; he had grown used to having to look up at others a long time ago. Her majesty assured him that he would grow but he found himself wondering if she truly believed it or if she was just being nice. His size didn’t bother him, in fact it usually worked to his advantage: Seth could squeeze into places that no one else could and his young age often caused him to be overlooked by others.

[+purple “Thank you,”] he answered softly. His voice was usually on the quieter side, never raising it unless he needed to. [+purple “I’m okay, just a little embarrassed, I guess. I’m usually more careful…”] His voice trailed off a bit as the thoughts that had been previously clouding his mind had returned but they dulled a bit as Seth suddenly realized that he was standing in front of the smartest man in the court. That was the role of the Advisor. And if he didn’t know the answer then he had access to it through records and files. Perhaps Seth could get an answer to his problem without bringing it to the attention of the entire castle staff first. [+purple “This is going to sound a bit odd and quite out of sorts but….would you be willing to open the records vault for me?”] he asked softly. It didn’t hurt to try.
Cassidy_AUZaria   78d ago

Zaria finished her dress fitting and walked out, as she passed the advisor and the mage she smile lightly. She was with 2 others maids as they were taking her to look at tiaras even though she loved her flower one.. Zaria than looked back down with a look of despair. She seemed board and looked to not even be enjoying her role- But she did love her role she just wish it didn't have so much to do.. 

The princess was in her purple dress, as her pretty emerald/ruby silver eyes sparkled a bit. The pale girl seemed to of been walking kinda funny as she was limping a bit. [I 'I pushed myself to hard..'] she thought as the night before she was using her magical gifts to help her train.. but it ended up injuring her foot. As she didn't let none of the staff know since they would fuss too much.. Zaria stayed quiet as the 2 staff workers spoke to her seems they were telling her so much at once as it was over whelming.. 

((Idk how- but my words are like- a mix of red and white- ;-; and I have no idea what I did-))

The soldier glanced at the time, too aware of his surroundings when most were nonchalant and relaxed. He couldn’t help it. Waking up in the dark hours, exercising to keep his body ready and able, eating hearty with no one in the mess hall. And for what? All his hard work to be the head Handler to the royal family. To the King and Queen and the children of the court. 

Captain Reaver rubbed the bridge of his nose, clacking around in thin armor as he watched the little princess tiptoe around the garden in frilly dresses and accompanying maids. He kept a fair distance from the young heir, doing his best to be involved always indirectly. Every day, this was it. Protecting the most protected family in the kingdom. 

The handler paused, watching a young pair he recognised from the council come to a painful contact. The advisor and the mage. Reaver wasn’t sure if he fully trusted a child to predict the very futures of Evermore and even less so to an advisor that seemed to fiddle with insecurity. One day those two may have to make a grave decision, he hoped they were ready for it. 

The last of Seth’s words piqued his interest, however, and not for the better. 

Reaver adjusted himself before crossing the short distance of the courtyard, putting his hands on his hips. [#317854 “The young mage knows his place, does he not?”] he inquired, looking between the two. [#317854 “Why would a youngling like yourself be in need of restricted reading only allowed by the very few?”] He smiled, already enjoying the reprieve of monotony.
SolemnYukiSeth Xian   72d ago

[i “The young mage knows his place, does he not? “Why would a youngling like yourself be in need of restricted reading only allowed by the very few?”] The mage’s form visibly tensed as he heard the deeper voice. It didn’t come from Cassian, not only did his lips not move but the voice came from behind him. Violet eyes shifted to peek over his shoulder, confirming what he thought he knew from his ears: Reaver had joined their conversation. Though he had a soft smirk on his lips, it didn’t reach his eyes.

A multitude of emotions began to flow through the child, the most recognizable one being panic. His plan of keeping the information he had gathered that morning to himself was now in jeopardy, not only would the majority of the castle find out but it could cause a bit of hysteria. It was better for everyone if he could come up with a solution quietly and with as few people involved as possible. [+purple “…I…um….”]

Seth bit his lip as he tried to think of the right words to say and his grip tightened a bit on the stuffed dog in his hands. He was certain that whatever lie he could tell would be seen through immediately by one if not both men. Perhaps a vague answer would do. [+purple “…I…need to do some research on Evermore’s history before I meet with the royal family tonight,”] he answered quietly. It wasn’t a lie, not completely. The records vault contained all of the written history of their kingdom and the surrounding areas, if he were to find an answer to the vision he had then it would most certainly be in there. [+purple “I just need access to it for a couple of hours.”]

The awkwardness in his speech and stance was enough to make the young mage look guilty but Captain Reaver knew his place. Despite his best effort to intimidate, he and the King knew that the fortune teller's words were just beside the princess’. Reaver had no more a say than the maidens that frolocaed around in utter ignorant bliss. But he wasn’t one to broadcast. 

The handler couldn’t recall a research inquiry from their last roundtable meeting- not that they ever talked about anything remotely invigorating- but he would have noted something to follow up on. [#317854 “What pretell would that be? I don’t recall homework at our last meeting- do you Cassian? While he can let you into the hall of records, it is my duty to protect the kingdom from devious and suspicious acts.”] 

Reaver crossed his arms, watching the small Seth fumble for another excuse to throw his way. Regardless of the outcome, he was sure it was nothing to worry about. The kingdom was always safe. Nothing ever happened in Evermore.
Cassidy_AUZaria   33d ago

Zaria was in her bedroom, once again. Her Mother and Father were arranging events for the night, as she was in her room. Zaria was told to be in her best formal wear and in her real tiara. Not her flower Crown as she would be seen childish. Since they would be meeting with the young mage tonight, Zaria was told to be formal and very mature. 

Zaria, in her ways, Had no interests in this meeting. As she just wanted to sneak out and watch the knights train again. This meeting would also mean Zaria couldn't lose control of her emotions due to her magical abilities. But, that order specifically, was very hard on Zaria. As the only way she could hold onto her emotions was when she was in her room or watching the knights. 

The young princess sighed as she had now had on the gown her mother had chose out for her to wear, she didn't like the color, nor the fabric. As the fabric was rough and the color didn't really go right. But she knew she couldn't complain as she was the princess of the kingdom and has to keep high standards and maintenance. 

(Sorry if I'm a bit slow, Alot of stuff is happening atm and I'm in alot of roleplays, but do not worry. As I shall be quicker now)
SolemnYukiSeth Xian   5d ago

[h3 +]

The boy’s tight grip on the stuffed dog remained while he continued to watch the larger male nearby. As expected, he saw right through Seth’s vague excuse. Reaver had always been a quick one, though with his job it was to be expected. One would have to be on their toes in order to protect the royal family the way that he did. Still, it would be nice if he weren’t so observant.

The violet gaze shifted towards Cassian, who continued to remain silent on this matter, trying to judge if he had an ally in his case or not. He imagined that answer to be on the negative side of the scale seeing as he hadn’t interjected on the boy’s behalf or weighed into their small squabble with his wisdom. It seemed that Seth was alone in this debate and would have to stand up to the taller and more muscular male on his own. It was a rough place for the mage to be in as he typically didn’t like confrontation and tried to avoid it as much as he could. It was why he hid in the background as much as he could. Unfortunately it was now time for the child to emerge from the shadows, even if for a few minutes, and stand up for himself.

[+purple “Sometimes things change, Captain,”] Seth responded quietly. His eyes shifted over to Reaver once more while his grip stayed rather tight on his stuffed companion. [+purple “Nothing is set in stone, you of all people should understand that. Your job is to protect the Royal family and Evermore kingdom from current and near future crisis, my job is to warn them of far future crisis. Every once in a while, I need into the records vault to compare journals of previous future-seers in order to stay a few steps ahead of any dangers that could befall us. So either I’m let into the vault by one of you or I need to ask her Majesty to do it.”]


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