Mafia Au Non rp thread

By Amethyst_Sanders

I'm just bored so I came up with this idea. I don't have much. read everything before doing anything.

What happens when the leader of a feared mafia finds out that two people who they kill had a daughter? What will happen to her? Will they hurt her or treat her like their Queen?

Amethyst runs a small cafe on the edge of town. She doesn't get many people but she didn't mind. She is in her early twenties and had started the cafe when she was 16. Her parents had died when she was 15. She thought they died in a car wreck. She worked hard at online school and worked full time to pay the bills and save up money. Now she was doing well.

Her parents had died from *Insert mafia name*. Her parents were in debt to them and couldn't pay them back. They did not tell the mafia boss about Amethyst.

Amethyst looked up at the tv on the wall. "Please be careful when going out. More people have been found dead. The police think it's *Insert mafia name* if you see anything suspicious call 911 immediately. Do not approach them." The reporter warned.

Amethyst sighed and shook her head. They have been talking about *Insert mafia name* and *Y/c name* for weeks now. "They are not going to stop it." She started cleaning the counters. She looked up as the door opened.

1. please try and write at least a paragraph. just no one-liners.
2. I would prefer if you are 17 or older as there most likely will be gore and blood.
2. Do not request access. a new thread will be made. I will not rp with you if you request access. that is finale
3. I start working next week and won't be on as much. wait 24 hours before you check on me.
4. I would prefer if this is a FxF rp but if you want to be a male then we can do that.
5. if you get bored of the rp just tell me so I can delete it.
6. pm me with your OC's information. please add a description even if there is a photo. i might not be able to see it. Also, title the pm Mafia Au.
7. Put your favorite color in the pm so I know you read everything.
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