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[ Wolf City ] a group roleplay

By Cursethewhitecat

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Do Not Request Access unless you've followed the proper procedures. I will not accept anyone who cannot: READ, put in the effort, nor follow simple instructions.


This roleplay will take place in an urban city, in modern-day society, near a forest somewhere. There has always been a high crime rate in this city, but most people don’t care. However lately there's been a rumor of a serial killer on the loose and bizarre animal encounters.

In this world, humans believe werewolves to be nothing more than myth and something that is seen in movies and books. However, werewolves are very real. They live amongst mankind, but not always in peace. There are a few known and well-established packs that exist amongst the citizens: The Mongrels(chaotic neutral), The Nightstalkers (lawful evil), and The Wildbloods (lawful good).


Regarding roles here are a few things to know

If you play as a human, whether unaware or aware of the werewolf community. You might get mixed up with a pack or two. Maybe end up as a werewolf yourself later or later involved with a killer and well possibly end up murdered...

If you play as a werewolf you must either pick a pack or be a lone wolf. You can switch later through means various means(i.e. Love, betrayal, mortals, etc…). You must be careful and hide your true nature from the humans as much as possible, when possible. In case a human(s) see you for what you are you must either kill them or get them to join you.

If you want to play as a killer and/or double up on roles by being one. Anyone who has the killer role will not be listed as one until they are revealed as one. Also I would like you to be creative and not so detailed with how you did the deed. Naturally, you will need to ask permission before killing someone else and work out how things end up. You can look to the Maimed or killed part of a roleplayers character skeleton to know who is willing and who is not.


All site rules apply

500 character count minimum.

Decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Double-check your work for any obvious errors and correct them to the best of your ability before posting. Minor mistakes are perfectly fine.

Wait for three other roleplayers to post before you do so again.

Character drama is highly encouraged as well as plot twists.

Preferred images include anything other than real photos. Please nothing oversized

Avoid being too overpowered and/or godmoding.

Fights between characters. Any damage your character may take is up completely to you and no one else. Wanna fight about it, message me.

Dark themes such as blood, mild gore, abuse, violence, and death may arise. Do not mention anything in great detail so as not to trigger anyone.

You may use strong language in moderation and within reason, but not obsessively.

Romance may be present but should never be the main focus of the story. In case things get intimate “time-skip” the whole thing. Remember it is against site rules to cyber.

You may request access only if you message me an image of your chosen character and have the correct skeleton listed on that character's profile. I will not give access to anyone unwilling to follow simple instructions. I will be linking character names to their profiles for the viewing pleasure of others. If you need an example go to the accepted characters below and click the links.

This roleplay will start when there are at least four roleplayers, however, will still be open for anyone who wishes to join later


everyone is required to fill this part out

Picture URL:

Theme song:

Your username.

Your character name first; last. -Optional- for nicknames.

-Optional- 3 pros/cons or a short description.

Thirteen and up.

Male, Female? / Pronouns; he, she, ect-


Human, Werewolf, and/or Killer

You must choose: good, neutral, evil, lawful, true, chaotic?

Maimed or killed Y/N:
This is essentially confirming whether or not you are alright with your character(s) being maimed? Yes or No. And if you are okay with your character possibly being killed? Yes or No.

-Optional- Short summary.

2 Fatal flaw(s):
Do not put how to kill your character here. Your fatal flaw should be something that hinders your character either physically, mentally, or personality-wise.

-Optional- Extra info about your character you'd like to include.

this second half is for werewolfs only

Do you belong to one or not? If so list your pack name here.

Where do you fall in the pack Hierarchy(i.e. alpha, beta, gamma, lone, ect-)?

Pure-blood, Half-blood, New-blood?

Only for New-bloods. Where is your bite/scratch mark located on your body? is it big or small? new or old? explain

Controllable, semi-controllable or uncontrollable?

Refers to one's ability as a Lycan.

Wolf's mate for life, have you yet?

Do you have any young? If so who are they?

Are you capable of Marking? If so who have you marked?

What do you look like in your wolf form? Explain.


Roleplayer - Character('s)

Cursethewhitecat - Jackal Footman - Kimberly Devle
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