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The Curse of Maydras (WIP)

By Vossler
Long ago the world of Maydras thrived, there were no wars, no conflicts, it was peaceful.

The inhabitants worshipped the only god, a golden dragon with shiny emerald wings dubbed Maydra.

At the four corners of Maydras were singular pillars that loomed over the world with a colored orb atop each one. These were called The Orbs of Balance and they acted as a shield and protected Maydras from outside evil.

Until one day the sky was torn open and turned red.

A twisted black demonic dragon-like being emerged from the tear and with one blast of it's energy, shattered the orbs and thus the protection was gone.

This being was known as Ichor, The World Eater.

They attacked the world of Maydras and killed many people and destroyed many of it's kingdoms.

This awoke the sleeping god Maydra from it's slumber.

Enraged the golden dragon emerged from the heavens above and it flew towards Ichor and fought hard. To no avail Maydra knew what must be done to protect it's world and people.

Maydra coiled itself around Ichor and plummeted itself towards the earth and deep underground where Ichor was sealed away. This act also killed Maydra as it was turned into golden and emerald crystals which acted as the seal around Ichor.

Thus starting The Curse of Maydras.

With Ichor sealed people rejoiced but soon realized they have no more God...No more protection as The Orbs of Balance we're destroyed.

Famine came, then disease, and then more plagues followed suit.

The people of Maydras learned how to adapt and survive The Curse of Maydras.

They were once more thriving with their kingdoms rebuilt and their villages restored.

Until one fateful day a twisted cultist named Xaxos, The Twisted, who many people fear found Ichors resting place and broke the seal with his own followers lives and blood.

Black smoke emerged from the mountains where Ichor was sealed and the sky turned red once more.

Ichor was free.

The people of Maydras were once again under attack by the demon.

A medium sized military village called Midor south of the kingdom of Danton was the first to be attacked.

William, a young man and his mother, a military commander, fled the village with the other civilians into the woods as dark black smoke engulfed the village and any who was caught in it.

Xaxos appeared before William and his mother, before stabbing his staff into the ground and causing an earthquake. He then slaughtered Williams mother and she screamed for William to run.

William fled the scene, with Xaxos laughing in the distance.

William ended up far away from him but ended up being attacked by a pair of dark wolves with blood red eyes as they ripped away at his body.

William quickly awoke with a small wolf licking him and realized it was all a dream...Or was it?

William ventures deeper into the woods of Danton and stumbles upon a tall marble pillar that loomed over him. He held onto it for breath and was overtaken by a vision; Maydra itself speaking to him, they were both in space overlooking Maydras as the dragon god explained the situation and how William can defeat Ichor and Xaxos once and for all; Restore The Orbs of Balance and the crumbling pillars and break The Curse of Maydras.

With a flick of it's clawed hands four colored orbs appeared; Blue, Red, White, Purple, and Black. It dropped them onto the four pillars.

William found himself back at the pillar he was touching. It was ruined and crumbling.

He knew what must be done...And so he set forth deeper into the woods.

As the minutes pass by William begins to feel great pain course through his body.

He soon faints and wakes up to Xaxos appearing before him, laughing his twisted laugh.

He explains to him how this pain is no coincidence but it is Ichors Curse flowing through his veins.

Soon William cannot contain himself and he begins to transform into a twisted dark werewolf with yellow eyes.

This intrigues Xaxos and he tries to take William with him to Ichors realm as he hopes to use this power for his own gain...Which causes William to slash Xaxos left arm off.

Xaxos yells in pain as his left arm spews out black smoke. Even more intrigued he laughs his evil laugh and turns into dark smoke before flying away.

William turns back into a human completely in shock of what had just happened.

He finally reached the end of the woods and ventures towards the capital of Danton; Sarador. There he will tell the king of what had transpired.

There he will begin his perilous journey to restore Maydras to it's former glory and stop Ichor and his fanatic Xaxos once and for all.

Premade Characters - WIP

William - Open

Xaxos, The Twisted - Me

Master Smith Jerlarkan Dal - Open
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VosslerXaxos The Twisted   235d ago

[h3 [b [I [center [+purple "You ask if I have a reason why I freed Ichor, why I let out such a dangerous being? Well my dear William, what if I told you that I have no reason? What if I told you that I just wanted to]]]]] [h3 [b [I [center [+red watch Maydras burn?...]]]]]"


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