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Hateful Wonderland verson two

By The_Random_human
Hateful Wonderland: The land where teddy bears can talk, and where the butterflies lull you to sleep. A bizarre and surrealistic world consisting of sentient, anthropomorphic dolls living in 1940s England. The world is a wondrous and colorful place, but also a place where hate and abhorrence derive.
Things to know before you roleplay

This world is made up of dimensions, and realities. To some dolls, this claim is a myth. However, some believe it to be true.When an individual travels out of their realm of origin, they have the possibility of dying in that other realm. Dolls that are outside of their own realm need to be wary of this fatality. Mortals are more at risk considering that they can die within their own realm as well.These are just the main five realities that make up the Hateful Wonderland universe, meaning that there's great possibilities of there being even more realities, parallel realities, and alternate realities. Nobody really knows for sure though.

1st: Dream Realm/The Ghost Realm:
This realm is thought to be responsible for dreams. This is also the realm where rested spirits are believed to dwell. However, it is unknown how to travel to this dimension.

2nd: Mortal Realm:
Dolls/mortals dwell in this dimension. This is the only dimension where life dies and starts over again.

3rd: Demon Realm:
Obviously this is where demons are. Nightmares are also created within this realm. This realm and the Nightmare Realm are closely attached, However the Demon Realm is more like an entrance to the Nightmare Realm.

4th: Nightmare Realm:
This realm isn't shown or mentioned much, and is vague. Nobody dwells here much.

5th: Terminus:
A colorless, and empty, realm. Even sound does not exist here. It is the end.
These "dolls" have a system which is known as "The Ragdoll Complex". The Ragdoll Complex consists of four layers in a doll’s body; the fabric layer, stuffing layer, nerve and organ layer, and skeletal layer. Each gets more delicate the deeper it is located in the body. Taking this information into account, this would mean if one were to be poked or lightly pierced with a sharp object such as a needle, they do not feel pain. However, they only start bleeding or feel pain after that said sharp object has passed through the fabric layer far enough.

Fabric Layer:
The least delicate layer of a doll. Fabrics are sewn tightly, and usually made of a soft, but rough material. Similar to skin on humans. The fabric layer can be pricked with needles and other sewing objects without causing any actual pain to the doll.
Stuffing Layer:
The third delicate layer of a doll. Instead of muscles, dolls have stuffing to support their limbs. Without it, their bodies would be dead weight, and practically useless! It also acts as similarly to cartilage. Sewing utensils are painless, unless passed through this layer.
Nerve and Organ Layer:
The never and organ layer of a doll is one of the most delicate layers of a doll.
Skeletal Layer:
If needles were to pass far enough to the skeletal later of a doll, it would hurt immensely. Similar to if you were pricked with a syringe that ended up hitting your bone. Painful, right
Gost and demons
*Those who state to not believe in such a thing will never see. In other words, if they claim to not believe in supernatural beings, they won't be able to see them. Those that sincerely believe for there to be such a thing, will see the supernatural.

The Damned
The Damned are a type of creature that contains disturbing or unsettling memories and are the result of bad people or dolls in this case. Their self centered and destroyed lives are punished by living in the 3rd reality for the rest of eternity or in other words, damned to hell. They dress in a baroque fashion and are known to be unsettling disfigured.

These nightmarish beings are greatly attracted to hearts being able to sense them from miles and miles away. They have sharp teeth for tearing out the organ of a mortal and sharp fingers made out of the sharpest scissor blades to tear and shred fabric and flesh if needed. Surprisingly after having written all of that, they'll take anyone in who has a great fashion sense; whether they're friend or foe. They tend to throw parties quite often.
In this particular world, dolls thrive instead of humans. These type of dolls categorize as puppets/rag dolls (puppets are any type of dolls the can be "animated" or have emotion shown in them. Rag dolls are dolls made of cloth, buttons, and other materials of the sort.). Then some made by one of the dolls are alive but they do not need to eat ot breath. The dools have a heart and brain buy can not move. The eyes are buttons and the dolls can see but the dollmaker put a cloth on the head so that can not judge them.
So now that you read that let's get to the rules.
1) hate the oc not the person. Yes they will be hate because of the time.
2 dress like the times its 1940 not 2022
3 understand the rules.
4 they will be dark themes so you don't like that then leave.
5 I have a right to change things
6 the secret word is "Wonderland"

Fill this out
Name/age/gender/type of doll( fox, dog, rabbit ect)/personality/looks/likes/ dislikes/fears/secret word/ anything else you would like to add.
The main Dolls I play I do play more
Marinella Jolene Fox

Ffionn Magnolia Fox

Victor Van Bunny

Thomas Von Denton

Frederick Von Denton

Stephan Sage Bunny
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S_TS   231d ago

hi!!! yet to make the characters just wanted to say hi

It's cool.and hi!
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I'm good just tried its almost 4 am where I am.
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Oh if I'm keeping you up you can go.
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Yeah same it's just something I tell people. 
Yay I'm entertaining to some one.
S_TS   231d ago

I'ma start drawing le character art or uploading it from le internet
S_TS   231d ago

until then wanna talk??

Okay. And sure I'm not sure what to talk about
S_TS   231d ago

how about oc's that always makes interesting conversations!!
S_TS   231d ago

also is murder aloud here??

Yes it is theybwill be darker themes here. We'll where do I start I have a lot of ocs
S_TS   231d ago

so murder is good so will this be realistic England or not?? also start with your fav oc!!
S_TS   231d ago

cause my style has to change a lot for realism I put my pride in the details so

It will be a mix. Some realistic parts like big Ben and stuff but not all the way. It's like some what cartoon.
S_TS   231d ago

same with the fashion on not?? cause I'ma make a bonnet murderer if I can!!!

I would say more like the times but I don't really mind.
The_Random_humanGavin Gray   231d ago

If  you still want to know my favorite oc  it's this one. His name is Gavin Gray. He is also  one of my most detailed oc I have that's not a part of this roleplay. What's your favorite oc?
S_T     231d ago

S_T     231d ago

but how long was I gone for??
The_Random_humanGavin Gray   231d ago

Hih o guess about 7 hours
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The_Random_humanGavin Gray   231d ago

Oh its okay
S_T     231d ago

no no it's not I lost all my progress on my art ;-;
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and I just disappeared on you so I feel bad too ;-;
The_Random_humanGavin Gray   231d ago

Ooooohhhh I'm sorry I'm so sorry
S_T     231d ago

but anyway hru??
The_Random_humanGavin Gray   231d ago

It's okay plus I fell alseep
S_TS   231d ago

ok anyway, wanna answer more questions so I can finish drawing/uploading pictures for new OC's??
The_Random_humanGavin Gray   231d ago

Sure thing!
S_TS   231d ago

ok, so can you describe the worlds so I have ideas for backgrounds??
The_Random_human     231d ago

I'm sorry can you explain. Do you mean about the world? Sorry?
S_TS   231d ago

they all must have a specific look that you imagine and I enjoy drawing backgrounds more than characters so I need ideas and what better way than using the world it's set in
S_TS   231d ago

plus I'm making a bonnet killer character so I need to know the setting to figure out how that works
The_Random_human     231d ago

For the back ground I see more apartments and then small stores.  The ground is paved the road is gravel. But it's more like cartoon  like.
S_TS   231d ago

any stray animals or homeless people??
S_TS   231d ago

S_TS   231d ago

S_TS   231d ago

witch one??
The_Random_human     231d ago

Yes they are both and sorry it took so long
The_Random_human     231d ago

[Pic https://i.ibb.co/tXq2yQJ/dcz0qu5-30867e68-536d-4038-8126-29ba3ebf1f52-1.png]
The_Random_human     231d ago

[Pic https://i.ibb.co/tXq2yQJ/dcz0qu5-30867e68-536d-4038-8126-29ba3ebf1f52-1.png]
S_TS   231d ago

whats that??


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