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Sugar Shop

By Animalistic

Sugar Shop

Sugar (Ame) works at a host club. He been working here most of his life, people were always attracted to his snow color hair, his pale lavender eyes. That wasn't only part of the attraction. People loved his matching ears and tail. It wasn't uncommon for people to have ears any tails like animals. To most Ame was special, the way he flirted, or ask if they wanted something sweet. The Sugar shop was know for their sweets.

Ame was always so happy when he got to work in the kitchen. He made some of the cutest pastries or baked good. Ame was happy watching people indulge in his creations. He dreamed of someday getting out of this place and opening his own bakery. That dream seem far out of reach thanks to the owner. Ame was nothing but a possession to the owner.

Ame had tried to run away but it never fail the owner would find him. Ame was used to getting beaten then forced to work right after. Those were days where he stay mostly in the kitchen. Ame hated the whole situation but there wasn't much he could. Until one day....

(Okay here are the two idea we could go with )
Idea A: The owner starts to have romantic feeling towards Ame (This would probably be a darker romance tho.)

Idea B: Ame meets someone new who plans to take him away.
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AnimalisticSugar   223d ago
Big Bad Wolf

[Font "century gothic" [center  Ame sighed softly as he closed his pale lavender color eyes. He was in so much pain thanks to that bastard's greedy desires. Ame was only kept around for his looks not his skills. That how it normally was a host club right? Ame hate this place, the only time it was enjoyable was when he was in the kitchen. Which wasn't very often. 

Ame has grown very popular over the years being as sweet and charming as he was. Of course most people were curious if his ears and tail were real. Sometimes they even ask if his hair was real considering the color it was. Ame was used to these questions. 

Ame sighed softly as he limped into the kitchen. He stood there silently scanning the room for his friend Kai. Kai was a cute young boy who was also part cat. Kai and Ame got close pretty quickly and it bothered the owner. The owner knew Kai skills in the kitchen were great, he was also good at making drinks. 

Ame watch Kai rush to his side when he see him limping into the kitchen. Kai asked his usually questions. [i "You tried to run away again didn't you?"] Ame of course nodded. Kai hugged Ame softly as helped him tend to his wounds. Ame was lucky to have Kai around in these hard times. 

Someday Ame was going to get out of this place. He was going to be free to do things like everyone else. It wasn't fair that he was sold to the owner only to be seen as a possession and not a person. 

I guess that is what happens when your parents are greedy? Ame bit his lip until he felt something running down his chin. He wiped the crimson liquid away. Kai scolded him. 

Ame knew this was going to piss the owner off even more. When ever Ame got beaten the owner always made sure to do it where Ame could hide it. Now that Ame hurt his lip was going to have to stay in the kitchen with Kai. That was going to make the owner even more angry. Ame didn't care, he was happy he didn't have to be out there with those disgusting beings all wanting his attention just because he look beautiful. They had no idea what he felt inside.... Or how he desperately pleaded for help no one ever seemed to notice.

Ame sighed as he put on an apron. He started up the oven. It was time to get creative. Surely he could get his frustration out while baking. When he was in the kitchen he sometime forgot where he was. He was so wrapped up in his work.
SiempreSlimeIvan   223d ago

[center [size14 [font "Arial" Ivan did not enjoy laying his hands upon his most prized possession in a caress so barbarous. No, to say that he [i enjoyed] committing such a performance would simply be a minimization. Incomparable to what he truly felt resonating within his spirit. One could label that feeling with the equivalence of love. He would scoff in their face, as what he felt was more perverse. A devastating misuse of such a symbolic word across all species.

One could blame such incompetent tactics performed by his little minx. For him to believe that he could sneak out without him becoming aware is absurd. Ivan had learned that being generous with Ame brought him nothing, but disrespect and he was more prone to acting out. After the first attempt to run from him, which failed spectacularly, he was forced to tighten his leash. Undoubtedly what Ame must've considered insufferable.

Ivan could feel the corner of his lip twitch into a slight grin. His minx did have the habit of overexaggerating his circumstances. Making a small punishment into something more than. From what he could gather, he must've enjoyed their sessions together. For what other reason could a simple lashing transmute into something brutal?

His little minx was intent on leaving his mark upon his own delicate skin. The pads of his fingertips ghosting over the welted skin across his chest left by his minx's nails. A shiver coursing down his spine, warming him to his core. He inhaled deeply through his nose, holding for three seconds, before exhaling slowly out through his lips.  

He wasn't quite sure when his minx developed such a hold onto him. He did not know what to label these feeling either. What he did know, down to the pits of his soul, was that he could [i never] under any circumstances lose [i [b his]] minx.

He moved to his dresser, pulling out the silken button up, a silken pair of boxer briefs, a matching pair of slacks, and dress socks. He rather enjoyed the sensation of silk fabric against his skin. The shop was soon about to open, he had a business to run, and an image to upkeep. A smile pulling at the corners of his lips as he descended down the stairs. There wasn't a time where he'd thought living above the shop was anything other than convenient. The bell ringing to alert his workers at the bar counter that he has arrived.

He was pleased to see his workers hard at it already. The counters were dressed properly, the dining tables had been set for their first set of guests, and even the floors had been waxed to perfection. However, he had only counted three out of four hosts. His minx was missing, which meant he was goofing off in the kitchen, and most likely hiding under Kai.

Forcing himself to take another deep breath, he greeted his hosts with a polite smile, and headed swiftly towards the kitchen. He paused towards the entrance, a few staff member became aware of his presence, choosing to keep their heads lowered. Ivan was aware that they were aware of the dynamics between his minx and himself. Not to the full extent, of course, but aware, nonetheless.  

Of course, it happened to be Kai, who held eye contact. If only for a moment, as his ears twitched nervously, ruining the facade.  A trait he finds as endearing as he does a nuisance. He'll be sure to have a private word with him later. Kai must've caught a glimpse of something in his eyes. His tail lowered and a brief flash of fear flickered across his features. And Ivan smiled, a genuine smile, all teeth and full of promises to come. As he scattered toward the other end of the kitchen, far from Ame, and pretended to be absorbed in some form of work.

Ivan slowly glided across the kitchen, his hand pressing gently against a blossoming bruise, he knew to be hiding under the shirt above his slender minx's hips. He bent slightly at the hips, pressing his lips ever so slightly against the shell of his ear, to whisper. "[+silver Please inform me, my sweet little Ame, why you are not in the dining room ready to serve my guests?]" His voice as silky as smooth as dress shirt. His fingertips rising to lay under Ame's chin, gently tilting his face up in his direction, and then he saw.

"[+silver Ah, now I understand, you're punishing me? Attempting to play with the business that feeds, clothes, and houses us?]" Sometimes his minx could clearly show him how ungrateful he was for all that Ivan does to provide for them. "[+silver Now, will Kai agree with your actions once I call him into my office later? I do know just how attached you've become to him.]" His grip tightening ever so slightly on his hip. "[+silver Will this little stunt seem so worthwhile if something were to happen to him?]" And his minx certainly known he wasn't a man to waste his breath. 

"[+silver What a shame, they've finally gifted me such an able-bodied worker, and you chose to do this to him?]" His voice taking on a taunting tone. "[+silver Now what kind of a [i friend] are you Ame?]" He questioned as he knew his grin could be felt against his ear.]]]
AnimalisticSugar   222d ago
Big Bad Wolf

[center [font "Century gothic" Ame had been busy at working making his favorite sweet breads. There was Swiss cocoa powder mixed in the dough making it look red. He was kneading a small ball of dough into the shape of a heart. He had already made about a dozen small heart shape bread. He was getting ready to put them in the oven when notice how quiet the room had gotten, everyone head was down. That normally meant one thing. Ivan was around.

Ame wasn't afraid of the man, and that man had the scars to prove it. [#ecef6b "And you want me to grovel at your feet and beg for forgiveness..."] he said with a low growl. Ame snarl was about to push the man way when he heard the male taunting him. It only enrage him, he could feel it the hatred and desire to tear that bastard throat out. Of course it hurt feeling the man press on his wounds.

Ame lavender colored eyes were filled with anger as he glare into Ivan dull emotionless eyes.  [#ecef6b "You and your stupid business could burn in hell for all I care... You know you be fucked with out Kai. Do you really think they can keep up with all of the order and your bloody standards? No. They can't so if you fire him you will be digging your own grave...but your not wroth it... Your body could rot in the fucking woods for all I care... Or in the trash"] he said he shoved the man in the silk shirt away from him. 

Ame didn't care, maybe this man would just beat him to death one day. Ame didn't fear death. The hell he was living now, death would be a relief. He finally be free, that was all he ever wanted. Ame was sold to Ivan when he was just a child. Ever since then Ame had been working, not know what it felt like to truly be free. He was a possession to this man. Someday this possession of his was going to show him how much of animal he really was.
SiempreSlimeIvan   220d ago

[center [size14 [font "Arial" Ivan could feel the mirth building within himself, chuckling would be considered highly unbefitting, but he wanted nothing more to at that moment. With the front of his chest pressed lightly against the back of his minx. He was able to feel the soft rumble of the growl spit out between harsh words.

It wasn’t his first choice; taking Ame under his wing. He didn’t have time to manage another person alongside his business. Under any other circumstances, he would have sold the binding contract to one of his shadier associates. However, he knew the parents quite well, and they were agreeable people. Just desperate.

Ame would never understand the half of what goes on inside of his office. But he is smart enough to know that it's barely considered legal. He walks a fine line between right and wrong in the eyes of the law. Although, he navigates it quite well. The lawyers he’s hired have guaranteed that he can legally worm his way out of a tight spot. No matter how disagreeable it looks in his favor.

He often has members of the police force, gang members, lawyers, and other business professionals frequent his humble business. It has garnered him a lot of connections and has put him on grounds for being a reputable citizen.

He gave his hip one last squeeze, pulling away just ever so slightly. Those eyes shined up at him, glossy with his hatred towards him. “Look around Ame, how many of your kind do you see working here?” Six, all who have been bound legally to work under him, or for him to do as he pleases with. “Not uncommon anymore, still not equal amongst us, but widely fetishized.” He gestured toward Kai.

“Your friend can still work in my business, that I can guarantee without a doubt.” His smile turned absolutely predatory. “Now I can pass him along, sign his contract partially to a colleague of mine.” His long and slender fingers fluidly flicked idly. “I certainly wouldn’t lose one of my star workers over your bad behavior.” He tsked with a soft shake of his head as he was pushed back. 

Moving his feet towards Kai with purpose. “No, he’s devilishly cute, and definitely has been fawned over.” Tucking his finger under his chin to force Kai to look up at him. “I know who’d he be the perfect fit for. Now thank Ame for signing away your rights.” He smiled towards Ame. “I would never ask any of my beloved employees to bow down and grovel. No Ame, I’m a kind man. But now I must set an example.” His shoulders rising and falling into a nonchalant shrug.]]]
AnimalisticSugar   218d ago
Big Bad Wolf

[center [font "century gothic" Ame snarled at the mans response, to touch Kai like he too was nothing but an object... A possession. Disgust filled his mind. Ame ears flatten against his head out of anger.  

[#ecef6b "Leave Kai long you disgusting bastard"] he said drily. His sharp nails dragged across the wooden counter top leaving long scratch marks across it. 

Ame finger tips starting to bleed from his reckless actions. There was only one thought running through his mind and that was tearing Ivan apart. 

Apart with these claw that had once tasted his blood before. This time if he would make sure to hit some vital spot. Ame nails lusted for it. Ame lavender colored eyes dilated then changed into small slights. His ivory tail lashed behind him out of frustration. 

[#ecef6b "You know I am just as good of cook as the rest yet you want me to preform like a jester to a king...Disgust... You are more of an animal than us..."] he said a hiss. 

Ame snarled as he stormed out of the kitchen in a rage. He didn't want to be here. Wanted nothing more then to be far from this place. It was disgusting how Ivan dragged Kai into their affairs. It was only because he was more than likely envious of the two's relationship. 

Ame sighed softly as he looked around at the group of people they were staring at him. [#ecef6b "Oh did I startle you my darlings?"] he said in a sweet like honey voice. 

[#ecef6b "It is alright!"] he said he walked towards the group of women that had came in the door. [#ecef6b "There was just a rat in the kitchen"] he said with a wink. 

Of corse the women had no idea what he was talking about. [#ecef6b "How about a drink ladies?"] he said with a sweet smile.
SiempreSlimeIvan   95d ago

[center [size12 Ivan peered down into the glossy brown eyes of his young chef. The fear coursing through his veins causing his body to react physically. Three of his slender fingers swept under his chin into a slight grip. Hinging at the hip, he lifted his free hand to the boy's waist, and let it rest partially limp. He lowered his head towards the kitten like ears, a nearly feral grin spreading his lips at his own minx's reaction. "[+silver Go on Kai, express your gratitude.]" Tapping his fingertips gently twice.

He always got a particular thrill when squeezing such an adverse reaction out of Ame. Each time proved to be a greater thrill than the last. One could consider a hobby, but he would consider it to be the equivalent of foreplay. Tilting the young chef's head in his friend's direction, Ame would be blind to have not seen the desperation, the thin layer of sheen from the tears welling. The silent yet desperate plead for his friend to cooperate. 

"[i Th-thank you, Ame.]" Came the soft voice of the young chef as he knew better than to disobey their tyrant boss. Ivan let his fingers trail gently before releasing the boy, satisfied with the exchange, knowing their relationship would strain and collapse. His colleague was perhaps more of a sadist than himself and that was quite the feat to conquer. Under certain conditions might he change his mind, but that was a conversation he would have privately with the young chef.

Immediately his eyes narrowed in a disapproving squint, anger resonating within his spirit at the sight of blood, more so than the damage inflicted on the expensive countertops he had installed. Anger morphing into a feeling more perverse at the sight of those lavender eyes morphing into slits. Drawing out his minx's feral nature was a task that he had not performed many times successfully. Shudder coursing down his spine as he eyes briefly flicked towards the flickering tail. Inhaling deeply and exhaling quietly slowly.

"[+silver It matters not what I [i want] you to do, my sweet little minx. All that matters is that you [i do] what I am requesting.]" Choosing to promptly ignore the rest of the words spoken towards him. He knew that he was more animal than human. He was aware that he was not the normal man. It did not matter. What did matter was that Ame knew that Ivan was all that he needed. He could [i want] Kai to befriend and be there for him, but what he [i needed] was Ivan.

His minx stormed out of the kitchen in a fit seemingly forgetting the bruised and busted lip marring his face. Ivan followed carefully after him, arm reaching out to grip his slim waist, and resisting only at the crowd peering curiously in their direction. He schooled his face into something more appropriate, a smile pulling at the corner of his lips, and his eyes softening into a more [i gentle] look. 

"[+silver Don't mess around like that, of course we do not have rats, but we do have delicious beverages. We all know how Ame likes to kid.]" Chuckling softly as he moved to stand behind his little minx. Lowering his head towards the flickering ears, he maintained eye contact with the ladies in front of them. "[i[+silver Behave.]]" He warned quietly. "[+silver Ame here will show you to either the booth or the stools to the bar. Enjoy ladies.]" And simply because he could not resist touching his minx. He lowered his hand to the small of his back and gave a gentle and unnecessary nudge. "[+silver Come see me in my office on your break Ame. Do not be late.]" 

He left quickly and quietly with one last smile to the women in front of him. So blessedly grateful for his looks as his social interactions could be stunted. He didn't mind relying on that crutch as often as possible. A quiet sigh escaping his body as he retreated into his office to resume to his untended work.
AnimalisticSugar   84d ago
Big Bad Wolf

[center [font "century gothic" Ame lavender colored eyes wide but soon filled with anger and hatred as he watched Ivan touching Kai. How dare that sum lay his slender fingers over Kai. Ame squeezed his hand into a tight fist feeling his glass nails dig into his own pale sink. It didn't take long before a crimson started to drip out of his hand. His pale sink was now stain a brilliant red.

One of the ladies gasp, Ame quickly snapped out it as he felt Ivan grab a hold of. The taller man pretty much swallowed Ame slender frame. Anger was stilling burning though his vein as the man touch him told him to get work. It was no surprise that Ame would have to go see Ivan on his break. [#ecef6b "Kiss my ass!"] he said with snarl. 

He quickly walked way from Ivan. He showed the ladies to a booth. Of course they were worried about Ame bleeding hands. Not only were his finger tips bleeding but his hand was now too. [#ecef6b "I will be right back ladies..."] he said as he scamper off to the bathroom.

He stuck his bleeding hands under the cold water and  watched as the water turned to a rust color. Once he was done cleaning his hands. He wrapped his hand and finger tips up in neon color band-aid. He then returned the sale floor and help most the people who enter the door. 

He was dreading going to break. He really didn't want to go see Ivan. The seeing that mans face pissed him off with a passion. Ame sighed softly as looked at the time. [#ecef6b "Ugh"] he said as headed in the direction of Ivan's office. He didn't bother to knock on the door instead he opened it abruptly. He linger in the door as his lavender colored eyes locked on to the tall man. [#ecef6b "Okay I am here... What do you want now?"] he said dryly looking at the man sitting so casually and calmly at his desk. 

Ame was sure he was going to be punished for his action earlier. Or maybe he was going to be told never to speak with Kai again. It could be anything really. This man probably just wanted to waste his time and keep him all to himself. That seemed about right. Ame lavender colored eyes narrowed as he watched Ivan's movements closely. 

[#ecef6b "Look if you don't say what or why you wanted me here quickly ! I will leave go have a real have a real break!" ] he said angrily. His tail flickered behind in anticipation. Surely the two of them were going to get in some sort of fight. They always did.


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