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Even though the movie isn't out yet I would love to do an RP based on the movie.

Singer ___ is about to get married before an audience of his/her loyal fans. However, seconds before the ceremony, he/she learns about her/his fiance's cheating ways and has a meltdown on stage. In a moment of inspired insanity, __ locks eyes with a total stranger in the crowd and marries him/her on the spot. As forces conspire to separate the unlikely newlyweds, they must soon decide if two people from such different worlds can find true love together.

I will only do this twice. One played a male and the other I play as a female.

Not sure what kind of pics I want just yet but I do want something I have seen a billion of times so don't get offended if I ask you to change the picture or character


• Learned languages: fair amount of ASL, Spanish, French, and somewhat Russian
• mom is Ariel, dad is Steven and then there's Mikey, Ronnie, Tommy, and Sebastian her twin. Mikey is a lawyer& is married with two girls and a baby boy. Ronnie is in the Marines and is engaged to a male. Tommy is a chef.


• dad is a mechanic+ mom is a nurse
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Simply_RandomSerena   311d ago

Serena Guzman, 29 years old singer have been on a relationship with actor/model Miguel Cruz for 4 years. Engaged for 1.5 years. 

Tonight she's holding a social concert. Not only is she going to be singing a new song but she will be getting married on stage!
Everything was going according to plan. She had four outfit changes. The third one will be the wedding dress and then a party dress that's in what. As she began to sing the song after changing into her wedding dress she crouches down to interact with a fan when the girls face dropped and then showed her what just got leaked... Miguel... He's cheating. All she did was mouth thank you and finishes the song. She actually froze. What can she do? Somehow the clip that is going viral was put up on the jumbo screen. Everyone can now see Michael cheating on her with her friend/manager. 

She couldn't hold back her tears anymore. “I’m told that twenty million people are supposed to watch me sing Marry Me to the love of my life, and then watch as we take our vows. So it’s only natural that I would want to see who I’m talking to. Only natural that I say something, if not about marriage, then about love. Because that’s what we’re all looking for, right? Love? We get so caught up in what we want our life to be that we forget what our love actually is. A lie. A fairy tale that you sold yourself so long ago that you forgot that wasn’t real. But deep down, you knew. Somehow you knew. You realize that it wasn’t love at all. You were just in love with the idea of who you wanted that person to be. But you can’t marry an idea.” she stops to remove the vail, “They say, if you want something different, you have to do something different. So this time, for the first time, you make a different choice. You jump off a cliff so high you can’t even see the fall. And you just, say yes.” she as she sees the “Marry Me” sign ___ is holding] “Why not? Sure. I’ll marry you. You.”
HoshizoraAaron   309d ago

Likely this was the highlight of his year. That wasn't hard, all things considered. His girlfriend of a year broke up with Aaron after telling him that she had fallen in love with someone else. Work hadn't been great either, to say the least. Thus being here at Serena's concert, the singer that he had been a fan of for so long, certainly lifted his spirit. Especially with the rumors that this concert was supposed to be special. It had been hard getting this ticket and he had paid a pretty penny to be here, but to Aaron it was all worth it. Her songs spoke to him and helped him through a lot of tough times. 
Here, in her tour shirt with his handwritten sign in hand, he stood amongst the many fans cheering on their idol. The sign was more so a dare from his roommate, who constantly joked that Aaron should marry her with how much he liked her. Of course, it was a fantasy. Serena was together with Miguel for years and were pretty much married. And why would she ever even look at a nobody like him. Normally, Aaron never would have had such an embarrassing sign with him, but with the dare he wasn't about to back down.
Not that he cared as he was enthralled by the concert, admiring Serena in each of her outfits. The wedding dress was stunning, making her look like the perfect bride. Though suddenly the atmosphere seemed to change as Serena's face seemed to grow pensive, then sad. Then everyone knew as the leaked footage of the cheating appeared on the jumbotron. Aaron was shocked and it hurt to see Serena so upset. He could emphasize with every word she spoke.
For one moment her gaze seemed to go into his direction and then she said those words. For a moment Aaron didn't even realize she meant him until everyone staring at him seemed to prompt him. "Me?" he repeated shocked. A shove from behind him propelled him forward and slowly with almost shaking steps Aaron made his way to the end of a stage. A stagehand that clearly wasn't as dumbstruck gave him a hand up onto the stage and there he now stood before Serena. If this wasn't so bizarre, he would have sworn he was dreaming, but even he couldn't dream of this. "You really want to marry me?" Aaron asked, imaging since he didn't have a mic that only she could hear him. The spotlights were bright and hot. All eyes and many phones were glued on them.
Simply_Random     309d ago

The audience began to mutter. She lowers the mic to ask the security guard to bring the stranger up on stage. A few people backstage came out to talk to her. They all think she lost it. Maybe she has. Who knows.

Serena walks. Back seeing the guy. “Ready to get married?” she asks smiling at him.

The crew began to change the stage. It was time. Her heart was racing. This is crazy but she doesn't want to back out, yet. 

Wedding Officient: Do you, Serena Guzman, take this guy to be your lawfully wedded husband? And I mean really take him? Think hard, girl.
Serena: I do.
Wedding Officient: And do you, some guy, take Serena to be your lawfully wedded wife? It’s on you, bro.
Araron: ____.
Wedding Officient: We’ll take “___”. By the power vested in me, by the State of New York, I now declare you, husband and wife.
[Serena Kisses him]

It took the crowd a while to cheer and applause. She tells him to go backstage. He can invite his friends. She needs to finish the concert. 

About 30 minutes later, she was done. She heads towards her now-husband and his friend. “Hey, give me a second and we can leave.” with some help, she managed to get to her dressing room easily. The wedding dress was a bit heavy. Changing to something lighter and releasing her hair felt amazing. Sadly she doesn't have anything comfy to change into but whatever. 

“Hi, I'm Serena your now wife” she greets his friends. Before they can talk she needs to take pictures with some fans. They will be heading to a suite at a hotel. 

[ the wedding dress]
[ party dress]
HoshizoraAaron   308d ago

This had to be a dream, right? Or at least some kind of very elaborate prank. Up close Serena looked even more stunning. Though she seemed to be more than serious as she walked up to him. "Um... yes," Aaron replied, mentally hitting himself. Could he sound any more pathetic? 
In minutes the stage became a wedding backdrop and a mic was attached to the collar of this shirt so his I do's could be heard by everyone. Even the wedding officiant didn't seem to believe Serena was serious, but she was proving everyone wrong with her words. Now it was his turn. Should he really do this? Of course, this was any guy's dream, but this was crazy right? Though, how could he reject her after what had just been broadcasted for everyone to see. "I do," Aaron found himself saying and a moment later they kissed. What the hell was going on? 
Simply nodding, Aaron went backstage. Finally a thought came to him. This was all fake. Didn't reality TV starts do this all the time? A wedding stunt. That made sense. 
Someone slapping him on his back brought Aaron back. It was Dan, his roommate, grinning from ear to ear. "You sly dog. I never want to hear from you again that I never do anything for you. And how was it?" he asked curiously. 
"You don't think this is actually real, do you?" Aaron inquired.
"Sure looked real from where I stood," Dan mused with a laugh. 
Serena showing up interrupted then. "Hey," was all Aaron could say before she was gone again. The two men stood there, still perplexed before a whole later she showed up in more normal clothes that made her look just as stunning. "Aaron," he replied, unsure if he was supposed to shake her hand, hug her or kiss her, ultimately doing nothing, "This is my roommate Dan. So we're actually married?" The two followed after her, wondering where this would end.
Simply_Random     308d ago

Serena’s heart sank. Roommate? Their place better be decent... Why would someone still want a roommate?

The woman bobs her head yes. [b We need you to sign the marriage license and certificate.] on their darkest there was a judge with his grandkids. Getting it approved by a judge wasn't so hard. [b Assuming you’re okay with this.] She adds signing the new binding forms. 

This is by far the craziest thing she's ever done! It tops doing it in a cop car. Long story short, her and her ex go caught cutting school. The officer picked them up but he had to stop to pick up his lunch. It was faster than a quicky because they didn't want to get in trouble. But they did a day layer for the was a camera in the vehicle. However, the cop also got in trouble because he picked up more than just his lunch...

Serena then grand her bag. [b What do you about want to do? There's an after-party or we can go back to my hotel. Order out. Talk. Watch movies.] she asks them waiting to see if he's just as erratic. 

The now possible married women excused herself when she heard her name being called. The small group that had backstage passes wanted photos and autographs. It took about ten minutes. Then an extra them to say goodbye and to the crew of tonight's work. 

[b Let's go before someone wants a picture. I'm starving.] she says pulling out her car keys, [b Wait did ya drive here? I can arrange for someone to take your car home or something.]
HoshizoraAaron   308d ago

Aaron could tell that Serena likely wasn't impressed by him. Though to he fair, how could you be when you were a mega star? Most ordinary people likely seemed completely boring and poor to you. Though rent in New York was expensive as hell so he wouldn't complain. Especially after he had left the apartment he had shared with his ex. 
He still couldn't quite wrap his head around how Serena seemed to he taking this in strides. She had been planning to marry her boyfriend an hour ago and now she was married to... well some random guy whose last name she didn't even know. Looking to Dan, he gave him a go for it look and Aaron nodded before signing the forms. Holy hell, he was really married. No one in the world would ever believe this story. He didn't believe it and he was living it. 
What should they do? Sure, he knew a lot of things about Serena, but that was who she was in public. Was she completely different in private? Before he could answer she was called away again. Was this what it was always like? When Serena returned Dan showed her the keys the car. "I'll take it back. You too have a good night. It was a pleasure to meet you," Dan told her and with that departed, leaving the two alone. 
"How about we go to your hotel? I'm sure you can find something to eat there," Aaron suggested as he followed Serena to her car, also feeling like maybe it would be good to actually have a conversation that wasn't interrupted every two sentences and didn't consist of him just making a fool of himself, "So that's what it's like? People always wanting autographs and pictures?" It seemed annoying and like you never had a moment for yourself. Suddenly, he didn't really envy any of those big stars, even if they had several people at their beck and call. It made him pause. Would he be pulled into this world? Surely, with what had just happened many tabloids were already writing their articles. How long before all sorts of information was out there about him? The thought gave him a headache.
Simply_RandomSerena   307d ago

Is it normal for them to act like this or is something wrong with her? Besides her having her heart broken in front of thousands of people and being... Let's call it adventurous. Daring. 

She waves bye at Dan. The roommate. Her new husband’s roommate. Weird. All of that sounds weird. [b Or we can go to my place. Well one of many, but I have one out here.] besides who wants to go to a hotel that's set up for newlyweds? They aren't going to be sleeping with each other. They just met. Sort of. 

Would it be weird to hold his hand? To you know, lead him to her car or for some corny reason like being used to holding her ex’s hand as they walk. Ugh. Starting over is going to be a pain in the ass. Crap. This is just like the show Married At First Sight. 

[b Yup. It can get annoying at times.] dye says unlocking her Range Rover with a click of a button. Crap, he's not going to enjoy being with her. There's rarely any privacy. It's going to be annoying. 

She waits for the car to warm up before taking off. [b What’s your full name and do you do for a living?] she asks getting ready to head home. Would it be their home? She going to need to get a prenup or is it now a post-nuptial? It's going to be hell to ask him to sign one. She had one ready for her ex. 

Parking wasn't bad. Especially since there's a private garage. The elevators is normal looking to her but it may be different in his eyes. [b Feel free to explore.] Serena tells him when they finally reached her floor. She told Alexa to turn on all the lights. [b Are you hungry?] Serena head to the kitchen to get something to drink. 

[center [ her luxury condo]]
HoshizoraAaron   307d ago

"Whichever you prefer," Aaron replied, unsure of what was supposed to happen now. They could hardly act like a normal couple, considering the first time they had kissed was when they got married. Of course, she had several homes though. It was odd, considering that he hadn't known, but likely he didn't know a lot of things about his new wife. 
Aaron followed Serena to her car, getting in. It was certainly a nice car. Much nicer than his own. Surprised he looked to her at asking such a question. It certainly made this situation even odder, considering they were married and she didn't know. "Aaron Wiseman. I am a social worker," he answered. It wasn't a glamorous job and he didn't expect anyone to understand why he chose to go into the field. 
Soon they were pulling up to a private building and Aaron tried not to stare. There was a private garage, which alone was crazy, but even the elevator was nicer than most. It wasn't decadent or gaudy, but there was certainly a higher standard than in the normal NY apartment buildings. 
Look around... It was weird. Was he expected to live here? After all, they were married. It was expected of a couple to live together. It was definitely a step up from rooming with Dan. "I suppose a little. What do you have?" Aaron asked, still standing there like an idiot before realizing he should probably start moving, though it felt weird. He did look at the large living room before he made his way into the kitchen. This was awkward. In a way it should be a dream to be here and yet it just felt weird. It wasn't like they actually knew one another. "I'm sorry... about what happened," he said softly, looking to Serena, "I'm pretty sure this wasn't how you expected this day to end." He tried to give her a joking smile, hoping to make the situation less weird, but that seemed impossible.
Simply_RandomSerena   307d ago

Is he trying to make this awkward or if this natural? Then again Serena is used to adapting to things rather quickly. This may be harder than she thought. There has to b a way to help him relax. Tea? A vape pen? A bubble bath? A hug?

[b I would say check the fridge but I'm afraid you may have a heart attack. Are you allergic to anything?] heating up a frozen pizza was on her mind. 

Assuming he's not allergic to anything pizza would be great. It's nothing fancy. He made need something normal. Then again there are some leftovers they can heat up. 

[b Do you like your job? I think I'll cry none stop depending on the case... Right? Each child is a case?] with the answer he gave her she began to heat something up. 

Serena told him to follow her to give him a tour. He seems too stunned to go explore. One of the guest's rooms will be his. If at some point things do get physical it may happen in the guest room. She already wanted to change her room because it holds memories of her ex. 

 [b At least explore your room. I'm going to check on the food. Want something to drink?] she asks walking backward.
HoshizoraAaron   307d ago

Aaron wasn't trying to make it awkward, but how could he just accept this? This was a whiplash, to say the least. He went from some nobody to the husband of one of the greatest megastars. How could he just pretend this was normal? He took a deep breath in order to calm himself at least somewhat.
"A heart attack?" Aaron repeated with an arched brow, "No, I'm not allergic to anything. Pizza is just fine." Maybe he really did need something normal. Though how could even pizza be normal in a place like this? 
Aaron gave a soft smile at her words. "I do. It's a long story how I got there, but I like it," he replied, "I try not to think of them as cases. They are kids after all. Maybe the wrong approach sometimes, but I don't want to be cold-hearted." Nodding, he followed after Serena. It felt wrong to walk around a stranger's place, even if she had invited him to. 
It was certainly a nice place, no denying that. "Okay. A drink would be great," Aaron said before watching her leave. Turning to his room, he took it in. It was huge. A giant bed, a view of Central Park through the window. Through one door was a walk in closet that would have fit ten times the amount of clothes he owned. The bathroom was through another door and just as fancy and nice. If he was going to live here, he had to get his stuff at some point, right? Though Serena had tours and whatnot. How often would she actually be home? Maybe being married to her wouldn't be that different since he couldn't imagine she would want him hanging around backstage all day.
Finally, after taking everything in and the smell of pizza beckoning, Aaron walked back to the kitchen. "So how often are you actually ever in one place? Can't imagine it's often with tours and other engagements," he asked. Or did she expect him to go with her on talkshows or other things?
Simply_RandomSerena   306d ago

By the time Serena went back to the kitchen the pizza was a few minutes away from being done. She wasn't sure what he likes to drink so she got them water. She doesn't want to freak him out if she was to give him a glass of wine. Then again she doesn't know if he drinks. 

Hearing him made her jump. [b Maybe 3 months. I don't have a main home anymore. It got burglarized and I ended up selling it.] she put on the oven gloves and takes it out, cuts it into slices, places a silicone rubber mat to protect her marble counter, and then hands him a bottle of Fiji water and a napkin. She sits down on the other side of the island. [b I should've asked before we got married, but you are single? No girlfriend, fiance, or wife?] stupid her forgot to ask. The world is definitely going to bring it up in memes... Ugh. 

Part of her wishes for a normal life. Being famous gives her anxiety. You never know who's watching you and what's their agenda. Then there's hate mail, comments, etc. 

There was a time when she didn't care about the big homes, shiny marble counters, and having a personal driver. she loves driving. But her ex made her change. Even her casual wear is a brand name. Her ordinary husband who's job is being little kids heroes probably thinks the worst of her. She does have more than five homes. She's a rich snob  

Serena unlocks her phone and hands it to him, [b Call yourself so you can have my number. Then I can text you the codes to the garage, elevator and for my door.] she tell him still chewing even though she knows better. 

[b You can stay the night if you want. I can even lend you some clothes. New one.] she adds before drinking some water. When she got her phone back she began to change the password to everything. Her now ex normally leaves his clothes her. She got gotten him new things but he didn't like the brand she got. Some Nike, Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. Mostly Nike and Uniqlo. They are more comfortable in her opinion. [b Mmhghh...] she says chewing, trying to hurry up to tell him something, [b What kind of wedding wrong would you like? Silver? Gold? Silicon? I'm about to go see if I can return my engagement ring. We can get matching sets or different rings.] she uses her napkin to clean her mouth. All she ate was a slice. She couldn't stomach much. Yet she felt hungry. Ugh. Stupid emotions and anxiety. 

[b The bathroom should have everything. Even toothbrushes in single packs. Mini deodorants, lotions, shampoo, you name it. I never know who's sleeping over so there's a little of everything. Do you hog the blanket? Because I will kick you out of the bed whenever that day comes.] she says smiling.
HoshizoraAaron   306d ago

Three months was longer than expected. Honestly, Aaron wouldn't have been surprised if Serena would have said that she was leaving tomorrow. She was a busy star after all. Slowly he nodded. "I'm sorry," he said, thinking he remembered reading about that somewhere, "Though I'm sure you're still going to be busy with all sorts of things." What did she do all day? 
It was interesting to watch her prepare the pizza. How cleanly she was and made sure to protect the counter. Thanking her for the pizza and water, Aaron settled in his own chair. Her question did make her chuckle. "I'm pretty sure, if I had been married this marriage wouldn't be considered legal," he mused, taking a bite of pizza, "No, no girlfriend or wife." 
It was a jarring request as she slid her phone to him. This number was what people would kill for, he knew that, and she was just giving it to her. He never would have dreamed of having it. Making sure to clean his fingers, Aaron called himself and once he hung up saved her number. It was slightly amusing how she wasn't nearly as ladylike as she came off in interviews. And yes, while she clearly had a lot of money, he didn't think badly of her. It wasn't her fault that there was inequality in the world. 
The thought hadn't even occurred to Aaron that she would give him her ex's old clothes. "I should probably stay. It being the first night of our marriage and all," he mused slightly teasing. By no means did he think that anything phyiscial would happen today. Continuing to eat, it did feel good to have something normal to do to distract from this weird situation. 
"Um... I have no preference, I suppose. Matching would be nice, though I don't think I need any jewels on it," Aaron replied before thinking on it, "Shouldn't I be getting you a ring?" That was the tradition after all. She hadn't eaten much, he noticed, though at the same time he had finished three slices, fairly hungry from this insanity. 
Aaron arched a brow at her words before chuckling. "Not that I'm aware of. I hope you don't snore," he joked, the thought of one day sharing a bed was insane. It was normal though, wasn't it? How long before they reached that step? "So what do you do when you aren't on stage marrying random strangers?" Aaron inquired, feeling like a lot of things he might know weren't actually true or only partially so.
Simply_RandomSerena   306d ago

It is traditional for the guy to get the ring but with his salary at may put him back on paying bills and what not. [b “Technicslly yes. However, ”] she says lifting a finger to make the point vaif, [b “it’s on me. This craziness his happening because me. To be fair I'll give you two options. You can get the wrong but then you get a new car. If I get the ring... You... Hmm”] she places the finger on her nose to give it a light tap a few times. What can he do for her? [b “You cook dinner for a month.”] the world's weirdest compromise. 

He is funny. She'll give him that. After removing a few people’s access to her homes, changing the passwords, and then adding Aaron Wiseman, Serena sent him the codes to the building their currently in. Oh... Saving his number now. Can't forget that.

[b “Would you be offended if I don't take your last name?”] she asks removing a pepperoni to eat that was on her half-eaten slice. [b “Oh I also have cameras. You won't have access to them until I can trust you and again no offense. Sorry...”] she couldn't help but feel like every word that comes out of her mouth could offend him. This is a word situation. Perhaps because of her crazines their would be a Married At First Sight celebrity edition. 

[b “One I think I do a snore. Only when I'm fatigue. I guess I'm a homebody. I read, work out. My new hobby is house plants but I haven't been here in a while so now I can go nuts buying plants.”] her answer isn't the best. It's been a while since she's been herself. She used to go to the zoos, petting zoos, the beach, family events, volunteer at animal shelters... She was good. Basic. Normal-ish. 

[b “What do you like to do? Can you swim? Oh, I'm allergic to tree nuts. Depending on how much I consume I can end up in the hospital. I do carry an EpiPen to be safe. One in my bag and there's always one in my cars. Two in every home. It is pricey but money isn't an issue. I do occasionally donate money to help a family on need of EpiPens. I do it anonymously. I don't want people thinking I do it for publicity or anything.”] Not to mention she almost died as a kid because they didn't have money to replace the one she used a while back. It was a huge thing. 

Serena shakes her head. No need to think about that. Hopefully, he doesn't think she's trying to get attention or anything. Miguel didn't believe her. She had an acute reaction with him several times and the bastard said she wanted attention.
HoshizoraAaron   306d ago

In truth, if he had to buy a ring, and it was a good one befitting someone like her, it would be very expensive. Social workers weren't exactly the best paid. Still, he felt like he should still do it. Maybe save money and it would take a while? Hearing her suggestion, Aaron arched a brow. "A car? I'm pretty sure that's even more expensive than a ring. Besides, we're in New York. You're almost always faster with the subway," he pointed out. It was very clear, that there was little he could do for her. He did want to get her a ring, but maybe he could find another piece of jewelery for her when he knew her better. "Okay, you get the rings, I'll cook dinner," Aaron agreed, "Now you can only hope I can cook more than just pasta." He gave her a teasing grin. 
It was odd to get all the access codes to the building. He was actually going to live here. It was becoming real. Though what she said was odd. "Well, I would have assumed you would keep your name as your stage name regardless, so I'm not surprised," he replied before chuckling, "What you're not going to trust the man you just met and married?" It was being sarcastic. 
"You snore? That's a deal breaker," Aaron said before nodding, "Well, there is certainly enough room for lots of home plants so go crazy." Plants would be good here. He arched a brow. "Noted. So no nice almond sauces for you," he said more seriously, "That's very kind of you. Considering I work with such families a lot, I know how much that means to them." He genuinely meant that. 
"I can swim, yes. Why? I am a history nerd. I love anything history related. Means I read a lot," Aaron told her, "Other than that, I guess just regular things. Go to bars, visit events." There were plenty of podcasts he listened to and books he read. "So anything else I should know about you? Aside from your allergy?" he inquired, looking to her. How many things didn't he know about her despite standing before her in her tour t-shirt.
Simply_Random     305d ago

Serena blinked a few times. It makes sense for him to say a car is more than a ring. Her engagement ring was about two brand-new released cars. Should she just get something cheap? Would he feel a type a way if she was to get him a ring that costs over 10K?

His words were kind. He didn't tell her she was faking her allergies to tree nuts. He even accepted the compromise. [b “Well I do love pasta. I make a killer mac and cheese.”] she tells him smiling from ear to ear. It has about 7 different cheeses. Gouda cheese being the key to it all. Occasionally, she would put some truffle oil. Ugh. Delic!

[b “Luckily for you, you get to sleep in your own room so my snoring won't bother you.”] she replies smiling.

She began to clean until she saw lightning. [b “You’re in for a treat. The view up here when it rains is something.”] Serena looks at him quickly before cleaning up. 

It didn't take long for it to pour. The light nighttime showers became a thunderstorm. She used her phone to turn off a few lights or dim them a bit. She enjoyed looking out the window. 

[b “Well now that we're married, you're sort of obligated to go to the beach with me.”] she does to sot on the floor near the window to watch nature do it's thing. [b “I don't think so. You?”] Serena yawns. She is over today. Some sleep will do them both justice. However, she knows she'll have a hard time sleeping tonight. Well for the next few weeks.
HoshizoraAaron   305d ago

The way Serena reacted to his remark about the car made him think on it again. Of course, depending on the type of ring, it could cost most than a car. A strange, but true thought. Was that what she was going to get him? Well, it was out of his hands now and he didn't think it right to argue about it more. Not when he had agreed to the deal. 
Maybe he had a strange view of the world, but Aaron wanted to believe that when people told you something as serious as an allergy that they meant it. "Oh, is that so? Then I guess I have to wait a month or so before I can try it," he mused since he had won dinner duty for a month. Though it was that smile she had while speaking that made him pause. There was such unbridled joy and happiness in it. So different from her usual smiles. 
Aaron stood there a little lost as Serena cleaned since he didn't know where anything was, but at least helped with throwing away the napkins. The lightning made him look up. She was right. It was certainly a spectacle that was amazing to watch as he followed her to the window. How the rain only kept falling and the lightning was almost at eye level. 
He settled beside her on the ground, finding Serena was a lot more... normal, for a lack of a better word, than he had expected. Her words made him chuckle. "I suppose that is true. You like going to the beach?" he asked, though wondered if that would turn into them being mobbed by paparazzi. Aaron wasn't sure how he felt about that, but that was a thought for a different day. It was getting late after all. 
"I don't think so either," Aaron replied, noticing her yawn, "It's been a long day. We should get some sleep." He paused, looking at her, wondering if he should make a move. Dan would be hitting him if he didn't try, he knew. After all, she was his wife and yet, he didn't want to push things. They hadn't even held hands or anything simple like that.
Ultimately, Aaron gave her a soft nod with a smile. "Good night Serena. See you in the morning," he told her and got up, making his way to his room. Not that he felt like he could sleep, but at least he should let them both have a moment to relax.
Simply_RandomSerena   305d ago

Serena wishes him a good night. Is it weird to be conflicted that he didn't do anything? No kiss on the cheek or a hug...

Serena didn't stay in the living room. She went to her room shortly after he did. A quick shower and a change of clothes is what she needed. Instead of sleeping, she was on her laptop. The number of articles, tags, emails, unread messages, etc. She can feel a panic attack coming.

Hyperventilating, she tries to power walk to his room but feared it'll make it worse. Instead of knocking she was banging on the door for a few seconds before sinking into a crouching position. Tears began to stream down her cheeks. Still hyperventilating, she began to pull on the hair tie on her left wrist to have it smack her wrist. She needs his help to relax. An embrace. What pushed her over the edge was the theory of when the cheating started.
HoshizoraAaron   305d ago

Maybe he should have done more. He probably should have. Aaron was sitting on his bed, staring out at the rain falling. They were married. Surely he could have hugged her or a kiss on the cheek. But no, he chickened out. Well, he wanted to be respectful, but still... sometimes he hated how he seemed unable to just, in a sense, man up and do something. It was one of the things that his ex had brought up. 
Sighing, he flopped back onto the soft bed. It felt way softer than anything he ever slept on. God, what a day. It still didn't seem real. At least he was tired enough that he thought he would be able to fall sleep rather easily. Aaron got up to discard his shirt, feeling very glad to be rid of it as it seemed kind of embarrassing to wear it around Serena. 
He was about to continue undressing when there were bangs on his door, making Aaron jump startled. Confused he walked to the door and opened it, first not seeing Serena until the sound of the hair tie hitting her wrist drew his attention down. 
"Are you okay?" Aaron asked completely overrun before he could feel his social service skills kick in. Slowly, as to not agitate her more, he lowered himself to his knees beside her and gently covers the wrist with the hair tie to stop her from doing so. "It's okay. Nothing can hurt you," Aaron assured her softly, though it was clear she was spiraling with how she was breathing. While he wasn't sure about touching her, he carefully reached out to draw her against him, running a hand over her head. "Just breath with me okay?" he whispered and tried to slow his own hammering heart with deep breaths. 
When he himself felt a little more relaxed Aaron looked down at her, still holding her close. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked gently, not wanting to force her, if she didn't. Was this a regular occurance, he wondered.
Simply_RandomSerena   305d ago

Part of her wants to tell. He's being careful and she knows what. She acknowledges it. He's trying to calm her as if she's a kid. It didn't bother her that he was shirtless. Plus, what is there to say? Her life shattered. He saw it. He's living it with her. Living with her. 

Serena got up and pulls him into his room. “Hold me. Please,” she says crawling in the middle of bed. She snuggles up next to him. 

“The world thinks they started their relationship two years ago on my birthday...” she places her head on his shoulder. “You’re kinda sticky.”
HoshizoraAaron   305d ago

Maybe he shouldnt treat her like a child, but honestly he felt that when someone had a panic attack all they wanted was to feel secure, regardless of the age. Still, it was in a way jarring to see someone you had always imagined didn't have a worry in the world break down like this. 
Aaron silently followed after Serena as she entered his room. Watching her sit down on his bed was surreal, but he got his head in order and nodded. He came over and leaned back, drawing her in. Gently, his hand rubbed her arm, wanting to give her comfort without going too far. 
That was a shock to hear. The thought that your significant other could be cheating on you half your relationship was terrible. "I know the feeling. My ex... fell in love with another guy while still with me," he admitted softly with a sigh. 
Her remark made him chuckle. Likely he didn't smell very good either with all the people there at the concert. "Sorry, I haven't showed yet. I wasn't expecting company," he tried to tease lightly, "I can shower, if you want?" Though she really didn't seem like she wanted to be left alone right now, which was understandable. "Maybe it would be better to not read those things?" Aaron suggested softly, not understanding why she read it at all, if it upset her like that.
Simply_RandomSerena   305d ago

Why do people even cheat? Why play the charade? It's stupid. If you're unhappy leave. Try to fix things if you want but don't cheat. 

“I'm sorry to hear that.” she laughs when he offered to go shower. “Too late for that now. Besides eventually things like this wouldn't bother us.” which isn't a lie. Also assuming they stay married. ..

Serena stares straigh ahead. He hasn't explored the room. Everything looks the same. “You haven't explored the room because if you did...” she rolls to the other side, opener the nightstand drawer, and pulls out two remotes. She lowers the blinds to the window with one and with the other a 60 in’ tv began to rise from the dresser. She looks at him smiling. 

“Here you go.” the volume was automatically low. It was on TNT the channel and Four Brothers. Poor guy is probably going through a ray of emotions. Now he has her almost on top of her trying to relax.
HoshizoraAaron   305d ago

Maybe there was some sort of cosmic harmony that they had found someone that had also been cheated on. That understood what the other was going through. Perhaps it did them good. "Thanks," he replied.
Serena had a point, though it certainly didn't help now. It also made him think of... well, down the line. That at some point they would likely do those things. Things any reasonable guy had thought when seeing a woman such as her. She was certainly out of his league. More rich, famous, beautiful, you name it. "True," Aaron chuckled, though hoped she couldn't read minds. 
He was glad to see her relax some and point out that he hadn't explored. "In my defense, the bed alone is an exploration and I thought I had some more time," he pointed out, "And it's pretty late." That didn't stop his brow from rising at seeing the TV come out of the dresser. "I think I may be in love," Aaron joked, looking at her. He was trying to concentrate on the TV and not so much how she was on top of him. Not that he was expecting anything, but he was a guy. "So what kind of things do you usually watch?" he asked, his hand still rubbing her arm, "Unsurprisingly, anything documentary catches my eye." Though he had mentioned that before so that shouldn't be new.
Simply_RandomSerena   305d ago

It is late. Ugh, was it a mistake to come here? If she didn't she would probably still be having a panic attack. 

Judging by how his heart is beating he seems nervous. It's not the usual heartbeat, beat. Then again he could have some sort of health issues. 

Either way, listening to his heart was relaxing. Sticky but relaxing. “Anything but the news and politics. It's always chaos and bad news.” she may have gotten a little too comfortable because she ends up placing her leg on top of his. “Thank you... Want me to go? I don't wish to be more of a burden.”
HoshizoraAaron   305d ago

How could he not be nervous? His idol was more or less on top of him. Any man would be nervous. This was a dream he could never have hoped to come true. 
Aaron nodded. "That's fair. Not much of a fan either," he replied. He could smell her shampoo. Apparently she had had the chance to shower. It was a pleasant scent. 
He couldn't help enjoying this. Cuddling, watching TV, this was what made relationships so great. Her leg on top of his was something else. His brow arched at her words. Gently his hand reached up to brush her hair out of her face. "You are my wife. You could never be a burden," Aaron told her seriously, "If I can help make you feel comfortable, then I'm glad I can do that for you." It wasn't like he had much more to offer her. Still, his gaze stayed on Serena, watching her closely.
Simply_Random     304d ago

Serena laughs. That is true. They are married. But for how long? It doesn't mean they could do things as a normal couple. They don't know each other like that.

“True but we do just meet so...” She lifts up her head to look at him, “We don't have to keep doing this.” she tells him with a faint smiles. 

It is nice. Perhaps he likes it too. Especially with the shirt he had on earlier. Ha. She had to bite her cheeks to not laugh.

She kisses his cheek. “Go to sleep. I'm going to go. I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight. I shouldn't keep you up.” she rolls out off the bed, “Again, thank you.” before he could say anything else she left. 

Instead of going to her room she went back to the living room. She began to writr words down and hum. Her mind kept coming up with phrases and writes them down. This is why she has a notebook in every room and a mini notepad on her bags. With how she's feeling she may end up making a whole new album.
HoshizoraAaron   304d ago

Would they stay married? Right now, it was their first night. Maybe they realized down the line that they weren't for one another. Maybe she grew bored of him. Well, before he jumped the gun, they should probably at least get to know one another.
"That's true," Aaron replied, looking to her, "I don't mind you being here." It was nice. How many fans would have dreamed of cuddling up with their idol like this? Though Serena seemed to be set on leaving as she decided to leave and rolled out of bed. "You're welcome," he replied, "Good night." He watched her leave, unsure how he felt about this. Aaron wanted to ask her to return, but he didn't want to push it so he let her go. 
Laying down, he sighed. How would this ever end? Aaron turned off the TV before finishing to undress and settling down to sleep. It took some time, but finally he did fall asleep. 
The next morning he woke up fairly early. Sleep wasn't easy apparently. Maybe he could do something nice for Serena. Aaron showered and got dressed. Leaving his room, he made his way to the kitchen and looked around to see what he could find to make breakfast. Of course, he didn't have any idea when Serena would be awake nor what she liked, but he hoped that at least the thought counted as he started to prepare toast, bacon and eggs and the like. It was simple, but he hoped she liked it. Since he didn't want to barge into her room, he warmed the oven to keep the food warm so she didn't need to eat cold food when she woke up.
Simply_RandomSerena   304d ago

Serena doesn't remember going to bed. Hell, she wasn't even in her room. Not in her new husband's room either. It was the smell of bacon that had her sit up in bed.  Part of he didn't wish to get out of bed but the bacon was enticing. 

She slowly walks to her room to put on a bra and change her outfit. Nothing crazy. Just leggings and a thin hoodie with fluffy socks.

“I need coffee...” she mumbled heading to her fancy coffee maker. She picks random coffee beans and poured some into the machine. As it did its thing she gives him a quick hug. “Morning. How did you sleep?” she asks searching for the food. It smells like bacon so there... Then the oven made a noise. It's in the oven! See, she's not that tired where she imagined there was bacon done. 

“Thanks for breakfast.” she was getting the mitten to take out the tray. She didn't grab much. All she wanted was coffee really. Despite how delicious the bacon smiles. 

“I swear I'm not on a diet. I'm just tired. I was writing new music all night. There may be enough for a new album or several singles. Are you going to work today?” she asks making him a cup of coffee as well
HoshizoraAaron   304d ago

There was something intimate to see Serena slink into the kitchen in just some comfy clothes, not styled or anything like that. She was still very beautiful, in a natural way more beautiful. Aaron hugger her back, watching her go for coffee. "Good morning. I slept pretty well," he replied, "You don't look like you slept much." Not with how tired she looked. 
He did notice that she didn't seem to eat much, which worried him. Taking his own breakfast, Aaron sat down opposite of her. "Shouldn't you be eating more, if you are working all night on songs?" he asked, slightly amused, "Is that how you usually write them? In the dead of night?" He had never thought about how new songs were written. Actually, he hadn't even thought about if she wrote her own songs, which apparently she did. 
The question about work made him give a wiry chuckle. "What you will come to learn is that depending on the... situation, work can be at any time. I don't have any meetings today, so I can work from home theoretically. That doesn't mean that can't change at any time though," Aaron explained before pausing, "I should probably go to my apartment and get my work things at least, if I want to work." Maybe some of his normal clothes as well, considering that he didn't have anything here and if Serena was expecting him to stay. Would she be at all curious about where he lived right now?
Simply_RandomSerena   304d ago

“Question, do Do you need me to put on makeup in the morning? Miguel wanted some natural-looking makeup on. It's bullshit when he says he does natural-looking girls.” she asks him before eating some bacon. She gets up to get butter for the toast.

It pleases her that he slept well and can work from home. She's used to the randomly leaving. “You can use my car. If it's okay with you, I'll stay behind. I've also sent a check to your roommate to pay for the rent for the next four months. The full payment. Not your half. It's even stated it on the check. So if you don't want to stay here you still have a home.” Serena has to arrange for her people to go to her goes to remove everything that belongs to Miguel. Luckily it's only a handful of homes. Miguel told her she's nuts for keeping receipts to everything she buys. Let him claim he purchased the condo in LA. She paid for it, it's under her name, and she continues to pay the bills got that home. 

“Not all the time. I couldn't put my feelings into words so it came out as lyrics and no I don't want to who you. Until I name them I don't think they're finished. Also, I'm getting my piano out of storage. Miguel thought it took up too much space...” which is ridiculous because look at this place. 

Crap. She's gonna have to go with him. She wants to buy plants. Miguel didn't like them because of the dirt. 

“Nevermind, I'll come. There's something I want to do after you get your things..” Serena takes one last sip of her coffe before running to her room to get ready. She didn't take long. She's used to putting on light makeup but this time it was to hide how tired she is. 

“I hope you're okay with simple.” she says placing a new bag on the counter to eat some more. “I’ll drive. I have a small fear of others driving...” Serena tells him. 

[center [ today's outfit]]
HoshizoraAaron   304d ago

Aaron looked up at her. He didn't feel equipped to answer that question. As if he understood the first thing about makeup. "You don't need to. I mean... you look perfectly beautiful right now," he answered wondering how guys were supposed to answer this question.
In a way he was relieved that she wasn't coming along, imaging Serena would have a heart attack at the sight of the small apartment. "That's fine. It shouldn't take too long anyway, if I'm just grabbing some clothes and my work things," he replied before pausing, "You did what?" That he hadn't expected. "You really didn't need to do that," he said, wondering how she had gotten Dan's information, but likely it wasn't hard for her people. If it was this easy for her, how easy would it be for paparazzi? That made him thoughtful. 
In a way he was curious about the lyrics, but simply nodded. "You didn't have room for a piano?" Aaron repeated confused. She could do ballroom dancing in these rooms, if she moved some furniture. Her ex was starting to sound more and more unpleasant. 
He was surprised to hear she was coming along after all and watched her walk off to get ready. Meanwhile, he busied himself by cleaning up his plate once he was done with eating. When she returned Aaron chuckled. "Simple is perfectly fine. We're only going to the apartment after all," he assured her, "That's okay. I don't much like driving in the city. We can go whenever you are ready." How odd that a superstar was in a sense driving him around. That was a strange thought.
Simply_RandomSerena   304d ago

Serena did a quick rinse of their things before putting them in the dishwasher. “Ready when you are,” she tells him grabbing a water bottle. 

She hates being so high up because the elevator ride is king and can make things awkward. She was warned about the paparazzi. It didn't matter. It's normal. A normal life of being famous. 

When they got in the car she asked for his address. He could either tell her or put it in the GPS. The flashing from the The cameras were annoying.

Serena had Z100 playing lowly. “I’ll be nice and stay in the car. I'm sure your friend probably has people over to brag about last night. Then again I'm also assuming.” when they do to his place she doubles park and waits for him. She did make two phone calls to change a few things. Seems like three paparazzi have been hanging out around here to capture this moment. Ugh.

She sends him text to warn him. She made sure her car is locked. They asked her a few questions but she ignored them. She just turned up the volume to her radio.
HoshizoraAaron   304d ago

"Guess I'm ready," Aaron replied, unsure of what to expect. Would reporters be waiting for them? Stupid question, of course they would be. Serena had spontaneously married some random guy. How would they not be there?
He followed her to the elevator and down to the garage. It was a little awkward to just stand there, not really having anything to say to one another. Once they had buckled up, he entered his address. The second they left the building they were met by flashes of light, making him blink. "Is this normal?" Aaron asked, not liking it one bit. God, what if they followed him to work? How would that end? Not well... 
They soon arrived at the brownstone that housed the apartment. He chuckled. "I wouldn't put it past him," he replied unsure and got out. Luckily, no one approached him and he quickly slid inside. He had barely entered the apartment when Dan was at his side. "My man, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with your wife?" he asked, winking at him. "Very funny. Just grabbing some things," Aaron answered and pushed past him to make his way into his room, "Nothing happened. We're still strangers." Quickly he gathered his work laptop and files before grabbing a bag to fill with clothes. "Come on, she is your idol and you did nothing?" Dan inquired, going on and on so that Aaron decided to just ignore him. 
Finally he finished packing a few essentials and shouldered the bag. "Look, I'll come back soon and tell you more," Aaron told his friend and was glad when he had closed the door again. Was this his world now? God, he hoped not. He left the apartment when he was bombarded by the waiting paparazzi. "Aaron, what is it like going from fan to husband? What is Serena like? Everything you ever dreamed?" they demanded to know. Something snapped inside him. "God damn it, nothing happened and even if it did, that is none of your concern," Aaron snapped and shoved one of the cameras out of his face. Likely not the wisest move, but he was fed up.
Simply_RandomSerena   304d ago

This took a turn. She got out when he shoved one of them. “Lord... This is going to bite my in the ass Aaron...” she tells him, “Please get in the car.” use takes a few steps away from him. She distracted them by answering a few questions.

No none of this was planned. No, nothing happened. 
No, she didn't suspect her best friend/manager and her fiance having an affair. 
Yes, she is heart but life goes on. She is married and yes she knows to a stranger. Everything is going smoothly. He did comfort her during her time of weakness and she's very thankful for that. Plus he's not like Miguel. She's can go out in casual clothing and doesn't need to wear makeup 24/7 which feels amazing. Thereof she's currently happy with the crazy thing she pulled yesterday. 

With that and several pictures and autographs, Serena got in her car. “Don’t ever touch them. That's one thing you should never do. They test your limit and will use it against you.” she tells him as she pulls away.

Serena is annoyed. She knows he's new to this. It's not his fault. It's hers. Out of annoyance, they went back home. She didn't say a word to him. When they got to her floor she unlocked the door and wait straight in her room. The piano was there. The girl continued to write and eventually went to the piano to play. There's a song that kept playing in her head but it's... Not really completed. 

[i [center Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie]]

She kept changing the words and moving lines around.
HoshizoraAaron   304d ago

Aaron was by no means a violent guy and he sure as hell would never hurt anyone intentionally, but God did he never want to see another camera in his face. How did people live with this? It certainly didn't help that Serena was lecturing him about how this reflected on her and telling him to get in the car. Silently, he got in and tossed his bag on the backseat. Was that all he was now? Some kind of accessory that occasionally was allowed to speak, but God forbid it was anything negative? He didn't know if he could do that.
He tried to take deep breaths to calm himself, but it wasn't really working, his hand flexing into a fist over and over. After what felt like hours Serena finally got into the car again. "As if they wouldn't misconstrue whatever I say. I am not their punching bag nor their source of amusement," Aaron retorted annoyed. It wasn't fair to be snappy with her. She hadn't planned this, but still. 
He was thankful for the silence and didn't say a word the whole drive. When they were back in the apartment Aaron went to his room, setting up his laptop and sorting away his clothes. He first tried to work, but it wasn't happening. 
Finally he could hear the sound of the piano drifting through the apartment. It was beautiful and made him pause. He should really apologize. Thinking for a moment, he googled the location of the nearest flower shop, which luckily wasn't far away. There he bought a small house plant and returned back. It was strange to come here on his own. 
As Aaron could still hear the piano, he assumed his absence hadn't been noticed. He paused in front of the door, unsure of how to proceed. Ultimately, he knocked and once Serena opened Aaron held out the plant, decorated with a bow. "I'm sorry about earlier," he said, unsure what else to say.
Simply_RandomSerena   303d ago

Serena checked her camera to see who was knocking. Why is Aaron knocking? )3 did get the codes. There's no way she got his number wrong. Especially since he's the one who entered and called his phone last night. She didn't notice him leave. Then again it still doesn't answer why he's knocking. 

Serena gets up to answer the door. He hands her a plant as an apology gift. That's... New. “It’s not entirely your fault and to be that person but you need to return this. It's infested with mealybugs and I don't wanna deal with them. There's a lot you gotta know before buying a plant and I've learned from experience.” she says checking out the plant. It is nice but the infestation. Blah. No way... “Forget. It's a gift. I can handle it.” she says taking it to a corner table to keep it isolated until she gets what she needs to treat the plant. “What would you like for lunch?” she aske him closing her book and cleaning up the torn pages scattered everywhere.
HoshizoraAaron   303d ago

Aaron hadn't wanted to disturb her in her creative process so he had thought it best to knock at the door to her room. Or maybe she didn't want to see him at all after that fiasco and would just yell at him to go away. He had no idea.
She seemed surprised by the plant. Hadn't anyone ever apologized to her? The first thing she mentioned to him were plants so it seemed like a good idea. Or maybe not as she pointed out that it was infested. "Oh... Sorry. I will admit I don't know much about plants. I'm glad when I can keep them alive," Aaron admitted, feeling a slight flush creep into his face. Though hearing that she would keep it after all made him happy and he smiled. 
Aaron looked around the room as she cleaned up the torn pages. "I thought I was the one in charge of cooking since our little deal so I should be asking you that," he pointed out. That and she seemed a lot picker than him in that regard. "That was really beautiful what you played," Aaron said, motioning towards the piano. He still wondered where she had wanted to go before their trip had been cut short. That and they still had to get rings. It was still an odd thought.
Simply_Random     303d ago

“Well the agreement was for dinner.” Serena tells him.

It's true. It was only for dinner. She exits the room to go to the kitchen. It was time to get rid of leftovers. “If it helps we can cook together.” eye suggests using her echo show, telling Alexa what to add to the grocery list for the NY home. Welp looks like they won't be cooking. She barely has anything in the fridge. 
She then leans against the counter looks over the list. Is she really going to stay in NY? He probably wouldn't want to travel from home to home. He already had trouble with her lifestyle. 
“Okay, takeout it is.” Serena tells him. She's going to need her phone to order. “Also, jewelry specialist is coming over to show us rings. It's better if he comes to us.” she won't say why but he should get it. She doesn't want any more drama. So much have happened already. “If you don't like any of them we can get Enso rings. The silicon rings or whatever its.”

<<so sorry it's even shorter. I barely slept and now I'm cleaning... 😪>>
HoshizoraAaron   303d ago

True, it was for dinner. "I'm sure we can be flexible," Aaron mused, imaging as long as he cooked dinner or lunch they would be fine. The thought of cooking together was nice actually. "That would be nice," he replied with a soft nod and followed after Serena into the kitchen.
Somehow he couldn't help chuckling at the fact the she didn't have any groceries in her fridge. He shouldn't be surprised, since she didn't seem to eat much. "Order whatever you like," Aaron said, curious as to what she might like. 
Of course, someone was coming to them. Though considering that they would likely be mobbed at any store they went to, it made sense. "I'm sure a gold or silver ring will be fine," he assured her, "I mean, the guy typically wears a pretty plain band so it's not that hard for me. Should be harder for you." Or was he expected to have something flashier to show his new status as her husband. He was unsure. "What do you want your ring to look like?" he asked curiously, imagining she had a much better picture of it than he did. 

<<No problem. >>
Simply_Random     303d ago

He is so odd. Then again maybe she's used to how Miguel treated her. What kind of ring does she want? Not what's good for his image, style, or what would have the people thinking he's the best. This question is indeed an odd one and it is making her feel anxious about the outcome.

“I’m okay with Chinese food,” she told him placing the grocery order and then looking up a Chinese restaurant for them to order from. Except she's going to do it the old way. Your order over the phone, ask for delivery, and then pay with cash. Old school.

Just as they finished ordering out, Maxwell arrived to show them some rings. There was a lot to think about. But she's still brainwashed thanks to her ex. It didn't take long to find their rings, “What do you think?” she asks showing him the rings. His wasn't flashy so it should so. Hopefully he'll like it. Her ring is eh. A little too flashy but its a set apparently. She’ll do it for him.

[center [ the rings]]
HoshizoraAaron   303d ago

She seemed absolutely perplexed by him asking her for her opinion on the ring. Was that wrong? He felt like she should pick a ring she liked, not what people expected of her nor what represented her status. Aaron would have said something that represented their love, if that were the case.
Aaron nodded at what she said. "Chinese sounds good," he agreed. He did notice that she actually called the place. Who actually still did that? He was starting to realize that there were a lot of small quirks that she had. 
Soon the jeweler came and displayed several rings for them to choose from. It was surreal to be honest and he didn't know what to think. Sure, they were all beautiful. "It's good," Aaron replied, but wasn't sure if she was happy with hers, "Do you like yours? I don't want you to feel obligated to get it. I mean, I can always match you." Weren't the rings always more important to the wife? He did want to make her happy so that was what was important to him.
Simply_RandomSerena   302d ago

Serena wanted to say no. It's flashy and oddly shaped. Whoever, when didn't say that. A simple nod and the word yes made Mad measure their finger to make sure the rings would it. He would return by the end of the day with the rings.

Just as he was leaving, the food arrived. Serena didn't realize how long choosing a ring would take. She only knows the food arrived because the front called. She goes to get her wallet as she gave the front desk permission to allow the delivery guy up. Of course security tags along as well. Better to be safe than sorry. Serena gave the delivery guy a tip and the security. It's just something she does. She knows all the security staff's names, dates of birth, and a small portion of their personal life. 

“Just a heads up, I may go to the recording studio. I need to finish the song I've been playing with.” sue began to empty the bag before sitting down to eat. She's emotionally drained. “Do you drink alcohol?” she asks him finally pouring herself a glass of wine.
HoshizoraAaron   302d ago

Aaron wasn't sure he believed Serena about the rings, but what more could he do? She was an adult and could hardly force her to get a ring she liked. Honestly, he didn't quite understand her. Her ex seemed to be a piece of work and yet she had stayed with him. Why? Surely, she could have had any guy she wanted.
While Serena got the food, Aaron set some plates to eat from. When she returned he nodded as he sat down opposite of her. "That's fine. I should get some work done as well. Prepare some visits and all that," he told her, as soon he would need to do some field work, so to say. He nodded. "Yeah, I drink alcohol. Mostly for special occasions, sometimes to unwind," he said and decided to get his own wine glass so he could drink some with her. Normally he wasn't a day drinker, but this was an exception. Heck, everything that's been happening felt like an exception.
Simply_RandomSerena   302d ago

“Did u tell you, you can use my manager's room? It’ll be clearer by the end of the day. I'm having people enter my homes at certain times to pack Miguel’s things.”

There's no need to have anything in her homes that belongs to her old manager. Ugh, she's going to need a new one now. For now she doesn't need one because she doesn't have anything.

As she's eating, she began to write a post on Instagram about taking a break, needing privacy, time to heal, and find a new manager. Until then all acquires can be emailed to her. 

“I also have a secret pet... It should be here by tomorrow. Are you scared of a certain animal?” she asks him before having some wine. Serena is gonna have to remember that he's a social drinker. She needs to control her emotional.drinking before assuming she's an alcoholic.
HoshizoraAaron   302d ago

Aaron shook his head. "You didn't, but thank you. I guess I can check it out once it's cleared," he replied. Coming from when he worked from a desk in his bedroom that was certainly a step up.
He continued to eat. The food was good and he watched Serena on her phone. Only when his phone dinged did he understand what she had been up to. How strange to watch her post it and then receive it. 
His brow arched at her question. "A secret pet?" he repeated, finding the wording alone weird, "Not that I'm aware of. What kind of animal are we talking? I'm assuming not a dog." The way she said that made him think of a snake or a rat. At least something that wasn't quite the norm. "So how does it work when you go into a recording studio? Just sing it? Or what happens?" Aaron inquired, as he honestly had no clue. Likely, it wasn't as simple as that and he didn't imagine that she would want him there as he would distract her.
Simply_Random     302d ago

He didn't react when she told him he can use her ex-managers office. There's a lot of things in there. She's gonna need to go through it herself to make sure they don't pack something that doesn't belong to her. 

“You’ll see. Miguel didn't want any pets around, but I couldn't help it. I got... It.” she says smiling from ear to ear. 

She looks at him when he aske about the recording studio. “Well I only have lyrics so they’ll read it and we'll try to compose a beat that would go with the lyrics. I'll take you when I'm done with this song.” she puts away half of her food. 

She rests her chin in the palm of her hands. “You eat anything right? You don't judge people for what they eat do you?” Miguel used to do it. She could have a mini cupcake he he would tell her she gained 5 lbs on her hips. 

It's part of the reason why she doesn't eat much. But there's also the fact that she's emotionally distressed. 
Serena looks at the door hearing it open. 

“Fizz!” he shouts running to get her white ferret. “Husband this is Fizz.” she swyw holding the slinky fuzzball. The guys one where to put his things at so they don't bother them. “I got him two years ago,” she says sitting him done down. 

She sat next to Aaron’s chair. The ferret missed her and it showed. He kept running back and forth.
HoshizoraAaron   302d ago

A whole office seemed overkill. After all, half of his day typically consisted of some sort of external meetings. Still, he didn't want to tell her that as she meant well.
Aaron arched a brow at her words. It... Somehow that description didn't inspire any confidence. Still, he nodded as she explained how the recording studio worked. It did sound interesting. "I would like that," he replied. He would have offered that she could join him at his work, but in her own admission she didn't think his work was for him, "But I'm not allowed to hear this song?" What was this song about? 
Her question made him look to her confused. Well, he supposed something like that might be more of a problem in the circles she frequented. "I eat anything, yes," Aaron confirmed, "No, why would I? Why shouldn't you eat what you want?" He had no desire to lecture anyone on what they ate. 
He was pulled from his thoughts when the doorbell rang. It would be a lie to say he wasn't relieved that it was only a ferret and not a snake. "Hello Fizz," he said, looking down at it, "I mean, if you want, he can stay. I don't mind. He's cute. How did you come about getting him?" It was certainly an interesting pet.
Simply_RandomSerena   301d ago

“It was an impulsive buy.” Serena gets up and stood in from of him. He's such an odd duckling.... She needs to stop watching Lilo & Stitch.

The girl posture a hand on his chest and grand one of his hands to make him do the same to her. They need to get used to each other. 

“We need ice breakers.” she says dropping their hands. “Come on. Get up. Please.” she says taking a step back, “We can go baby steps. Let's cuddle. Go pick something to watch. I'm gonna put Fizz in his cage.” plus the fur ball was sleeping under the chair. 

Serena came back within 5 minutes. The guys left as she returned. “Did you find the living room?” she shouts. The condo is a big rectangle That loops in a way. 

The girl shows up with a bag of popcorn and flavored sparkling water. “What are we watching?”
HoshizoraAaron   301d ago

An impulsive buy... How did you buy a ferret impulsively? Sometimes he didn't know what to say to that.
Though Aaron was certainly shocked when she placed his hand on her chest and she did the same to him. He couldn't help blushing slightly. "Ice breakers?" he repeated, but got up as instructed. How did you suddenly do that? That and he had just wanted to be respectful. Should he instead have been all over her? Would that have been better? 
Nodding, Aaron made his way to the living room. He was slowly getting used to the layout. Turning on the TV, he tried to figure out what would be best to watch. Horror, too gritty. Maybe a light hearted romantic comedy? "Yeah, I found it," he replied before she came into the living room, "I was thinking we could watch a romcom." That seemed like a good balance, he thought.
Simply_Random     301d ago

A romcom. Interesting. She didn't think he would pick such that kind of genre. The woman as next to him and places her head on his shoulder, snaking an arm around him. Things like his should get them comfortable around on another, right? It felt nice last night. Then again it only happened because she had a panic attack and in a way requested it after he was trying to calm her like one of his kids from work. 

He's a social worker. It must be sad. She's seen Law & Order SVU and it's intense. Are they the same in a way? She doesn't know and doesn't think she would want to know. It'll break her heart. 

“So... Are you an only child? Are your parent still together?” might as well try to get to know him better. “I’ll go first. My parents are still together. I'm one out of four kids. So it's my mom is Ariel, dad is Steven and then there's Mikey, Ronnie, Tommy, me, and Sebastian my twin. Mikey is a lawyer. Ronnie is in the Marines. Ronnie... I think he was switching his career. Sebastian stopped talking to everyone so I don't know what he's up to.” This is a start. Might as well talk and try to watch a movie.
HoshizoraAaron   301d ago

It wasn't that it wasn't nice to be curled up like this. It was and it showed in Aaron wrapping his arm around her waist. Though maybe he was hoping for something more... organic? That they went about it slowly, maybe went on a date instead of forcing it, but then again, he supposed that was hard in this situation. Likely, Serena had to be on some talkshow next week and was expected to spill the first details on her new married life.
Aaron turned to look at Serena as she went about talking about her family. It was strange to think of families. People he was likely to meet soon. "That's a pretty big family. Sounds like that's always a lot of fun. Always something going on," he mused before furrowing his brow, "I guess that must be especially hard for you. Since he's your twin and all. You always hear about how twins have a really close connection." Not hearing from him had to be hard. Why weren't they talking? 
"I'm an only child and my parents are John and Carol. I grew up in New Jersey where they still live today," he told her, thinking of the small house. Though Serena had hinted that her childhood hadn't been easy.


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