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Confessions . . . ROLEPLAY

By Mushrooms--
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Created February 1, 2022

Please just request access if you think this will be interesting- and I can make a copy for ya-


A roleplay

. . . About the roleplay . . .

"Confessions" is a roleplay about two very close friends who have had secret crushes on each other. They always had one another to count on. They spent nearly their whole life together!! That is awesome. This roleplay is a romantic one for
. I think that is all I have to say about it.

. . . Rules . . .

Your character has to be at least 15-18.
No sexual content is allowed otherwise, you are done.
Character has to at least have a good description for the bio.
You have to be able to type up to 200 characters while replying.
Character has to be a human. (No furries, magic, gacha, potions, etc.)
You must be detailed/precise when replying.
Character CAN NOT be a game character.
You can only join if you actually have decent characters posted.
No using shorter abbreviations for words.

. . . How you must reply . . .

There is a certain why I would like you to roleplay...


Doing your action here. "what you are saying here." doing more action here if you want to add extra.

Bold your text please- XD

. . . Plot . . .

not filled in

It all started out when (my oc) and (you/oc) became very close friends at the age of 3-4. (my oc) and (you/oc) hung out every single day. (my oc) and (you/oc) did EVERYTHING together... and when I say everything... I mean it. Years later until (my oc) and (you/oc) were about 15/16-17/18 years old... that's when it got interesting... (my oc) and (you/oc) were still very close friends, very close, but then...
happened. (my oc) had kept it a secret that she had a crush on (you/oc) for about 11 years... (you/oc) had also had a secret crush on (my oc). No one could tell that they did... no one knew either. That was until... (my oc) and (you/oc) found out about each other's secret crush on one another.

Click the character name and bio is on that.

I can add more but for this roleplay... we will have to start out with the part where (my oc) and (you/oc) find out. qwq

You will have to continue from where I started.
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Mushrooms--Mel Amora   360d ago
ha, lovely.

Mel Amora walked to her locker; needing to grab a piece of paper and a pencil/pen/marker/crayon... just whatever writing utensil she grabbed first. She ended up grabbing a pen. On the paper, she wrote: Meet me at the park after school. She then slid it in (you/oc's) locker; heading off to her next class in a rush.


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