Bad Girl x Good Girl rp for Jiminnie

By Amethyst_Sanders

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JiminnieRaven   107d ago

Raven was at school on her phone. She was just standing in the hallway even though it was mostly empty. She didn't like going to class so she didn't go.

Amethyst had her schedule in her hand and she was looking at it. She was wearing long sleeves and a hoodie. she ran into someone falling in the process.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

Raven looked down at her with her arms crossed. "Do you have eyes? or are you blind?! Pay attention!" she said angered

Amethyst got up. "Well sorry, but i didn't think anyone would be out of class during class." She grabbed her stuff.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

"So what if I am?" She asked with her hand on her hip. "I didn't expect someone to come out of nowhere and run into me soo..."

"I'm not judging. I'm new to this school and I'm trying to find my classes. It seems like you are the one judging now excuse me." Amethyst rolled her eyes and started to go around the girl.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

"If you need help you could always ask" she said rolling her eyes also.

Amethyst snorted. "I'm sorry but you don't seem like the person to help someone without some type of payment. from how you talk to me you seem like a bad girl type. now I might be wrong but that's what it looks like."
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

Raven rolled her eyes again. "Whatever then I won't help" she said walking away.

"Hey, I never said I don't need help. I'm just shocked that you offered." Amethyst groaned.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

Raven looked at her. "So you want my help?" (sorry was in class)

(no that's fine. i have school too so I understand.)

Amethyst huffed. "Yes, I do." she had a feeling that she would have to pay the girl back for it at some point.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

Raven nodded "Ok then, first class?"

"My first hour is algebra 2 with Mr. Smith." Amethyst looked at the girl. "What is your name?"
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

"Raven, my name is Raven," she said taking her to her class.

"I go by Amethyst. you will hear teachers call me Elizabeth." Amethyst looked downcasted. "T-thanks."
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

"Oh ok...well here is your class" she said calmly.

Amethyst nodded and walked into the classroom. she introduce herself and sat down.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

Raven went to her class

After the bell rang Amethyst got up and went out of the classroom to find her next class.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

(omg so sorry) Raven was standing outside waiting for her. "Shall we?"

(it's fine.)

Amethyst jumped. "O-oh yeah. i didn't think you would be waiting for me. why did you?" She tilted her head confused.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

Raven shrugged "Do you not want me to wait for you?"

"stop putting words into my mouth." Amethyst groaned. "I didn't think you would want to wait for me."
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

"I'm not putting words in your mouth I simply asked a question."

Amethyst took a few deep breaths. "yeah sorry." She started walking.
JiminnieRaven   107d ago

"It's fine. So what's your next class?" She asked as she pushed people, tripped them, and flipped them off.

"Raven stop doing that. you don't have to push people or trip them. my next hour is US History."
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven pouted. "Ok fine"

Amethyst smiled and looked back at Raven. she tripped over a backpack while walking backward. "oh fuck."
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven tried to catch her but ended up falling with her, landing on top.

Amethyst blushed bright red. "S-sorry. i-i shouldn't have been walking backward."
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven also blushed red. "I-Its ok. I-I should be sorry for falling ontop of you"

"I-it's fine. i-i don't mind." Amethyst quickly covered her mouth. "I-ignore what I said."
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven stared blank-faced for a moment then she smiled. "Oh? you don't mind?"

Amethyst blushed more and looked away. "M-maybe. p-people are l-looking."
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven shrugged. "So what if they are?"

Amethyst squirmed. "I-i have social anxiety." she was trying not to think about how many people were watching. she looked back at Raven forgetting how close they were.
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven smiled. "You're gonna be ok. Just ignore them"

Amethyst blushed and gave a small smile. She slowly hugged Raven and hid her face in her neck.
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven let out a soft moan. "What are you doing?"

Amethyst's breath hitched. she wanted to hear the noise again. "N-nothing." she gently blew on Raven's neck. she soon relaxed forgetting that there could be people watching. the hall was nearly empty as it was almost time for 2nd period.
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven lightly trembled for a moment, at her breathing. She once again let out a soft moan.

Amethyst giggled and did it again. She was enjoying herself now.
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Every time she did so Raven did the same thing. "W-W-Why are you doing that?"

"What am i doing?" Amethyst acted innocent.
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven looked at her. "You know exactly what you're doing"

"What am i doing?" Amethyst bit her lip trying not to giggle or smile.
JiminnieRaven   106d ago

Raven moved closer to her face. "Don't play me"

Amethyst gasped. Her eyes flicked to Raven's lips before looking back up. "W-what would y-you do if I k-keep playing?"

(I love how I keep updating my Character during this.


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