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Madeleine hummed as he smiled to himself, wandering along the edges of the town as he hummed easily. He knew well enough what his assignment was, and he was determined to see it through. More monsters had been showing up recently, and Pure Vanilla had been taken to the ancient grove to be protected, leaving Sparkling in charge since he was the one with a bit more leadership skills than others. His eyes glimmered as he hummed to himself, looking around before hugging his sword close. He knew that he was nervous, but eventually shook himself off and going back to his patrol. He hummed lightly as he smiled to himself, thinking about Espresso and getting distracted. A large creature jumped on him as he flinched softly, letting out a startled noise.
noticeEspresso Cookie   364d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Espresso let out a quiet, but long and drawn-out yawn as he slowly sat himself up and rubbed at his sleepy eyes. Sure, it was much later than most typically woke up, but he had genuinely slept for once so even he couldn't be grouchy about the hour that showed on his alarm clock. The coffee mage would have to thank Madeleine sometime for helping him get readjusted to going to sleep on a more frequent schedule, it certainly helped with his fatigue problems, and his mood too, for that matter. Yawning once more, Espresso helped himself out of bed, peacefully getting ready with a light hum before heading downstairs to fix himself something to eat alongside a cup of coffee. Madeleine wasn't there at the moment, out on patrol most likely, that much he knew for a fact as the dog-like Cookie would be practically barking away happily at the fact the mage was awake; the thought brought a smile to his face. Perhaps he'd pay him a visit during his patrol today, that sounded like a nice little surprise which earned Espresso's smile to grow a touch more as he sipped at his freshly brewed cup of caffeine.

Maddy was actually holding his own against the beast on top of him for a little while, but eventually screamed out loudly as the thing managed to score a harsh bite through his armor and digging it's teeth into his sensitive skin. It hurt so badly, his mind fogging up for a moment before he forced himself to sit up and smack the creature away with his blade. Since it had seemingly had it's fill of fighting and the Cookie's body, it lumbered away heavily. His eyes glinted with pain as he collapsed to his knees, using his sword to stay mostly upright as he let out a soft pant. Oh, how much this hurt...he stood shakily after a moment, beginning to walk into the village as a gasp rose from most of the Cookies wandering around in the village. "Madeleine!" Someone shouted right outside Espresso's house.
noticeEspresso Cookie   364d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

It wasn't [i unusual] per-se to hear other villagers call out to Madeleine; the holy knight always seemed to adore the attention; but what [i was] unusual was the time he was called out to that day, and that wasn't counting the horrified tone Espresso heard their voice carry. Had Blackberry Cookie changed the patrol schedules? She would have no good reason behind that, even when she changes them up frequently as a defensive strategy. Deciding to check what the commotion outside was about, the coffee mage set his cup down before sliding over to the door and popping outside. His eyes followed where he saw others were looking, needing to pause a moment at the bloody sight of his boyfriend. "Maddy?! What happened??" Espresso shrieked, bolting over in a heartbeat, shifting Maddy gently a bit so that he carried a hefty portion of his body weight which was; without a doubt in the mage's mind or any regard to the blood that soaked parts of his own clothing; phenomenally painful at the moment. "Goodness gracious people, don't just watch- fucking [i move it] and be of help [i for once]! Get me a healer!!" He barked out soon after, doing his utter best to be as gentle with his partner as he could whilst bringing him back to his house.

Madeleine seemed to try and struggle against him slightly, but eventually gave up into Espresso's grip as he made his way along with him. Someone ran off to get Latte, while someone else ran into the castle and grabbed Herb since he had experience with [i herb]-al remedies. Both of them were dragged to Espresso's house quickly, where Maddy was laying on his bed with all of his armor removed, showing his civilian clothes.


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