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Running with the Wolves

By Snapped

Running with the Wolves

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SnappedWolf   239d ago

[center [+pink Jasper snarled as he snapped the chain that was around his neck with his powerful jaw. Sure he didn't get all of the chain off but he had gotten most it. All that matter was he was free now. 

It was time to get away from these bloody humans. Humans were disgusting monster. All they wanted him for was for his beautiful pelt. Jasper would be damned before he let that happen. 

The beautiful snow wolf broke free and ran off into the night. Jasper finally stop when made to back territory. This was the last time he went to the sunrise pack alone. 

That pack land had been flooded by humans. It was disgusting. Jasper could shift into a human when he need to but he hated it. He rather be in his wolf form. 

The snow wolf let out a loud echoing howl. Which was soon greeted. His pack consisted of six she-wolves, nine males. He had a close beta male which was named Shiro. Most the member in his pack had white or grey fur. There was only one she-wolf who had black fur. They all lived together in harmony raising pups helping the pack grow. 

It wouldn't be long before another pack war began. Fighting over land, food and water. It was stressful to think about but it was always in the back of Jasper mind.

The Sunrise pack had always been allies to the Northern Moon pack but something was different about them.  A new alpha had taken over it was clear he was out for blood... Even getting humans to play long with his sick game. It was fucking frustrating.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/CzHde7z.jpg]


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