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By StolenRelics-

These plots were found on Tumblr. I am only searching for four more partners. There will be about four to six to choose from. So whatever one you decide on we can talk about pairings, and what genders we would like to play, as well as how many characters we want to play as well. Now onto the little plots you can choose from. Please note that you will not be playing just a female or male role. We will figure something out to add in other characters down the line. So please understand that, and you and I will be on good terms for sure. Now onto the different plots.

Nowhere Motel; Open

While driving along on a quiet detour road, Muse A’s car starts spewing smoke from beneath the hood. Thankfully, it’s still midday and when Muse A pokes their head out through the lowered window they’re able to make it to the closest motel before the car breaks down. Muse A has to use the phone in the motel’s main office to call a tow truck because their cell phone isn’t getting signal way out here. While speaking with the tow company, Muse A realizes that the motel owner seems a little off. He’s creepily quiet and eyeing them a little too hard for their taste. Finding out that the tow truck won’t come until the next morning, Muse A decides to check into the motel. What else can they do?

As Muse A heads outside to get their bag from the trunk, Muse B follows and offers help. Muse B is related to the motel owner and works there in several capacities; housekeeping and grounds-keeping mainly. Muse A permits Muse B to carry their bag to the room, but is startled when Muse B blocks them from going inside once they get there. Muse B warns Muse A not to stick around at the motel once the sun goes down but doesn’t say why before rushing off. Muse A gets a weird vibe which only grows weirder as Muse A goes in search of the vending machines for a snack and encounters another guest at the motel. The guest has the same zoned out, pale look that the motel owner had and two odd-looking marks on their neck that peek out from the collar of their shirt. Muse A doesn’t encounter too many other guests on the way back to their room, though the parking lot is occupied by a few other cars. Muse A does their best to shirk off Muse B’s warning, but makes sure to bolt the door as the sun disappears from view.

Unable to sleep, Muse A begins to hear strange noises in the room connected to theirs. At first it sounds like there’s a struggle between two people, then it’s suddenly quiet and there’s a knock at their door. Muse A pretends to be asleep, ignoring the knock, but to their horror someone starts working the lock and somehow pushes the bolt out of place from the other side of the door. The last thing Muse A remembers before waking up the next morning is the face of Muse C, the tall mysterious figure with long, sharp teeth who broke into their room..and the dark, fresh blood that was dripping down from Muse C’s mouth.

Muse A finds tender, red marks on their neck like they saw on the other motel guest but they can’t put two and two together. They’ve forgotten about the tow truck that was supposed to come for them and for some reason they want to stay another night at the motel. Muse C must’ve been some crazy, vivid dream and maybe the marks are mosquito bites, Muse A reasons. What Muse A doesn’t know is that the motel is inhabited by vampires who feed off the guests by night and compel them to forget. Having seen many guests come to the motel and never leave, Muse B is tired of letting innocent people be harmed, including their relative who owns the motel.

Will Muse B save Muse A from a horrible fate at the hands of Muse C and their kind?

True Colors; Open

Muse A is an aspiring artist who goes to a prestigious art school in the city. Upon attending a gallery show with friends, Muse A is introduced to the work of an up-and-coming artist whom they’ve never heard of before. The artwork speaks to them on a personal level, as they see definite similarities between this artist’s themes and technique and their own work. To Muse A’s dismay, the artist isn’t there to speak to, but they’re able to get the artist’s contact email from the show’s curator. Taking a chance, Muse A emails Muse B and explains how their work has inspired them and how honored they’d be if the artist might one day give them some tips on how to make it in the fine art industry. To Muse A’s surprise, they receive a response from Muse B almost immediately. Muse B wants to meet them the next morning at their studio. When the next day dawns, Muse A arrives at the address given and is surprised to discover that Muse B is close to them in age. They talk a little bit before Muse B invites them into their work space.

Upon entry, Muse A is in awe and expresses that they can’t wait for the day when they have a studio like Muse B’s. Muse B offers to let them work in the space, if Muse A will agree to be their muse. Muse B offers a contractual arrangement, which states that for two month’s time Muse A will come to the studio and provide inspiration to Muse B in exchange for use of the space when Muse B isn’t around. Muse A happily agrees and signs the contract, thinking that this is a once in a lifetime kind of deal. The insight they’ll gain from being around Muse B will be invaluable, plus they’ve never been anyone’s muse before. As the first month gets underway, Muse A quickly begins to notice that Muse B has a difficult personality. They have a long list of rules for behaving while in the studio, and require that every paint and tool be left exactly in the order it was when they left it. If Muse A is one minute late for a session, Muse B is on-edge and irritable for the whole afternoon. The working relationship between the pair of them becomes acrimonious in the first few weeks – little slights turn into huge arguments. Sometimes neither one of them feels inspired to work because of how tenuous their working relationship is, but their shared passion for artistic expression and the terms of the contract keep them bound to one another.. at least for the rest of the two month period.

The New Patient; Open

Muse A has been a resident of the local psychiatric hospital since their youth. Because of the nature of their disorder, they keep primarily to themselves and don’t go out of the way to meet people. Other patients aren’t necessarily scared of them, but it’s common knowledge that Muse A is not to be bothered and people generally comply. Muse B is a newly admitted patient to the same hospital. They’re loud, aggressive, and in the short amount of time they’ve been there, have managed to get on almost everybody’s nerves at least once.

Muse A, by habit, goes out of their way to avoid Muse B, but Muse B is fascinated by them and how they’re viewed by the other patients. They make it their personal mission to get as close as they possibly can to Muse A, to the point that the staff takes notice and has to threaten Muse B with a stint in solitary confinement. One day Muse B manages to steal a key card and ambushes Muse A in a hallway. Once the two are alone, Muse B is finally able to get answers from Muse A.

Horror Twist- Once Muse B has Muse A to themselves, they use scare tactics to find out what Muse A’s deal is, and decides to keep Muse A prisoner for as long as they can without getting caught.

Romance Twist- Once Muse B manages to get Muse A alone, they find out they have things in common and emerge friends. Over the course of the next few months, they become inseparable and start a relationship.

The Trophy; Closed

Muse A is the very definition of first class. They come from a wealthy background and a long line of successful business tycoons who have always known how to get ahead. Muse A is no exception. After graduating from a prestigious university, they took a seat on the board of their family’s company and quickly proved that their hire wasn’t just a case of nepotism. Though they had some critics when first getting started, Muse A took the company into a brand-new direction and managed to stay at the top for years. With a high profile career like that, Muse A has had a high profile social life. Their circle of friends is exclusive and highly sought after, and it’s quite hard to get a foot in the door with them.

Muse A met Muse B on a cross country flight when they were bumped up to first class and seated next to them. Though they hit it off almost instantly, when Muse B mentions that they’re unemployed and currently not even looking for a job, Muse A knows it’s going to be a problem. They really get along though, so once they land, they make plans to go on an actual date. The chemistry is there, definitely, but Muse A refuses to bring Muse B around any of their friends. In fact, their friends are under the impression that Muse A is still very much single. Muse B has never made a big deal about it, but when, after a year and a half of dating, they propose to Muse A, one of the stipulations is that they need to be introduced to people in their life if they’re going to be together forever.

Though reluctant, Muse A hosts a dinner party for their friends to meet Muse B. They hope that at this point, their friends can overlook the fact that Muse B doesn’t seem to have anything going for them other than their looks and accept them into their exclusive group.

Twist- One of Muse A’s friends recognize Muse B as the heir of an incredibly well known socialite that runs in a different circle than theirs. Muse B is worth more than Muse A is, and when Muse B finds out that Muse A was ashamed of them, drama ensues.

Beauty and the Boss (modern twist on Beauty & the Beast); Open

Muse A is the daughter of a man with a serious gambling problem. He’s a sweet man, always doting on Muse A with her favorite books and rare flowers, but he’s up to his ears in debt after borrowing money from the wrong people. One afternoon, Muse A’s father is confronted by Muse B, the ruthless crime boss of the city.

Few people have ever seen Muse B’s face, as his henchmen usually do his dirty work, but everyone knows his name and cowers in fear appropriately. Muse A’s father owes Muse B a considerable debt, which he cannot pay. Rather than kill the man, Muse B offers a trade – the man's beautiful daughter in exchange for the forgiveness of his financial debts. He has one night to make this deal happen or Muse B will come for him. When Muse A’s father explains the predicament to her, she is willing to go, as long as it ensures the safety of her family and her father promises to put an end to his troublesome gambling habits.

Muse A moves in to Muse B’s mansion outside of town the following day. From the moment Muse A arrives, Muse B is on his best behavior, lavishing her with gifts, a library wing for her, a pretty garden filled with the finest, imported roses, jewelry, and so on. Gradually, Muse A comes to see that Muse B isn’t a horrible person, behind closed doors, but the circumstances of their arrangement (and the terrible crimes he commits as a crime boss) make it difficult for her to fall in love with him as he’s fallen in love with her. Each time Muse B proposes marriage, Muse A refuses.

Muse A becomes terribly homesick and begs to be allowed to visit her father. Muse B allows her to leave him as long as she returns to him within a week’s time. While Muse A is away, Muse B is attacked by a disloyal bunch of conspiring underlings. When Muse A returns, she finds Muse B wounded and left for dead in his home office. She realizes in this moment that she does love him and if he recovers she’ll marry him. Her quick actions save his life and once he is well enough, they marry.

Dark Twist: Once Muse B recovers, Muse A willingly becomes part of the crime business. Together they seek revenge against those who betrayed Muse B.

Romantic/Angst Twist: Once Muse B recovers, Muse B gives up his life of crime, since he’s assumed to be dead and he and Muse A run away together, with the condition that Muse A can never return home to her family.

What I'm expecting from you.

First- You must be Eighteen years old or older to write with me. I refuse to write with minors. I would love you forever if you were honest with me instead of lying to me. I will find out if you lied to me, and if I do I will be deleting the thread and blocking you as well. I'm not in the mood to deal with minors, because a lot of my threads have dark and mature themes, and those are things minors shouldn't be writing about. So please make sure you are eighteen before messaging me.

Second- I would prefer real pictures, because that's what I'm best at finding. If we decide on something different, then Digital Art will be preferred as well. They are a lot better looking than normal anime pictures. I would like to have them somewhat fit the thread. If you are having issues with finding pictures, you are more than welcome to ask me for help. I don't mind helping you look.

Third- Posting, please nothing past 10-13 days. I understand writers block, or needing to leave town for a little while. As long as you let me know ahead of time, then I will be more understanding. I myself do have a full time job, and a boyfriend on top of that. If I'm going to be gone for awhile I'll make sure to let you know as well.

Forth- Plotting, I love plotting different ideas and plot twists with my partners. So please don't be scared to message me about something you have in mind. Hell, if you wanna just surprise me all around with it please do. I'm more than willing to roll with the punches as well.

Fifth- Please don't insist on playing only one gender, and one gender only. I myself am a Female and I would love to write as my own gender as well. So when asking to write with me, please understand that I will ask you to double as a male if you are playing a female, and I'll do the same thing for you. Sometimes it's good to come out of your shell and try something new.

Sixth- Cybering is a no on this site. If we want to do something more intimate, then we will be taking it
off site
and to e-mails, or we can time skip the whole thing. So please keep in mind that there are children on this site that shouldn't be seeing or writing something like this. So again I'm going to ask you to be at least Eighteen years old to write with me.

Seventh- Please for the love of God no
one liners
. They kill a story line for me. I'm looking for someone who can do at least three 10+ sentence paragraphs. I want someone to give me something to work with. Also don't message me over and over asking when I'm going to post. You do that, and I will delete the thread right then and there and start over. I'm not gonna bug you, so please don't bug me.

Eighth- Most of all have fun with this. That's what writing is all about in the first place. Enjoy yourselves as much as possible, and I'll hopefully do the same as well. Thank's for reading and hopefully we will make something beautiful together!
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