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Willam afton x henry Emily's (mxm fnaf)

By The_Random_human
I will need someone to play Henry Emily I will be plays Willam Afton. Yes this is a fnaf roleplay deal with it. You can also play other charters from fnaf.

No homophobia! This is lgbtq roleplay!
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Send help please. I'm be willam afton you will be playing Henry Emily please.
lunaexe_is_deadchica   239d ago


Do you want to Roleplay?
lunaexe_is_deadchica   239d ago

lqmon-lqmon-   212d ago

I was wondering if I could join as Henry?

I really just forgot I even had this lol


But sure if you want

BTW Marin is asleep rn-
(Marin is the kid who asked I gave him my alt)



lqmon-lqmon-   210d ago

Hello ^^))

And hello!)

(Im gonna use her account on the 1x1 for a bit because I want her to get some creds)
lqmon-lqmon-   210d ago

Should we start?))

Okay and sure can toy start first?)
lqmon-lqmon-   210d ago

Are they together yet? and is this past or present?))

Past and they aren't tighter yet)
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

Ok ^^))
((Is this starting at C.B's pizza world ok?))

Yeah that would be goid)
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

He walks into C.B's Pizzeria and sigh's.
"I'm here William" He calls out while at the door. He fixed his bow tie and walks into parts and services holding a tool-box.
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

{[Sorry about how detailed I write]}

( it's okay)
He smiled " hello henry" he nodded and walked out of the office. He would start making sure everything was neat.
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

He laughs a tiny bit.
"God Mr. Afton, you're such a neat freak" He says and puts his tool-box down and gets out a blueprint.

" well Mr Emily  we are running a pizzara " he said smiling  and walking around.
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

"I know" He smiles and signals William to come over to him.
"Come here Mr. Afton"

He quickly turned around  " yes?" He asked smiling
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

"I made a new blue-print . . " he pauses then adds "I think the name Lolbit would fit" he smiles and lays out the blueprint on the table.

He looked at it " it looks great  maybe lolbit can preform which funtime foxy?" He asked
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

"That would be amazing!" he smiles
"What about pronouns . . . " he stops smiling and began thinking. After a few seconds he grabbed a pen and jotted something down on his hand.

" um eh you you can think of that one " he ponit to Henry after a moment. " what ate you writing on your hand?" He asked
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

'' Something I have to remember to tell Rose" he says and puts the pen into his shirt pocket. He smiles again,
"I know the pronouns" He smiles 
"They-Them-themselves" He says proudly {[In my AU Rose is his wife's name]}

( okay)
He smiled " I like it keep up the good work!" He would nood and look around. " I need to get some lights well better lightly for this place"
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

He smiled then shook his head. . . 
"No I have a wife" He mutters to himself. He sits on the table and works on building Lolbit's eyes, tail, and ears.

He turned to him and smiled. But quickly looked down and walked away.
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

After a while Lolbits left eye was complete
"Finally . . . " he sighs and gets off the table and carefully sets the eye down. He began to walk to William.
"Mr. Afton"

He seemed to be daydreaming he would quickly snap out of it. 
" yes henry?" He stood up and dusted himself off then smiled
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

"Do we still [b *Yawn*] have the coffee machine?"

" yes there" he ponited to it. " cups are in there" he ponited  above it
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

"Good" he walked over to it and grabbed a cup. He grabbed a K-Cup and coffee grains, he put the coffee grains into the K-CUP and waited for  his coffee to finish brewing. While it brewed he hummed.

Willam  didn't realize  it but would hum the same tune as ge walked out of the room
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

he continued to hum, soon his coffee finished brewing. He almost was asleep but woke up hearing it finish.
"Huh?" he grabbed his cup
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

{[Be right back ^^]}

He would hum as he cleaned babby. He finshed the MN walked to funtime foxy. " him your turn" he started to clean funtime foxy. 
( okay then)
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

He drank some coffee and walked over to William.
"How did they get dirty? Kids throwing cake again" he asked and laughed a tiny bit, he took another sip of coffee and sat on the stage

" yes but it's fine they had fun" he smiled and sat next to Henry. " you got your coffee finally " he asked laughing and smiling
lqmon-Past Henry Emily   210d ago

"Yes, finally because Rose rushed me to get to work" he smiled and put his arm around William's shoulder. He sighed and put his coffee down.

He smiled  and put his own arm on Henry's sholder. " yeah I could tell you was half asleep. ' he smiled" your tie needs to be fixed" he was going to fix it but stopped


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