Little miss perfect for Light_Moon53

By Amethyst_Sanders

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Light_Moon53     121d ago

Hey! I am going to make a character! Who do you want to be? the girl that wants to be perfect or the one she likes..?

how about the one she likes.
Light_Moon53     121d ago

Ok! I need to find a picture rq
Light_Moon53Alice   121d ago

( Ok this is my character )
Light_Moon53Alice   121d ago

( What is your going to be? )

(i don't have a picture but i do have a character.
Light_Moon53Alice   121d ago

Ok! Can you start though I am not very good at starting rp's

(yeah. i forgot we could use the picture thing that web made.)

Amethyst walked through the hall heading to her locker. she opened it and grabbed her book for her first hour.
Light_Moon53Alice   121d ago

Alice was already in first period ( they have the same first period )


Amethyst walked in and sat down in her seat.
Light_Moon53Alice   121d ago

Alice was sitting behind her scrolling threw tiktok

Ametythst grabbed her drawing pad.
Light_Moon53Alice   121d ago

Alice saw amethyst sit down in front of her and her jaw dropped bc of her beauty

Amethyst started drawing.

(hey we also have this rp


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