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fnaf crossovers that shouldnt be possible

By ov3rcastt_ne0n
hey :D
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ov3rcastt_ne0n     246d ago

hey! welcome to the fnaf crossovers that shouldn't be possible roleplay! yes you can make william afton and another version of william interact i mean it shouldn't be possible so it counts
swearing is allowed but nsfw isn't
fnaf only! fangames are allowed but the main game is recommended :D
caterina_flowerclara afton   82d ago
i hate you you hate me lets team up and kill barney with an rpg and a 4x4 no more purple dinosour

((wow, no one entered this? that's sad))
Iwantamustache16ENA(not ooc)   79d ago
Common sense might not be so common after all, which is extremely unfortunate for the people who don't have it and somewhat fortunate for the few who do.

YooOooO. I’m bored so wassup))


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