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By Snapped

What I desire in role-plays
✾ Anime or illustrated pictures only!
✾ MxM
✾ FxM (on requests)
✾ FxF
✾ 1x1
✾ Someone who can write a 1000+ characters
✾ Romance (I normally require a little romance in my role-plays! I normally mix it with violence. I tend to write a little bit dark theme role-plays)
✾ Fantasy
✾ Horror
✾ Supernatural / Paranormal
✾ Violence (I can write some pretty heartless things)

What I don't like
✾ Real pictures
✾ One liners
✾ Group
✾ Pregnancy of any type
✾ God-moders

Pm if you are interested

Also just a little warning, my post might not be frequent due to my work hours.
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SnappedResonate   246d ago

Pm if you are interested.


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