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ζΠ Welcome to Tagnahi ζΠ

By Mariow---
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A few years back there was an island that was far out inn the ocean to itself, water surrounding every inch of it. There was a few hundred people whom lived there including Mawahini, one of the people amongst the others. She was a very passionate girl who loved doing things for her people but after a while she grew tired of staying there and wanted more. One day a huge wave washed over the island and within a few days there was nothing left but broken down homes of the people who had lived there before and torn down palm trees. All of the island's people were washed away but yet only few survived that being Mawahini some of her friends and many others and were washed up to a shore in Jiou Tagnahi; a large city-like forest where there were greater building made from bamboo that were somewhat like skyscrapers and there were actual roads and such. After some time the island people became immune to the way of living. Y/C is a tourist who has come from -where ever- to see Tagnahi for themselves and come across her and the way she dressed and spoke was unworldly to them. How will they react, will they only make conversation and leave it at that or will they get to know Mawahini? This rp can include many people so if you wanna join i have no issues with it at all
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