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[ Monstrum’s Home for little Cretins ]

By Cursethewhitecat

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We are taught from an early age that-
there are
no such things as
, and yet, when we're all alone- our imagination always seems to get the best of us. Sometimes we get goosebumps, feel like we're being watched, catch a glimpse of something from the corner of our eye, or experience something almost paranormal like a ghostly encounter.

Sure we can write it off as nothing and move on with our lives, but what if I told you that monsters are very real? That we live side by side and that- “Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there.
It's just waiting for the right time to show itself

Monstrum's Home

for little Cretins

Abandoned at birth or more recently, Monstrum’s Home for
children is dedicated to raising and housing orphans until they’ve either
met with their untimely demise
, been adopted out or age out of the system. We are committed to providing quality care and education for the children as well as the daily essentials such as three square meals a day; a place to sleep, a place to play to their heart’s content, and most importantly a
place to call home during their stay.

Accepted Characters

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