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Magic of the Lost ((2))

By Satans_Evil_Twin
Backup thread
I just have a bit of dialogue and a vague idea which I'm mushing together to make some random rp here. Care to improv a plot/story? Note: the color is to distinguish that they are different characters. The time skip is Isabella confronting someone from her past and will have nothing to do with y/c. [center -+-+-+-<><><>-+-+-+-] [+magenta [b "Just, breathe"]] Isabella said calmly [+red [b "D-Damn you! I c-can't breathe! Why won't you l-listen?!"]] y/c choked out in a raspy voice. Isabella placed a hand over y/c stomach- over their belly button. Y/c was relieved as they gulped in the air which filled their lungs while watching Isabella's hand rise. Isabella had the magic. Y/c had to keep her for themselves, even if Isabella was desperately needed all over the world. [center [i 50 years ago]] She wiped the blood from her cheek and picked up the sword. His eyes followed her blade as she pressed it against her neck, staring deeply into his eyes with a mix of emotions. Regret, resentment, guilt, anger, sadness, etc. [+blue [b "Dont. Move."]] A hint of sadness filled his gaze as he looked upon her and took a step closer. [+blue [b "It's over."]] She held the sword tightly, the sharp edge of its blade cutting her skin with ease as her neck began to bleed slightly and a singular tear slid down her cheek. She knew she had no choice. If she didn't, he would take her and torture the information out of her. Isabella's voice broke as she spoke. [b [+magenta "I never stood a chance... did I?"]] He stopped, an odd look passing over his gaze before he let out a rueful chuckle. [b [+blue "That's the sad part."]] He stared into her eyes with the same look that had caught her deadly curiosity after she'd witnessed his crime. [b [+blue "You did once."]] Was the answer he gave that had sent a chill running up her spine as her grip tightened on the handle of the sword and she pressed it once more against her throat as he suddenly spoke in a hypnotically soothing voice- urging her to let go of the blade as he stepped closer. The mind spell wouldn't work well on her- but it was enough to make her loosen her grip on the blade and for him to wrench the weapon from her grasp and take her to the ground. Pinning her beneath him, he chuckled darkly. [b [+blue "But that doesn't mean you were ever going to get away so easily."]] He smirked and bound her limbs together using an enchanted rope. [center -+-+-+-<><><>-+-+-+-] Well that's all I got for now- PM me if you're interested in making something out of the snippets with me ^w^ NOTE: Your main character has to be human, an enchanted item or two may be used to aid them with magic use but they absolutely [i cannot] be OP. I will tell you if it's okay or not. You can have up to 3 characters max. Anyways thank you ^w^ Name: Nicknames: Age: Height: Gender: Sexuality: Hobbies: Special item/Trinket: (of sentimental or magical value) Bio/Other: [center -+-+-+-<><><>-+-+-+-] [b RULES:] [list Photo of character is required to join (or ask for help I have no problem helping you find an image) NO text talk NO godmodding NO force shipping Swearing is allowed just dont over do it Follow ES rules!! Digital or Illustrated images preferred Semi-lit to lit please ((400 chara. limit)) Please to not use asterisks!!] ----------------------------------- [b If I stop responding then I'm:] +Busy with school +Busy with work +Helping someone with something +sleeping +eating +doing chores +busy in general +taking an offline day (or an on/off day with few if any replies) +personal issues
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Isabella Revinus (Magic of the Lost)
The large- seemingly abandoned mansion was surrounded by an eerie darkness and floating lights. Small like fireflies as they drifted around in the air but the odd little lights didn't flicker. They seemed almost magical. Isabella sat on the front steps of the years-old building which loomed over ominously. The trees tall and thick enough to cover it in eternal shadow as she lightly waved a hand and created light projections of several butterflies which came to life moments later. Isabella smiled as she watched her creations flutter along around the flowers and trees. She looked up- peering through the trees at the moon as it glowed an orange hue. [b "soon.."] She murmured. One week away from the blood moon. It was nearly time for her to preform the ritual she did every fifty years to keep her powers from becoming corrupted. Shaking her head, Isabella sighed, standing up as the lights around the mansion faded and she turned to walk up the steps. She paused at the door- closing her eyes and carefully releasing a pulse of light magic to check the area- making sure no one was nearby, watching or hunting her or the creatures around. ((Sorry it took me so long- I've been busy trying to catch up with school and dealing with stuff at home- I'll try being online as often as I can. I'm also really sorry for it being confusing))


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