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I just have a bit of dialogue and a vague idea which I'm mushing together to make some random rp here. Care to improv a plot/story?

Note: the color is to distinguish that they are different characters. The time skip is Isabella confronting someone from her past and will have nothing to do with y/c.


"Just, breathe"
Isabella said calmly

"D-Damn you! I c-can't breathe! Why won't you l-listen?!"
y/c choked out in a raspy voice.

Isabella placed a hand over y/c stomach- over their belly button. Y/c was relieved as they gulped in the air which filled their lungs while watching Isabella's hand rise. Isabella had the magic. Y/c had to keep her for themselves, even if Isabella was desperately needed all over the world.

50 years ago

She wiped the blood from her cheek and picked up the sword. His eyes followed her blade as she pressed it against her neck, staring deeply into his eyes with a mix of emotions. Regret, resentment, guilt, anger, sadness, etc.

"Dont. Move."
A hint of sadness filled his gaze as he looked upon her and took a step closer.
"It's over."

She held the sword tightly, the sharp edge of its blade cutting her skin with ease as her neck began to bleed slightly and a singular tear slid down her cheek. She knew she had no choice. If she didn't, he would take her and torture the information out of her. Isabella's voice broke as she spoke.
"I never stood a chance... did I?"

He stopped, an odd look passing over his gaze before he let out a rueful chuckle.
"That's the sad part."
He stared into her eyes with the same look that had caught her deadly curiosity after she'd witnessed his crime.
"You did once."
Was the answer he gave that had sent a chill running up her spine as her grip tightened on the handle of the sword and she pressed it once more against her throat as he suddenly spoke in a hypnotically soothing voice- urging her to let go of the blade as he stepped closer. The mind spell wouldn't work well on her- but it was enough to make her loosen her grip on the blade and for him to wrench the weapon from her grasp and take her to the ground. Pinning her beneath him, he chuckled darkly.
"But that doesn't mean you were ever going to get away so easily."
He smirked and bound her limbs together using an enchanted rope.


Well that's all I got for now- PM me if you're interested in making something out of the snippets with me ^w^

NOTE: Your main character has to be human, an enchanted item or two may be used to aid them with magic use but they absolutely cannot be OP. I will tell you if it's okay or not. You can have up to 3 characters max.

Anyways thank you ^w^

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The large- seemingly abandoned mansion was surrounded by an eerie darkness and floating lights. Small like fireflies as they drifted around in the air but the odd little lights didn't flicker. They seemed almost magical.

Isabella sat on the front steps of the years-old building which loomed over ominously. The trees tall and thick enough to cover it in eternal shadow as she lightly waved a hand and created light projections of several butterflies which came to life moments later. Isabella smiled as she watched her creations flutter along around the flowers and trees. She looked up- peering through the trees at the moon as it glowed an orange hue. [b "soon.."] She murmured. One week away from the blood moon. It was nearly time for her to preform the ritual she did every fifty years to keep her powers from becoming corrupted.

Shaking her head, Isabella sighed, standing up as the lights around the mansion faded and she turned to walk up the steps. She paused at the door- closing her eyes and carefully releasing a pulse of light magic to check the area- making sure no one was nearby, watching or hunting her or the creatures around.

((Sorry it took me so long- I've been busy trying to catch up with school and dealing with stuff at home- I'll try being online as often as I can. I'm also really sorry for it being confusing))

Nick Basque was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now was very much one of those times. He was running away from a skilled Flame user. He tried to steal some money from the man and ended up pickpocketing the wrong thing. He was running through the woods, the sound of the man behind him had faded. He heard a female's voice somewhere around him, but he didn't know where. He pushed on harder, his heart throbbing. He slammed then broke into a small clearing, a mansion in front of him and a woman. He panted heavily, sweat dripping off his head as he eyed her. He didn't say a single word, but his hand began to slide down his waist for his dagger. Nick, being a human, had no magic and had to rely heavily on his blade.

"[#2c69a5 Who are you...? What're you doing out here? A lady such as yourself shouldn't be alone out here.]" He said this lowly, looking around. He suspected she wasn't alone, but he couldn't see or hear anybody else. Maybe she was alone, staring at a weird old mansion...

Isabella turned to look in the direction she felt people coming from- watching silently at the human that burst into the clearing. She tilted her head curiously- a sly smile tugging at her lips at his questions. And that statement.

[b "I should ask you that question. This is my home. Why have you run so deep into this forest to happen upon it? Have you come alone?"] Her voice was soft yet almost stern in an eerie tone as she looked at the blade he held in his waistband. Her ear changed from the roundedness of a human look to that of pointed elven ears. Some might argue they were witches ears. They twitched lightly as she listened to a distant sound and her gaze lifted to gaze into the forest past the man. Narrowing her eyes darkly, she let out what could be concidered the human-equivalent of a growl. [b "You've not come alone- [i human]."] She sneered as smoke rose from the forest and she stepped down from the porch into the clearing, walking towards the section of forest being burned. [b "You've brought someone to destroy my forest have you?"] She stopped several yards away and glared down at the boy in the clearing.

Nick winced a little as she turned. He noticed her ears shift almost instantly and he spoke without thinking. "[#2c69a5 Witch... I didn't [i bring] anybody, he followed me! Okay, you magic people just love to pick on us humans and he just [i had] to follow me to grab my dagger a-a-and-]" He stammered, trying to find more of an excuse when she glared at him. He swallowed thickly and threatened, "I-I know how to use my dagger, so I suggest you stay over there a-and take care of that Flame user..." He staggered back, his grip on his dagger only tightening as he unsheathed it. A deep, ocean blue blade was visible now. Its blade reflected the moonlight and stars speckled across it. The hilt was a pastel blue with a dark fade, possibly made of leather. [i Clearly handmade.] The flame user came into the clearing with them, a livid look in their eyes. "[#f1770e Hey! Human!]" He spat. "[#f1770e You can't run from me! I'll burn you alive!]" He neglected to see the female in front of him. 

The male had orange hair, with deep orange eyes. His eyes had flecks of yellows, golds, and reds near his pupil. His skin was a soft tan color and his outfit was a red dress-like shirt with puffy blood-red pants. He was also noticeably wearing no shoes.

Her eyes change from a golden hue to red as she lifted her gaze to glare at the flame user. It would be in the blink of an eye she would suddenly disappear from in front of the human boy and appear in front of the flame user. [b "What purpose do you have burning my forest?"] She asked in a low voice- eerily quiet with seemingly surpressed anger. [b "Have I not made it [i clear] to [i all] magic users and humans that this is my territory?"] She asked darkly. She lightly kicked back- nudging the human with her foot, signaling that he move away. 

Isabella continued to glare at the fire-user giving only a small glance back to the human. [b "I suggest you put your blade away if you don't wish for problems [i human]."] She sneered quietly
ALonelyOtakuNick Basque   1y ago

"[#f1770e To kill that idiotic human!]" He pointed at Nick, who promptly stuck his tongue out to the male as he was shooed away. He backed up and sighed deeply. He then clutched his blade, stared at the woman for a few seconds, and scoffed. He grumbled something under his breath before sheathing the blade on his waist again. "[#2c69a5 I have a name, y'know? It's Nick. Nick Basque at your service!]" He playfully bowed, then felt something hot scald his back. He yelped and shot up, a deep glow illuminating from the Flame user, who had just shot a novice fireball at him. It disapparated behind him, as it missed its intended target. Nick smirked and stuck his tongue out to the male again, a cocky smirk on his face.

Isabella glared at the fire user as she swiftly pulled out a gun and aimed it at his head. [b "Clearly you don't seem to understand who's territory you're in. Why not leave the human to me and get away before you become past-tense"] She sneered, her expression and tone changing to a deathly calm as she clicked the safety off and a thin magical aura passed over the weapon- indicating it was enchanted as it remained pointed at the fire-user's head. [b "I'm not in the mood to spill blood on this land today but I will if I must."] She stated simply, pulling a small stone from her pocket and  gripping a hand around it tightly as it turned into a sharp, thin shard which she threw behind her- glancing across Nick's cheek as it created a paper-cut like wound as a warning to leave again. [b "So what's it going to be [i Fire Boy]?"]
ALonelyOtakuNick Basque   1y ago

Nick's eyes widened a little as he watched this scene play out. He felt something graze past him, then something hot run down his face. He pressed his pointer finger and his middle finger to his cheek, then pulled it away to reveal blood on his fingers. He winced a little, then glanced up at the witch. 

The male stared at the witch for a few seconds, then growled and turned, storming away. He grumbled something, possibly a curse as he walked away. Nick laughed a little, watching his unclimactic defeat... Then he grabbed for his dagger again. 

He wasn't going to leave, as he knew the male would wait for him. He also knew that the witch would either kill him for staying or just ignore him like the others... He was beginning to place bets that she wouldn't ignore him. 

He opened his mouth to speak, but he found nothing to say. He let out a breath and lowered his head a little. His fingers rubbed against his blade, feeling the heat of Blue Flame coursing through it, always eager to be unleashed against his enemies. Sometimes he thought it had a soul a blood-thirsty soul that could never be tamed. He smiled a little, then looked up at the witch. He continued to hold his silence, eyes locked on her to read her next move... To see if she planned on harming him or not.

She twirled the weapon on her finger and put it away swiftly before turning her attention to Nick and narrowing her eyes as she noted his every reaction silently. [b "You're still here. For what purpose?"] She questioned and stepped forward- unphased by him clutching the enchanted dagger he weilded- walking past him as her cloak magically lifted to brush against his injured cheek and heal the small wound as she walked back onto the porch of her home and looked over at him. [b "You have no business with me, but he awaits to harm you if you return, so I suggest either you make your way to the opposite end of my forest and leave or come inside rather than freeze when nightfall arrives."] She turned back around and entered, the door creaking closed behind her without clicking shut.

She had no intention of harming anyone, for the most part. She pride herself on being rather peaceful until someone comes to harm her, her forest, or the creatures in it. The reason she was fairly well-known in the surrounding towns was from times when she'd destroyed several villages within the last 200 years for their attempts to expand into her forest. Isabella bit her tongue slightly- trying to forget some of the things she'd done while defending her forest and its creatures. She distracted herself with a few pots placed over small, controlled fires as she prepared food quietly awaiting to see if Nick would make his choice soon.
ALonelyOtakuNick Basque   1y ago

Nick stood in silence for a long while, watching the elegant woman move around him... When the wound had healed he heard her offer for him to come inside. He stood there for a moment, his arms crossed over his chest. He then sheathed his dagger again and walked into her home, his eyes immediately looking around. He gasped and cursed quietly, then noticed several pots over flame. He glanced up at the woman, then walked over. He inhaled deeply through his nose, his eyes closing and a purr leaving his throat. He then opened his eyes once again, glancing back at the woman before smiling and exclaiming, " [#2c69a5 What are you making? It smells amazing!~]" He glanced back at the woman, then stated in a cheerful tone, " [#2c69a5 Hey, Miss? I never caught your name. Care telling me since I'm your guest?]" He smiled a toothy grin. He then turned back to the fire and eyed it in confusion. [i Probably magic] He thought to himself in regard to how the mansion hadn't burned down.


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