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The Gay Boys and The Playboys

By Jekyll_and_Hyde

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i thought the title was funny please don't hurt me /lh
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Sparkling yawned as he opened up the bar, feeling himself twitch a bit as he stretched and went behind the bar. Of course most of the day went by uneventfully, but eventually someone came in. Well, two someones. Fire Spirit, his boss, and Clover Cookie. Sparkling was stoked (no pun intended) to see his friend, but Fire's prompt "Come" encouraged him to follow the two Cookies up to Fire's office curiously. "What's going on?" He asked after a moment, Fire looking up at the two other Cookies. "There's a new target." Sparkling, obviously, was intrigued by the idea of there being a new target, let alone with Clover involved. "Sooo..." He prompted, Fire sighing and watching them. "I need you two to throw a party, and lure him here so that we can take him out." He spoke sternly, Sparkling blinking before grinning. "Ohhhh."
littlewhispMafia!Clover   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Clover amusedly smiled at the sound of that, humming out an acknowledging note that matched his smile. Who would have thought he'd work with his dear friend Sparkling! He slipped off his hat as a sign of respect and that he was listening, his smile eating further away at his expression, "Do we need to get any information or a possesion from him while he's still alive, by chance? Or is simply discretely disposing of him all we need to do?" The bard inquired curiously after a moment had passed, figuring it wouldn't hurt to ask if they had any other requirements for their task.

"The orders from Mille is to take him out by any means necessary, although being discreet about it would be preferred." He continued easily, Sparkling humming as he thought about it before glancing over at his friend. "Well...we do have some experience with working together to nab targets I could theoretically put together a big party with Sparkling as the main entertainer if you want, bossman." He spoke easily, Fire humming as he thought about it before lacing his fingers together. "What did you two do together?" He asked curiously, Sparkling simply beginning to fidget with a knife as he looked up and shared a grin with his friend. "Oh, nothing...special...we just gave him a rather 'grand' finale."

[he pronounced it 'mill-uh']
littlewhispMafia!Clover   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Clover let out a quick laugh, muffling it with the backside of his hand as he looked over to Sparkling for a moment before returning his gaze to Fire. "Well isn't that quite a way to put it? We're fairly good at tag-teaming, Fire, so had a little of our own fun before cutting his life short, is all. Speaking of which, though, that was a rather effective tactic..." He hummed out thoughtfully, slowly turning the hat in his hands as he spoke. He didn't utter out another word, however, instead grinning at the reminder of the last mission the two shared.
just_noahhhhtatsu   268d ago



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