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Antihero (1x1, Closed)

By ALonelyOtaku
Muse A just woke up here, they don't know where they are or even who they are. They are in a dark room, it's cold and silent, that is until Muse B saves them. Muse A is forced to trust Muse B and stay close to them until they can find themself again, but the closer to Muse B they get, the more they remember... But the more they remember leads them to realize that Muse B may not be the hero of this story, but the villain behind it all.

~ Rules ~

You must be able to write 800-1000 characters minimum. I have no maximum requirement, though I ask you try to keep it under 5000 characters.

I understand we all have lives outside of Roleplay.cloud, but I ask you try to get at least one response in per week. If you need more time, that's perfectly okay with me.

You must be over the age of Eighteen, as this roleplay will be very dark and mature. If I catch wind that you're under the age of eighteen, I will end the roleplay with you immediately.

As I said in the last rule, this will be a very dark and mature roleplay. I ask that you be okay with themes that include but are not limited to; Blood/Gore, Cursing, Kidnapping, Murder, and a Master / Slave dynamic between Muse A and Muse B.

Have fun!
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ALonelyOtakuYuin Sokaii   250d ago

A low groan escaped Yuin's lips. It filled the silent air and his head throbbed. He sat upright, groaning again as the left side of his head was pulsing with pure pain. He was in a fully dark room, thick moisture in the air. "Hello...?" Yuin called out, his voice hoarse. He didn't know why he was here, or even how he got here... The more he thought about it, he couldn't remember anything at all. He could only remember his name, but nothing else about himself... "Hello...?! Help!" He called out, moving around blindly through the darkness. He didn't know why, but this was scaring him terribly, making him have a strong urge to cry and scream. He couldn't stand anymore, as he felt the darkness move around him. He fell to his knees, grasping the floor and whining as he tried calling out again. "Help me...! Please!" His voice was beginning to break and falter, but he was sure he could hear noise above him. [i What is that...?! Who is that?! Is somebody going to save me, or am I alone...?]

(Sorry it's short, I am only on for a short time right now but I wanted to get this in.)
SnappedAkira   250d ago

[center Akira hear jolted up from the chair he was sitting in. He walked to the door that lead to the basement. He open the door and looked down the staircase it was too dark to tell but he was sure he hear Yuin voice.

[#4b85be "Yuin... is that you?"] he said as he walked down the stairs. It was still  dark in the room since Akira didn't turn on the basement light he didn't want to blind the poor man. 

When Akira made it to the bottom of the staircase he walked over to left side and clicked on a small lamp. The light was dim but it brighten the room up. It revealed a large bedroom. Since the bedroom was in the basement it had a lot of space. With the light on it reveal three doors, bed, sofa and tv. The window were covered with small red curtain that blocked out most of the light. 

[#4b85be "Yuin I am so happy to see you are a wake"] he said sweetly as he approached the male who was crying on the floor.  Akira walked over to the slender man. He wrapped his arms around  him tightly in a sweet embrace.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/XoctO6T.gif]

[size10 (I hope this post is okay. I am sorry if my post is a little short...)]
ALonelyOtakuYuin Sokaii   250d ago

Yuin heard a soft voice, filling him with relief. The room flooded with light and he cried out in joy, then he saw a man. 

The male seemed to know who he was and even went as far as embracing him. [i Who is he?]. It didn't matter, not now at least. He hugged the male tightly, shaking and whimpering. "W-Where am I? Who are you? P-Please, help me..." Were some of the more legible whispers you could hear from him while he gripped onto you.

He tried long and hard to remeber who this man was, why he knew him or what happened to him, but nothing came up. The more he tried, the more confused he got. He just continued to hug the man, before he whispered, "C-Can we get out of here, p-please? I hate it down here..." 

He swallowed thickly again, feeling nauseous and stricken with fear yet he didn't know why. [i Why does this man make me feel this way?]... He shook a little, then backed away from the male, breathing in deeply as he then tried to walk over towards the stairs, eyes locked onto them. He hardly looked around the room, as he didn't want to... [i He just wanted- no, [b needed] to leave...]
SnappedAkira   248d ago

[center Akira smiled softly as he heard the man request to go up stairs. He didn't hesitate to say no.  [#4b85be "Sure lets go up stairs dinner is almost ready anyway."] he said with a soft smile. 

He lead Yuin up the stairs. The upstairs was decorated nicely. The walls in the kitchen were soft yellow. The living room walls were a pale blue with dark blue sofa. There was a large tv hanging above a fire-place that seem to not have  been used in years. The fire-place was covered with dust and cobwebs. The rest of the house was neat and up-kept.

[#4b85be "Hopefully you are felling well enough to eat. I made one of your favorite. Rosemary-chicken  noodles over mash potatoes."]  He said with a smile.

 [pic https://i.imgur.com/XoctO6T.gif]
ALonelyOtakuYuin Sokaii   247d ago

Yuin felt his stomach ache with hunger as the male started talking about food. "I-It is...? I-I don't think it is, I'd remember it if it was..." Yuin stated quietly. [i I don't remember what my favorite food is...] He thought after a long while, nibbling his lip with nervousness. He felt a sharp pain as he did that, and his lip felt raw and bruised... as if he did this a lot. 

Yuin felt confused and scared, not knowing why he couldn't remember anything. "How do you know me...? Why am I here?" He said after a long while of silence, the smell of food making him feel sick but even hungrier. He glanced down at himself, seeing his slim body and even slimmer arms and legs. He looked underweight. He began to nibble at his lip again, ignoring the pain this time as he rubbed his arm. "S-So..." He attempted at conversation, but nothing came to him. He swallowed silently, then looked at the male. The bad feelings still came from him, but he also felt connected to him, as if he shouldn't leave. 

[i What is wrong with me...?!]
SnappedAkira   247d ago

[center Akira smiled softly as Yuin disagreed with his choice of food. [#4b85be "Can always make you something else... just tell me what you are hungry for."] he said with a faint smile. 

[#4b85be "Look I know you are scared and startled by all the things around you but I promise I am not here to hurt you... the doctors said you might be timid... You were in a terrible car accident. It took weeks for your to be stable once you were you were released to go home with family...seeing as your family is very fare away... I being your boyfriend. They let me take you home... I have been doing my best to take care of you..."] he said with a faint smile. Surely what he had just told the male was over whelming. 

[#4b85be "Come and  sit down at the table"] he said as he lead the male into the kitchen. [#4b85be "This is what I made"] he said as he opened a crockpot. Inside was a thick chicken and noodle dish sitting beside it was a large pot of mashed potatoes. He took a fork out of a draw scooped up a small mouth full of chicken. [#4b85be Here would you like it try it? ] he said he help his hand under the fork. Akira loved cooking and took great pride in what had made. He always did his best to try please who ever he cooked for. 

Yuin was special to him. Even thought the two weren't actually dating. They dated long ago but end up having a nasty break up. That was mostly  Yuin decision. 

 [pic https://i.imgur.com/XoctO6T.gif]
ALonelyOtakuYuin Sokaii   246d ago

Yuin's eyes widened a little. "B-Boyfriend...?" He sat in silence for a minute and then took the fork. "I-I didn't know- I-" He turned away, looking guilty. "I-I'm sorry... Thank you for caring for me through all of this... You seem to be a really good, caring boyfriend." He placed the fork in his mouth and practically melted. His eyes closed and a pleased groan muffledly escaped him, a smile forming on his face. 

He ate a good several thick bites of food before he placed the fork on the plate, his head lowering a little. "I-I don't think I can eat anymore." He spoke quietly. He wanted to, but he felt nauseated. He knew deep down somewhere that he should eat more, but his body simply would not allow it. 

"How did I get into a car crash...? H-How long have I been out?" He asked quietly. His eyes were full of curiosity, but an aura of confusion came from him. The mere thought of it was wrong to him, but he couldn't find out why... But, this male was trustable. He protected him, fed him, kept him safe... Surely he was good, and Yuin was just being paranoid.

[i Right?]
SnappedAkira   245d ago

[center Akira smiled softly as he happily watched him eat. Akira got a plate of his own sat down across from Yuin. He was happy the young man was enjoying his cooking. 

He then heard the male speak after he finished what he could eat. He smiled softly as he listen to the man questions. [#4b85be "Look I know everything is so confusing and hazy right now."] he said with a soft smile.  [#4b85be "You were in a coma for eight weeks."] he said as he looked at Yuin. Akira looked towards the window. 

[#4b85be "It was raining really heavy that day.... That day you got into your accident...I don't remember everything that happen that day... I am so happy toy are alive...that is all that matter you are here with me today."] said as he wiped a tear that slipped out of the counter of his eyes. 
 [pic https://i.imgur.com/XoctO6T.gif]
ALonelyOtakuYuin Sokaii   245d ago

Yuin seemed surprised. "E-Eight weeks...?!" He let out a shaky breath, a hand going to his face. Then he spoke in a whisper, "It was that bad...?! [i Oh my god...]" 

He swallowed thickly, a trembling hand on his fork. He was confused and scared, not understanding or remembering anything that had happened. He finally stood up again, looking down at himself. "I-I guess that explains why I am so pale and thin... Thank you for keeping me alive... Uhm..." He glanced at the floor a moment. "I don't know your name..." He had a sad look in his eyes, a guilty edge in his voice. He rubbed at his wrist and tried to nibble at his lip again, quickly stopping when he pierced the raw and bruised skin. 

A thin stream of blood ran down his chin and he quickly began a fast slur of apologies, his left hand pressed to his mouth to stop the bleeding.
SnappedAkira   244d ago

[center Akira sighed softly when he seen the male bite his lip yet again. He knew it was on of Yuin nervous habits. He handed Yuin a napkin.   [#4b85be "Well of corse I would keep you alive. I love you Yuin."] he said with a small blush. 

  He listen to he male stammer a question It almost caught him off guard. She he tell the male his name real name or the name of his actual love. [#4b85be "My name... it's Akira"] he said with a smile as he looked at Yuin.  

There was no since on lying about his name since the Yuin couldn't remember him... How long was he going to be able to keep up this masquerade? It was hard to tell if Yuin would getting his memories back or if it was just gone forever.
 [pic https://i.imgur.com/XoctO6T.gif]
ALonelyOtakuYuin Sokaii   244d ago

"Akira... Akira..." He spoke softly, repeating the name a few times. He said it like he was confused. He was trying to figure out where he had heard that from, as the name felt like a faint memory. However, he couldn't match it to anything and gave up. "Hmm... Thank you, Akira." He said it with a slight purr... [i Like he used to.]

He took in a deep breath, his eyes scanning the room. He tried to take another bite of food and gagged, then spat it out. "S-Sorry..." He said quietly, shoving the plate away. He then crossed his arm over his chest, placing the napkin on his lip and holding it there. "How long have we been dating...? I mean, you really like me and it just makes me wonder how much I've forgotten.." He spoke quietly, with a hopeful hint in his tone. 

Yuin had always loved romantic stories and would go on and on about his romantic fantasies... That was before the break-up. Yuin glanced up at Akira, a tiny smile on his face.
SnappedAkira   236d ago

[center Akira smiled when the male said his name with a little purr. It was rather cute. [#4b85be "About a year"] he said with a smile. 

[#4b85be "Although... I thought you were more in love with my cooking than anything"] he said with a small chuckle. 

[#4b85be " Wagashi... it seemed to be your favorite treat... Considering how thin you are getting I suppose  a more healthy treat would be better for you... Maybe something with peanut butter. "] he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

[#4b85be "Although you have always been thin"] he said with a soft sigh. [#4b85be "Your wake now so you can enjoy my cooking....  I will do my best to make your anything you desire."] he said with a sweet yet sour tone. 

How long would it be? Before he started to remember. Would he remember that red headed bastard? Akito was his name... that damn man simply swept Yuin off his feet. 

That man won't get in his way this time. Ecsepcially since he has no idea where Yuin is.  Akito was a handsome, wealthy and kind. It was no surprise that Yuin fell head over heels for him. Which lead to things being bitter between him and Yuin. Akira was jealous some might say or perhaps just heartbroken. Now Yuin was his he wasn't going to let him go.
[pic https://i.imgur.com/XoctO6T.gif]
ALonelyOtakuYuin Sokaii   231d ago

"Oh wow...!" Yuin exclaimed without any hesitation. He was surprised he was in a relationship of any kind for this long... [i Why is that? Why am I surprised...?]  He seemed confused for a moment.

"Wagashi...?" He tilted his head. He had no idea what it was, then he heard Akira say 'I'll make you anything you desire'. He didn't quite enjoy the sound of a 'Heathy Treat' so he spoke in a meek but curious tone, "C-Can you make me Wagashi...? Whatever that is..." He gave a tiny smile again to that. 

[i He is a good cook... I can see why I liked it so much. I can't eat much, but I can try... For Akira-Kun!] He smiled at that, his thumbs pressing together. A faint, fuzzy memory began to form in his head as he began feeling comfortable with Akira.... [i "Leave me alone! Akira! Please Let me go!"]... He shuddered. [i What was that?!] 

He seemed very uneasy and nervous. "H-H-Hey, Akira? D-Did we ever fight...?" He asked quietly. He trembled just a little, the memory was fuzzy, yes, but still very strong... He sniffled quietly, fiddling with his thumbs some more.


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