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Welcome to London

By The_Random_human

This is just what I want the plot to be but I'm open for some idea s to add and change a bit.

" Asher was a new transfer student to the secondary school North London School. He seemed so quite and closed off. It was the last month before the break. You would see him around and some of your friends would soon get you to talk to him. When they did it was at a joke but as you get to know him you realize he's not as bad as everyone was making him out to be.

Over the month you get to know him more you see that he has his own things and reasons that he moved. Then over the break you guys start hanging out together more and more. But then in tithe break he stars getting quite again as back into his own world. You start having to do your own thing but you guys talk still. But something would seem off about him now. As the break ends his parents end up going over to get get him but it doesn't work. And now as they leave him he starts yet again to live a normal life.

But can he really live a normal life and what is he hiding or is he hiding anything. Also what about you are you hiding something.

Welcome to London but now what happens? Find out in Welcome to London

( photo of university)

- be at lest 15 or older I will not buge on this
- be okay with cursing, dark themes( eg depression, mental illness, self harm, ect)
- be Simi-lit to lit( write at lest a paragraph if I have to I will add a min)
- no homophobia
- this will have some romance in this roleplay Asher is a trans male and guy (only male character please )
-I have a right to say no.
-have plot twist please or other ideas. Just message me
- we do have lives outside so keep that in mind
Fill this out for your characters
Age (16 or 17 at the start as this goes on both of our characters will get older again over time)
Gender( sorry for being controlling but male or demiboy sorry)
From London or transfer student
Anything else you would like to

- you can have some side characters if you would like. Heads up I will have side characters

Also have fun
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sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He looked around the new highschool he would be attending "wow this place his huge compared to my last one" he fixed his hoodie then flipped on his hood wearing a sky blue and black checkered pattern on this inside of a hood.  He walked to the main office gathering his classes and walked around the school for a bit after all he was a hour early

Asher would look around silently and his legs felt weak. he walked onto the office slowly and got his classes. As he left he looked at the peace I'd paper he got. " oh this place is huge." He said. He was wearing a red plad shirt. He flipped up his sleeves. He would hear steeps near by. " h-hello?" He would call out slowly walking in the direction he heard the foot steps.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

To distracted by looking at his paper and walked right into asher falling over "ah- Gomen sai" he got up and bowed picking up his piece of paper

" oh I'm sorry" he waved his hands slightly stressed. He finally realized what the boy say. He would pause.  He wanted to ask what he said but didn't because he didn't want to sound rude. " oh I'm Asher " he added after a moment.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

he looked up slowly and noded "shiji...shiji nokuto" he responded after straightening his clothes

" s-so you go here to. Well that's a stupid question but I-I mean are you new here." He shook his head slightly. " I'm not the best at talking I'm sorry" he whispered and done a awkward laugh.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He tilted his head and laughed "dont worry about it my english not so well too" he smiled and nodded "im from japan"

" oh.  Well I'm from the United States. And just moved here. And your English isn't that bad really." He replied as he looked up at him. " oh also nice to meet you." He smiled then looked at the paper in his hands.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He held his hand out "to you as swell- well" he blushed knowing he had messed up the word. god what was he thinking, he can't even speak in london, one of the worlds greatest landmarks

He shook his hand. Asher didn't realize  that he said anything wrong. " so uh what classes do you have?" He asked. He thought to his self am I being to rude. He looked from his paper to shiji
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

"ah yes my classes" he flipped the paper over so it was the right way up and showed it to asher "these ones"

" hey!" He smiled " me too!" He was glad that he knew someone in his classes.  " maybe we can find the class or." He paused " have you ate? Maybe we can eat"
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

he looked up "no i havent eaten yet asher" he looked back at the classes "i have classes with you all day"

He would nod yes. " we will have to change classes 4 times. And I think we have one free class or maybe two." He would look st his own paper. " we can ask the people in the office." He pointed  to the office " snd I know a place near here to eat."
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

he smiled "thats good i have no clue where to eat, it even took me an hour to get out of my apartment earlier" he laughed knowing that deep down it was true

" oh it took me forever. When I just moved here I had no clue how to do anything. But it gets easier." He smiled and walked into the office. After he asked the question a older woman replied. " you get one free class but the other is a study class." Asher would nod " thank you miss." He looked back and opened the door and waited for him.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He walked out behind asher "well at least now we know, also we are like 2 hours early, you wanna go hangout for a bit?"

" sure." He nodded I don't know many places though." He said and walked outside. " the place is right there. " He pointed across the street. It was called fish and chips. " so what do you like to eat?" He asked.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He looked at asher "sushi" he held a straight face not being serious at all >.>

He smiled " well what kind of sushi then?" He raised a eyebrow with a small smile. He would straighten out his shirt. He would look both ways and began to walk across the road making sure  shiji followed him.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He followed "spider rolls, naruto rolls, crap tempura" he giggled "the good shit yknow?"

He laughed " yesh I might try out the narruto rolls" he said " I really never had any  sushi before." They made it across. " spider rolls are Crabs right?" He questions
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

he laughed "nope they are shrimp" he opened the door "ladies first" he said jokingly

" oh then I still couldn't eat any." He raised a eyebrow playfully " I'm sorry? Well in that case after you" he said he couldn't help but to smile and laugh lightly.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

he smirked "no no age before before beauty" laughing he held the door open "after you"

( I'm sorry if they are spelling errors)
He laughed " you mean ugly" he ponited at himself "before beauty." He said as he walked in laughing. It was more of a old school style to it. He would hold the door and let him in. " so where do you want to sit?"
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He shrugged "honestly anywhere i dont mind" he shut the door behind him because it didnt close by its damn self

" oh sorry about that door it never closes " Asher smiled and shook his head. He would lead them to a booth and sat down. There was four menu's there. He would puck up one. " hey I'll pay by the way. I have plenty of money." He add happily.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He frowned "ill pick up my tab thank you very much, and i thougt you said you didnt know this place well? there something you hidin from me mister?" he smirked

" hey now. I don't know it very well but I do have a small job. I work here on the weekends." He jokely ponited. " so if you want to pay for your own food at lest let me use my discount then." He said putting down the menu.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

"thats some bullshit and you know it also how do you not know the difference of shrimp and crap of your own damn food"  he laughs and looks at the menu

( I think I understood this right sorry If I didn't) 
" well I'm still learning too." Asher would chuckle. He looked at the menus. " shrimps are called prawn here." He ponited at it in his own menu to him. " as someone from the US it's weird. What I called chips are crisps. Fries are called chips. " He shook his head.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

"well you almost got it right" he smiled and put the menu down and looked at asher

" then what is it?" He questioned with a small grin on his face.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

"well to sum it up your just dumb" he laughs and holds his stomach

He smiles " yes I am" he said it with confidence. " so tell me when your ready to order. " ssher nodded and laughed slightly.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

"ive been ready, im just waiting on you" he looks at you

He nodded.  And slightly waved " one moment" a MSN said then fished the others order. " Asher your here with a Friend." The older MSN said " what can I get for you two Lads?" The MSN looked from one to the other. " uh two eggs and a biscuits. With s large coffee." The MSN nodded " and you?" The Man asked
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

He replied "just a coffe and some bUng mI sandwhichs" he hands the MSN his menu

" of course " he nodded and walked off. " so how do you like it here?" He questioned.
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

"well its new" he nodded "a lot less crowded then japan but just crowded enough"

" yeah and everyone is close together. In Tennesse at lest where I lived there was plenty of space between people" Asher looked at a clock " oh we have a lot of time."
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

he looked as well "a whole hour and a half left" he looked at asher "what do you do for fun?"

" well I draw normally but I was thinking about getting some games. " Asher replied
sheniqashiji nokuto   248d ago

"what kinda games" he sipped his drink and tilted his head

Asher swiped his coffee. " maybe some video games not sure what kind though. " He replied with a shrug
sheniqashiji nokuto   247d ago

he frowned "i cant really give you any good reccomendations i can tell you that"

" well what do you do in your free time then?" He raised s eyebrow. The Man came back. " sorry for taking so long with your food" he put the food down then left.
sheniqashiji nokuto   247d ago

he smiled "sing"

" really!"  His face lit up with glee. " I've always wanted to sing. And I love to listen to people singing "


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