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Kasha is a beautiful and charming woman. To most people she is a talented painter. To other she is a malicious blood sucking monster that seems to get way with murder.... What would happen if she didn't kill you? What if she accident left you alive? Would you hunt her? Would you seek revenge? After all it is in her nature to feed on the blood of the living.

Okay this is the rough story-line I have put together.
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SnappedLust   1y ago

You were easily fooled by Kasha her alluring appearance. Her tight dress that seem to show every defining curve in her body.  Her pale skin that she allowed to be exposed was silky-soft. Just when you thought the moment was going to get heated and tender. When finally placed your hand on her slender frame readily tugging at the thin straps of her dress. 

You felt a rather sharp pain in  your neck. A sweet moan escaped you lips. Until the pain started to grow, you started feeling light headed. When you tried to push Kasha way you couldn't, weaken and near death you felt your body hit the floor. 

Standing before you was Kasha. Blood dripping for her mouth. Her eyes burning a bright crimson. Her cat like appearance exposed along with her blood stained teeth. [+red "Sweet dreams."] she said as she leaned down to kiss you goodbye. After the kiss she nip at your soft pale lips leaving a small bite mark on them.

Luckily for you, you survived that horrid night. You couldn't get the picture of that monster standing before you as you bled to death on the floor. What would you do if you found her again? Would you seek revenge? Would you leave her to die as she did to you?
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