Bad Girl x Good Girl

By Amethyst_Sanders
M/c is new to the school. she runs into the Bad girl of the school y/c.
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(we can start whenever you want to.
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I'm good when you are! Just gonna pick a character.
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(okay. did i send you my character info?

I don't believe so
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(alright i will write mine too then.
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Name: Amethyst Morningstar
Age: 17
gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Looks: She has pale skin. her hair is half shaved and tips dyed purple. freckles litter her face, neck, shoulder, back, and arms.
Personality: she is kind to everyone around her. it is very hard to get on her bad side. She is a nerd and somewhat of a goody-two-shoes. she doesn't really like being around people and will snap at someone if she is trying to have alone time.
Likes: Reading, anime, animals, arts and crafts(Any art and craft), fanfiction, Thomas sanders...
Dislikes: School, Bullies, most people, family...
Other: she has ADHD and a sensory disorder.
Backstory: Find out as we roleplay.

Name: Maya Nicole Edwards 
Age: 17 
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian 
Looks: Blonde hair, dark blue eyes. Smaller frame. 
Personality: A bit rough around the edges. Protective of her friends and anyone she actually likes.. but she's mostly pretty short with people. 
Dislikes: "Perfect" people, School, Work. 
Likes: Her friends, causing issues, drama, dogs. 
Backstory: Her dad died when she was younger leaving her mother, a narcissistic alcoholic, to "raise" her. She grew up rough thanks to her and caused her to dislike most people and act out in hopes for some attention that she was deprived of.
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(that's cool. the only reason i say that the backstory will be learned was 1 it brings a mystery and 2 don't want to write it. do you want to start

That's all good. Where should I start from?
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(How about starting at the beginning of the school day talking to your friends.
Amethyst_Sanders     135d ago

(like kinda before my oc runs into yours.

Maya brushed her hair back with her fingers, a sigh escaping her as she made her way towards the doors of the school. This stupid place filled her with dread every time she moved towards it. The only happy part about this school was the friends she had made. People like her. Smart-ass, people hating, back-talking shitheads that the school came to, for some reason, love. The kind of group that caused issues..not enough to get kicked out, but enough to piss people off. She loved her friends, but she'd love nothing more than to be away from school. 

Maya moved through the halls, finally finding a few of her friends. A smile pulling at the sides of her mouth as she met up with them. "Finally" she spoke, keeping her voice low before reaching the two boys and one other girl. "Another week." the blonde groaned, annoyance filling her voice. The other three laughed and discussed the weekend they just went through. The drinking, smoking and partying. 

Maya looked around, watching people walk passed the group, a few making eye contact with the hostile girl before she narrowed her eyes at them, causing them to look away. She brushed her hair over her shoulder and rolled her eyes, looking back towards the group. "Can we skip second half and go do something else? I don't want to be here.." Maya spoke, crossing her arms over her chest. "Dylan Meek has some weed we can take off him. We can go smoke in the back ally?" the girl smiled brightly, receiving an approving nod from the circle of people.

Amethyst walked into the front office to get her schedule for the year. She honestly didn't even want to be at school but she knew her parents would yell at her if she doesn't go to class. She gave a fake smile as she walked up. "Hello, I'm new to this school. I need my schedule. Names Amethyst Morningstar." 

The lady at the desk smiled. "Welcome." She looked for Amethyst's name. "I'm sorry all I see is an Elizabeth Morningstar." Amethyst sighed looking downcasted. "That is me. i prefer to use Amethyst though. i picked the name out." The lady nodded and printed out the paper. "Here you go."

Amethyst took the schedule and looked at it. she headed out of the office to find her 1st hour. she wasn't paying attention to anyone around her. she bumped into someone and had to steady herself against the wall.

(I'm proud of how long it is. sorry for any grammar mistakes. I'm not the best at grammer.

Maya watched her friends speak about what they would get up on the upcoming weekend. They usually planned their weekends ahead so they could get everyone on board with an idea. Maya agreed with pretty much anything, knowing her mom would probably be out with her own friends drinking or drinking up in her room alone or something. Either way, Maya got away with a lot of stuff. 

Maya suddenly felt herself being pushed basically off her feet. She stumbled forward a bit before looking over her shoulder at the girl who knocked into her back. "What the hell?" she growled, turning her body to look at the girl she'd never seen before. "How about you look where you're going?" Maya hissed. She pushed her hair from her face and glared down at the girl. "You have eyes, use them.." she spoke, her voice spitting venom in it. Now completed her morning of absolute annoyance. 

(It's all good! Good job)

Amethyst flinched back before looking up at the girl. "I will have you know that my parents have a meaner glare. Also, you shouldn't be taking in the middle of the hall blocking it." She could see some students around her looking at her with awe and fear. it was clear to her that she was talking to someone that everyone was afraid of.

"To answer your question I'm new here. my name is Amethyst Morningstar. ignore the name Elizabeth. i don't like it and don't use it if I'm able to. Also no I don't have to watch where I'm going. now answer mine. Where is class 254 and what is your name?" Amethyst was trying so hard not to be mean.

Maya listened to the girl talk back to her. She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. She could hear murmuring from behind her, hearing a few hushed voices speaking about the encounter between the new girl and the angry girl. [+red "Maya Edwards."] one of the teachers spoke, hearing the commotion from the other students before making his way out of the classroom. [+red "It's only Monday, Maya.. you want to start your week out in the office?"] the man asked, stepping up behind the two girls. 

"You should watch where you're going... you hit me again, you hit the ground." the girl growled, moving up close to the other girls face. Maya stood up straight and looked over her shoulder at the male. "No Mr. Payton." Maya spoke, a fake sweet voice disguising her real one before her face dropped to the same, angry demeanor she had before. "Just letting the new girl know that her first class is right over there." Maya spoke, glaring down at the girl again before pointing a slender finger towards a door just down the hall. Maya was mean and she wouldn't back down for some girl who got the backbone to talk back to her.

Amethyst looked at the teacher. Mr.Payton if she remembers right. "Nothing is going on sir." She turned her gaze back at Maya. she leaned close to her. she kept her voice down. "Darling just remember looks can be deceiving. you might mess with the wrong people and end up dead. Also, with that growl people might mistake you for a dog." She pulled away and stood up straighter. she was only 5'2.

"Thanks for the info about my class." Amethyst walked past with her head held high. she might act innocent and mostly be innocent but she did have a bite. she went to a desk in the back of the class and sat down. she didn't care if it was someone else's they would have to sit somewhere else.

Maya listened to the new girl speak, a scowl on her face. She rolled her eyes as the girl walked passed her and headed off to her class. [+red "Maya..get to class."] the teacher spoke before turning on his heel and headed off towards his own class. Maya turned towards her friends and shook her head. "Who the hell does that girl think she is?" Maya spoke, clenching her jaw tightly. She was annoyed but a little impressed the girl stood up to her so quickly. 

Maya looked up as the bell rang for first class. She looked towards her friends with a pleading look before heading off to her first class, the class evidently with the new girl. She walked in, looking towards the girl with an annoyed glare before moving to a random empty desk, sitting down and leaning back against the plastic seat with a huff.

Amethyst had started drawing when she sat down. she was working on a drawing of 2 girls in a meadow. it was clear that the girls in the drawing were in a relationship. someone walked up to her. "Hey, this is Maya's seat. she doesn't like people sitting in her spot."

Amethyst looked up seeing a boy. "And? she is going to have to deal with it. I'm not scared of her. now please leave me alone." The boy left and she sighed. The bell rang and Amethyst smirked when she saw Maya come in and sit at another desk.

Maya looked over her shoulder at the new girl and glared at her. She was in her spot... that was HER spot. She figured she probably shouldn't cause anymore issues for right now anyway.. not before class. What a way to start a monday. 

Maya let out a sigh, tapping her pencil on her desk and just waited for the bell to ring or for the day to end. She didn't want to be here.. she wanted to be doing literally ANYTHING else with her day.

Amethyst finished the drawing and smiled. the bell rang ending class. she looked up in shock. she hadn't realized that class had started. she started to put away her stuff. She didn't care for the class anyway. she was only doing it because her mother forced her to do it. she could remember the conversion. 

"Elizabeth you are going to do this class." Her mother said. "Mom you know I want to do art." Amethyst pleaded. Her mother ended up back-handing her. "You are going to become a lawyer. this class will help you. art is meaningless." Amethyst shook her head clearing away the memory. she didn't know what she wanted to be but she didn't want to be a lawyer.

Maya sat there through the class trying her hardest not to fall asleep during the lesson. She couldn't care less about the classes, but she knew she had to do them or she'd be kicked out of the class and she wouldn't have enough credits to actually graduate. 

Maya waited until the bell rang before gathering her stuff up and walking out of the classroom. "Ugh... thank god." she grumbled before finding her friends in the class. [+red "How was the class?"] her one friend boredly asked her as she twirled a piece of hair between her fingers. Maya gave a distracted shrug. "The new girl sat at my desk... it was annoying." she commented. She had some sort of boiling hate towards the girl. Maybe because she talked back to Maya and she wasn't used to it. Her friend laughed and shook her head. "Otherwise, the class was boring like usual.."

Amethyst got up grabbing her drawing book. She headed out of the classroom looking for her next class. she bumped into a poplar boy and fell. she let out a hiss of pain as she hit her side. The boy looked at her. "Oh your the new girl. you are quite pretty." He helped her up.

"Oh, my name is Chad." Amethyst pulled her hand away. she could tell he was a player. "My name is Amethyst. I'm sorry but I have to find my second hour." She moved to go around him. Chad grabbed her arm in a tight grip. "Come on. you can spare a few minutes. you did bump into me." Amethyst teared up in pain. she could feel the blood seeping from the bandages. "I'm sorry for bumping into you but please let me go." "I don't think I will."

Maya watched her friends look over her shoulder at some sort of confrontation. Maya looked back, watching Chad and the new girl. Chad was a known trouble maker, much like Maya. She watched the confrontation for a moment before shrugging her shoulders and looking back to her friends. "It's just Chad being Chad.. what's new..?" she spoke, rolling her eyes at the scenario. 

[+red "I think he's hurting her though."] her friend spoke, poking her head around Maya a little more. Maya looked back and watched Chad for a second more before letting out an annoyed grunt. She turned on her heels, moving towards the male before kicking the back of his knees so he'd fall forward. "Chad... If I have to tell you again to stop creeping girls out, I will kick your ass in the yard." Maya snapped, grabbing his hand and pulling it from Amethyst. She disliked the girl, but it was always fun getting to cause a bit of trouble of her own.

Amethyst held her arm to her chest. "I'm not doing anything bad. I'm just having fun with the new girl." Chad fell down with a grunt. "Come on Maya." Amethyst looked down at her arm seeing the blood seeping through her shirt.

She let out a string of curses and ran to the bathroom. she closed the door and took off her shirt. she turned on the water trying to calm down. Amethyst slowly unwrapped the bandages showing self-harm cuts and scars.

Maya glared down at Chad, crossing her arms over her chest again. "No, don't "come on Maya" me.." Maya snapped at him. "I told you last week to stop bugging the girls." she hissed at him before turning and walking off back to her friends. As much as the new girl pissed her off, she didn't like Chad and she didn't like when he always got away with bugging the new girls or the younger girls. 

She looked towards the bathroom to where the girl had run off to and followed her in, peeking around the corner. She saw the blood through her shirt and bit at her lower lip. Was this girl depressed or something? Maya moved around the corner a bit more, staring the girl down. "He's such a dick." she started. "If he comes at you again, just smack him." she spoke, keeping her face as straight as possible. She wasn't sure if she should address the blood or just leave it alone.

Amethyst yelped and looked up trying to hide the blood. She glared at Maya. "Why do you care?" she turned back to sink and ran her arms under the water hissing slightly. "Are you here to bully me? if so get on with it so I can finish what I'm doing."

Amethyst was tensed. she was not wanting to get hurt anymore but she would rather have it happen before she bandage herself up so she wouldn't have to redo them. "I will agree that Chad is a dick but he can't do anything that hasn't been done to me. so I'm fine."

(Hey just checking up on you.

(Hey, sorry just getting around to posting now)

(that's fine. i was busy during the weekend anyway.

Maya rolled her eyes. "I'm not here to continue it." she commented, crossing her arms again. "I just, for some reason, wanted to see what you were doing." she spoke, looking away from the girl with a sigh. Why did she even care in the first place. 

"I've hated Chad since the first year. I like pushing him around and stuff." she spoke, rubbing at her shoulder a bit. "Gives me pleasure knowing he doesn't get under the skin of some people."

"Well i'm covering up my self-harm wounds because Chad fucking caused them to bleed again. i was doing so good too." Amethyst sighed. "He does get under my skin. i just don't show it. can I tell you something? you seem like someone who won't tell a secret. i just need someone to talk to."

She turned to Maya. "Please don't say 'go talk to one of your parents.' it pisses me off. i just need to get it off my chest." Amethyst started to bandage her arms the best she could.

Maya was taken back a bit when the girl asked if she could ask her something. She leaned up against the wall and nodded, waving her hand a bit to emphasize that she was ready to hear whatever the girl was going to ask for. "Alright." she said, making sure her voice sounded bored. As curious as she was, she had a reputation to uphold.  

She wondered what this girl was about. Self harm wounds? Why? Why would someone want to do that to themselves? She knew a few people who did it but she could never understand why. She just shrugged it off, knowing she'd never understand and she didn't have the same thoughts or feelings as others so there was no use in trying. "Uh huh.. I'm listening." she spoke, pulling her sleeves over her hands a bit.

Amethyst took a deep breath. "My parents are abusive. they won't let me be myself. I get beaten every single day. They are forcing me to be either a doctor or a lawyer." She looked at Maya. "I want to be an artist of some type. they made sure I never asked about it again."

"I can't come out to them because I'm so scared. i know what they would do."

Maya watched her curiously as she spoke."You don't have any other family to stay with?" she asked, tilting her head to the side slightly as the girl explained herself. "So you don't have to stay with them." she spoke, rubbing at the back of her neck. She leaned up against the door frame. 

Maya straightened a bit when she heard the girl say 'come out'. She cleared her throat a bit and looked away. She hadn't come out to anyone either. She hadn't even thought about it. She didn't want to know what anyone would say.

"My grandparents died a few years ago. they were my only escape." Amethyst sat on the counter. "I would love to leave but I don't have enough money. They take most of it. Also, I don't know where to go."

Amethyst started to put the bandages In her bag. "You can leave if you want. thanks for listening I guess."

Maya shrugged her shoulders and let out a sigh. She was stuck where she was and couldn't get out. Lack of funds mostly. She nodded her head and looked around as Amethyst started packing her stuff up. Maya didn't want to pry further. 

"Well I hope you get out of that shit hole. Don't know how you're going to, but I hope you do." she spoke, twisting a bit of hair around her finger. Her demeanor was faltering but she couldn't help it at the moment.

"Thanks." Amethyst smiled. "I hope you can get out of your shithole too. don't worry I won't tell." She got off and grabbed her backpack. "Maybe we can try and get an apartment together at some point."

Maya raised a slender eyebrow at the girl before looking away. "And apartment? you and me?" she asked before giving a slight laugh. "Yeah, we'd be at each others throats constantly. Maybe not a great idea." she spoke, biting the inside of her cheek. She wasn't sure what this girl was playing at but she had to remember how she was suppose to act, how she had acted for a while. 

She knew where the girl was coming from. Her home life wasn't the greatest either but she didn't let it dwell too much on her. She had to remember that she had escapes and some people just didn't.

"You are not wrong but it will be safer than being at our houses." Amethyst shrugged and headed out. "My offer is still up no matter what." She headed to her next class. she didn't want to but if her parents found out she is screwed.

Maya watched the girl walk passed her, shaking her head as she thought about what just happened. Even that was out of character for Maya, something she had never actually done before. She didn't comfort people, people rarely confided in her and she was truly OK with that. She didn't have many friends and the ones she did have were delinquents. 

Maya let out a huff before exiting the bathroom, moving towards the group of friends who stayed in the same spot. She explained what happened, leaving out the self harm stuff. It was odd and she had to get it off her chest.

Amethyst sat down. She sighed. She hated being so weak. She got out her sketchbook and started drawing. She was scared that something would happen.

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