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Who Do You Choose? | MxF or MxM

By Razzbarie

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  1. [Queued] bbg_starr
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  3. [Allowed] Cat22

Y/C is transported to Hell (also known to the people there as the Devildom) to become a student in the new exchange program that brings demons, angels, and even humans together. During their time as a student, they have to live with seven demon brothers who all eventually fall in love with y/c. Which one of them will you choose?

DISCLAIMER; I do not take credit for this idea, nor do I own any of the characters that I use for this roleplay. Many events and the idea for the role play come from Obey Me. If you like the idea of the RP, go check out the original game and/or anime. ^^


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RazzbarieDiavolo   52m ago

"Good. Here, take this." Diavolo pulls out a phone and hands it to Vaan. "This phone is exclusive to the devildom, so you'll be able to contact me, Lucifer, and everyone else. Pretty neat. I'll be able to message you when I'm free each week."
Cat22Vaan   23h ago

“I wouldn’t mind weekly meetings. In fact, they might even be beneficial in a way.” Vaan said softly. He gently unfolded his wings after he spoke.
RazzbarieDiavolo   23h ago

"That'd be a good idea. How do you feel about weekly meetings?" Diavolo asked. He shifted to his other side.
Cat22Vaan   23h ago

“If speaking to you more will decrease the chances of me snapping, we should probably talk more often. I really don’t want to snap if I don’t have to…” Vaan said softly.
RazzbarieDiavolo   1d ago

"Don’t worry too much about it. The more we speak to each other, the less likely you are to snap…Or more likely depending on how you view me.."
Cat22Vaan   1d ago

“So I was brought here to fulfill that purpose and I’d consider us acquaintances at best for the moment. I’m scared of snapping again…” Vaan said softly.
RazzbarieDiavolo   1d ago

Diavolo nodded, "I see… Well, my goal is similar, in that I want everyone to be able to live together in peace with little negativity. You being here is what helps that. So, thank you for that. Perhaps we could become friends…" he said softly.
Cat22Vaan   1d ago

“I don’t want to have a negative relationship with anyone here… I’ve already had enough of that back home and I wanted a change from that…” Vaan said softly.
RazzbarieDiavolo   1d ago

Diavolo’s smile faded as he stared into the boy’s eyes. He had almost completely forgotten that happened and had to think about it for a moment. His smile soon returned, "Ah, that’s alright. I can understand why you had done that. I’ve been told I sometimes look…like a douche as some may say…Or arrogant to others. But of course, I will leave it to you to decide how you think of me." he said.
Cat22Vaan   1d ago

“I-I want to apologize for my behavior earlier… I don’t know what came over me that day but I suddenly snapped without warning…” Vaan muttered softly. He still kept his wings folded against his back as he spoke.
RazzbarieDiavolo   1d ago

"Okay, follow me then…" Belphie told him in a quiet mumble. Belphegor then led Vaan to Lucifer’s room, where Diavolo was. Diavolo was sitting on the floor while the door was shut, he was waiting for Lucifer to come out. When he saw Belphie and Vaan approaching, he stood, giving them both a warm smile. "Hello, boys." Diavolo greeted, before putting his hands to his side as a warm smile turned into a large grin.

"Hello, Diavolo…" Belphegor responded in a soft grumble. He was looking off to the side with a very annoyed expression. He didn’t say anything more after that, not wanting to to say anything offensive by accident. Diavolo looked at the both of them, leaning slightly to one side. His grin went back to a shut smile. "Did you need something?" he asked.
Cat22Vaan   1d ago

“O-okay… I’ve only explored the entire place once so I might end up getting lost. I really appreciate the help.” Vaan said softly. He had slightly uncovered his face and then slowly folded his wings against his back again as they once were before.
RazzbarieAsmodeus   1d ago

"You’ll do fine! Belphie will come with you, don’t worry about it." Asmo said. "Wait, what? I didn’t agree to-" Belphie started to say before being interrupted. "Please? I’m sure you’d be very helpful." Asmo stated. Belphie let out a sigh, "Okay, sure. I’ll come with in case anything bad happens.."
Cat22Vaan   1d ago

“Then I’ll try to find him. I don’t know how long it will take, however. I’m also a little nervous about if the apology goes wrong…” Vaan said softly. He slowly covered his face with the ends of his wings after he spoke as if he was hiding his embarrassment. He didn’t want to say anything else at the moment hence the reason why he had stopped speaking completely.
RazzbarieAsmodeus   2d ago

"By what I heard, he’s most likely sitting in front of Lucifer’s room, a few doors down"