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Marvel : Next level

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New York City. A bustling city with people from all over the globe, and of course some from all over the universe, has been a playing ground for a lot of heroes and villains. With some of the Avengers growing older and some of them helping other planets and galaxies, they turn to the help of their children to aid them in keeping everything safe and sound. Now that the kids are old enough to protect the planet and have been learning everything they need to know from their parents, it's their turn to continue the legacy of the avengers and protect innocent beings from the evil doers.

Not much of a plot but I was thinking the kids could meet each other and get to know each other maybe in the Avengers Tower in New York... Or something.. around the city even,

Okay, so I wanted to do something that involved Marvel so I figured, hell, let's do Marvel with the kiddos. Of course we can have originals if you want to bring in the OG characters, just remember how they act.
I want to do a group RP because, why not, why have just two Marvel Characters to play with?
The kids can have different powers from their parents or the same powers, I do not care. All I ask is that you aren't completely overpowered..
Let's keep it fun and light hearted.. it's just an adaption of course..
I don't want any ONE LINERS or TEXT TALK. Make sure you post something people can follow up with... I wont expect a book or a ton of paragraphs but don't give me two sentences and expect people to reply to that.

What I want for a skelly is :
Name :

If you want to include a background, you go ahead.. if you want to just make it up as you go along the RP, I'm fine with that too.

I'd prefer either real pictures.. but I will let people get away with realistic illustrations if it's easier to find suitable pictures.

I'm being extremely loose with my rules and expectations for this RP because I am bored and just want to have a fun lighthearted RP .

That being said, don't take my leniency lightly. I do still EXPECT more than one liners. If you disrespect other RPers.. You will be asked to leave.
If you godmod.. you will be asked to leave.
If you cyber, you wont only be asked to leave, but you will be banned.

Also, not everyone can spend every moment on this site. We all go to school, have jobs and what not so don't expect people to reply all the time. If you get too ahead of the RP and other people can't catch up, I will pause the RP and ask that we take a moment for others to reply and also have fun.



Name : Benjamin Parker
Age: 18
Parents: Peter Parker and MJ
Powers: Inherited Peters powers
Personality: A fun loving kid who grew up to be almost opposite of his father He's not shy when it comes to interaction, he's not entirely nerdy but he did learn a lot from his dad in terms of the tech Tony Stark gave him. He's helped his dad in a ton of missions and loves being the next gen spider-man. His personality, at times, can get to the point of a bit cocky. He's basically the same in and out of the suit.


Name : sophie
Age: 9
Parents: Steve Rogers/captain America (she never knew her mother as she died when she was born so I'm not going to mention her)
Powers: she has inherited a few stuffs from her father like strangth (me forgetting what else caption America has lol)
Personality: she is kind and sweet and wishes to go on missions with her father but is left with a babysitter she sometimes gets annoyed at that but normally keeps it to her self she is also shy though and has a hard time making friends


Name: Otii
Age: 17
Parents: None
Powers: Teleportation, Barrier,
Personality: Curious
About: He was made from the imagination of a young girl named Alice Stoods. Alice had taught Otii what he could do and also taught him everyday things.
Alice’s parents didn’t like Otii one bit. A random thing made from their daughters imagination just hanging out with them almost everyday.
One day though, the house burned down, everyone was gone and with Otii still wondering what happened, he searches for Alice once again.


Name: Kathrine Marvel
Age: 19
Parents: Captain Marvel (Father is unknown)
Powers: Those of her mother's
Personality: Kind, quite shy


Name : Ava Stark
Age: 18
Parents: Tony Stark aka Iron Man & Piper
Powers: no powers. Just money & technology
Personality: outgoing, stubborn, trust issues

Name: Qrow Howlett (gave himself the last name)
Age: unknown (looks anywhere from nineteen to twenty-three)
Parents: unknown
Powers: [classified ]
Personality: Qrow is a pretty closed in person due to him having only a year's worth of memories, he is normally pretty grumpy but he has a kind heart.

Name : Lilia
Age: 19
Parents: Eddie Brock and Anne Weying
Powers: can read minds, shapeshift, make illusions
Personality: sharp-tongued, kind, caring, shy, smart
other: Shade is a female symbiote that lives inside lilia. Lilia's themesong is called, "better days."
Name : Lesley Romanoff (Orb weaver)
Age: 21
Parents: Natasha Romanoff
Powers: Lesley can make illusions, she has venom claws, can and read minds
Personality: kind, soft, caring
Update for Dick Adams
Name: Dick Adams
Alias: Spider-boy
Age: 17
Parents: He doesn't know because they died when he was at a young age, now he lives with his aunt Mary and uncle rob
Powers: Just All of Spider-man's
Personality: Likes to work alone but needs someone to look out for him
Name : Lizzy Stark
Age: 18
Parents: Tony stark and pepper pots
Powers: elemental control and enhanced smarts
Personality: caring, could be a bit rude, Nice, a bit flirtatious to people she likes
Name : Samsara Wilson(Deathpool)
Age: 19
Parents: Wade Wilson(Deadpool) and Death
Powers: Healing Factor similar level to Deadpool, ability to to move back and forth from her mothers pocket dimension(The Realm of Death), Near infinite knowledge as most of her mothers memories were passed on to her(Her mother ceased to exist once she was born) and the ability to make weapons out of nothing(Most commonly used to make guns and her signature scythe.)
Personality: Samsara is very similar to her father with being a wise cracker and somewhat insane at times, however when situations get serious she is taken over by the instinct of death and becomes overly serious, especially when her father or friend are in danger.
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K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

Where's my avengers at??? 🙃
hillory_bakugos_sisSophie   1y ago
Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

Heyo I here has anyone else joined?
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

If you wanna post, you can go ahead. We have another one so when they send me their skelly, I'll put it into the rp and they can start posting too.
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

(One of y’all can start first- I’d rather not if that’s fine ;-;-
Also hello!)

(Hi guys, may I join?)
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

Of course! Welcome!
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

(Alright, I'll start us off. We've got 4 so far so I'd say that's a decent starting off point.) 

It didn't take long for Ben Parker to get the hang of being Spider-man 2.0, or Spider-boy as his father called him. The boy was charismatic, learned quickly and was all around more than excited to begin his journey as the next Spider-man. Being able to finally put on a suit, learn the tech Tony Stark had given his father and put it to use came as easy to Ben as speaking. 

The boy perched himself beside his father as the two sat on the edge of one of the taller buildings, looking out at the city. [+red "You're getting quick."] Peter spoke, grabbing the back of his mask and pulling it off his head, revealing the same shaggy brown hair he always sported. Ben did the same, looking to the side at his dad with a pleased grin plastered on his face. "Thanks, dad. This is so fun." the boy spoke, putting the mask on the rooftop beside him before messing up his own, shaggy brown hair. 

Peter quickly looked down at his watch, looking at the time before jumping to his feet. [+red "I should get home. Your mom is cooking dinner and if I'm not there when she's done she'll have a fit."] he spoke, patting Ben on the shoulder and moved back to the ledge of the building. [+red "If you want to stay out here, I'll let your mom know but be back at a reasonable time.. or she'll be blowing up your phone."] he spoke, jumping from the building and swinging off. Ben let out a sigh, leaning back on his hands as he looked out towards the city.
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

He could see what was happening. He could hear the entire conversation they had.
Another Spider-Man. The world was changing quickly.
He was lucky to not be seen by the two during their short and quick-ish conversation.
He had climbed down from the building and landed on his clawed, reptilian like feet. He adjusted his long cape around him before taking out a teddy bear from his bag and sniffing it. He caught a scent once more before following it, going from shadow to shadow to find the scent.
hillory_bakugos_sisSophie   1y ago
Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

Sophie sighed as there was a knock on the door she was going to be left with a babysitter again so she had packed her stuff and would soon sneak out the window as soon as her dad left she had packed snacks and a jumper as well as a few other stuffs she listened for her dad leaving as soon as she heard the door close she jumped out the window and hid around the back of the house
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

(Just waiting for ya to respond king of hell ;-;
Soooooooooo- ye :P I go once more I guess)

He had stopped to only loose the scent once more, making him whine quietly. The tenth time he had lost track of the scent. He looked around the neighborhood he was in.
Lights all off, A few cars passing here and there, crickets chirping.
It was perfect to him.
He decided to look up at the starry sky above him, clutching the teddy bear softly in his clawed hand. He stopped and got up before walking off once more.
That is until he stopped to hear talking. He looked into a house to see…robbers, he was told they were bad people. Seems they didn’t pull an alarm to alert parents.
He slowly went through an open window and watched them from there before deciding to strike.
A few minutes pass and he took them both out before deciding to drop them off at a police station. He dragged them through an open window but before going through he was met with the flash of a light.
That’s where he saw a young girl with brown curly hair staring at him with a phone in hand.
He decided to then leave through the window with the robbers before she would scream and call the cops.
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

(Sorry I was waiting for Kisharu to post)

(Sorry guys, I only post later at night)

Kathrine walked around the once seemingly empty streets of New York. Her mother, having left her to go do her own duties elsewhere, had been gone for quite some time. Kathrine couldn't remember the last time she felt her mother's hospitality. She longed for it to return to her. 

Kathrine waited at the end of a street and scanned the many hues of light reflecting off of the various buildings that towered over her. She felt a strong tug inside her to fly up too the top of a building and watch over the city, just as her mother did.

The itchy material of her suit clenched her skin under her regular daily clothes.  She loved the suit. But she hated it. It was a symbol and an honor to wear. But the expectations and torment were unbearable to her small mind.
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

(O- I apologize for that— didn’t know-)

(It is quite alright. I forgot to inform you all, sorry.)
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

Ben swung his legs a couple of times before standing up onto the ledge of the building. He slipped the mask back over his head, securing it in place before stepping off the edge of the building. 

Falling never bothered Ben. The feeling in his stomach as he fell felt pretty cool to him. He loved the excitement of it. He reached his arm out, bringing his middle and ring finger down to squeeze the trigger on his wrist, causing a string of web to quickly shoot from the contraption and stick to the side of a building. 

Ben swung through buildings, looking for at least something to do. Then, it hit him. A tingle starting from the top of his head sprouting down his entire body. Something was happening. He stopped swinging, landing on the side of a building and looking around quickly as he looked for what was causing his spider sense to go off. He looked towards the ground, seeing a figure with a couple of bodies moving through the shadows and a young girl standing there in shock. "What the?!" Ben spoke, keeping himself stuck to the brick wall as he watched the dark figure. "Hey you! What are you doing?" He shouted down to the figure.
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

He looked at Ben as he was dragging one of the bodies with his mouth and the other with his hand. He let go and started at Ben before going to the house and shutting the window to the house, a bit slow, and continuing to move the bodies.
He just slowly kept backing away with the bodies in his grip and the only thing that could actually could be heard was
It looked kind of weird to as he was bending pretty weird to do this, but also using his empty hand to help steady himself.
He didn’t seem interested in talking one bit either, especially to this new- spider- boy- man?
hillory_bakugos_sisSophie   1y ago
Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

Sophie ran out into the streets and sighed happy that she was free from the lame babysitter she was the daughter of Captain America she didn't need a babysitter she needed adventure and fighting she wanted to fight bad guys she ran into the busier part of the city and looked around

Kathrine retreated from the spot at the crossroads where she had stood for a good 20 minutes. She heard a nearby commotion and turned towards it. To her surprise, it looked to be Spider-Man's son, Ben. She walked up forth to him.

When was the last time she had spoke to anyone? A long time she had thought. Especially to anyone who was in the Avengers or a Superhero.

As she approached Ben, she acknowledged his features. He looked a lot like his father. The same color hair, and almost the same hair cut as well. If she didn't know any better she would have thought it was Spider-Man himself.

"Well, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought you were Spider-Man! Long time no see Ben." Kathrine spoke.
Simply_RandomAva   1y ago

Ava isn'ta fan of her mother. Pepper allowed her father's company to crumble. To be run by someone else. It's their legacy. He built it. Why won't aren't they taking it back?
It took the girl everything in her power to b as smart or even smarter than her dad. With the help of Jarvis. He is one of her best friend. Someone she trusts with ever fiber in her body. Ava is only 19 and she's still trying to prove herself to everyone who knows her father. 
Happy and her would get cheeseburgers and catch up. Pepper is rarely home but there okay. It gave the girl time to improve their security system and their home. She even found a few locations that belongs to dad and changed the passwords too. One being a lab that as used not too long ago by Peter Parker. Happy tells her that her father secretly cared for the kid who's no longer a kid. Now he's an adult with his kid. Same powers and everything. Part of her wants to meet the other heroes offspring's, but how can she? One in a million. One in a million chances to beat Thanos and her father did it. Risked his life for the world... They brought him into it. Why couldn't they let things be? Yes half the world was gone but... But... Ugh... She...
Ava sighs as she finally returned home. With her car parking itself in the garage, the girl uses her watch to call for her suite. Its time to fly in the sky.
“Ava, seems like Captaon Marvel is in the sky with you.”
“Let’s avoid her. I'm not on the mood to talk. Is it here or her daughter?”
“One second... Daughter and she's talking to Benjamin Parker.”
Ava lands on top of a building. She looks at what Jarvis is showing her. However, the girl was focused on crimes. One stood out the most. Everything about it was weird. ((otii)) With Javis help she's going to figure out who or what that is.
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

Ben looked at the creature curiously. He watched as it retreated again with the bodies, closing the window to the house. The movements weren't anything like he'd seen.. nor had his father told him about anything like this. "Hey what..are.. you...?" The boy asked in a very confused tone. The question he trailed off with was just as valid as the question he wanted to ask in the first place. What was this thing doing? What even was this thing? A new encounter was welcomed... but it was welcomed with a very cautious Ben Parker. 

Ben's attention was snapped away from the figure for a moment as he looked up and spotted the young blonde he quickly recognized as Kathrine. "Oh hey!!" The boy exclaimed, looking between the girl and the ghost like figure moving around. "I'm... trying to figure out what is happening there. Wanna help?" Ben smiled, looking back up at the girl, rubbing the back of his neck slightly.

Again, his spider sense went off.. there was someone else near by. It seemed the action was following whatever this thing was and whatever this thing was doing. Ben crawled down the wall, finding the ground again and took another look around. "There's someone else around..."

Kathrine smiled at Ben and nodded to him.

"I would very much like to understand what I am seeing as well. I am very confused." She said.

Kathrine took a step forwards to the the figure, attempting to examine it, to get a better read on it. Even though her mother had shown her the many different things of this universe, she had never seen something quite like this. It was rather intriguing, she inquired. 

She searched around for anything that could explain the situation in front of her. She looked to see if it could possibly be a hallucination or a misconception. But after searching for answers from the thin air around her she could pick out nothing to solve this mystery.
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

Yeah he was screwed..
Not only was it the spider boy but it was the space woman to! And- he thinks the millionaire daughter?
He continued before he dropped the bodies and ran. For how he looked like a skinny shadow thing, did have incredible speed.
He didn’t look both ways sadly when going across the street which made him run into a car. He fell back and blinked a bit before he heard the driver honking at him, probably yelling curse words at him to. He did not like that one bit.
He growled slightly and stood up, showing he was
much larger than one meets the eye. The driver had stopped, staring in shock before yelling as Otti started to chew on the car.
The driver had already left but otti continued to eat it.
Hurt his teeth a bit but a small snack for him.
Simply_RandomAva   1y ago

Jarvis couldn't find anything it. Just possible videos of it doing... Something. This is getting interesting. Jarvis did warn her that the two people she wanted to avoid are going after the same thing. 


Ava twirls on the sky before approaching the traffic jam. People are running and screaming. “Wha... What are you? Why are you eating the car? Please tell me you didn't it the human too... Who are you and what do you want?”  ava had a hand out in case she needs to blast this thing. “Let’s talk... I'm not allow. Judging by how you're looking around you know what I'm talking about. I honestly don't wanna deal with the right so please start talking or else I will have to blast you.”
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

He stopped when he heard about being shot. He slowly turned with a piece of the cars light in his mouth, swallowing it quickly. He started growling.
He didn’t like anything of being shot, not even threatened about it. Learned it from his girl.
He wouldn’t fight but the threat if he didn’t speak now- to possibly billions of questions- would kill him.
He opened his mouth slightly as a small glowing ball lit up in his mouth made of pastel colors coming in here and there, becoming a bit big, maybe the size of a dodge ball before shooting out at the billionaire girl person.
Simply_RandomAva   1y ago

“What the...” She had Jarvos turn off the communication so they can talk. Jarvis tried to analyze it but there’s nothing in there.

Ava shoots back, flying into the air. “So much for trying to friendly. Go back to Narnia you freak...” she tells ‘it’, “Spider Boy, ... And whatever you go by daughter of captain Marvel...” she shouted trying to stay safe and not cause a lot I damage. She doesn't need Pepper aka mama calling her.
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

Ben nodded at Kathrine, looking over at the creature as it ran off, causing it to get smacked into by a car and come out basically unharmed. The real kicker was when it started to actually EAT pieces of car. "What the hell!" Ben exclaimed, looking back at Kathrine before moving towards the weird creature. It wasn't long before the person Ben was sensing before emerged down to try and reason with the thing. 

Ben recognized her as Mr. Starks kid. He heard his dad talk about Mr. Stark a lot, knowing his dad looked up to him like a father of his own. Ben wished he could meet the man that helped his dad with all the tech he used today. When she tried to reason with the creature, it seemed he wasn't too into talking before shooting some sort of light out at the girl. 

When she called for the two others, Ben quickly shot a web up, swinging forward and landing beside the girl, holding a hand out towards the thing and staring it down. "Come on, now we just want to talk." Ben spoke, keeping his hand reached out in Otii's direction in case anything happened. He needed to be prepared to 'hopefully' web this thing up.
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

He hissed at them again and shot another beam at them before running off. Come on think!- Maybe home- yes- no?- yes home! Going home would be much better- but what if they follow?
He leaped from roof to roof of the buildings, thinking he had lost them with the help of the shadows at night, which speaking on night. It was slowly going away.
He had now arrived at a ‘forest’. Well almost like an overgrown area. But she taught him forest are places with trees and water.
In the distance he stared for a bit at an old overgrown house, an abandoned home. He made his way there and slipped inside.
hillory_bakugos_sisSophie   1y ago
Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

Sophie wondered what everyone else was doing as she walked around the city bored as she hadn't seen any crime at all

Kathrine grew astonished at what the thing had done. She stared wide eyed into the night, then flew up to meet Ben upwards in the air.

"Well, that was.....interesting." Kathrine said as the thing ran off.

Kathrine blew off the comment from Tony Stark's daughter. She didn't have the energy or patience to deal with her right now. 

She examined her, noting her weak points. You never know, maybe it would come in handy at some point.
batchan123jin yeong   1y ago

( Name :melody song 
Age: 17 
Parents: none
Powers: she has the power to create soundwaves with her voice and guitar 
Personality: shy and sweet but can be mean if agravated )
hillory_bakugos_sisSophie   1y ago
Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

Sophie walks past them all but doesn't notice them instead she just sits down on a seat nearby
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

Otti seemed to see Sophie on a bench and he slowly crawled out and went up behind her.
His head was tilted and his steps were light. He just stares at Sophie for a bit before sniffing her. It would probably alarm her but he wasn’t bothered by that part, unless she shrieked..
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

(Batchan123 you can post whenever you want)
Simply_RandomAva   1y ago

Ava sighs. This thing is weird. It's obviously not friendly. It may take a while to figure out what it is and what it wants. The girl lowers herself. 

“Thanks.” she says to Ben, but looking at the girl. Ava read her father’s notes on everyone. Captain Marvel has incredible physical powers and abilities. However, when it comes to her mind, she can be overpowered. When she is subject to mental or psychological attacks, it is hard to overcome. She is susceptible to brainwashing, mental manipulation and possession. Her father managed to get that information from SHIELD. Pheraps the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. 

Ava gets out of the suite and sends it home. It didn't take long for Happy to screech the car to a halt in front of her. He was upset for what she's done. How he's too old to still be doing this shit. While driving she shouts for him to stop seeing IT again. Happy pressed the breaks a little too hard but he did stop. She got out to slowly approach them. A random little girl and IT. 

“H-hey, are you okay?” she says to the little girl while looking at IT.
batchan123mha oc melody   1y ago

melody was walking to a bar for her next gig
K1NG0FH3LLBenjamin Parker   1y ago

Ben stood there, confused as to what he just saw. He looked over at Kathrine before taking another look around. "that was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I've never heard my dad talk about anything like that." Ben spoke, a but dumbfounded. By Kathrine's initial reaction, he figured she'd have no clue as to what that thing was either. Maybe he should call his dad... this thing, whatever it was, potentially could be dangerous. 

Ben crossed his arms, taking quick looks around again before bouncing on his feet. Maybe they'd have to follow it around a bit to get any information on it. "S-should...we go after it?" Ben questioned, looking towards Kathrine for some sort of answer. Ava was already off trying to go after it.
batchan123mha oc melody   1y ago

melody walked into the bar and started setting up

Kathrine stood dumbfounded in front of everyone.

"I think we should leave it be. If we leave it alone, it might go away." Kathrine said as she turned to Ben.

In all honesty, she was creeped out by the thing. Not knowing what it was and what it could do was the scariest part. She had tried to analyze it, but could get a read off of it. It seemed that no one here had seen anything like it.

Kathrine just hoped it wouldn't cause any trouble, or bring unwanted attention.
batchan123mha oc melody   1y ago

melody was done setting up and started singing
hillory_bakugos_sisSophie   1y ago
Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

(what did I miss?)
FROSTBITE4395[Marvel: Next Level]   1y ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Qrow walked up behind Ben with a blood covered bullet in his left hand, "[b Sorry I took so long to get here, mind telling me whats going on?]" a deep vibrant voice asked, Qrow didn't know his powers, but he knew that every time he should have died he came back (due to a healing factor he doesn't acknowledge).

Qrow was a tall person (standing at 7'2") and normally wore his average black shirt, greyish-black jacket, and baggy jeans. he normally carried a butterfly knife to help him when he had to fight.

(sorry it's so short/confusing...)
Simply_Random     1y ago

The little girl was shy. Everything in her hopes this thing isn't going to devour her as it did with the car. IT doesn't speak but perhaps it heard her words. Ava’s mother always said to choose her words wisely. Maybe IT heard the words blast and IT tried to kill her out of fear or thought it was a game... What is she saying...

“Is this your friend?” Ava asks the little girl. She then began to sign to IT to see of it knows ASL. Happy walks up behind Ava asking her why she freaked out not got distracted seeing why. He began to whisper to Ava asking what Otti is. She had to explain no one know and that it doesn't talk. It was Happy who handed it a gently tossed it a pen and small notepad. 

“What’s your name?”
“Are you crazy?!”, she whispers to Happy, “A pen is considered a weapon.”
“Hold on.” He whispered, “Are you lost? Can we help you?” He continues to ask IT (Otti), “My name is Happy. This is Ava. We’re good.” Ava tried so hard not to roll her eyes and smiles. He obviously lost it. Happy is usually on her side with how she handle things. It apparently reminds him of her dad at times. Mom doesn’t like it very much.
ChaosCartoonOtii   1y ago

He stared at them both for a bit before slowly coming close to them. But seeing the rich girl from earlier again he had stepped back and hissed. Whenever they took another step he took one back and hissed louder, making him also run off into the old house again, going in through the window and falling flat on the floor. He continued to growl and watch from the window for a few seconds before going up some rotting steps to a different area.
There was no harm to the girl either, not even a small scratch or a bruise on the girls face.
Simply_RandomAva   1y ago

Happy cursed under his breath. “What the hell. It looked at you.”
“Unless it has a super power to see through things there’s no way it could know who I am. I was suited up… I'm convinced it’s evil.” She says standing up looking at the little girl (Sophie). “If you’re hungry you can go with this very nice man to get food. He’s so nice that he changed his name to Happy.” Ava says smiling at Happy who wasn’t happy at the moment. 

“Come on sweet. Do you like cheeseburgers?”

Ava looks at the house. Maybe it’s hungry? She can give it an old pipe or something… sighing, she began to walk around the building. Jarvis tells her it’s been abandoned for years. It got destroyed years ago when her father was alive.

Ava calls for another suite as she goes inside through a different window. She uses one of the pens she made to show a hologram of different things; nature, clips of Disney movies, food, animals. It didn’t take long for the suite to appear next to her. She didn’t feel like going inside just yet. Stupid, dangerous, yea she knows. 

One of her father’s suites went to go find Ben. To let him know Ava found the thing. Backup would be greatly appreciated.
K1NG0FH3LL     1y ago

Ben shrugged. "Maybe it's a good thing to case it.. I can tell my dad about it and maybe if your mom comes back around any time soon we can tell her about it?" Ben shrugged, looking over at Kathrine with a tilted head. Suddenly, hearing a voice behind him, Ben jumped forward a bit, turning himself around to see Qrow. His head snapped up to look up towards the inhumanly tall boy standing behind him. Ben himself only stood about 5 feet 9 inches himself, getting the middle ground between his taller mother and shorter father. He looked to Kathrine before clearing up his throat and looked back at Qrow. "Uhh.. we were just on the tail of a weird creature. We have no idea what this thing is if you want to join is in going after it." Ben spoke, straightening his body again. 

Ben turned around, hearing the sound of a suit approaching them. He watched as Ava's suit approached, looking to find them and no doubt bring them to the creature. Ava was basically right behind the thing. "Well I guess that's our guide." he spoke. "Lets go see what this thing is!" Ben turned, shooting out a web to start swinging off to follow Ava's suit.
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Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

Sophie walked home and snuck in through the back and went up to her room then went and turned her phone on and started messaging her friends
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ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

Qrow looked at the beast and down at ben, "So- Killing it's out of the question?" Qrow asked, he was in a 'killing mood' so others called it when he snapped a flock of pigeons necks

[center ^-------*([b Memory])*-------^]

"[b Wh-Where am I?]" Qrow thought, looking at blurry figures walking around the room, he seemed to be floating in a cylindrical tank made of glass, it was full of- some sort of liquid gelatin, "[b Where am I!?]" Qrow yelled, punching the glass at full force, though considering the gelatin/liquid he was in plus the tubes connected to his body, he was probably restrained quite a bit.

(Short once again -_-)
hillory_bakugos_sisSophie   1y ago
Starting year 9 so will be online around 3:45-4:00

Sophie waited for her friends to get the messages as she waited she grabbed the replica shield she had made it looked exactly like her fathers shield except it was made of plastic
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He was in a room, getting things together in a bag.
When seeing the suit he had growled again and backed away to now be under a bed, just staring at the suits legs.
The bag was left there which contained stuff like an old burned bear, an old photo that’s also burnt and some random herbs, notebooks and pens.
There were other things in there like random shirts and shorts but those weren’t so important and stuffed in the bottom of the bag.
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Ava hates this. She hates being good. The World tool her dad. No matter how many times he saved the world they would get blamed for the damages and other shit. If it's not them who can save the world who'll do it? SHIELD only deals with outer space shit. 

She waited for back patiently. Her father’s suit arrived with Ben and Q something. “Finally. It's growing like a black cat under a bed... It doesn't seem like it can talk. I'm running out of ideas...” she says sitting up hearing things fall. 

“Jarvis send dad’s suit to check that out.” he tells her a backpack fell. There are a lot of notebooks and pen. She told him to check one of the books out and send the other suit to scan the room. The suit that is checking the notebook sees old messages. She tells him to write a message. 

[i [center ‘Hi, we are friendly. We want to help. What happened early was a misunderstanding. Can we talk?’]]


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