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For Me and Kyoka

By Cat22

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This is a 1x1 roleplay meant for two people.
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KyokaEmilia   1y ago

Cat22     1y ago

((Hey! Who should start?))
KyokaEmilia   1y ago

(Can you?)
Cat22Tidus   1y ago

((Okay! I can start then!))

Tidus was currently sitting underneath a tree and was staring up at the sky. He didn’t seem to be paying attention to his surroundings and was also captivated by the sky.
KyokaEmilia   1y ago

Emilia was walking around with her pet sitting on her shoulder. (Lol forgot her pet's name)
Cat22Tidus   1y ago

((I’m pretty sure if he’s a cat then he’s named Puck))

“The sky is so beautiful and yet, it hides so many dangerous. It’s also mysterious as well.” Tidus said softly.
KyokaEmilia   1y ago

She walked past him and went back over to him looking at him.
Cat22Tidus   1y ago

Tidus was still staring up at the sky and reached towards a cloud.
KyokaEmilia   1y ago

She smiled at him. "Hello" She said
Cat22Tidus   1y ago

“Isn’t the sky so pretty? It’s dangerous yet also oddly calming at the same time.” Tidus said before he noticed Emilia. He quickly stood up and then muttered a rather shocked greeting.
KyokaEmilia   1y ago

She giggled. "Yes the sky is pretty today"


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