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Province of Eden

By Cat22
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Located in Sector F of D-1994, the Province of Eden is a shared monarchy that is pretty much a kingdom. It is ruled by Vaan, Bartz Klauser, Tidus and Firion who are the sector’s monarchs although there are smaller kingdoms which are ruled by different monarchs. The sector is home to various Final Fantasy characters and legendary heroes. The heroes often live separate from the villains in order to prevent a war from breaking out. There is also nobility present in the Province as well. The Province is a source for Adamantite, Mythril, Orichalcum, Gemsteel and Darksteel. The edible dishes that come from the province include gem apples and other produce, fish and behemoth meat as well as other edible products derived from monsters. The Province’s most feared weapon is the Magitek cannon which runs on the abundant mana that can be found in the atmosphere. There has been no need for this superweapon as of yet however, there may be a time when it is needed. [hr] [b ABOUT THE MONARCHS] [i Vaan] Also known as the Dragon Prince, Vaan is the main monarch of the province. He appears to be 17 years old and is known as the Dragon Prince for the two dragon wings on his back. He is connected with the Province’s most powerful esper, Bahamut. In terms of personality, he is naive, courageous, loyal, friendly and a little on the reckless side which does earn him a bit of ire from Firion due to his tendency to end up in dangerous situations. He is also skilled with using multiple weapons in combat as well as being a powerful mage. (Originally from Final Fantasy XII) [i Tidus] Tidus is the second monarch of the province and is the most energetic out of the four monarchs. He has a childish and energetic personality that is hard to match although he can be serious at times and gives a rational response to an argument. He is connected with Leviathan, the Esper that guards the oceans. Like Vaan, he appears to be 17 although his true age is unknown. He carries around a sword made from the valuable metal, Aquacite. He uses magic and a sword as his weapons of choice. (Originally from Final Fantasy X) [i Firion] Firion is the Province’s third monarch and is arguably the coldest out of all of them. He tends to be rather hot blooded although this is hidden behind his normally cold personality. He also has a strong sense of justice as well. While he does have a friendly side, that side is rarely seen by strangers and might be the reason why he is connected to the Province’s only icy esper, Shiva. The armor that he wears is made from an alloy that is a mix of mythril, adamantite and Orichalcum that was deemed too poor of quality to sell as separate metals. As such, the armor has the lightweight properties of mythril and is also extremely durable. He appears to be 18 years old although his true age is unknown. He’s also skilled with using magic and multiple weapons in combat. (Originally from Final Fantasy II) [i Bartz Klauser] Bartz is the friendliest out of all the monarchs and also appears to be the oldest. He appears to be at the physical age of 20 although his true age is unknown. He’s got a carefree and easygoing personality and has also been shown to be a bit too trusting of other people which is why the other monarchs made it their duty to watch over him. He is connected with the fairy esper, Sylph and as such, there are two fairy wings on his back although these wings are normally hidden by a cape. He’s also got a fear of heights. He is able to use and master several styles of combat that involve weapons and magic. (originally from Final Fantasy V) [hr] [b ITEMS AND PRICING] [i METALS] Orichalcum ~ 60,000-80,000 UCC Mythril ~ 20,000-25,000 UCC Adamantite ~ 40,000 UCC Darksteel & Gemsteel ~ 15,000 UCC [i FOOD AND DRINK] Food from Monsters in Province ~ ?-1,000 UCC Food from Province ~ ?-1,000 UCC Fish ~ ?-1,000 UCC [hr] [b ALLIANCES] -None at the moment- [hr] [b TRADE HISTORY] 100 Darksteel ---> 50 Obsidian Thread [hr] [b MATERIALS] •50 Obsidian Thread
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