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Universal Wolf & Lyric Productions

By TheREALMrWolf
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UWLP is a Production Business mostly made for film, video games, and books. UWLP is still in early development so there are no films of video games. No books have been published yet due to the fact of low amount. Only 1 book has been finished but has not been made into copies for publishing and distributing. Many books are in the making and soon are to be in the making. UWLP was founded on March 13th in 2017 by 2 young men that were in 5th grade at the time. The names were Lyric and N.J "Wolf" D. Lyric was known as the silent partner. For he was more into Art Therapy and is pursuing down that path currently so he is only there for major decisions and financial. N.J is the main head of the business who seeks the best for it and the best of entertainment of the 21st century. {More information later}

Threads made that are associated with UWLP Contents:

Everything within UWLP is UWLP Protected. Please do NOT copy/take anything from UWLP and use it as your own. If you would like to use something UWLP Associated you must need perms from N.J "Wolf" D. and MUST give credit.

Books in making:
  • Dedlassrork
  • Ace of Spades ~ FBS Alpha 1
  • The Fallen Cities ~ RP into Book UWLP R1

Founders ~ N.J "Wolf" D. & L.G
Current Owners ~ Founders
Co-Owners ~ R.S, T.M, E.S, T.S, Z.W, N.F, Y.F, +
M.V.P ~ XxNova_LogicxX, Kyleren285, Vicky-Squeeze
V.I.P ~ None

If wanting to do a rp into book type of deal please pm Meritless_Pariah or email Warning! If email is spammed I will close it for emails coming from users.
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MwrahUWLP   1y ago

All questions pertaining to UWLP you can either ask me or email UWLP at in order to reach out to the founders and owners.
TheREALMrWolfUWLP   1y ago

Reminder! Please do not spam email address or pms. Also please do not pm this account. Please pm Mwrah. Reason for being is that this account is used for keeping on top of threads and all. If you want to request access, ask the account: Mwrah. Please and thank you.
MwrahUWLP   1y ago

Hello guys. Ace of Spades; Chapter 3 is nearly done. Prologue will be copy pasted here when the book is finished as a little trailer. Ace of Spades is the 1st book of our FBS Originals. So yeah.
Faulty_PariahUWLP   1y ago

[google-font" rel="stylesheet"]
[Dancing+Script [center
[size25 Knights of Corterious]
[size21 The Legend of Cleetus Northwind]
[size21 A solo and separate series by UWLP]

[size18 Dedicated to Zachary Rose and Nassir Foster]

[google-font" rel="stylesheet"]

[size18 Chapter 1 ~ Cleetus Northwind] ] ]

[size14 [EB+Garamond Life is good. Life is calm. Life is peaceful. Life isn’t like it used to be but I like how it is now. Me just chilling on the beach. Laying down on my beach chair next to my beach house. My name is Don Mreyin. I was Cleetus Northwind. Some called me Mr.Northwind yet most called me Cleetus. I was the most famous and fastest gunslinger in Corterious. Corterious is a nice place yet it has it’s crimes. After I made my map of all it’s cities I came here to rest. To be at peace. Everytime I stopped by a town they expected me to take care of their crimes all because of what happened at Croyet. I stopped the town from being blown to smithereens by the [I Deranged Power] gang. A dumb name to be honest. [I Ah, here we go again. A flashback. . .]

‘“Order 63!” The person behind the counter called out. It was my order. I got up from the booth and walked over to the counter and grabbed my burger. I walked back over to the booth and began to unwrap my burger. Right when I was about to take a bite a woman barged in through the door to the restaurant panicking. Yelling out that the [I Deranged Power] gang is trying to blow up the town. I quickly got up and left the restaurant. Probably some idiots trying to rob the bank and have enough explosives to blow the town. I sprinted over to the bank and sure enough they were there about to light the fuse. I drew my S&W 500 magnum revolver from it’s holster and fired a few shots. 1 hit the fuse out of the guy's hand, away from the explosives. The other shots hit the guy. Killing him. He dropped to the ground and his blood leaked out, all over the explosives. Soaking them. The other criminals turned to me and started firing at me. I managed to dodge and get to the side, but a bullet hit my left arm. I cried out in agony and holstered my revolver and grabbed my fathers Winchester rifle. I waited till they stopped shooting and I turned quickly back, pointing the rifle at the guys and shot a few rounds before getting to the side again. I looked back again to try to shoot but only to see that the rest of the gang fled. Leaving the 3 dead gang members on the ground. I walked over to one and checked his pulse. [I None.] I did the same to the rest and got the same response. I sighed and holstered the rifle back onto my back. I walked out of the bank as the town’s people came out of hiding. Glares, looks, shocks, all at me. The sheriff came out and looked at the scene. I walked off, back towards the restaurant. Pushing my way through the crowd as they went to look at the scene too. The shootout only lasted a minute. There were only 5 people in there robbing the bank though. So. Yeah. I entered the restaurant, sat at a booth, and began to eat my burger.’

And then the mayor called on me and then made a big deal about it. A good big deal. Not a bad one. But it was just me trying to help. Anyway that’s how I became the legendary gunslinger in Corterious. I eventually left the town and went travelling. I helped most towns I went to. Made friends with the mayors. But then there was one fight I used to fake my death. . . I used a power that I never knew I had when I was younger until a certain fight. . . I didn’t do it publicly, fortunately. Mostly, because it was a bounty. I had the power to shapeshift into any animal I desired. So, after I faked my death I had the opportunity to be at peace and live on the beach. I built my beach house and just collected some food and stuff. I had a secret identity, [I Don Mreyin]. Therefore I could go to the towns and get food and come back here. Anyway, enough about me. I think I should get some sleep. Get up off of my beach chair and head into my house, lay down, close my eyes, and fall asleep into the dream world. . . My name is [I Don Mreyin], but back then I used to be the legendary [I Cleetus Northwind. . .]
TheREALMrWolfN.J "Wolf" D.   360d ago

I am Pushin~P
TheREALMrWolfUWLP   354d ago

So Beyond Borders update. It has been officially concluded that it will be acted on. I am now going to be reviewing plot and trying to come up with character names. Since it is based off my dream I am debating on using my name for the main character who is/was a badass in my dream.
TheREALMrWolfUWLP   270d ago

Beyond Borders put on pause 1 month ago. Main Focus: Ace of Spades
NJ-Wolf-DBig Think   143d ago

"Let's welcome the death that shall be coming to the doorsteps of our worlds. To set balance to all. For we corrupted this so call home. A shame we have brought to ourselves that we do not intend to fix. So may I become a leader, one of power and of might. Or we have to sit back and sip on beer as we wait for the destruction and wasteland yet to come." ~NJ "Wolf" D.


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