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What do you think of the updates?

By Webmaster
What other features do you want?
MwrahMain   27m ago

Oh that's quite interesting. I mean you technically haven't wasted time either. You've changed so many people's lives. For example you changed my life. I've got to meet more people. Rp with them and I was able to spread UWLP's contents. Which UWLP is a business I am working very hard on. So without this site that you made. You wouldn't of been able to change a lot of people's lives. ^^ Also I sent my application 12 days ago to ATC for either cybersecurity or web design class so rn I am just waiting to be accepted.
WebmasterChackie Jan   30m ago

When I was 17 I already had several websites and an income. I only went back to school because I was offered a job that required a bachelors. I got it in 2 years. 1 at and another year at I have worked at various places. I regret wasting the time.
MwrahMain   38m ago

Oh. :/ Well right now I am working towards the advanced diploma. I might be going to ATC next year too... Uhm- What college did you graduate from? If I can ask.
WebmasterChackie Jan   42m ago

Working very hard in high school was a big mistake. I should have taken it super easy, done the clep/dsst tests in community college for 2 years then switched to a 4 year school.
MwrahMain   1h ago

Noice. This week is so tiring plus stressful. I have missing work to get done otherwise I'm going to end the 1st semester with an E in AP Human Geography -.- What high school so difficult too for you Jimmy?
WebmasterChackie Jan   19h ago

I finally fixed the issues where people could overflow the width of the RP
WebmasterChackie Jan   23h ago

I'll add status update to the feature request list. Unfollow/unfriend is coming. The follow doesn't really do much yet but don't let that stop you from using it :P.
LittleKuro-Rosey     1d ago

@Webmaster You've added following added a place on the profile telling everyone who we're stalking can ya add an Unfollow? or are we just stuck with these names on our profiles forever?

[b a m o g u s]
ALonelyOtaku     2d ago

A Status Update option would be pretty cool. I know a handful of people that do status updates VIA their profile, and I myself do that on occasion. I feel it'd make things easier for those handfuls of people that do Status Updates.

Aww the character creator profile is so cute!
MwrahMain   2d ago

Update ideas: "Appear Offline", "Appear Online", or "Do Not Disturb" modes. For imagery links on character profiles maybe an option to have a video link because I know some people {like me} makes meme chars and some memes are via YT so that would be nice. I had some more but I can't remember off of the top of my head I have a lot going on rn so I'll come back to you when I remember.

Edit 1: Also can you fix the spoilers because it just shows through the black. For example. When the spoiler is chicken nuggets. [Spoiler Chicken Nuggets] It would be nice if that was fixed. Please and thank you.

H a h a y e s
LittleKuro-Rosey     3d ago

@Webmaster If you don't mind me asking what exactly does following a person do? Other than make you look like a creepy stalker because it's not like we have status updates or anything.

chicken. [b haha mega mogus turns into chicken funniest crap i ever seen]