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poprocksKiwi Cookie   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Kiwi Cookie let out a laugh as he zipped around on his prized racing bike down the racetrack, Roll Cake Cookie following speedily behind him in his own prized racecar, the two chatting up a storm to each other through the headpieces inside their helmets, both of them enjoying their casual race. Or, as casual as the two could get, considering both of them were the top racers known to Cookie kind; after all, they were the Maverick and the Menace of the Court, they had to keep true to their titles and maintain their spots as number one and number two throughout all of Earthbread. They were enjoying the laps around the oval-shaped track, the vehicles seeming to almost dance as they looped around and around, somehow never growing bored of the repetition nor of their conversation as they laughed and exclaimed into each other's ears, paying more attention to the words each other spoke than to the dull and paved road they looped upon; it wasn't like anybody else was with them at the track at the moment; there was nobody to race today, nor was there a race scheduled; so they could let their subconsciouses drive as they shot jokes at each other.

Earl Grey Cookie honestly didn't know how he'd gotten here from his hotel, watching the two racers do their thing before wandering forwards to get a look. Unfortunately, he actually ended up [i on the track,] which he figured out when the racers drew worryingly close to him. He took a breath before managing to grab the edge of the seat, making his way onto it with a flourish as he tsked quietly. "Really, Earl Grey, you must be more careful." He mumbled to himself, holding onto his glasses to keep them from flying off since he doesn't exactly have a helmet.
poprocksKiwi Cookie   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Kiwi stared back at the unknown Cookie on the back of his bike, swiftly snapping his gaze back to the road as his mental driving awareness switched from automatic to manual, hearing the teasing and smug voice of Roll Cake blare through the headpiece in his helmet soon after. "Ooooooh, who's that??? I didn't know you were seeing someone! When did you take a break for once to meet people??" Roll Cake loudly asked, earning a surprised hiss and a sharp answer in turn from the biker as they rounded the corner of the track. "I have [i no idea] who the fuck they are!!" "Uh-huh, suuuuure. You're letting them ride on your bike though!" Roll Cake countered just as sharply, speeding up to match the Maverick of the Court's pace, his clearly smug expression visible behind the windows. Kiwi paid it no attention, "I'd rather [i die] than lose to you and you know that." Was the only explanation he gave his best friend, soon taking the lead with a roaring whirr, hoping whatever Cookie that decided to hop into his bike would at least hold on to avoid falling off until the last lap had been completed. No, he wasn't planning on stopping until the friendly race was over; that would be a waste of fuel and time! Instead, Kiwi let his bike come to a soft stop after crossing the finish line for the last time that race, Roll Cake somewhat doing the same with his car before hopping out and jogging over swiftly. "What were you [i thinking] walking across an active raceway?!" The racecar driver asked though it was more with a lighthearted tone than a genuinely serious or angry one. "My aerodynamics were fuuuuucked," Kiwi gently complained, hugging his bike as if he were looking for comfort or trying to apologize to it, looking back to the other Cookie with his eyes playfully narrowed. "Why'd you walk across a racetrack? That'd bad logic regardless of the time. Roll would have [i actually] run you over!" "I would not have!" Roll Cake retorted with a huff, crossing his arms as he lightly glared at his friend. "Yes, you would have, we've been over this numerous times." "Okay, well, I [i [b might]] [i have]..." "See? Absolutely ruthless, a [i menace] if you will; he's a Cookie crumbler, he wouldn't have hesitated to run you right over and crush you to dust. How the hell did you even hop [i onto] my bike though??"

"Apologies, I don't often see racing like that, even when I'm apparently walking onto the tracks without meaning to." He sighed as he fixed himself up, having gotten very ruffled up from the speed they had been going. "I'm Earl Grey Cookie, it's nice to make both of your acquaintances." He spoke calmly, bowing to them both as he gave a soft smile. "I'm a hotelier for the Grandmaster Hotel. I do hope you'll come and join us sometime, even if you are as...messy as you seem." His tone turned a bit condescending towards the end, giving them a scrutinizing gaze before raising an eyebrow.
poprocksKiwi Cookie   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Both the Maverick and the Menace slightly scowled at such a comment, one after the other taking of their helmets to hold between their hands, both leaning calmly against their racing vehicles. "Gee, maybe we should tell Sour Belt the outfits she made for us are dirty already, yeah Kiwi? Or get our crews to re-clean our rides? No, wait, wait, let me guess, ''bathe for once'', right? You're reaaaal funny pal," Roll Cake hissed out as if having taken personal offence towards the condescending tone they were both given, scowling ever more as Kiwi dropped his after a moment. "Go put your car away, Roll; and tell Pancake and Almond hi for me." The biker dismissively instructed, his friend reluctantly sliding back into his racecar to do just that, shooting Earl Grey a proper glare as he drove away. Kiwi sighed out when he was gone, "Yeeeaaaah, for your best interest, maybe try not to get him fired up so he doesn't have a reason to [i want] to crumble you? He ticks at the lightest of assumptions..."


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