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Kit's Guardian Demon

By Satans_Evil_Twin

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Kit mistakingly summons a guardian demon known as Aseret, absorbing all inflictions that come Kit's way and protecting him no matter what. Question is what happens as feelings grow along with the danger's coming their way?
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akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

(kk i'm here)
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

((would you like to start?))

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akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

((how long would you prefer we type?))

((maximum of a paragraph? I dont rly like one-liners or reading mini books/short stories))
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

(so about a good 5-6 sentences?)

((I would say 3-6, but yea))
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit was still a bit dazed from what he had just done and yet again very scared but to be honest he was much more curious.Kit then looked around eventually his eyes landing on aseret and first came the full on fear.But it eventually eased into even more curiosity though he still hasn't said a single word "h-hello?" he wasn't even sure they could understand him.Kit kinda backed up a bit just incase they were dangerous.

A blinding white light quickly faded as a plume of black smoke filled the area for several moments. As it dissipated, Aseret looked down at the boy before him who seemed to cower away fearfully. "Greetings mortal" The demon greeted, attempting to be less intimidating as he stepped back from the summoning circle "How did you summon me?" He asked, tilting his head with a genuinly confused expression.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

Kit eased up a bit looking at them with two thoughts coming to mind immediately and the first one being him getting called a mortal.which he did get cause the other was a demon but it still showed the others dominance.Second was that the demon was also very friendly considering the fact it was a demon "well i was trying to summon one to get rid of my hair...but you came instead".He explained this now easing up more.

"Ah- well" He ended up scratching the back of his head awkwardly. "I'm a guardian- unfortunately I can't undo curses." He glanced around their surroundings and cocked his head to the side with a raised eyebrow. "Summonings in a forest? How cliche" He joked and let out a small laugh. "Well..." He gave Kit a curt bow. "I am Aseret- your Guardian demon" He smiled
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit frowned a bit sad that it didn't turned out like he hoped it would but looked at aseret slightly tilting his head chuckling a bit "well you don't have to be so courteous but i'm kit".Kit held out a hand to shake aserets and then shook his head "well i saw they usually summon them in the forests in the movies so".kit started to walk out of the forest and looked around quietly "guess i have to find another way to change my hair back..."

Aseret looked slightly confused, shaking Kit's hand and watching him curiously. "What kinds of movies show this?" He asked, following him out of the forest as his form became somewhat transparent- indicating that only Kit may see and hear him though no one else can.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

"well in certain horror movies people or cults summon demons or the devil in the forest with blood and a summoning circle so" he shrugged. kit then finally made it out of the forest traveling back to his usual spot under a large dark willow tree that provided much shade.

The demon nodded quietly in understanding and let out a laugh. "Alright then." He looked around the area curiously with a smile and sat down beside Kit. Curiosity and awe of being on Earth filled him as he looked around, also making sure no dangers were around while asking many questions in his head that he wouldn't dare ask out loud.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

Kit then grabbed his laptop sighing his search history full of stuff on rituals,potions,spells and countercurses to get rid of the stupid curse the witch put on him long ago.Kit had gone through lengthy days and nights on end to try and remove the curse with no succession and was now crossing this off the list to.Kit then sighed and started more research on something anything to get rid of it/

Aseret looked over Kit's shoulder curiously, seeing the research he was doing as the demon frowned slightly and sat back against the tree. Aseret began to think of how to help Kit in his quest to remove the curse. Looking down slightly, he drifted off into his thoughts, still being keenly aware of their surroundings.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

Kit was very annoyed he still could not find anything that worked then got up looking down at aseret and then started to walk down to a cafe that wasn't to popular."i need a coffee,i haven't slept for ages and i need to stay awake for this..." goes down into the cafe ordering and sitting down.

Aseret looks up and followed Kit without question into the cafe, instead of sitting, the demon walked and stood unseen on the ceiling looking down at them all silently. "There are a few ways to undo it depending on the nature of the curse" He said with a slightly serious look though spoke in a kind tone.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit looked up at him and sighs tugging at them "could you sit down,you look creepy staring down at me like that" sipping from the coffee he got."also what do they entail? what's the method? what do i have to sacrifice to get this done? because at this point i will stop at nothing to get rid of his" points at his hair.Kit looked around and the other people.

The demon tilted his head, a bit discouraged at being called creepy as he suddenly appeared in the seat across from Kit, still unseen by the others as the occupants turned to stare at Kit in an odd way. Aseret glanceed around at the people with an equally odd, yet darker look. Shaking his head, the demon sighed and looked at Kit. "Well there's finding the witch that cursed you and doing some sort of task and ritual stuff with them. Ancient relics, things like that." The demon informed
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

Kit gave the people a weak smile and looking back aseret the dark look getting him a bit more creeped out since when you see a demon looking like that it isn't really a nice sign and he then looked down quietly."ok then that will be a adventure and a half,but that might be my only option at this point" stands up and leaves the cafe looking back at them."also i just realize talking to you in public is making me look absolutely insane" looks away and infront of him.

Aseret nodded and followed Kit out of the cafe. "I could've told you that" the demon said with an eye roll, a slight smirk and a small joking tone. "You didn't think to be more discrete, however, I do have a human form that I may be visible by your side if that would be more to your liking" He suggested reluctantly, not really liking the idea of being visible in his human form.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

"no you don't have to,that's really the only public place i go to anyway since i'm not really a people person so your gonna be able to stay that way alot".KIt then went right back to the willow tree he started at still sipping his iced coffee then started looking for plane tickets since he had left his home town once the curse had taken effect."so aseret tell me more about yourself since i'm gonna be stuck with you for the rest of my time here.

Aseret followed back to the tree and nodded quietly, a bit relieved he'd be able to remain in his form as he sighed. A laugh escaped the demon as he looked at Kit. "I am your Guardian Demon for the rest of your life. There is not much you need to know about me past that" He looked away a little tensely, an attempt to avoid the question for some reason
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit sighed and shrugged "ok fine be mysterious" kit ordered some tickets off money he 'borrowed' from some people off the streets and then looked at aseret "so aseret im bored,so what do you wanna do since you've been dead for as however long you have been dead?".Kit usually was bored all day but he was gonna treat aseret as a friend meaning aseret is his first friend.

((sorry Imma head off- it's about 1:25am for me and Im getting sleepy-))
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

((same and thats understandable,have a good sleep))

(( back and it's my turn :3 ))

Aseret was quiet for a moment then looked at Kit with a slight smile at his statement. "I didn't die-" The demon sighed and leaned against the tree, lifting his gaze to the clouds. "I was creaeted- er- I guess you could say I was born in heaven." He tried hiding a hint of sadness in his voice. "I had to interfere with human life in order to protect one of the children I had been assigned to watch over, and in breaking the rules I was cast down immediately" He fell quiet again for a moment longer then sighed and shook his head "I've never really come to Earth for much longer than a few seconds" He smiled and looked at Kit again "What do you do for fun?"
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit looked at aseret and listened quietly to the sad story or past he was being told though to him some parts didn't make sense since if aseret was doing his job how could he get in trouble."well that's kinda sad and to be honest im truly sorry to hear that my bad for bring up a touchy subject".kit looked back at aseret and shook his head "i don't do really anything for fun,except for my to hobbies of writing and music that's all i really do" kit then went back on to his laptop and started to look for things that maybe associated with curses."i'm usually doing this all night far into the day with only one brake,sorry to disappoint" closes his laptop knowing it probably was a loss cause anyway.

The demon chuckled at Kit's apolagy. "No need to be sorry kid- it's just where I come from" He smiled a bit and tilted his head, listening curiously then watching Kit close the laptop. He thought about something for a while then turned his gaze away cautiously, quiet now as he shifted  so he lay in the grass, flat on his back looking up at the sky. He closed his eyes. "I'd be curious to learn about your kind. Emotions and such, activities, past-times, hobbies... Though it's not my place and I'm not inclined to ask nor show interest..." Aseret whispered "Yet against my nature and better judgment... I do want to learn more dispite how cliche that may seem." He admitted, keeping his eyes closed and speaking in a low voice that hinted at some shame in his tone.
((sorry it took me so long- I've gotten sick and tested positive for COVID among other things-))
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit looked over at aseret and shook his head "well it's ok to ask others all those questions though i guess it's not right to say that though as i don't know if thats wrong back in hell".Kit Closed the laptop looking out into the forest he had met them in and pondered what he really did do that was important."besides those things i read a lot and the mythological subject always comes up in my books though i also used to like fairy tales".kit smiled and looked down "my mother used to read me fairytales before bed when i was younger.... she was very nice,and she was the one who got me into those kind of books...". Kit then laid back heaving another heavy sigh "but that's really it and i don't really want to dwindle anymore on my past..."
(its ok get better soon)

"It's not a rule of hell..." The demon murmured "not exclusively" He sighed, falling silent as he layed there and listened to Kit give his story. "You do not have to say more than what you're comfortable saying" Aseret kept his eyes closed as he answered, then let his mind wander. Pondering over many things- the demon lost himself in thought- keeping a conscious enough state of mind to be able to watch over Kit and protect him if needed.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

Kit nodded but then shook his head and looked over at aseret "well that's er....ok i guess,but i don't like to get into my past to much since well it ruined me...". kit looked down and then stood up stretching and then walked around a bit thinking to himself."are you ok with saying more about yourself?" kit smiled looking of at aseret and sat down in front of them."i don't wanna be the only one giving info and ranting on about my past"

Aseret opened his eyes and looked over at Kit. After a moment he rested his head on the ground again and looked at the sky "I don't like addressing my past either... I've already said all that I felt needed to be said." He murmured as he closed his eyes. "Our pasts aren't crucial information we must share.." He sighed, opening his eyes again to stare at the clouds above quietly. "If anything we may as well find something else to pass the time when sharing such stories is a discomfort to both of us" He stated simply
akuma4long     1y ago

kit looked down and the back at aseret quietly "fine,i'm not gonna force you to say anything not like i could" he then stood up again "well what do you want to do? we have a large selection of things for you to choose from".He looked around at his surroundings scanning for anything that could be of danger or a fun time but not really having any luck.kit started to walk into town to try and find something fun for them to occupy with while aseret thinks about what they want.

Aseret sighed, when Kit started walking away his form seemed to disintegrate into the Earth and the demon took the form of a wolf. He would be visible to humans and only heard by Kit as he ran up to him then padded along, walking beside him silently. His eyes shone blue in the daylight in this form and he seemed to enjoy it, watching people back away fearfully from the 'wild' animal he appeared to be. Aseret's wandering gaze didn't miss the ones who appeared curious and dumb enough to want to come pet him, however. The demon shook his head, his fur fluffing up a bit as he looked up at Kit curiously. "So, what are we doing?" The demon asked him- telepathically as his mouth did not move.
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akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

"well my demon friend i don't know how you got in my head but were go down to an arcade,if you know what that is" kit kept walking looking for an arcade around in the town as he finally found one "all i have to say is don't end up losing me or cause to much attention since i don't want to have to lie are way out of this".kit was in a way placing his trust in aseret though he knew the demon really couldn't let him down since well they were a demon.kit walked into the arcade and gave aseret quarters "you put these into the slots and stat playing,you can earn tickets then get prizes"he smiled and left to play some games on his own.

The now-in-wolf-form demon cocked his head to the side curiously "I'm not sure what you want me to do with those in my current form. I'd rather not change now in front of a crowd." The demon moved his tail a bit from side to side and his ear twitched "But I will watch you play" Though in his head, he sounded a bit happy to see how Kit would play the games. The demon focused mostly on Kit- ignoring the prying eyes of curious and frightened humans.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

"wait...are you in a form that might frighten others?" kit looked around for aseret realizing he couldn't see them but then shrugged it off "if it distracts from my hair you could be a t-rex all i care" kit then put a coin in a pacman game and started to play.this game kit was particularly good at as he was good at a lot of indie games and also some music associated games as he quickly started beating the game he was on right not looking around at the frightened faces every now and then

Aseret rolled his eyes and walked up, pawing lightly at Kit's leg to get his attention. "You may want to try looking down then kiddo" The demon said casually then sat beside him, looking up as he watched Kit play the game. His tail started wagging subconsciously as he sat there watching. "I've been by you in this form the entire time since you'd walked away from the tree." He added
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit looked down at the wolf that was aseret and sighed heavily "honestly i don't care at this point,plus you look cuter as a "dog" He added it playfully as it was true in his opinion and meant it in no flirtatious way as he kept on playing the game it getting harder and harder by the second.he eventually was biting down on his tongue to concentrate harder as he eventually was eaten by the ghosts as he shrugged it off beating his old personal best and looked down at aseret.

The demon was caught off-guard by the comment and his attention strayed from the game. He stared up at Kit in a silent curiosity until concentration was broken. Aseret blinked and looked to see that he had lost the game. Shaking his head the demon stood. "Rather random remark. I prefer to think I may look feirce in this form" The demon turned his head, letting out a slight huff- the mannor which he did this contradicting his statement. A child suddenly ran up and began fervishly petting the demon- shouting about him being a cute 'puppy' and such while parents were off somewhere not paying attention. Aseret bared his teeth and let out a small growl at the sudden attention but did nothing to harm the child. He looked up at Kit for a brief second but had not protested the child before sighing inwardly and setting his chin on the shoulder of the happy child as they pet him.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit looked down at the wolf and tilted there head and saw as the child approached them.kit then smiled in an "awwwwww" kind of way as the child started petting aseret until the smile turned into a smirk."so fierce huh?" to mock aseret even more kit pet there head and walked off to the next game.Though it was cute and all he was very impressed the child had the bravery or stupidity to pet them.aseret was in a wolf form after all.kit then started to play snake another game he was pretty good at until they lost and looked down at aseret "so 'puppy' where you feel like going to next?".Kit pulled out his phone and started to play piano tiles and walked out of the arcade quietly giving a glance at aseret every now and then. it was very odd for him to have a wolf following him every where he went.

Aseret glared at Kit and pushed his muzzle against the kid's chest to gently push them away only for the kid to attatch themselves to him. He let out a small growl then layed down as the kid climbed onto his back, while Kit played another game Aseret took the kid around the arcade to find their parents who were terrified until he simply layed down so their kid could get off his back. The parents tossed him a half-eaten chicken leg. Rolling his eyes but keeping up the ruse, he picked it up and walked away with it. Seeing Kit leaving the arcade, Aseret followed and threw the leg to one of the stray dogs wandering by before letting out a low growl. "Do not mock me" He said simply to Kit and kept walking beside him
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit then shrugged and kept on walking paying no attention to what aseret had said."well i don't really have any other ideas so really its whatever you wanna do now".kit didn't mind on just sitting down and doing absolutely nothing either since he wasn't to focused on fun.Kit then looked down at the wolf as he then took his gaze off them to look around at the other people."it looks as if im all out of ideas but i don't know about you' starts on there way to an ice cream place cause aseret might like it if they had never had it.

The demon sighed and hung his head as he followed, grumbling a bit. "I don't know anything that would be entertaining here" He said, with another inward sligh, he lifted his head while continuing to follow beside Kit. He shifted his gaze and showed no care to the people keeping their distance as they walked. Suddenly a thick wire went around his neck and he was yanked back. A man in a dog-catcher uniform stood at the other end of the stick as Aseret turned, growling lowly as one of his eyes changed to the demonic red of his true form.
akuma4longkit pint   1y ago

kit noticed the net out of the corner of his eye and turned quickly to look at the man with the net "h-hey sir this dogs mine" kit smiled and went over taking the net off of aseret's neck and then looked up at them.kit then bent down to aserets level and whispered to them "just run back to the tree ok,we can do this peacefully".Kit then pat their head and looked at the guy who had done this "sir could you please just let this go?".when aseret left kit had his leg out not noticeable but just in case the man decided to follow them.

The net tightened around Aseret's neck instead, making the demon snarl. Aseret forced himself to stop as he glanced over at Kit then glared at the man. [+blue "this creature is dangerous and causing distress. It's being taken into custody to be dealt with accordingly. Wolves don't belong in the city."] the man said in an angry gruff voice as people started gathering to watch.


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