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lookin for a new rp

By akuma4long

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i ain't doin much lately (except for an essay i gotta type) and i'm pretty bored being a total insomniac.So im not really being to picky,the plot just has to be along the lines of romance and fantasy.Other than that the roleplay site rules and i'd rather rp with people that don't write one liners.I usually like to brainstorm with others but if you wanna do something we can do it.I also do fandoms just ask if i know it and we can try that out.(off topic but i hope everyone's having an exceptional day)
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XxLightAngelxXbroken   1y ago

Have you heard of warrior cats?
akuma4long     1y ago

i haven't
XxLightAngelxXbroken   1y ago

We could do a royal romance role play????
akuma4long     1y ago

sure,pm your character to me
XxLightAngelxXbroken   1y ago

Okie dokie :)


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