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It was the night of her twenty first birthday party. All of her friends had planned a surprise trip to Nashville to celebrate. It was only about a two hour flight from their hometown of Charleston; but they had surprised her with a five day trip. She had the best friend group!

[b "I still cannot believe you guys pulled this off. I wish you would've just told me and I could've helped planned it!"] Cameron said as they walked into the AirBnB. [b "I cannot believe we have five days to do absolutely nothing except party, drink and relax. Where are we going tonight? I know y'all have it planned out!"]

[i "Aldeans!"] Sarah blurted out. [i "We're going to Aldeans and I figured we would just wonder around Downtown. We have to go to Coyote Ugly at some point. But Aldeans is supposed to have great drinks and food, and celebrity's flock there so who knows who we might see."]

They ended up napping before they all got ready and headed out to Jason Aldeans. It was definitely a popular place. It was already packed, but they managed to find a bar top table.

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Kane stood at the bar talking to Jason, “thanks for the private table man..after the tour just need to blow off some steam and this is the best way to do it.” He said taking a shot. He hadn’t been drunk in over a year. Can’t get drunk on tour or you’ll be left somewhere.

Jason and Kane talked awhile before Jason headed to his own table area. Kane had some friends show up as well. “Gonna find you a buckle bunny to spend the night with?” One of them asked him and he chuckled, “Maybe. Not looking for anything serious.” Kane answered. It was true he wasn’t but that didn’t mean the wasn’t open to it and everyone came to Aldean’s, musician or not, if you were anyone on Broadway, you came to Aldean’s.

[b “Dude. Is that Kane Brown and Jason?”] she asked over the music as she worked on a white claw. [b “I figured we’d see a few musicians out but I didn’t think we’d actually seen anyone seriously famous.”]

The atmosphere at Aldeans was pretty insane; they all liked it so much they decided to hangout there tonight and explore the rest of broadway and downtown tomorrow ; they had four more nights so they weren’t really worried about missing anything. [b “I’m going back to the bar.”] she said, after deciding that she was going to actually have fun. She had a lot she could go with forgetting, and that’s exactly what she planned to do.

[b “Can I have three mango white claws and three shots of tequila!”] she ordered as a bartender made their way over to her.
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The bar tender nodded, “Coming up.” He called out and Kane who had been talking to some of his friends came up to order, “I need a Jack and coke.”
He muttered and the man nodded as well, “She’s before you.” Kane nodded understanding but smiled to the girl. “Having fun tonight?” He asked.

Kane wasn’t drunk yet. He had only had a couple of shots. “You and your friends want to join us?” He asked gesturing to the vip table his buddies were at. None had wives or girlfriends so this would be fun.

He looked at the girl, beautiful blonde and blonde was just his type and her friends were easy on the eyes too. “I’m Kane, what’s your name?” He asked her over the loud music.

[b “Thank ya babe.”] she told the bartender as she looked down at her phone to pass the few moments it would take for him to the get the drinks. She could tell her was busy; so she didn’t mind.

She looked up as she heard someone ask how her night was going. She felt like her eyes were definitely going to pop out of her head when she realized it was Kane Brown who was standing in front of her and speaking to her. [b “I. Uh.”] she laughed before shaking her head. [b “My night is good. We’re here celebrating my twenty first. How’s your night Mr Star?”]

Within a moment later she had been asked if she and her friends wanted to join them in the VIP section of the venue. [b “Are we allowed?”] she asked as she took the drinks in her hand before she nodded. [b “What better way to spend my birthday than partying with a musician?”]

[b “I’m Cameron!”] she called as the music got louder. [b “My friends are over there!”] she said pointing to the two brunettes who had seen that she was talking to Kane Brown, so they were watching her like a hawk.
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Kane chuckled, "Just having a night out with the boys, ya'll come join us." He said and his buddies nodded, one of them, Taylor, opened the VIP rope for them. Kane paid for her drinks and his own. "Put their drinks on my tab tonight Georgie." He said to the bartender. Aldean's was the only bar he and his buddies would go to because they knew it was safe for them.

Soon the bartender brought all the drinks to the VIP section along with what Kane had ordered. "Happy Birthday by the way." He muttered to her smiling, "Not often I meet a pretty birthday girl at the bar." He wasn't looking for a relationship, hell he shouldn't even be talking to this girl but there was something about her that he couldn't shake.

Cameron looked at Kane as he once again told them to come hangout with him and his friends in the VIP section. She couldn’t believe this. Surely it was a dream. She sipped on her white claw as she watched Kane. [b “Now what are y’all’s girlfriends going to say about you inviting three random girls to hangout with you tonight?”] she asked him. Sarah had no problem I’m taking up with Taylor, she never had a problem with conversations. Alley had went off to dance with the other guy that Kane was hanging with, leaving her alone with Kane.

She grinned as she noticed people looking at her. Like who was this girl. [b “So do you make it a habit to invite girls into this section?”] she asked as she shot back the tequila.
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"No girlfriends currently, and no, not really. Wasn't intending to invite anyone up here tonight but I saw you and... well I couldn't not talk to you." He said and blushed. "How long are ya'll in town?' He asked knowing they weren't locals, one of her friends had a North Carolina college sweater on. Hell he wasn't even a local, he had relocated here two years ago from Georgia and he loved it even if Nashville had its downsides at times.

He took a drink of his Jack and Coke after taking a shot of tequila with her, "You dance?" He asked taking her hand and pulling her towards the VIP dance area. He wasn't even drunk yet and he was dancing? What was this girl doing to him.

Cameron just grinned. [b "Good. I really didn't want to have to fight over some guy I just met."] she explained. [b "We're here for five more days."]

[b "Sarah goes to North Carolina, I go to school in Florida, but we're from Charleston."] she told Kane. [b "Alley stayed in Charleston and is going to cosmetology school. We kind of all scattered all over the place, but still close enough so we can stay connected. They actually surprised me with this trip before the next semester starts."]

Her eyes went wide as he asked her if she danced after them doing the shots. [b "Only in my bedroom."] she said laughing as Kane took her hand and pulled her out on the dancefloor. [b "What are you doing? I only dance in my bedroom."] she giggled as she felt his hands on her waist as he spun her around. [b "You're going to get us in trouble."] she mumbled.
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"Florida is nice, been there a couple times... playing a festival there next month." He said flashing her a smile as he led her to the dance floor. "Trouble is my middle name darlin." He spun her around a few times, "Looks like you should dance outside of your bedroom, your good."

A few drinks later Kane pulled her into the booth, his arm around her shoulders as they talked, "Are you free tomorrow? For a date?" He asked softly. He was shy but also he had an image to uphold. His friends could tell he liked the girl thats why they had backed off. She was gorgeous but he liked that she talked to him like he was a normal person and not a star.

"We could go to lunch and anywhere else in town you wanted to see." He suggested.

Cameron looked at Kane and just grinned as she shook her head. This man was going to get her into a mountain of trouble; she could tell. [b "I can tell that is the total truth. You're trouble."]

They drank and danced away before she got lightheaded and Kane tucked her into the corner booth. [b "I-..."] she said. She couldn't believe that Kane Brown was asking her on a date? He didn't even know her. [b "Um. I think we were just supposed to go shopping tomorrow.. I know the girls wanted to come downtown again... What.. What did you have in mind?"] she questioned. What did famous singers do for dates?"]

[b "I don't know.. Kane.. I. I go back to school in less than two weeks. I'm in Nashville for five more days.. If people see me with you... and they recongize me..."]
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“We can still go on a date, I can shop with y’all or I can steal you and take you to lunch and mini golf.” He said with a smile, “Don’t say mini golf is cheesy either because it’s not, it’s fun as hell.” The whiskey was talking for him now but that was okay. It was how he felt about things.

At the end of the night Kane pulled her to him by her waist. “I know your going to school and don’t live here but that doesn’t change anything, do you want to go out tomorrow?” He asked his eyes looking into hers. God he wanted to kiss her and he would after she answered him. He kissed her hard then, if there was such a thing as a fireworks kiss, this was it. He had made sure to call Ubers for her and her friends so they got back to their hotel safely. “Here put your number in.” He said handing her his phone.

Cameron looked at Kane and just shook her head as she honeslty didnt know what to say. [b "What are you trying to do right now?"] she questioned. 

Later that night they were all standing outside. Kane was waiting with them; making sure they were okay standing on the street. [b "You don't have to wait out here with us. Someone is bound to see you."] she said. She gasped as Kane took her waist and pulled her to him. She grinned as she just shook her head. [b "You're troub-"] she was cut off as he had kissed her. She was shook when she felt the spark. The spark that only happened in the movies.

What on earth was he doing? He was a Famous Country Singer with a bunch of number ones and she was a nobody from South Carolina. [b "Pick me up tomorrow at two."] she told him softly. [b "I'll text you the address."] She took his phone and added her contact. Texting herself in the process so she would have the number. [b "The uber is here. I've gotta go."]
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Kane nodded, “See you at two darlin.” He wanted to say more but his brain was foggy, the whiskey usually did that. He had called an Uber for himself as well, he had taken one there knowing he would get drunk tonight.

The next day he woke up around 11 with his head pounding. He downed two aspirin with his coffee and looked to his phone seeing an address. He texted her back, “I’ll be there at two, any special requests on where you want to go for lunch?” He wanted to know if he needed to make reservations or request a private room or table. It was Nashville, there weren’t paparazzi like California or New York but he still took precautions, plus he liked this girl and didn’t want her bombarded because of his dumb ass.

Cameron had been bombarded with questions from her girlfriends. They had drank a lot more than she had though; so they pretty much passed out as soon as they got back to their AIRBNB. She figured they would sleep all day so she was excited to hangout with Kane again.

[b "Privacy."] she texted him back the next day. She felt a little hungover, but it honestly wasn't as bad as she thought. it would be. She had set her alarm for noon, as she knew that would give her plenty of time to get ready. She wasn't sure what the plan was, so she had to choose her outfit carefully.

She checked on her friends before she headed out to the driveway around ten till two. She left a note explaining that she would be back in time for round two downtown. [i "With Kane.... Be back tonight. Rest up for round two xoxo."]

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“Hop in darlin.” Kane said as he pulled up to the end of the drive in his large black truck. “Mini golf in Brentwood and no one will give us trouble and I was wondering if you and your friends would mind coming to my place, was thinking maybe have a cookout, I’ve got a pool, hot tub, theatre…it’s private but we can all still hang out and it’s safer than all of us getting drunk on Broadway again.” 

He was hoping she would say yes to this plan because he wanted to do this with his friends and hers and there was no chance anyone would see them and she would get her privacy and so would he. Truth be told he hated the paparazzi. 

He drove through the Nashville traffic, “tell me more about yourself Cammie.” He had picked the nickname on his own, Cameron was just too professional, they were on a date not a job interview and Kane was the most awkward date possible,

Cameron looked up at the black truck that pulled in at the end of the driveway of the AirBnB. [b “Well this is definitely going to attract attention.”] she told him. [“How are you feeling?”]

She nodded slowly when he mentioned mini golf. It wasn’t the first thing she’d choose for a private hangout, but it would be fun as he seemed excited about it. 

[b “Sarah already made reservations for this steakhouse downtown.”] she told him when he asked about them coming to his house. [b “I know it’s less private.. But my friends were really looking forward to the true Nashville experience. Ya know, drinking, Broadway, the whole thing.”] she said. [b “I hope you’re not mad.. But how about I text them and we can come hangout with you tomorrow night .”] she told him.  [b “I’ll bring the drinks.”]

She didn’t know what was going on with her, but she felt so comfortable with Kane. Like what was happening.
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He nodded, 'Thats fine, thats the best steak in town next to my grilling, you don't have to bring drinks, I'll stock the bar by the pool and we can just hang out, theres guest rooms if you and your friends want to stay too." He said as he drove. 

"So its a second date." he said flashing a smile to her, she was damn gorgeous and he was a lucky man. "Yeah the truck is as inconspicious as you can get in Tennessee, all lifted trucks here." He muttered. "Ya'll will like that restaurant, I hope your friends didn't give you too much shit for going out with me today." He knew they had been giggling about it the night before. 

"A little hung over today but nothing bad and you make it all better." He said flirting with her. "Theres no pictures online from last night, as far as anyone's concerned, we were never at Aldean's partying." He didn't want her to worry about pictures.

Mini golf was a lot more fun than she has originally expected. They played a couple of rounds and then Kane took her to a late lunch. It was a good day. 

He ended up dropping her off at the AirBnB around five; which was good because their reservation was at eight so she had to hurry and get ready.

Kane had something come up so he didn't end up meeting them for dinner. She has excited to have the time to talk to her friends and tell them about everything. She still couldn't believe that someone like Kane had taken an interest in her. She told them the game plan for tomorrow night so they agreed that tomorrow morning would be their shopping day so they weren't drinking as much. [b "Kane's friends are going to be there and he said we could use the guest bedrooms if we wanted..."] she explained. [b "This entire trip has just been insane already, but I'm lowkey excited to see him tomorrow, even though I know nothing can happen."]
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"Why can't anything happen?' One of her friends asked. "You are both young and single and hes hot, jump on that." She was more wild than the rest of them but she was not wrong. Kane was single and interested in Cameron, why shouldn't she enjoy that?

Kane and his friends went grocery shopping and picked up drinks for the outside bar to fill it during the day. It had been so long since they had a cookout at Kane's place that they were excited. While they shopped he had hired a cleaning crew to clean and set up the guest rooms, knowing they would most likely be used. 

When he got back to the house, he fed his dog, Rambo and let him out in the back yard while they stocked the bar and put the food on the kitchen island bar counter. He ran a hand along Rambo's back, scratching behind his ears, when he came back inside. "You be good buddy... this girl I like is coming tonight, turn on the puppy charm." 

One of his buddies looked to him, "You think shes different? Like you think this could be a relationship?" With that Kane nodded, "I do."

[b "Because we're leaving here in four days and going back to College in two weeks."] she told her friend Sarah. Sarah was her best friend, but she was most definitely the wild one of the three. [b "I can't date a famous country artist while I'm in undergrad."]

The next day the girls went shopping to find outfits to take to Kane's since nothing they packed screamed pool party/cook out at a Famous Musicians house. While in reality it was just an excuse to go shopping. 

That evening they headed to the address that Kane had sent them. [b "Woah."] she mumbled as she parked the rental car. Kane had opened the gate and let them through. [b "Hi!"] she said as Kane walked outside to greet them, of course followed by Taylor and his other friend. [b "How are you?"] she asked as she walked up and shyly hugged Kane. [b "Thanks again for inviting us over."]

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(can't see the outfit )

Kane smiled and pulled her to him, "Anytime darlin', yall make yourselves at home, if your staying the night in the guest rooms I can give you a quick tour." He said to her and her friends. 

Her friends seemed overwhelmed at his house. It wasn't massive but it was a nice house, a small mansion which Nashville was full of. 

Kane led them to the house and held the front door for them when Rambo came running. "Ya'll meet my dog, Rambo, hes a big baby but he loves attention." He said flashing Cameron a smile, "If you leave your door open he will probably end up in your bed, just a warning." 

Soon he led them to the living room, kitchen, the double doors from the kitchen that led to the pool in the backyard and hot tub, the studio, theatre, guest rooms, and his own room. "Each guest room has an attached bathroom, I'm at the end of the hall if ya'll need anything later."

The night was going well. Kane ended up grilling out for them and everyone was just drinking, chilling and having a good time. 

There friends had broken off into couples and she was hanging around Kane. [b "Thanks agian for inviting us over tonight. While my friends aren't exactly giving us the full privacy, this is nice."] she said as she sat on the edge of the pool, letting her feet dangle off the edge. [b "I still don't know how we ended up here. We came to Nashville to drink and party and we ended up at Kane Brown's house.. Like how does that happen?"]

Kane seemed like a great guy. He had the bad boy vibes with all the tattoos and everything, but he seemed nice. She just didn't know what this was for him. He was probably just looking to hook up with someone who wasn't local and she couldn't do that. But she also didn't have time for a relationship... This was just some harmless flirting and dates, it had to be?
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Kane chuckled, "They are just protective of you, thats all, its not a bad thing, my friends are the same way, or haven't you noticed?" His small circle of friends watched out for him, he might be the famous one but he was also the one who got into the most trouble without even trying. "I...I like you Cameron, more than like you... well I like you alot and I know its crazy but ask anyone I've never done something like this before but theres something about you that I can't get enough of." There he had admitted it, it was all out in the open.

"Want to get away from everyone awhile?" He asked pulling himself up from the edge of the pool before taking her hand and pulling her up as well. Rambo who had been lounging behind them followed them into the house. 

"Studio, theatre, or my room?" He asked raising an eyebrow. He was going to let her call the shots here and wasn't going to push her.

[b "Kane."] she said softly as she swirled her feet around in the pool. [b "You... You can't like me. You hardly know me."] This was crazy. She was a twenty one year old college student and Kane was a twenty five famous musician. [b "I don't know."] she muttered. She looked up at him when he asked if she wanted to get away from everyone for awhile. She took a deep breathe but nodded as she took his hand to stand up.

She grinned as she realized Rambo would follow them anywhere they went. [b "You tell me."] she said softly. [b "I guess it depends on what you plan on doing to me in the time away from everyone."] she muttered.

She didn't know what was going to happen; well she had a damn good idea, but she wasn't going to flat out ask this man what he was going to do to her the rest of the night, thought she kind of already had. [b "Take me somewhere, Kane."]
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Kane smiled softly and led her towards the end of the hall of rooms.. to his room. Rambo was upset he was not in the bed but settled at the end and fell asleep. 

The next morning Kane woke up with a beautiful blonde in his arms, Cammie. He hadn't done anything like this in his life, he had known her two days and now... they had slept together. He had no idea how the rest of the cookout went but his night... had been amazing. 

He left her sleep and gently kissed her temple, careful not to wake her. He pulled on some sweats and his slippers, not bothering with a shirt before he headed downstairs to the kitchen. 

It was still early and no one else was up yet, even Rambo had decided to stay with Cammie in his room. He sighed and decided to start on breakfast. French Toast and Bacon. It was his favorite and his Nana had taught him to make it when he was younger.

Cameron didn't know what had gotten into herself that night but it was unlike any other night she'd ever had. She had spent the night with Kane, in all aspects, they had gone to a new level. She'd falen fast asleep hours after he'd first taken her to his room.

She stirred later that morning as she felt that Kane wasn't in the bed anymore. She looked down at Rambo who was at her feet still sleeping. [b "Where did your daddy go bud?"] she muttered as she went to search for her bag that she found in the corner of Kane's room. He must've carried it in for her after she'd fallen asleep. She had changed into her pajamas before braiding her messy hair. '

She found Kane in the kitchen and smiled softly as she found Kane cooking. [b "He can cook and sing?"] she asked as she hopped up on the counter. [b "Whatcha cooking?"]

[ pajamas]
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Kane chuckled hearing her, “Good Morning Darlin, yep I can cook and sign thanks to my Nana, she basically raised me and made sure I know how to cook.” He looked to her and didn’t hide that he let his eyes wander. She was gorgeous and he was remembering last night. He had been a little tipsy but not drunk.

“French Toast with bacon, unless you’d prefer something else and I can make that too.” He said putting some more French toast on a plate. 

“I always wake up early
So I thought it would be a good idea to make breakfast for everyone.” He said softly and got plates down, enough for everyone in the house. No one had left the night before. Some were in the guest rooms and some were in the theatre and one of his buddies had fell asleep in the gazebo outside. 

Rambo had followed her downstairs, “you were sound asleep so I left Rambo to guard you.” He said smiling.

The next few days and nights were a whirlwind. Someone Kane always ended up finding them or joining them in whatever they were doing at some point during the day.

It was the night before they flew back to South Carolina. They had all went out for once last shopping trip that day and Kane had somehow talked her friends into letting him have her alone tonight. He probably bribed them with some outing or something. But he hadn’t told her what he had planned for her; only that she needed to dress nice.

She was kind of nervous and sometimes through the day she caught herself wondering what the point to all this way. It was just a fun summer fling that would go no where, but Kane wouldn’t let it go, and she was attracted to him. He was the older bad boy. He was the musician.

He was picking her up from their AirBnB. She was actually kind of nervous for once. He had never made her nervous before. 

[ outfit]
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This was Cameron’s last night in Nashville and hell, Kane had to make it special. He had reserved a private room at one of the best restaurants in Nashville that overlooked the city to take her to. He hoped she would enjoy it. It was a nice restaurant but they did not require a dress code and being the private room, he did not have to worry about someone seeing them which he knew stressed Cameron out. This would be their third official date. 

Kane pulled up to the Airbnb that her and her friends were staying at in his Hellcat. He had not taken the truck tonight, he wanted to show off for her a little. 

“Hi darlin.” He said getting out to hold the door for her and steal a kiss. “Are you ready for tonight?” He was going to remind her he had a concert in South Carolina in two weeks and he had passes for her and all her friends already on the list. 

At the restaurant he parked and was a gentleman and got her door for her and led her inside. The waiter took them to the reserved room and gave them menus.

Cameron looked up as she heard a door shut in the driveway, it was kind of hard not to hear it. [b “He’s here!”] she said as she looked at Sarah and Allie. [b “Are you sure I look ok?”] she asked again before she took a deep breathe. 

[b “Hi yourself.”] she said as she walked out to the front door. [b “You look handsome.”] she said as her eyes ran up and down. [b “Someone cleans up nice.”]

She grinned as he leaned down and stole a kiss. [b “I’m ready.”] she said as they walked outside. [b ‘That’s not the jacked up truck. What is that?”] she asked as she looked the car over. She had never seen such a… nice car. [b “You’re going to let me drive that at some point tonight, right?”] she said as she slid down inside the car as he held the door open for her.

It wasn’t that long of a drive to the resturant. [b “Where are we?”] She didn’t remember coming this way in the last five days.
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Kane smiled, “Clean up well yourself darlin’, you look beautiful.” He nodded when she asked if she could drive the hellcat tonight. “It’s fast but yes you can drive it, I promise.” 

At the restaurant he looked to her, “We’re in The Gulch, best restaurant in the city.” When they were given menus he looked to the drinks, he would get iced tea. He wasn’t drinking tonight, he was driving and this was her last night in town, he didn’t want to ruin it with being drunk.

“I’ve only been here once for a label interview but the food is great from what I remember.” He admitted as the waiter brought their drinks. He ordered a rare steak and fries with cheesecake for dessert. “What do you want to eat babe?” He asked letting the babe slip. It had been 5 days…5 short days and he was in love, he just didn’t want to admit it yet.

“Your going home tomorrow.” He said softly. When the waiter left. “You’ll come to the show in two weeks?” He asked her, “And Talk all the time?” He didn’t want their relationship to end.

Cameron ordered a Bahama Mama to drink just to help calm her nerves. She couldn’t figure out why she was so nervous.  She ordered a Well steak with a baked potato as her side. With the molten lava cake and ice cream for dessert.

She sipped on her drink as Kane brought up this being her last night in Nashville. [b “It’s my last night.. We fly out tomorrow at noon.”] she told him. [b “And then I go back school in a week.”]

Sarah had told him she would make sure they all made it to his concert. [b “As long as my school schedule isn’t crazy.. I don’t really want to skip class the second week there.”] she told him. She knew he was hoping they could continue what ever this was, and in a way, she wanted that too, but she didn’t see how it would work at all. 

[b “Kane.. I. I’m a twenty one year old college student from South Carolina. You’re a twenty five famous musician..”]
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“And if I wasn’t a musician would you consider us? I like you Cammie, a lot.” He said taking a drink of his tea. “We cake make this work, I’m willing to try and make the effort to be together if you are. I’ve got a car, South Carolina isn’t that far, I can fly too.” He said seriously. “I mean it, I like you.” He couldn’t tell her he loved her after five days, that would be insane.

“Two weeks to the show, we can see each other then and from there we can work out the next time. We’ve managed to keep us a secret so far so if that’s what you want, we can continue, even though I’d like to show you off. Most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.” He admitted but he wouldn’t push her into the spotlight she didn’t ask for.

“My job is just like any other job, it won’t interfere with my personal life, and our relationship if you want us to have one…will you be my girlfriend Cammie?”

Cameron looked at Kane and shook her head. She didn’t know what to say. [b “Kane…”] she said softly. This was a lot. He wanted to be with her? 

[b “I. I know The Carolina’s aren’t far. I know you can drive and fly, but. School is really important to me.”] she said. She thanked the waiter as they bought the side salad as an appetizer. [b “Thank you.”] she said.

She looked back at Kane and smiled softly. [b “You can’t say that your professional life won’t interfere with your personal life honey, because it will. Kane. Your entire life is publicized. And that’s okay, because that’s the life you wanted. You were meant to sing.”] she told him. [b “I’m a small town girl from Carolina. I’m not sure if I want that life.”] she spoke honestly. [b “But I want you.. I’m not ready to be a girlfriend yet, but I know I want you Kane.”] she told him. [b “Can you be okay with that for awhile?”]
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Kane listened and nodded, “Your not saying no but your not saying yes…give it time?” He asked and looked into her eyes. “I’ll do anything I can to prove it to you that this will work Darlin’.” 

After dinner he pulled her close to him in the empty parking garage and kissed her against the hellcat. “Damn it I’m gonna miss you babe.” He said holding her to him. This was her last night in Nashville and as much as he wanted to make it memorable, he wanted to take her to his place and make sure she didn’t forget him so soon.

He opened the car door for her to get in. “We’re going to my place so you can drive the hellcat.” He didn’t want her driving on Nashville streets that weren’t safe and he also wanted to give her something he had gotten for her. 

At the house he opened her door, “come inside and see Rambo for a minute, I’ve got a surprise for you.” In the house he ran to his room and then back down the stairs holding a small Pandora jewelry box in his hand. “To commemorate your Nashville trip.” Inside was a necklace with a sparkling diamond cowboy boot charm on it.

Cameron nodded as he repeated what she had said. [b “Not a yes… Not a no.”] she told him. 

She wrapped her arms around him and listened to his heartbeat after they had walked back to the parking garage. It was empty this time of night. She felt the Hellcat behind her as he pushed her back. [b “I leave tomorrow.”] she mumbled. [b “I’m going to miss you.”]

She looked up at him when he said she could drive. [b “You’re going to let me drive?”] she asked with a grin as she held her hand out for the key. [b “I get to drive?”] she squealed. [b “What if I just stayed the night… Could you take me to the Airbnb in the morning? Like early.”]

She drove back to his house, having to ask him for directions every once and while. [b “I’m going to miss Rambo’s cuddles.”] she said as they walked inside. She watched him run to his room and then come back. She grinned as he held up a pandora box. She gasped as she opened and seen the necklace.
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“Like I said it’s to commemorate your Nashville trip and I’m sure Rambo is going to miss you as much as I do.” He said kissing her cheek gently. “You can stay tonight and I can take you to the Airbnb early in the morning, get to spend a few more hours together.” He said taking the necklace and fastening the silver clasp around her neck. It was beautiful on her, the diamonds in the boot sparkled in the lights.

He put the pandora box on the counter so she could take it when she left in the morning and put his hellcat key in her hand. “Have the drive and the grounds near the barn and stable, they’re safe and you can drive the hellcat there.” He said with a smile. She’s the first woman he’s ever let drive one of his cars. That has to mean something

Kane went outside and got into the passengers seat knowing this was going to be a hell of a ride.

She shivered as she felt Kane’s hands on her neck as he clasped the necklace around her neck. [b “I’m sure this wasn’t cheap… And I didn’t buy you anything.”] she told him. She looked up as he placed the keys in her hand again. [b “You’re going to let me drive the estate?”]

She squealed as she ran out and jumped into the driver seat. She ended up driving around for about twenty minutes or so. The Hellcat was definitely a fast car but it handled so well. It made her feel… so excited. 

Kane made sure she wouldn’t forget her trip to Nashville or her nights with him anytime soon.

Saying goodbye the next morning was definitely harder than she thought. They had gotten up early so she could go back to the AirBnB as she still hadn’t packed yet. [b “I’ll see you in two weeks.”] she repeated as she climbed out of the truck. [b “You’ll be so busy preparing for this leg of the tour and I’ll have school and homework and work study…
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Kane watched her get out of the truck and sighed, “let me help.” He got her things from the back and without another word pulled her into his arms for a kiss, a passionate kiss. A kiss that made her friends stop and stare. “Gonna miss you darlin’, you’ve got my number and if you need anything you know I’ll be on my way to South Carolina in a minute, even if your lonely.” He couldn’t say he loved her, that would just push her away more.

Kane was reluctant to let her go. “Have a safe flight baby, call me when you land? Or text me, I know you’ll be busy with school.” He hated seeing her go but once they had their rental car loaded from the Airbnb, he left when they did. 

Kane had a hard time focusing on the studio that day. His songwriters, one of them being Taylor, his friend looked to him, “Still torn up about that girl?” Kane glared, “She’s not just some girl.”

The flight back to Charleston wasn’t bad. It was only about two hours. 

[b “I’m ready for life to get back to normal.”] she told her friends as they landed at the airport. They were leaving for school in a little less than a week; they still had so much to do. Not to mention she was coming back home in two weeks for Kane’s show, her friends had decided they couldn’t take the time away from school just yet. 

The next two weeks went by a lot faster than she ever thought they would. She and Kane texted every day, and sometimes they had a chance to FaceTime in between her classes. 

That Thursday she drove back home to Charleston from Wilmington. Kane had made sure he would be there early, but apparently the tour bus had broken down so she was taking the free night to go home to her parents. She would see Kane at the show Friday night. He was a little upset but what could be done.
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“Can’t you get this fixed faster?” Kane asked his manager frustrated. “I need to get to Charleston early.” He hadn’t told his manager about Cameron. Just had put her and her friends names on the list, it didn’t raise much suspicion since there were four names on the list instead of just one. Kane had no idea her friends weren’t coming to the show. 

He sighed shaking his head. It was like the universe didn’t want them together. Hell the last two weeks had been absolute hell without her. He hadn’t realized how much fun he had with her and how relaxed he had been until she was gone. Cameron brought him peace and he wasn’t ready to let that go.

When they finally arrived at the hotel, “Finally here baby, do you want to come to me or I can come to you, I just don’t want to be without you much longer.”

It was around one in the morning and Cameron was still waiting up for Kane. She knew he was trying to get the bus fixed as quickly as possible as he wanted to spend as much time with her as he could, and they only had one day. He left out for another Show up north Friday night after his show in Charleston and then she had go to back to Wilmington for school. 

[b “I’ll come to you.”] she texted him back as she had already packed a bag and had it loaded in her car ready to go. She had told her parents the night before that she wasn’t staying as a friend was on their way to town. They didn’t question it much. 

It wasn’t a bad drive downtown, only about twenty minutes from her home. She snuck into the hotel and went to the top floor where Kane was. She grinned slightly as she knocked on the door. [b “Room Service.”] she said after knocking again.
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Kane didn’t hesitate and opened the door pulling her into a tight embrace and his lips met hers. Two weeks was too damn long in his mind. “Missed you darlin’.” He muttered pulling away and putting his forehead against hers, “sorry I was late, the bus decided to not go.” He didn’t want to let her go right now but he relaxed the hold he had on her. “Also sorry it’s so late, I just…I didn’t want to lose anymore time with my favorite girl.” He said softly.

It was apparent that he had just gotten into the room, his bag was sitting in the chair unopened and his phone had been tossed onto the bed along with his hat, he had called her first thing. He knew how school was going for her, he knew all the small talk, this was different this time.

“Most Beautiful Room Service I’ve ever seen, does the hotel know if you really were room service that they would get more business?” He asked with a smile.

She spent the night and the next day with Kane. They didn’t really do anything the next day except be lazy and watch movies. Kane had sound check two hours before the concert started and he wouldn’t leave the hotel with out her, so she was going with him. Though she didn’t know about it because wouldn’t his band and people want to know who she was? He didn’t see the issue though.

Kane was still laying on the bed after she had gotten ready. [b “You gonna lay there all day or are we going to your concert?”] she asked with a smirk.

They ordered food so it would be waiting on them at the arena. Being from Charleston, she hoped no one at the Arena would recognize her. [b “Are you sure it’s okay that I’m here?”] she asked as she slipped her sunglasses on so they could walk across the street. His security behind them. 

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He nodded, “Only people here are the band and crew and no one will say a word, relax. I know you want us quiet but I just want you to have a good time too.” He said and kissed her gently. Truth be told, he did want to lay in bed all day with her but he knew she wouldn’t have that.

At the arena he held her hand and led her to the dressing room where their food was waiting. He was starving. He hadn’t had breakfast unless you counted her and he did. 

During sound check he watched her. It was just a couple songs before he was back with her. “Your choice if we go back to the hotel or the bus, got a few hours.” He said and didn’t want to let her go. 

His band thought it was nice that Kane had someone finally even if it was long distance. He wanted to tell her he loved her, it had been two weeks and it had been way too long in his book. “I had Martha bring you a bag of things if you’d like them.”

Cameron looked at Kane and just smiled. He was so in his element when he was getting ready to perform. It was honestly what he was made to do. You could see that he just absolutely loved to perform.

They ended up going and hanging out on the bus while the other artist performed. It was hidden and away from everyone else. She hated feeling like she was making it harder on him, as she wanted to be kept private. She was not used to Kane's world at all... And it was just a lot. A lot of people, a lot of non privacy.

She was instructed to hangout on the side stage while he sang; if she wanted that was. They had a chair sat out for her, and it was far back enough behind the curtain that she couldn't be seen. She could handle this life, right?

It came almost time for Kane to go on so they headed inside the view. Kane's band was already out waiting on them backstage.
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Kane kissed her gently, “It’s a hour show and then I’m off and yours for as long as you can stay…I know you have school and the busses pull out of here around four am to head to the next show so it’s going to be hard being away from you again.” He said holding her close but still out of view of any of the fans. “I’ll FaceTime you every night and everyday, you’ll get sick of seeing my face.” 

He hated long distance but this is what he had to do for her than he would do it. Soon he was onstage playing and singing, the crowd going wild. He would sneak glances in her direction. 

Half way through the show he decided that before he left town he would tell her he loved her. He had to…two weeks and he knew she was it for him.

After the show he took a towel from a crew member and wiped his sweat. “Did you like the show?” He asked her and planted a kiss on her lips.


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