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Another post-apocalypse story OOC

By Satans_Evil_Twin
basically Kipo but different

no worries about short replies- minimal limit is just fine-

I'd like keeping all replies under 1500 if possible though- so they dont get too long or confusing

and I'll work on my reply as soon as I can y'all- sorry in advance that it may take a little while

yeah man, you're all good.
MendedSerina   7d ago

No worry don’t stress about it
ShadeTheDragon90Zaleh   7d ago

yeah and bc of the foster thing I don't have a lot of time to sit down and fully type out a really detailed reply so they will be kind of short

Holy mother-- imma have to reread all that when i get home on my laptop. Sorry about the foster care thing Shade- seems kinda dumb that rp isnt allowed. Ill have my post up as soon as im caught up with school stuff since im "over" covid and back in school while i recover from it.

No problem.

Shade, Foster care sucks, I get it, so no harm done 👍️
MendedSerina   7d ago

Sorry post was a bit quick and I didn’t get time to fix my grammar so sorry about that. I’ll be busy the next few days so wanted to get my post out before I did

it's okay for being short- thanks for posting your reply FROSTY ^w^
FROSTBITE4395[Kipo thing]   11d ago

alright, sorry my posts so short y'all
ShadeTheDragon90Zaleh   14d ago

ok cool      .
FROSTBITE4395[Kipo thing]   14d ago

ShadeTheDragon90Zaleh   14d ago

what is the rp posting order if we have one?

Looks fine to me-
I'll post again in a day or two

OR today cause I got more time than I thought. Hope this is a okay set up

I’ll post in the next day or so