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express-oMint Choco Cookie   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

"Thank you, Latte!" Both musicians exclaimed in unison, Clover curtseying whilst keeping his head respectfully low and Mint Choco simply bowing, both appreciative of the Coffee-magic professor for watching over the three rambunctious children while they scurried off briefly to yoink their respective partners. Latte only let out a light giggle at the sight, shaking her head softly as she sat on her broomstick. "You two can ask me for help anytime I'm free; we're friends after all, yes? Go on, shoo, go get your lovers." She waved them off lightheartedly dismissively, a happy smile on her face as she watched the two happily taking the invitation to scurry off. Turning a little to faithfully watch over Custard, Pancake, and Moon Rabit while they were gone, she hummed out a small tune.
"Where did they say they'd meet us at again?..." Mint Choco softly asked, quietly trotting behind Clover who, visibly alone, seemed to have more of an idea of where to go than the mildly locationally challenged violinist. "You forget things too easily, my friend," Was all the bard offered up as a response alongside a light laugh, earning a playful huff from his companion. "I get lost in the [i performance hall] all the time and I'm there daily! What more would you expect from me?" Mint gently hissed, this time earning no specific comment from the other Cookie other than a shake of his head. "It should be... Aha! Here we are!" Clover declared chirpishly, leading Mint through a little past of forested shrub to a small clearing in which a fallen tree laid; the meeting spot the four had agreed on the last time they all had seen each other.

There stood Licorice and Red Velvet, speaking cordially enough even if they looked like they wanted to crumble each other. Red Velvet had Chiffon with him because emotional support Cake Hound, the dog quickly running up to the two musicians with a loud, happy bork that got the two 'evil' Cookies' attention. Licorice seemed to smile a bit as he stood up, brushing himself off and allowing his illusion to come up before he wrapped his arms around Clover and kissed his cheek. "Hello there." He hummed lightly, Velvet looking over at his little violinist before holding his arms out for him. He wasn't much for starting physical affection.
poprocksMint Choco Cookie   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

The two seemed to smile as in sync as they usually were; musicians had to be in sync for songs regardless, so it wasn't that unusual for the both of them to seem to do things at the same moment. "Hello there yourself," Clover returned with a hum of a happy note, planting a kiss on his cheek to copy him for a quick moment. Mint leaning down to gently pet at Chiffon and rub his head a couple of times to satisfy the Cake Hound's need for attention, knowing that he wouldn't stop barking until he received some, soon after slipping over to eagerly hug Velvet. "I'm surprised you two were free to help us today. I'm guessing Pomegranate is looking after Poison Mushroom while you two are away?" Clover inquired politely and curiously after a few moments.

"Mmhmm." Velvet hummed easily in response since Licorice didn't verbally confirm, rubbing at the violinist's back before standing up and smiling a little. "We have a name for me now." He spoke gently, Licorice seeming to roll his eyes a bit as he ran his hands through his hair to get it perfect. "Lavender and Cupcake." He confirmed what Velvet was saying, humming lightly to himself as he tied his hair up softly. "Poison Mushroom is gonna give Pomegranate such a bad time, isn't he?" Velvet asked after a moment, Licorice laughing softly before covering his mouth and clearing his throat. "Yeah...probably."
poprocksMint Choco Cookie   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

The violinist smiled a tiny bit, "You'll probably have to remind me it from time to time, but Cupcake's a nice name." He whispered out as he crouched down to scoop up Chiffon and gently hold him, trying not to distract too much from the bard when his friend started talking, "Poor Pomegranate, I feel a little bad... Surely he isn't [i that] bad around her though, I can't imagine anyone willingly misbehaving behind her... Then again, I couldn't imagine Pan, Moon, or the young prince misbehaving around Latte, but it happens more often than I'd like to admit," Clover sighed out, pausing a moment before continuing. "Speaking of Latte, we should head to the castle soon before we waste any more of her time; the three seem to go absolutely [i wild] under her care."

"They go wild when they're under the care of anyone BUT you, love." Licorice reminded his boyfriend, taking his hand and leading him out of the forest as Red Velvet picked up his violinist and put him on his shoulder before following the other couple. He seemed content enough, both of the 'bad guys' did oddly enough, but that was mostly because they loved being around their boyfriends. Velvet looked at Mint Choco with a bit of a smile, wearing different garb that kind of made him look like a security guard for the violinist.
poprocksMint Choco Cookie   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

"Of course, they behave whenever I'm watching them, as I'm just that good of a babysitter!" Clover huffed out self-importantly, clearly being sarcastic with his words as the other musician simply gawked. "You're starting to make me look like a cruel teacher, Clover." Mint commented jokingly, earning a poorly stifled giggle from the bard, "Oh but you so are! I let them prance around and play and sing them songs or tell them stories! And what do you do? Reinforce their manners any time they step out of line? Teach them to formally dance? Attempt to teach them instruments? Seems pretty cruel to me," Clover shot back in the same joking manner, Mint simply rolling his eyes and smiling as they all arrived at the village gates.
Milk Cookie and Madeleine Cookie were guarding the village enterance that day, as the decree of Blackberry who typically decided where they were stationed. "Ah, hello Clover Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie! Welcome back!" Milk chirped out with a smile, but he and his fellow knight eyeing the other two Cookies they were with. Unlike Madeleine, Milk was quick to assume they were perfectly safe, dishing out a warm smile as he respectfully stepped aside, the holy knight commander doing the same to allow the four to pass after a few silent, skeptical moments. "Have a good day, friends! May the blessing of the Light be with you!" Madeleine cheerfully said with a grin, he and Milk returning to their guarded positions once the four had safely entered.

Velvet seemed to smile sweetly back at Milk and Madeleine, just carrying the violinist on his shoulders easily as Licorice hummed to himself. "You two argue so much, it's any wonder why you stick around each other." He teased his lover softly as they walked up to the castle, letting out a gentle chuckle as he heard the soft pitter-patter of feet. Velvet seemed to be confused as to where they were going before hearing the loud squeal of a happy Pancake, running over and hugging onto Clover's leg. "CLOVIEEE!!" He squealed out loudly, seeming to wiggle a bit as Moon Rabbit peeked out of a room.
poprocksMint Choco Cookie   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

"Musicians need to stick together I suppose," Clover stated with a tiny shrug, looking back at the violinist and sticking his tongue out at him, receiving the same gesture in return before Pancake had hugged into his leg. "Ah, hello Pancake! I hope you didn't miss me too much, but I've brought friends again!" He happily hummed out, scooping the flying squirrel-like Cookie into his arms as he smiled. Of course, the noise drew the attention of Latte who wasn't too far away, tugging her broomstick in tow that the prince Custard sat royally proudly upon, gesturing for Moon Rabbit to follow when she noticed him peeking out of a room.
"It's lovely to see you two have returned safely; I've managed to keep these three away from the caffeine for thus long, but I think you might need to ask someone else in the castle to keep it out of their reach, I might've rambled a bit on Coffee Magic for a few minutes..." Latte mumbled out, soon brushing it off as nothing as she gently pulled Custard off her broomstick and set the prince onto the floor, who happily scurried into Clover's arms like metal would go for a magnet. "It's a pleasure to finally meet [i you two], however! I'm Latte Cookie, one of their closest mutual friends." She chirped out as she sat herself upon the floating broom, gesturing to Licorice and Velvet when she had annunciated her speech. "Let me think... It was Lavender and... Oh dear, I don't think you've told me your partner's name yet, Minty."
Mint Choco's eyes looked up from the Cake Hound he continued to pet in his arms, processing the sentence that contained his nickname for a moment before simply offering up, "Cupcake." Latte nodded, mentally jotting that name away before giving both couples bright smiles. "Don't you have essays to get back to grading, Latte?" Mint gently reminded, watching as she visibly paused before semi-awkwardly laughing. "My my, I do! I should resume looking them over before exam season finishes, shouldn't I? Well, you four take care!" The Coffee mage waved goodbye politely before hurrying out of sight; apparently grading essays was more important than one would think.
With Latte now newly having left, Mint redirected his gaze to the three younger Cookies. "Did you guys behave while Miss Latte was looking over you, or do I need to add more piano and etiquette lessons to your schedule?" He inquired formally, Custard about to comment on the Cake Hound before the three were asked that. Whining, he hid behind Clover and Licorice to avoid answering; yes, he preferred Licorice, the fellow he whacked with his regal staff, over the seemingly 'cold' and 'cruel' Mint. Truth was, he just wanted to avoid receiving any more lessons than he had to go through.


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