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Horror Mansion

By Cat22

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This is a roleplay in which horror characters that are both canon characters and OCs can be used. Basically, the horror characters live in one big mansion together deep in the woods where they live. The mansion itself is not known by humans but when a new horror story, horror game or creepypasta is created, the characters from those forms of media will find themselves among the massive mansion.

The mansion has a few rules that must be followed before a character lives there. These rules are as follows…

1. No godlike/overpowered characters. Both OCs and Canon Characters are subject to this rule.
2. Characters must be from a form of horror media. This means that characters such as Mario wouldn’t make the cut. Characters from horror stories, horror games and creepypasta are allowed. I also don’t care if the resulting piece of media your character is from is made by you.
4. No homophobia, sexism or racism
5. No NSFW themes. They are against the site rules
6. Ships are allowed however, if a character has a certain orientation, please respect that and don’t force ships on other people.

Vaan (The Birdcage and the Hall of Marionettes) (Final Fantasy Creepypasta) (OC) - Cat22
Ben Drowned (Creepypasta) (Canon) - ZarinaTheGoddess
Lost Silver (Creepypasta) (Canon) - ZarinaTheGoddess
The Huntress (Dead By Daylight) (Canon) - Sinistersufferings
The Trickster (Dead By Daylight) (Canon) - Sinistersufferings
Demogorgon (Stranger Things, has made an appearance in Dead By Daylight) (Canon) - Sinistersufferings
<Taken characters will be put here as they’re claimed>

Please DM me with the character you would like to use and if that character is godlike, I would suggest choosing a different character.
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Cat22     1y ago

((Okay so… Who’s ready to start?))
SinisterSufferings     1y ago

(I am ofc :P)
Cat22     1y ago

((That’s good!))
SinisterSufferings     1y ago

(Is there a specific setting for the starter or are we just spawned into the mansion XD)
Cat22     1y ago

((They’re just spawned into the mansion.))

The Trickster tilted his head, giggling slightly at the surroundings. He narrowed his yellow gaze, "A new playground! All eyes on me!"

(Background: Trickster is a K-Pop oc from Behavior Games dev team. He is slightly insane and is always hungry for fame and such. He's very skilled with throwing knives and always loves a good entrance. He was originally part of a K-Pop group, but killed his fellow K-pop artists (making it look like an accident with faulty wiring) before moving on to kill many fans and victims, often using their screams and crys of pain in his music via recordings- he never was discovered, that all led to he and his manager (the survivor affiliated with his chapter) being coaxed in by the Entity- forever part of the Fog now.)
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

Vaan was currently playing with one of the barely living marionettes that he brought down from his room. He could currently stay outside of his birdcage and there were blood splotches on his face, chest and clothing. These splotches normally disappear when he goes back into his cage however, he felt like killing a human. He didn’t notice the Trickster for a while until he looked up from playing with the marionette. “Another human? I thought that nobody else was here.” He said softly.

Trickster tilted his head, "Ah! A toy? Are your cries of pain as beautiful to hear as the human's in the fog?" He asked, blinking his vibrant yellow eyes with a partially insane giggle.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“You know that I only seek to play with the marionettes that I carry around with me but I wouldn’t mind adding a few more to my collection. I’m not the kind of person to scream so easily but hearing the screams of those who resist becoming one tends to be rather annoying.” Vaan said softly before he stood up.

((I technically don’t have another image for how Vaan appears in The Birdcage and the Hall of Marionettes))

The trickster made a hand motion, pulling a flurry of throwing knives from seemingly nowhere, "Oh A game? I want to play!" He insisted in his sing-song voice of insanity.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“It’s not a game.” Vaan said softly before he walked away. He picked up the marionette and headed back into his room where the birdcage he lived in was. He entered the cage and as soon as he did, the blood splotches that were on him down disappeared. He then stared at a marionette that looked like Bartz Klauser which was formerly one of the humans he turned into a marionette.

Trickster gave a bored sigh, "재미 없음" He growled, this was Korean for: No fun.
He put the knives away, giving a giggle before going to explore further through the mansion.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“I finally got away from that guy. What was up with him…” Vaan muttered softly as he continued to stare at the marionette. He wanted to hug it but he refrained from doing so for now.

(Sorry, too many threads at once XD)
The Huntress- Anna- opened her eyes, looking around the room quizzitively. "Where?" she asked in confusion- though the rabbit mask hid this expression on her face quite well.

(Info: The huntress is a Russian female- raised in the woods by her mother. This is until Anna's mother was killed tragically by an elk on a cold winter night. She was orphaned in the woods, listening to her mother hum the all too familiar lullaby Which is now her part of her terror radius music in game) as she bled out, this was to cover the elks dying cries as well- the hunter and beast locked in death as they were in their game of life. Anna eventually went mad- the Entity taking her into the fog after years of killing the men and older women who came into the woods. She has a primal thing for younger females, often kidnapping them and keeping them in her basement of the cabin where she attempted to take care of them. Though having the mentality of an six year old, they died off quickly from illness- starvation- dehydration, etc. (pretty twisted backstory eh?))
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

Vaan slowly walked towards the marionette and then pulled it into his cage from the door. “I want to speak with you…” He said softly. He then gently placed the marionette on a small chair.

((It is pretty twisted and it’s okay for a character to come into Vaan’s room. He won’t bite for the most part.))

(Alrighty XP- And yeah, huntress's backstory is probably my favorite out of all the killers in the game if im being honest- though I do like the the Twins and the Wraith's as well))

Demogorgon growled, appearing from a portal in the ground, which then closed as he crawled out. The beast's jaws (which there are many of) opened slightly as he sniffed around, he had come up in Vaan's room, though he of course didn't know it as this is his first appearance in the mansion.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

Vaan only ended up staring at the Demogorgon from the safety of his birdcage. He was still holding onto the marionette of Bartz who also seemed to be staring right at the Demogorgon.

(Gorgons pic for this does not match with the personality XD)
Demogorgon smelled Vaan and gave a low chirp-like growl. Its head tilted slightly as it crawled toward the cage on all fours.

Trickster- being nearby while exploring and from the fog as well, followed the sounds of the Demogorgon with an excited expression. He turned the corner into Vaan's room "Ah!" He exclaimed upon seeing the beast approaching the cage. (btw when trickster says "ah!" Its not like a scream, or gasp. More like an expression of excitement- If i explained that right..)
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“Stay back or I’ll step out of my cage to deal with you. I’ve dealt with players before.” Vaan said menacingly. He gently put the marionette on the floor of the cage as a bloody knife appeared in his hand.

Trickster let out another flurry of crazed, excited giggles. "au eolmana jaemi" He said in Korean, tilting his head

Demogorgon snarled, its jaws opening to reveal many sharp fangs as it sensed hostility. It stood on two legs, it long clawed arms menacingly flexed.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“So you don’t like hostility. Leave me and my marionettes alone and we won’t have any problems.” Vaan said softly before he dismissed the knife. He then pulled a marionette that looked exactly like Tidus into his cage after he finished speaking and then grabbed the wooden handle that it’s strings were attached to.

Demogorgon tilted its head, it lowered down onto all fours once more, disappearing into a portal again. It was attempting to leave the mansion- though the other portal opened in a different room, instead of back to the realm of the fog.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“I will continue to protect these marionettes. They’re what I’m the most proud of which is why I’ll keep them safe from harm.” Vaan said softly. He then gently patted the Tidus marionette on the head.

((Each one of Vaan’s marionettes is actually a human player who was stabbed by him and transformed into a marionette. Each marionette is also of a different Final Fantasy character that appeared in the Dissidia games.))

(Makes sense :P))

The huntress wandered around, her axe and hatchet in hand as she peered at the mansion's walls curiously.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

Vaan eventually picked up the marionette that looked exactly like Firion and exited his cage. He walked back into the living room and had the marionette in his arms.

Anna- Huntress turned around upon hearing someone, she glared down at Vaan with a territorial growl- gripping her weapons.

The Trickster merely followed Vaan with curiosity- tilting his head at the things he carried around and called "Marionettes." He gave a delighted clap upon seeing the Huntress.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“I… Don’t mean to make you angry… I ended up here without any sort of reason but at least my birdcage is intact. I don’t have to deal with it being broken.” Vaan said softly. He was now tightly holding onto the marionette that he carried with him.

"Bird?" She asked, tilting her head quizitively. The Huntress was rather confused as to why the human-looking Vaan was saying "My bridcage".
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“I kind of… live in there and there are a bunch of marionettes outside of it. It’s my home.” Vaan said softly. He now had those same blood splotches on him since he stepped out of his cage.

"You bird?" She asked, seeming amused- if not a bit friendly. She lowered her ax with a childish tilt of her head.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“I’m not a bird… I don’t know what I am but I look human and I also like to kill humans who try to harm me.” Vaan said softly. He was about to leave the mansion in order to go kill some humans.

Huntress straightened out, narrowing her gaze behind the rabbit mask. "Bird." She said stubbornly, this aroused a flurry of amused giggles from Trickster.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“Call me a bird again and I will cut off the head of a human and then proceed to stab said severed head.” Vaan said softly. He hoped that what he said would be perceived as scary.

The Huntress- who has brutally murdered many woman and men seemed unphased, she tilted her head. "Bird angry?" She asked quizzitively.

Trickster giggled uncontrollably at this tilting his head at Vaan.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“Stop calling me a bird. I will not tolerate being called that just because I live in a cage. How would you like it if someone called you a bird…” Vaan said softly.

"Huntress-" She said with a sharp growl- knowing she herself was not a bird. She tilted her head, the rabbit mask making this notion look quite odd.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“Then please don’t call others a bird just because they might live in a birdcage… It’s basically a home for me…” Vaan said softly.

She tilted her head, "Not bird then?" She asked- of course using the Grammer of a child. She lowered her axe to the ground, still holding the hade of it.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“That’s right. I’m not a bird. I’m just someone who just so happens to live in a cage. I know that it seems abnormal but it’s my home.” Vaan said softly.

"Cage? You animal then?" She asked- a childlike curiosity leaking from her tone. She tilted her head- her eyebrow raised quizzitively behind the white- stained rabbit mask.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“I’m not an animal. I don’t exactly know what I am but it isn’t an animal.” Vaan said softly.

Trickster giggled uncontrollably, finding a lot of amusement from this- "She thinks he's a bird!" He yipped delightedly, flinging a knife at the wall in his flurry of teasing giggles.

The huntress simply tilted her head once more, confusion clouding her gaze.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“I know that he’s here so why doesn’t he show himself… I’m getting rather tired of him…” Vaan growled softly.

"Who?" Huntress asked quizzitively, she picked up her axe once more, resting it over her shoulder as she peered at Vaan.
Cat22Vaan   1y ago

“I don’t know… I just feel like we’re being watched…” Vaan said softly.


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