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The Fall of Ivalice

By Cat22
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It had been several years since Ivalice had fallen to a vampire apocalypse. The bloodsucking monsters came out of nowhere and then started to take over. They turned Humes and other humanoid species present throughout the world into vampires which led a few survivors to do something. They opted to take Vaan to a safe location in hopes of at least saving one of their kind. The location they chose was a building located underneath Rabanastre’s Lowtown that was filled with all sorts of magic tools that were used to create a world of illusion. This world stayed up for several years and had been formed into a reality that Vaan had grown used to. The world itself had no vampire apocalypse and as such, served as a safe haven for the last remaining Hume. Eventually, the illusory world shattered which left Vaan in the underground room. As he started to look around, he noticed a door that led to the outside world. As soon as he opened it, he found himself standing in the middle of Rabanastre which had been occupied by vampires for several years. Almost immediately, he was surrounded by a group of vampires including his friends.

1. No NSFW
2. Don’t be overpowered or godmod.
3. Keep the roleplay PG-13. I don’t want for this roleplay to be taken down
4. Blood is allowed however, gore is not.
5. Romance will be allowed but keep the ships appropriate.
6. Characters from other fandoms and Final Fantasy games are allowed but please don’t choose an overpowered character.
7. OCs are allowed. Just don’t make them overpowered
8. Please write more than one line.


Final Fantasy XII

Vaan - Cat22
Penelo -
Balthier -
Fran -
Basch -
Larsa -
Ashe -
Other characters may be added

Other Final Fantasy Games

Other Fandoms

While this is technically a Final Fantasy XII roleplay, characters from other fandoms and Final Fantasy games can be added as well.
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