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CRK hcs because i'm impulsive asf

By express-o
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express-o     1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

[b Clover Cookie]
- 5'9 boye B)
- He's a travelling music mans who, nowadays, is typically found either babysitting Prince Custard, Pancake, and Moon Rabit, or he's in the forest singing and playing his lute, occasionally making or quoting a poem here and there
- *inhale* *exhale* ...makes money by people paying him to do the nasty w/them cause mans don't make enough money singing and dancing around lets be honest here
- His right eye (the one hidden under his floofy snow-white hair) is covered with burn scars from one of the few times he wasn't able to get away from a battle
- Can't exactly use most magic spells because he's a ~support Cookie~ and therefore his magical abilities are severely limited; the only thing he truly cAn do is enhance someone else's magic by at least trifold, so at least he's very good at that
- *lipbite* i wonder if he can get pollinated or fertilized like a flower can considering he's [i Clover]--- useprotectionfolksunlessyouwannariskfindingout----
- Got his tongue fuggin pierced back in Yogurca and adores it to bits because sWAG-

[b Herb Cookie]
- Slightly smol 5'6 boye B)
- Peaceful flower shop & garden mans who's lowkey also the florist for the entire damn kingdom because holy fuck nobody apparently knows how to garden as well as he does
- His hair changes colours with the seasons! spring = light green, summer = green/dark green, autumn = yellow/orange/red, winter = frOsty white
- fuggin,,, Sorbet shark and Mango are his & Sparklings' children, fight me on this
- Sea fairy and Moonlight are his mums, Captain Ice is his siblin', and Peppermint is his nibling (they're Capt. Ice's child heheh-)
- Mans does know how to fight despite being a ~healer Cookie~ so don't mess with him-- he will go sage of ivies rq if you try messing with him or his family too much
- hOO Hoo; yes Sorbet probably developed that vocal dysfunction because he inherited Herb's verbal stim like it's a genetic trait, but that's just a theory, a gAme theory B)

[b Lilac Cookie]
- Roughly 5'10 boye B)
- ....assassin bodyguard mans who was hired to kill the emperor of Yogurca but probably lowkey fell in love with him attempting to do so while guarding him
- Brother to Scorpion Cookie but not by blood; went through hell and back going through assassin training with her after being stolen as a kid from his biological parents
- mOOLA is vERY impOrtant ...mans wants to buy out the freedom of young Cookies in the same assassin program he & Scorp. went through
- highkey but lowkey atst enjoys praise probably way more than he should as he never really,,,,, got that, like at all, despite being tied for the best assassin-in-training when he was younger
- .....will protect all childish or careless Cookies, free of charge...... nO they don't remind him of Yogurt Cream, stfu that's very inaccurate- oh maybe bit of tsundere too?
- literally one of the oNLY ~support Cookies~ known to Cookie kind that can put up a seriously good fight w/o using much, if any, magic

[b Espresso Cookie]
- 5'11 boyE B)))
- Coffee magic experimenter/mage who's highkey one of the best at what he does, better than even [i Latte] Cookie, which is an insanely difficult to complete task
- [i slEEp? i dunno about sleep, it's summertime! oh, she caught me]; drinks so much coffee that he doesn't go to sleep for days at a time- the only time he does sleep is when his body quite literally forces himself to, oftentimes at random resulting in ~numerous injuries~
- Shares the same home country with Madeleine & has known the holy knight since they were little kids; Coffee magic is seriously looked down upon by Madeleine's family, but for some reason Madeleine seems very intrigued by it, or something like that
- Oftentimes blamed for ''corrupting'' Madeleine from his purity even though Madeleine is still a faithful believer of Light magic but he still gets the blame because apparently people who practice Light magic are magicist towards Coffee magic now, how fun-- however, his name is world-renown for his work advancing Coffee magic so at least he's got that going for him
- Madeleine is wAY taller than him for sOMe fucking reason
- Alchemist Cookie = best assistant he could ever ask for & Wizard Cookie = best magical advisor he could ask for
- He's either fighting monsters, guarding the village with Madeleine, working with Alchemist, or passed out on the couch (he ain't own a bed cause 's a ''waste of space''), there is no in-between
- Snow Sugar Cookie needed a home so he provided one to them,,,,, stop saying they look like a child between him and Madeleine- he doEsn't secretly like the holy knight, so hUSH and change your topic

[b Knight Cookie]
- Lil 5'2 boyeeee B)))
- KnIGHT BOYE, lOOKIT HIM gO RIDING HIS HORSE INTO BATTLE- oh not to mention he's got fABulous hair and is hIGHkey one of the shortest adult Cookies in the kingdom
- i'm travel-sized for your convenience, i mean could you imagine how terrified your cow over there would be if i were my true size? /ref :))
- Dragon go hUnted; very good feisty fighter thankfully, uses his smol size to his advantage because he ain't no idiot-- he's also not a himbo so don't try cleverly pulling anything off on him because he wILL understand, and probably get flustered as a result
- literallythemostwholesomebisexualbabeyyouwillevercomeacross,hejustwantshugs
- Oftentimes works with Almond Cookie to help catch criminals during his distant travels; surprisingly one of the few people who can get Almond to relax for once
- Makes numerous visits to pay sacrifice & talk with Fire Spirit Cookie on the regular, which has earned him many well-deserved questions from Princess Cookie
SparklingHerb     1y ago

[b Sorbet Shark Cookie]
-Really can't speak unless he's in water, and even then, he's not that talkative despite his extroverted attitude
-Very good swimmer, obviously
-Child of Herb and Sparkling, handed off to Capt. Ice to be raised on the seas rather than on land
-Happily visits his grandmothers Moon Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie on the regular, usually brings them gifts
-Walks like an Animal Crossing player Villager, always trotting everywhere as if he has absolutely no cares in the world
-Loves his brother and his friend (Lilac Cookie)

[b Sparkling Cookie]
-From the Cookie Run equivalent of Germany
-His hair changes color a bit depending on what drink he's had recently
-Despite being a bartender, Sparkling Cookie rarely drinks, and as such, he's a [i severe] lightweight
-Father of Sorbet Shark and Mango Cookie, husband of Herb Cookie
-Sometimes babysits Onion Cookie if Blackberry isn't available

[b Moon Rabbit Cookie]
-Just kinda appeared one day
-Became friends with Prince Custard and Pancake quickly
-A bit skittish around Clover Cookie at first but warmed up quickly

[b Pancake Cookie]
-Child of Almond Cookie by adoption, mostly because Latte Cookie was encouraging Almond to do so
-Very very good friends with Prince Custard and Pancake
-Flying squirrel boye,,,

[b Licorice Cookie]
-A decently powerful mage since he's served under Dark Empress Cookie
-Usually harsh but very sweet to people he wants to, even if he's a total dork
-Also from the Cookie Run edition of Germany
express-o     1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

fuggin,,, sliding Mint Choco into here cause why tf not?-

[b Mint Choco]
- Roughly around the 5'7 mark cause i feel like that fits him well
- Master of the violin; best in all of the Kingdoms, chooses to stay in Pure Vanilla Cookie's Kingdom as his friends are there (Clover, Sparkling, Herb, Vampire, and the knights of the castle)
- Usually a proper, polite boye, but he will get furiously upset over his ability to get lost in even the most familiar places or if he can't recreate a song without flaws; he just needs a good hug during those times, but don't comment on it cause he will get tearfully amgery
- Responsible for teaching Custard how to play various instruments, proper etiquette, and other various "kingly duties" in order for him to succeed his father. He is [i not] the babysitter of Custard, however, as that's Clover's task as the bard, but rather more of a teacher
- He can lull people to sleep playing his violin if he pours a little magic into it, but, for the most part, that's all it's useful for as he's a ~Support Cookie~
- Isn't the most comfortable singing, but he can make up for that with formal dancing about as exceptional as he can play the violin
- A duet between him and Clover can, and does, pass people tf out (with magic) or simply ~cry~ (without magic), you have been warned
- Highkey probably related to the other Choco Cookies in some way, shape, or form but I can't canonically prove it so it's now a headcanon B)
poprocks     1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

again,,,, why the hell not slide another Cookie into here

[b Dino-Sour Cookie]
- Literally was raised by jellysaurs out in the middle of nowhere known as Dragon's Valley; Sour Belt is his sister but she chose the modern life whereas he stuck to prehistoric
- His English sometimes isn't the best as he had to progressively learn it by sneaking out of Dragon's Valley as a kid to interact with the ~fancy modern people~
- He and Tiger Lily relate on a personal level because what the hecc why are modern people both fascinating but also lowkey terrifying
- Tries to force himself to properly learn sign language for Lavender but he has issues comprehending advanced/complicated things so if he can't understand it he'll simply give up or throw a hissy fit (i mean, who wouldn't in his shoes? math is probably torture for his brain--)
- Sharp teefs,,,,, that is all for this bullet point, just sharp teefs
- Who fuggin knows if he has magic, because he himself has absolutely no idea
- Can, will, and does speak in chirps, squeaks, and squawks to the jellysaurs; jokingly roars around other Cookies, but jellysaurs actually don't roar- he finds it amusing that Cookies think they do however
- Hangs around Lilac and Lavender a lot because they explain things in simple terms which helps his brain out a tON-


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