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I've seen a few of these Trans man life not roleplay.

By The_Random_human

Most of this is most likely just going to be a small online diary of things such as Dysphpria, euphoria and trans things. And you don't like that don't read it.
You have anything you want to ask or tell me or talk about PM me.
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The_Random_human     274d ago

Date 12/24/21
Time 1:33 am
Name : Asher
I wish I was born a boy. I wish I could be myself, a boy. Instead of a boy I am a lady I do "something's that are girly" as my parents say. But I don't want to it dosent feel right or feels wrong. I want to be me. I mean I can dress more mascule but it doesn't help. It dosent hide my chest. every day when my Dad says " You sound like a boy and look like one what are you a boy? You can't be!" as a joke I have to say no I don't and of course not. It hurts because I know I don't sound like one my voice is to high. But Why hide it? Because they are transphobic and homophobic, but if I was born a boy I would have a flat chest and deep voice and everything.

Not only that it would just feel so good because if I was born a boy maybe some scars wouldn't be here and i wouldn't cry myself to sleep at night thinking to myself no one will accept me as a trans man. But if I was born a boy I would sound like a man or boy and when I get called it would me Mr and not Mis.

I've brought LGBTQ+ up with my parents and they hated the ideas and used well no. Some of my old freinds looked at me when I came out to them and said " no your not you don't have any of our parts you'll only be a girl get use to it." So now everything I look in the mirror or at a photo all I see is Girl. But I wish I was born a boy. Then I would not have Chest or Bottom Dysphpria. But all I'll ever be is a girl that is what it feels like. I can't get a binder because I don't have they money and Top and bottom surgery are out for now.

So now I just try to hide from mirrors, photos, people, everything.
But I know at some point it will get better.


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