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This roleplay is about children that have been gifted by the Greek gods. Your oc can have some kind of power from one of the Greek gods. Now keep this in: When they say they get gifted the power this doesn't mean everything that the God can do but instead a smaller version like one ability. Let's say if you get gifted by Zeus maybe you will have the power to shoot or control electricity but not bring entire thunderstorms.


All of your oc’s will discover their gift when they are in highschool doesn’t mean that they all have to discover their gift when they are a freshmen but before they graduate they will discover their power. All of the oc’s will live in the same town and go to the same highschool. If you want you could even have the oc’s live pretty close to each other neighborhood wise so that it is easier for them to interact. The town itself will be just a small town close to 5,000 people will live there.

The gifted

Gift of Zeus- Closed- FROSTBITE4395
Ability- Controlling electricity- shooting small bolts of lightning, shocking things with your touch that sort of thing (a lightning bender from Avatar basically)

Gift of Poseidon- Closed-Zay
Ability- Controlling water (like a water bender from Avatar basically)
You will also be skilled at sailing and fishing

Gift of Athena- Closed- ZarinaTheGoddess
Athena was depicted to have multiple abilities- said to be the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicraftedness- For this rp, your char would have either one of these (probably wisdom- which she is most known for- as a rather strong version, or two or three but slightly weaker forms of the abilities.
Wisdom- the character would be able to make split second decisions that were probably the best, as well as the ability to solve most problems quickly and efficiently.
Warfare: Stronger fighting ability, this could be linked in with wisdom- the character would do well in battle, often able to make quick and efficient decisions in the heat of the fight.
Handicraftedness- the character would have a higher skill chance when building or creating things- mostly weaponry.

Gift of Demeter- Open
Ability- Helping plants grow very quickly and very large, Controlling plants to do your will

Gift of Ares- Open
Ability- You will be able to beat almost anyone in hand to hand combat (as long as you aren’t outnumbered to badly) You will also be very good a planning attacks and war strategy pretty much
Gift of Athena- Open
Ability- You will be very wise and will know the difference from right and wrong for this reason you are very good a stoping feuds and creating compromise you are also a very talented tinker/engineer you can build very useful tools (keep these tools sort of realistic)

Gift of Apollo- Open
Ability- You are skilled with a bow and you can sometimes have a vision about something keep in mind these visions are very vague like danger is coming vague you also have sort of like a spider sense for when something dangerous is going to attack you in the next 10 seconds keep in mind that this sense isn’t always fast of enough and doesn’t always work

Gift of Artemis- Sinistersufferings- Closed
Ability- Shapeshifter, you will be able to turn into any animal for a short period of time you can also understand animals

Gift of Hephaestus- AmberArcher- closed
Ability- Fire (pretty much a fire bender from Avatar) you will also be skilled at blacksmithing

Gift of Aphrodite- Closed-hillory_bakugos_sis
Ability- You can plant the seed of love for someone in someone’s heart now there is no telling if they will fall in love but there is a good chance that they will at least get along or even be friends for a short period of time before going back to normal

Gift of Hermes- Open
Ability- You will be able to run at very high speeds not as fast as the flash but still really freaking fast

Gift of Dionysus- Open
Ability- Driving people mad for a temporary amount of time you can manipulates people's mental health to make them insane for a few hours and disturbed for a few days this means that you could do something like make someone really paranoid for a few hours or in a more serious case make someone think they can hear colors which could cause them to go nuts and make them useless for a few hours until they can go back to normal

The Gift of Hades- Closed- KirimiChan25
Ability- Invisibility you will be able to turn invisible for a short amount of time

The Gift of Hypnos- Open
Ability- Sleep/Dreams like mantis from the Guardians of the galaxy you will be able to make someone fall asleep maybe not immediately but enough to where they will fall asleep in the next 30 mins or so once they are asleep you can also manipulate people’s dreams now your not able to control what happens in those dreams but you can make sure it’s a happy dream or a scary dream

The Gift of Nike- Open
Ability- A higher chance of Victory this means that if you are playing a game and are losing you can use your ability to give your team a small lead way this doesn’t always work and even if it does it doesn’t mean you will always win its just to give you a higher chance chance being the key word

The Gift of Janus- Open
Ability- Portals you can be like void from Incredibles 2 where you can create a small portal that leads to somewhere you know either very very well like your bedroom or to somewhere you can see like if you are standing in a hallway you can create a portal to the other end of the hallway as long as you can see it while if you try to create a portal to somewhere you cant see it is much more difficult and you must have a picture perfect memory of the place which means you have been in that place for many hours if not days of time there

The gift of Nemesis- ShadeTheDragon90-closed
Ability- Shadows you can make yourself appear as a silhouette or make a small room much darker making it very easy for you to hide in the shadows or at night or hide others in a small space by making it darker you can also make shadows come to life where if you see a shadow of a dog you can make it come to life for a temporary amount of time where it will pretty much be a black shadowy dog that follows you around and does everything you tell it until it fades away this is very useful for sending messages Also if you focus a lot of energy you can take a shadow of a dog and combine it with a normal dog to create a permanent shadow creature tho this is a very hard thing to do you can also temporarily blind people by putting shadows over their eyes

The Gift of Iris- Open
Ability- Rainbows/Colors and light you can project a rainbow from your fingertips and use it to disorient people using a kaleidoscope of color around them and like nemesis you can make a room brighter or colors brighter for a temporary amount of time you can also send messages by making light creatures creatures that are made of light and will do everything you say until they fade away you can also take some light and combine with a creature to make a permanent light creature this is a very hard thing to do

The gift of Hecate- Open
Ability- Illusion you can make things appear to be real like a giant fire breathing dragon that are not so if you were to touch this dragon your hand would go through it these illusions are only able to touch if you know the creature really well like you would be able to make a dog illusion look and feel real if you had a pet dog because you know what a dog is really like

The gift of Tyche- Open
Ability- Luck great luck you will always be slightly luckier than the guy next to you doesn’t mean you will win the lottery but it might mean you will have a pretty good poker hand you can also project this good luck onto someone else and help them be a little bit luckier for a short amount of time

The gift of Pan- closed-HaruTaru
Gift- Shepherd. You will have the ability to manipulate small groups of people or animals using some form of music. This effect is only temporary and for a short amount of time. Basically a puppet master with limitations to the things you can do, the affected beings are still conscious of what they are doing and it will not always be as effective as you may hope.

Normal students- Open
You can totally be a normal kid if the roles are taken

If you are going to be gifted you can not be overpowered. Your character will lose, get injured and even die if they aren’t careful so please do not take these abilities and abuse them. If you do we will either ban you or just strip your oc of their gift and give it to someone else. You have been warned.

1. Follow site rules.
2. Hate the character, not the person behind them.
3. No homophobic, transphobic, or other rudeness ooc.
4. Swearing is allowed, though no reason to be a sailor unless that's part of your character's description.
5. Suggestive comments and talk is tolerated, though keep it to a bare minimum and if someone states they are uncomfortable with it, don't be pushy.
6. Romance isn't frowned upon, though it's not going to be the main aspect of the roleplay's plot.

Affiliation: (If not affiliated with a god or goddess, just put normal or Norm)
Grade (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
Bonus information:

Please Pm me for questions or concerns regarding the roleplay as well as character forms.

Played by: ShadeTheDragon90
Name: Jake moore
Age: 14
Gender: male
Height: 6
Affiliation: Nemesis
Appearance: Image
Grade: 1st year
Bonus information: none

Played By: Sinistersufferings
Name: Makun Slate (Ma- coon)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4
Affiliation: Artemis
Appearance: Messy blonde hair, short scrawny stature (Image)
Grade: 2nd Year
Bonus information: Has a fear of canines. Music and gaming streamer on TeenSpace- Has 2+ million followers (Bc I can) Antisocial and awkward outside of streams.

Played By: Zay
Name: Leon Hendrix
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Affiliation: Poseidon
Appearance: Brown hair with blonde gradient highlight, pale, hazel eyes (Image)

Played By: AmberArcher
Name: Amber Yami
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6
Affiliation: Hephaestus
Appearance: Dark black hair that is normally pulled into a half bun with half of her hair in a bun and half out. She wears a long black jacket going to her knees. She wears a white dress shirt under it. She wears black ripped jeans and leather combat boots with chains connected to them. She has purple eyes
Grade: 1st Year
Bonus information: Has a fear of Loud sounds and sometimes Fire because of a hard past.

PlayedBy: FROSTBITE4395
Name: Qrow Ta'xet
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 7'2"
Affiliation: Although Qrow is the son of Zues he never uses his powers.
Appearance: Qrow is a tall, buff, 7'2" male, he reached the same height his mother's grandfather was at 13 (he was really tall), he has short jet black hair and wears his mothers doggy tags around his neck all the time
Grade 2nd
Bonus information: to be revealed

Played by: hillory_bakugos_sis
Name: hillary
Age: 15
Gender: female
Height: 5,6
Affiliation: Aphrodite
Appearance: emerald green eyes and long wavy blonde hair has a few freckles
Grade: 1st Year.
Bonus information: her parents were killed in a robbery when she was little so she lives with her aunt and uncle who spoil her rotten.

Played By:ZarinaTheGoddess
Name:Amy Demore
Gender: female
height: 4'3
Affiliation: Athena
Appearance: short,wavy black hair with pink eyes and pale skin
Grade: 3rd
Bonus information: She is Russian and proud of the Motherland. She has a slight video game addiction along with smoking.

Name: Haru
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6
Affiliation: The gift of Pan
Appearance: Pink hair, glasses, black hoodie, baggy jeans
Grade: 2nd Sophomore
Bonus information: She has anxiety, ADHD, and OSDD 1-b. She likes art and video games. She’s really kind and caring, but constantly gets bullied

Played by: KirimiChan25
Name: Levi West
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 6’5
Affiliation: Hades
Appearance: He has black hair and black eyes. He wears a black shirt with white stripes on the sleeves, ripped jeans, and has a chained belt
Grade: 3rd
Bonus information: He often skips class to go smoke. Most of the kids at school are terrified of him
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]
batchan123     1y ago

Name: grim reaper
Age: 17
Gender: male
Height: unkniwn
Affiliation: son of the god of death thanatos
Appearance: black hair pale skin and likes to wear black
Bonus information: he carries a scythe with him

(you have to pick one of the gods listed above)
batchan123     1y ago

( ok then i will make him the son of hades )

(did you read the desc because its not the children of the gods but instead your character is gifted by one of the gods thats why the whole rp is called the gift of the gods)
batchan123     1y ago

( yeah i did i just thoight it was gonna be like percy jackson books )

(not really so like my character is Jake he has the Gift of Nemesis and if you read the gift of nemesis it tells you what he can do with that gift so you look through the list look at the abilities and pick which ability you want and write down the name of the god in your form so that your character can have that gift)
batchan123     1y ago

( ok hanks for telling me )

(that was all in the description anyways but your welcome glad I could help)

@batchan123 Ye shades right, also I would prefer the form be sent through PMS that way it has a less likely chance of being lost. The form is in the description under rules.)

(merry christmas everyone)

Nemesis (Shade), Hephaestus (Amber), Poseidon (Zay), and Artemis(Me) are taken, Hades is pending as im waiting on a form from Batchan. Waiting time is extended due to the holidays, though if I dont receive a form before the end of the week, Hades Gifted will be open once more.)))

(sounds good to me can we start rping?)

Yeah, ill update as more people join ^^

Current setting: 8:00 am- schools been in session for two hours now. Its late fall, the characters can feel winter setting in as the air grows colder. )

Jake sat in class taking some notes but mostly working on a drawing of a realistic dragon in his book his eyes narrowed in concentration
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber was sitting in the back playing with her pencil thinking to herself. She was already quite bored

Makun sat at the back of the class, currently halfway through geometry as he gave a sigh. He had his headphones on, only one ear covered as he half listened to the teacher ramble about triangles. Music playing on a mid-level volume in his other ear.

(I thought you didn't like group rps XD) Jake continued to draw lost in his thoughts he tapped his foot a little bit to the beat of a song he was listening to on his headphones
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Shush )) Amber sighed and sat back in her chair tilting it back slightly and looking out of the window

Jake glanced at the clock wondering how much time was left in class before he continued working on his drawing listening to music

(did you guys get anything cool for christmas?)

Makun sighed triumphantly as the bell rang, indicating it was time to switch classes. His next class was easy, band of course, the teacher was usually pretty laid back.

(I got a new Ps4 Harddrive and a couple games as well as some anime shirts, you?))

(My most notable gifts are a fishing pole and tackle, new sketchbook, 100 dollar amazon gift card, 100 dollars in cash and some other random stuff) Jake headed to his next class his hands in his pockets and his hood up

Yeah anything to do with art is a go to thing for people ho dont know what to get me XD))
Makun hurried out of the class, before the teacher could ask him to see her of course. He put his headphones on properly, drowning out the indistinct murmur of high school hallways.

Jake sat down at his next class and pulled out his sketchbook and began to work on his realistic dragon drawing his eyes narrowed in concentration
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber got up and quickly packed up before heading to her next class

Jake spotted Amber as she walked into the same class as him before going back to his drawing
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber looked out the window not really paying attention to the teacher

Jake wished school would end already as he worked on his drawing
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

The teacher called on her and she sat up startled fro a moment before answering her quietly

Jake continued to draw bored
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

amber looked over at him wondering what he was drawing and looked away

Jake didn't notice the glance he continued to work on his drawing not paying attention to the teacher
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber sighed and looked away tapping her finger against the table

Soon the bell rang for lunch Jake stood up and headed to the cafeteria with his pack slung over his shoulder
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber got up and headed to lunch but didn’t grab any food, she wasn’t very hungry

Jake sat at his usual table which was always empty he didn't have any lunch nor any money so he just worked on his drawing
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber put her head on her table and close her eyes wanting to rest

Jake was working on a drawing when the school bully Eric walked over to him and poked him in the head saying "Hey loser!" Jake didn't even turn his head
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber sat up and looked over

Eric went to poke him again when Jake stood up and grabbed the kid by the shirt and growled "You will stop" a small black shadow had formed at his other hand but it was barely visible
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber watched him interested but decided not to intervene

Eric put his hands up in the air "Cool with me just let go" Jake let go and the bully scrambled off back to his friends while Jake just resumed working on his drawing
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber stood up and walked over “Hey”

"What?" he looked up from his drawing to see a girl
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

“Can I see what your drawing?” She asked

"Sure why not" he showed her a half finished drawing of a realistic dragon sitting on some rocks and breathing fire
AmberArcherKenyon Laxuos   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

“Ooh thats pretty” she smiled

"Thanks?" he never had thought of his drawings pretty before but it was something he grabbed the sketchbook and put it away "So why are you bugging me all of a sudden?"
AmberArcherAmber Yami   1y ago
Artist + cosplayer

“Oh I just heard you and the bully guy” she shrugged “thought it was interesting”

"What do you mean interesting?" his eyes narrowed


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