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Fnaf role play with Mercuri

By Connor_Hickman
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Mercuri     275d ago

wassup bro :v
Connor_HickmanRowan   275d ago

Nothing much what about you? Also do you want me to poat or wait?
Mercuri     275d ago

im gud bro
also im sorry if this a dumb question but-
[b wdym "poat"?]
Connor_HickmanRowan   275d ago

That's good. Sorry I meant Post sorry.

nah it's fine
and yea sure you can post first
Connor_HickmanRowan   275d ago

( okay and I'm sorry I'm not the best with starters but I'm trying to get better at it. So sorry if I'm not that good)
Rowan was walking to work. It was his new job at lest for him. He would look about the pizza plex. He would look at the stage and see that Montgomery on the stage. He though that Freddy was there but didn't pay it no mind. Soon he walking to the back.

Soon he was outside and saw Freddy in the trash and walk over to him. He slowly get him up and out of the trash. He would boot freddy up and wait.

(ay ay just to let you know, I won't be very active on this thread for a couple days because.. y'know, christmas. but i'll try to be as active as possible)

Glamrock Freddy's eyes turned a bright yellow, signaling that he was on, but still booting up. Some loud beeping noises came from him and everything eventually fell quiet. A couple moments passed before Freddy blinked twice and peered down towards the nightguard. "Why, hello there!" This wasn't his first time seeing a guard, so he wanted to be as nice as he could be.
The_Random_humanRowan   273d ago

( it's all good dont feel the need to be active if you dont wanna be!.Also merry Chirstmas)
" Hello there Freddy!" He waved towards him with a smile. Soon he looked about then back to Freddy and questioned " Why was you out there Buddy? If you dont mind me asking" he looked about Freddy making sure nothing seemed out of place or broken.
" Oh my name is Rowan" he would say as this was his first I iteration with Freddy since he got the job at least.

Glamrock Freddy fixed his bowtie and said, "Hello Rowan." Freddy stood quiet for a moment before shrugging. "I'm... not quite sure." He paused for another moment before saying, "One moment I was on stage and the next.. well, I was out here."
The_Random_humanRowan   259d ago

" how odd" he would think " was there a reason you would have been back there or someone would want you off the stage?" He was careful with his choice of words. " like any glitches or malfunctions?" As he would say that he would take a closer look at him yet again nothing to his eye was wrong.

Glamrock Freddy tapped his chin before shrugging. "I guess I just had another malfunction... I don't see any other reason besides that! As far as I know, nobody here dislikes me." he said as he crossed his arms.
The_Random_humanRowan   255d ago

" I mean maybe I'm not sure"  Rowan would stop " didn't you help a child or something like that before?" He titled his head slightly. " I mean at lest thats all I heard so maybe their parents didn't like that or something?" He stopped

He had his doubts. But then again, who knows? "Perhaps you're right." He walked over to a nearby bench with a heavy sigh. The bench looked disgusting, but Freddy didn't seem to mind. "I was the star of the show, and now... I've been thrown out." He rubbed his face in defeat.
The_Random_humanRowan   246d ago

" hey, a lot of kids want you back so maybe we get you cleaned up and then you can go back where you belong." Rowen got closer to him. " come on I'll get you cleaned up okay?"

Freddy was hesitant for a moment, before eventually nodding. He stood up and stretched.
The_Random_humanRowan   243d ago

He opened the door with a small smile. As he would start getting stuff to clean the outside of him then he saw some cracks. "  going to have to get something to fix thouse"

Freddy laughed and rubbed the back of his head. "You haven't seen Gregory anywhere around here... have you?", he asked after a few seconds. "It has been awhile since I've last seen him. It would be nice to say hello to him again."


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